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  1. I did not realise that one could buy a sort of Miniature Magazine in Tesco’s (or wherever) with (in this case) three minis for £7.99. I’m not into the games so I’ve no idea who these Stormsire guys are but they look perfect for trying my hand at painting them, and the quality of sculpting is leagues above what I remember from the metal figures of my youth: (he’s not put together properly there - need to trim the sprue remnants) I also took a punt on some Malifaux minis as the horror vibe appealed to me. I ordered a pair of Dead Doxies which have yet to arrive
  2. This is kind of a puzzle enemy - the game gives you a way to kill it without getting your hands dirty...
  3. Was just going through an old box and found these OG Citadel miniatures I painted when I was 17... But more importantly, I found an unpainted one! Let's see if I can do better than 17 year old me...
  4. Yes, I must admit I am tempted, but I want to give it some time to see if this is just a lockdown fad or not (I'm thinking not, as I'm on my 8th kit) I'm currently working on the bigger brother of this, which I finished in 1/72 scale a few weeks back. I am aware of Hannants, but don't think I've ordered anything yet. And I do still plan to buy some minis - pay day tomorrow in fact.
  5. Yeah, I've been using Superglue and it's a bloody nightmare! That book looks great. I've mainly been watching Youtube videos, but a lot of the really good guys use airbrush. I've been using rattle cans lately to quickly base coat, and that's made things a lot better, even quickly doing all the small parts blu-tacked to a lolly stick! Edit: Funnily enough I've just started a Corsair like the one on that cover!
  6. That Spitfire looks awesome @Dave White - I have t been brave enough to try any chipping yet. Did you use chipping fluid or stipple it on top? I’ve been dabbling with Photo Etch for the first time. It’s the most fiddly thing I’ve ever done. One of the parts (a “joystick” for a gun turret) was so small that when trimming it with a (probably too blunt) scalpel, it simply disappeared into the Slice I’d made in the cutting mat! I’m not sure I’d use it again for cockpit interiors, as I think painting is more fun, but I’d use PE again for seatbelts:
  7. What can I say? My memory is that I really started enjoying it from about Huntsman's Copse onwards, but playing it now? It's super annoying. How are you finding it to actually play?
  8. Also, it just handles soooo much better than DS2. They pretty much broke it.
  9. I haven't got time for a longer post atm, but this bit what you wrote here? Literally the opposite of what DS1 does. One of its most celebrated features is how you can go in multiple directions at once and tackle the game in the manner of your choosing. It's absolutely famous for the way you can sequence break!
  10. I decided to play this again, as it's the Souls game I remember the least - Dark Souls 1 is so familiar to me now that I can't really get the same fix from it. I recall thinking that overall it wasn't as bad as it's rep. I was wrong. It's fucking shite. I mean, not just as a Souls game, but as a game, full stop. The level design is bloated, with looong winding corridors to get you to new areas, and a real copy and paste feel to the rooms with furniture and so on that doesn't make sense (eg a room with horse drawn carts in, but only two human sized doors in
  11. This is the nearly finished kit by the way, a P-51K Mustang: I need to touch a few bits up here and there, and finish the pilot, which was an aftermarket one from CMK. Much better than the crummy Airfix pilot!
  12. Cool, ta. My Airfix stuff is pretty dull, but I enjoy painting the cockpit interiors - which then get completely encased and become utterly invisible:
  13. Those look great! Exactly the sort of intel I needed too, thank you.
  14. Some amazing work in this thread. I quite fancy having a crack at a couple of minis. I’ve been building and painting Airfix type kits recently, and getting quite good at it (washes, weathering etc) so I have a decent supply of paints and brushes etc. But I haven’t bought a miniature since the mid-90’s when they were still made of metal. Can anyone recommend me a good quality figure or set of figure that might suit a quietly confident semi-beginner? I don’t really mind what the subject matter is, but horror or sci-fi might be fun.
  15. Oh, and that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the Gutter more from a playability perspective than Blight Town, even if the Blight Town “experience” is the more hardcore!
  16. I don’t think that’s an apt analogy. I’m not making a point about over/explaining vs under-explaining, I’m talking about world building and how that carries its own narrative. There’s still plenty of scope to fill in the blanks with your imagination in DS1’s world design, but it also makes sense at a glance. You can see the structure of Blight Town clinging to the underside of the structure supporting Firelink shrine, and so it automatically feels embedded in the world’s “story” in a way that the Gutter doesn’t, which as I recall is just sort of floating in a black void? Leaving stuf
  17. Oh right. Well, I think that kind of proves my point don’t you think? Not that it’s a hill I’m particularly desperate to die on. But to me Blight Town has an obvious visual and narrative reason to exist how and where it does, whereas for the Gutter you kind of had to invent your own reason. And much of Dark Souls 2 is like that. It’s like “Here’s the rickety network of planks bit! Why? Er, I dunno, don’t all souls games have them? A crazy dude built it, there you go” Can’t believe I’m defending Blight Town!
  18. It’s been a while so I can’t remember the lore, if I ever knew it. Whose lunatic vision was it?
  19. Yes - I remember enjoying exploring it far more than PS3 Blight Town, but in retrospect Blight Town has a cast iron (well - rickety plank) reason to exist in the way it does, and where it does. The Gutter does not - it’s just there like that because...? It’s kind of a perfect example of the difference between the two games really.
  20. Yeah, that bit was balls. And you do have to go back there for a fairly big secret, as you say.
  21. Ah the Gutter! I rather enjoyed that section as I recall. Like a less janky Blight Town (I played DS1 on PS3 and it was not as tolerable as it is now). Lots of nice secrets too, and I enjoyed trying to light all the torches.
  22. Totally agree. And that route back to the clinic is amazing. But that DS1 map - it’s a work of art, quite literally Someone did a 3D map viewer too:
  23. You’re not wrong at all, I completely agree, but - DS2 makes up for the lack of cohesion and intricacy with sheer generosity. It’s a huuuuge game, and it gets better as it goes on, unlike (IMO) DS1. Also, like all Fromsoft games it seems, the DLC is superb.
  24. I've forgotten all of the stuff you guys are discussing. Maybe I should do a second play through.
  25. ffffuuuuck! Kalamazoo nearly broke me. Kudos.
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