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  1. On 10/10/2017 at 12:36, ashmatuk said:

    Just bought a second hand headset for £260 with camera and move controllers. Seemed like a decent price as my TV doesn't do HDR.


    Is there a decent list of recommended games? Will get Driveclub VR as that's £7.99 currently.


    Why would your TV need to support HDR ? It's being projected on the 2 VR displays, right ?

  2. Just finished this, after 3 sittings. Absolutely dumbfounded. Such a worthy and exhilarating addition to Fueda's oeuvre.


    Loved the slightly "different" last part, very refreshing.


    Will play this again.


    As far as the controls and camera goes:


    1) A perfect camera is pretty much impossible in such an "analogue" game like this.


    2) The slightly awkward controls just added to the experience IMO. Made the game feel even more "human".

  3. On 06/03/2017 at 23:27, Napole0n said:

    8-bit: Commodore 64


    16-Bit: Amiga 500


    32-Bit: Nintendo 64

    Handheld: Atari Lynx


    No Bits - PS2 / Xbox tie

    (also owned GameCube)

    Handheld: Gameboy Advance


    Last Gen - Xbox 360

    (also own Wii, Wii U and PS3)

    Handheld: DS

    (also own PSP)


    This Gen - PS4

    (also own Switch - skipped the Xbone so far because it still hasn't the exclusives to tempt me into buying one)

    Handheld: 3DS

    (also own Vita)


    The Lynx was a 16 bit machine...


  4. On 06/01/2017 at 17:02, noob said:

    finished it last night. was enjoyable although i did find lara going from the introvert at the campsites to a killing machine a tad odd... 


    now to do croft manor in VR... :D 




    Can you only do that after finishing the game or am I missing something here ?

  5. I did a couple of 10 minute,10 pokestop loops today and it does happen if you do 10 stops in 10 minutes. I've noticed that the ball percentage tends to be higher too. Both times today I got at least 6 balls out.

    You have to make sure you walk off plenty of 2 k balls to leave at least 3 slots open. More chance of a 10 k ball in my experience, when your level is 20+

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  6. Another thing, I got 7 items out a single pokestop spin earlier. Never had that many before, anyone else?

    Happens at least twice a day for me...

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  7. The Uncharted 4 thread fell off the first page and it needs to be there.


    There's one little thing that I love about this game too. I'm an audio freak. The way that you can setup the placement of your surround system is awesome. It should be standard from here on in !

  8. Haven't been on the forum in quite some time but decided to pop in and say that this game is an awe-inspiring masterpiece ! 


    I just can't let it go. In chapter 20 now and determined to finish it tonight !



  9. My god, I truly love this game. About 8 hours in now and it just keeps getting better and better. Really gonna take it nice and slow and get the maximum out of this one.

    Buying DA3 tomorrow, so it might end up on the back burner for a bit though.

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