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  1. Yakuza 3. After reading the love-in thread on Muk I decided to give 3 a chance. I never even made it passed the endless opening scene.
  2. Vagrant Story - PSX. I'm sure I missed out.
  3. So basically you've played all FF's except 7 and 12 ?! IMO these are the only ones worth playing ! (and maybe 8, and 13... :-])
  4. What if they return back to form and build upon the first more? I think it's a bit premature to write this one off already.
  5. Anyone played Another World yet? Is it any good?
  6. This was supposed to be released on the 30th ?!
  7. Not being able to tear themselves away from the game to post impressions is a good sign, no?
  8. I'll let you know after I have finished OoT, won't be getting around to this before then. Check my posts mid 2012 then.
  9. Add me for some MP shenanigans. I'll be online around 9 CET. Cheers
  10. Ah, good to hear. I've planned an extensive 3DS session today, so I'llnbe giving Starfox a serious once-over...
  11. Playing Deus Ex 3 and getting back in Final Fantasy XIII at the moment. Will be spending the weekend at my folks', so I'll FINALLY get around to (re)starting Zelda and Starfox... Can't wait to be honest. Family visits are basically the only moment I can wrap my head around really getting into a handheld game. Most of the time I finish them at home afterwards.
  12. Exactly, would have been nice if they had inserted a few more references though, such as seeing Ico's castle from a great distance or some such.
  13. You're just frustrated because you were never able to pull it off.
  14. I remember my first playthrough with Napole0n. I used to work at Dixons at the time (in college) and this game just popped up on the shelves. Never heard of it. Napole0n never heard of it as well which is quite unusual. We played through it in 1 humongous session, it was gaming bliss. One of my fondest gaming memories for sure.
  15. Just picked this up. Can't wait to give this a proper go tonight. I love gritty, I lover noir, I love sci-fi. Can't go wrong with this one then.
  16. I can't imagine any developer would intentionally make a game look any less than it could have...
  17. Bought that too, lovely quality and really adds to the movie experience.
  18. Is The Last Guardian going to be a PS3 exclusive then? I thought I read somewhere it was going to be launched on the 360 as well... maybe I dreamed it.
  19. Maybe you should try to not suck as much at the game?
  20. Me and you both my friend. AA is one of the few games I actually finished this year. The fact that I can start a sequel without the guilt of not finishing/playing its predecessor definitely ads to the anticipation...
  21. You're not wrong IMO, Turn based strategy games should have simple, clear gfx. It looks too much like a regular 3rd person action game, which hinders the gameplay.
  22. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule, AA being an extraordinary splendid one. It might even kickstart a new area of quality movie games. Who knows.
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