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  1. No, no, it’s fine. Nobody is pissed off. Well, except maybe the corpses of the bosses you’ve left in your wake.
  2. I bristled a little at that too as Artorias was a highlight of the series for me, but after dealing with stuff like Orphan of Kos and Lady Maria? I dunno, maybe it’s just not as impressive, especially if he goes down after 5 tries.
  3. Depends how interested you are in the world building and lore, and seeing everything. Personally I’d go for a gander. Sif wasn’t too bad, but definitely not first go. I think I struggled more with adjusting to the Dark Souls play style after Bloodborne than you are (and I played it on PS3, which has a janky as hell framerate in Blight Town). By the time I got to DS2 I was killing bosses first try, even I think Fume Knight which I think people cite as a tough boss. I got verrrry stuck on a Certain Kalamitous fella in the Dark Souls 1 DLC, and had to summon help for the fi
  4. He flattened me about 50 times. If you fare as well with the last couple of bosses, well - you should get some sort of Rllmuk trophy.
  5. Jeez. Do you have some sort of cheat mode enabled?!
  6. I think shields have a place when you’re finding your feet, and there are still times, especially early in the game, when it’s good to have a shield with 100% damage reduction. But Bloodborne retrospectively gives Johnny latecomers like us an advantage that folk didn’t have when this came out. Once you know how far you can push it with i-frames and how much better it is to run in and do as much damage as possible, it’s only ever going to be a Green Crest Shield as a backpack.
  7. Oh, is that right? My bad, I thought you could go straight back through...
  8. Well done! You clearly have mad skillz. However, pop back into that boss arena when you get a mo...
  9. Did you say you killed the first DLC boss @APM?
  10. Little bit choked up about this one. Amidst the chaos and hyperactivity Cardiacs had such beauty in their music at times:
  11. Blimey, that’s a biiiig chunk o’gaming! I forgot to ask, what did you think of the Painted World?
  12. You can't really do it "wrong". First play through I nommed all the boss souls and didn't get any of the special boss weapons. It's impossible to get them all in one play through anyway, as Boss Souls create multiple weapons.
  13. You need to have the right weapon, at the right level. For example, Spear +10, plus the Moonlight Butterfly Soul = ?
  14. It’s an impressive looking area, but not one of my favourites as the vast empty spaces aren’t fun to explore
  15. Interesting development fact - this area was the first one they designed to test out the game engine etc. They then put it in as a stand-alone section.
  16. Interesting. Never done it that way around - always killed Skinny first as he’s always up in your face anyway. But I too used the Crystal Halberd!.
  17. Oh good, I’m glad you found that. Great area this. Did you get the Rusted Ring too? Would have helped a lot in Shite Town!
  18. Well done! Another notorious part of the game. Who did you kill first?
  19. This can be so demoralising, as the run back to the boss is so full of mobs. But don't give up! The fight itself is all about confidence in dealing with the first Gargoyle quickly IMO. You need to run in there, and two hand the most powerful weapon you have. Even when the second one appears, ignore it and concentrate on killing the first one. Easier said than done, I know. What weapon are you using, and are you using a shield?
  20. Whatever works.
  21. Watch this at 4:05!
  22. It's an absolutely notorious bit. It's almost like a puzzle to be solved.
  23. Yeah, Iron Golem is a walkover alright. Be interested to hear how you fare against the next one! Did you know that there are secret walls in the game btw? You find them by hitting with your sword, or rolling into them. Also, have you found/reached all the items in Firelink Shrine?
  24. You’re about where my gf is up to. She dealt with that bit by just running past the first blades, fast enough not to get hit by the lightning, then shield blocking the serpent guy that’s in the way, while locked on, and sort of shuffling past him really close, then reversing past the final blade while still locked on! It was teeth gnashingly precarious but kind of worked. Of course the badass thing to do would be to parry him...
  25. Well, you have just rinsed Bloodborne I guess, so I imagine these may feel a bit easy. I suspect you’d feel differently if this was your first Souls game? I dunno, I went straight to Dark Souls on PS3 after Bloodborne and I enjoyed the bosses well enough. I don’t think I struggled with Quelaag particularly, but everyone seems to get stuck on bosses against which their play style doesn’t work. Rom (for me the easiest boss in Bloodborne) is a perfect example. Dark Souls does have some notoriously difficult bosses later on though. Be interesting to hear how you get on against the DLC
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