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  1. Ah yes, I’ve seen his stuff before but he uses an airbrush so I moved on.
  2. This might be a bit late to make it as an entry, but I’m going to try to paint this guy as if moonlight is hitting him from above. Not really sure how, but I’ll try! Is anyone else working on something for this month?
  3. Hardcore would make an already tense experience pretty terrifying. It doesn’t even give you oxygen warnings!
  4. I think that’s part of the charm. I’m currently desperate for Nickel, but when I find it I’m putting a beacon down. I always carry them!
  5. Thanks, but let me tell you - all credit to contrast paints. That Skull? White base coat + one coat of Skeleton Horde straight from the pot. The cloth? Grey base coat, dry brush of Morghast Bone, 50/50 Gryph Hound Orange and Flesh Tearers Red contrast paints over the top. On the top one I’ve added some further highlights, but none yet on the bottom one and it looks fine. Basically, I just followed this, with some tweaks: Just saying, there’s less skill here than you might think. So do post your efforts. Everyone here is very supportive, and we all learn from
  6. Still loving this, but there are a couple of bugs and performance issues on PS4 now. Basically as soon as you build a base bigger than a couple of rooms large, it starts to chug. This doesn’t especially bother me, as I largely went for utility in the first game, and I’m doing so again here. But if you wanted to build a fancy base, PS4 might not be the platform on which to do so. Otherwise it runs a bit smoother than the first game, so it evens out for me. I think there’s a bug with item boxes though. These reset, so you can gather the same items multiple times (nutrient blocks etc)
  7. It’s a shame there’s all this controversy about Cursed City. The aesthetic is one of the more appealing GW selections available (although I think they’re all pretty cool) , and I can understand people being disappointed that it might just be allowed to die without further support. However, as I’m here for the minis I’ll still probably get the forthcoming Death Rattle stuff etc, as I love me a skellington Talking of which, work in progress on a couple of the CC Skellies:
  8. I sunk (lol) about 6 hours into this yesterday, so I’m a bit further on than you. I think it’s better than the first game - somehow it feels just as perilous even though in theory I should know exactly what I’m doing! I’ve died more to hypothermia than anything else...
  9. That’s for sending oxygen from a base. I never used it, but I imagine it’s used for deeper biomes
  10. That’s not normal. I ordered some paints recently which took less than a week. Although I guess it depends on the order contents?
  11. So far it’s absolutely gorgeous on PS4. Love the rain effects.
  12. Super pleased with this face. When it goes well I think it’s the most satisfying bit of this hobby:
  13. I’ve been painting loads, just nothing that fits this theme!
  14. Downloading on PS4 now. The performance of the first one wasn't great, but I still finished and enjoyed it, so I'm hoping this runs well enough to do the same with.
  15. I hate this mini. I completely screwed up the face and the lamp snapped off, but I wasn't enjoying painting it anyway. Not sure what else I've got which fits the theme, but I'll think of something.
  16. Bear in mind that I am a total n00b. Although I've watched a few Youtube videos, and it seems some people are grumbling about the game.
  17. I think that’s the shame of this though - I’d kind of got excited to dive in, but very quickly got turned off by the way the actual gameplay is buried deep, deep, in the instructions. I looked at the “How to play” as well, and even that doesn’t show you the game being played until about 7 minutes into a 15 minute video. I guess all the setup, deck building, dice “activation” stuff is considered part of the fun? It’s a shame as the whole setting and concept reminded me of my favourite FF novels like City of Thieves, and I was thinking it’d be heav
  18. I’ve been making a start on the Cursed City minis. They really are great sculpts and I’m determined to do them justice. Inspired by the figures, I decided to actually sit down and start reading the rules of the game, as I thought I might as well see what it’s all about. I’ve literally never played a single tabletop game of any kind, so I figured it might be nice to see what it’s all about. Wow. It’s the most impenetrable, boring sounding shit I’ve ever read. I’m pages and pages in, and I still have no idea of what the actual gameplay constitutes. It’s a seemingly never-en
  19. I’m not sure if I’ll go with this guy after all. He’s so tiny and the lamp is behind him so it’s not exactly going to light up any of the details. I might have a rummage through the pile of shame...
  20. Found it, ta! It was in a wreck near the Sea Treader's Path. I'm glad I got the Sonar Upgrade. Navigating these caves without it would be fraught to say the least!
  21. Ah! No indeed. Only got that for the Prawn. That would indeed solve the problem. Not having too much problem with the leeches if that's what you mean. To be honest I'm tempted to park the Cyclops further up and just use the Prawn, as it goes to 1,700 metres now anyway.
  22. Very late to the party, but absolutely loving this (even on PS4, where it does seem to chug). I'm quite near the end, and having serious issues keeping the Cyclops powered down in the lava lakes, despite having spare Power Cells. Any tips on conserving power?
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