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  1. Excellent! Nice and tidy. And a freehand symbol on the shoulder too.
  2. It’s good old sand. I basically followed this, to the letter. It’s how GW base theirs, for the most part:
  3. Must be something in the air - I've just shifted a tonne of stuff on eBay (including two guitars) so I don't feel guilty about the financial outlay. It's more that I obviously don't have time to paint the stuff I've already got, never mind this! But fuck it, I'm going to paint what I fancy painting, when I fancy painting it.
  4. My box of shame arrived… (I regret nothing - as soon as I looked at all the lovely sculpts I got genuinely excited to paint them)
  5. It hardly needs saying but just for the record your work is utterly phenomenal.
  6. Finished a squad of Stormcast in “regulation” Hammers of Sigmar colours, as an exercise in batch painting: Only bits I’m not entirely happy with are any areas with grey edge highlights on black leather straps etc. It’s just sooooo hard to do.
  7. It’s fairly obvious who you’re “supposed” to be rooting for, the film is very “they went there, then they did this, then they did that”. I just don’t think the film sold the emotional weight of what happened to the Atreides as well as it could have. When you don’t spend proper time with characters you’re supposed to care about it has to do this by telling, not showing. “They said that in the film, explicitly!” - that’s not the point. I still think a whole first film ending with the moment of betrayal would have been the perfect way to get the full impact and weight of it across. The rush to get to the action in the desert by the end of the first film, made the whole thing feel too inconsequential.
  8. Those do look great, I quite liked the Citadel ones I have (the more expensive of the two they offer), but they’re already blunt as fuck. One large flimsy wobble ghost done: And sans background…
  9. It really does. I love it because I find seeing the constructed models inspiring, but i hate the feeling of the plastic and the scalpels and mould line removers etc. Kills my hands. I went deeeeep into the tip of my thumb the other day, not a slash but a direct stab. Still killing me now. Still, at least I won't have 60 new minis to put togeth...oh wait...
  10. I saw! And I liked. Looked like a pretty Herculean task. How long would you say that took you?
  11. Shit. Shitshitshit. That’s like, half price! I have dozens of unpainted minis. Shit!!!!
  12. I shall look up a Beef Dripping tutorial on YouTube ASAP Right, I don’t want to fiddle with this anymore. Or indeed paint another Nighthaunt for at least 3 weeks! Hard to photograph in low artificial light, I’ll take some natural light shots tomorrow - if it doesn’t disintegrate in the meantime…
  13. Thanks! I guess it’s a case of right technique for the job. Takes so long this way though!
  14. Yep! I’m trying to learn but every time I see something I’ve done and think “Yes! Perfect! Now don’t touch it…” I wander back later and…touch it! Well, not every time. But it feels like it! I think it’s just a lesson in letting go, safe in the knowledge I’ll probably be able to paint something like it again, but also in learning a routine/recipe for such things. The pros seem to do things like gems the same every single time, because they’re on the clock and painting to a house style so the have to - whereas I’m winging it. I did this lens the other day which I’m pleased with, but I might knock the gloss varnish back as it’s a bit like a boiled sweet. No doubt that’ll ruin it!
  15. I tried to add further reflections (small lines) and lost the effect and shape of the glass. Struggling to get it back to how it was now. Oh well!
  16. I’m going to do some more experiments tomorrow - got some more pieces primed black, then some mist/spot coats of dark blue and grey. Just waiting for the gloss varnish to dry overnight. Did this earlier. Was so pleased with the glass I took a snap - then immediately ruined it. FFS! I’m sure I’ll recover it.
  17. It’s quick and easy but I can see how an airbrush would have helped here. The guides I’ve seen suggest layering up various shades in random patterns, which is difficult with rattle cans. Still, once I do some gold detailing and an oil wash I think it’ll look quite convincing. Next one I will try to make mostly white with thinner marble veins.
  18. Talking of terrain, I’ve been wading through mine. Inspired by @The Bag I also had a stab at using the baby wipe technique and some rattle cans to get a marble effect: Its ok but I don’t think I made the holes big enough so too much of the dark undercoat is still showing.
  19. Thanks man. She’s come together quite quickly, I should get it finished tomorrow. Looking at my own Grimghast Reapers again the Wildwood Contrast I used over pure white has highlighted the raised bits of the hafts quite nicely, so I probably didn’t want to risk ruining them with a clumsy edge highlight, but I might pick a finished one out of the box for further practice. Thats a brilliant idea regarding the real moss. I’m going to keep an eye out!
  20. Yeah, I’m interested to know what those are too. I think getting your base done earlier in the process can really help. Also having a recipe that works for you and is quickly replicated can take a lot of the stress out of it and then you can actually enjoy putting skulls and rocks etc on it. I’ve mentioned it before but Darren Latham had an excellent YouTube guide on how to do “official” GW style bases but he’s taken his account down now. Still got an extract on his Instagram though, worth a look. The only bit he does that I don’t like is the heavy overbrush on the rocks - I prefer a lighter dry brush with a brighter colour after the first one. https://www.instagram.com/p/B2WFia-nnt-/?utm_medium=copy_link Biggest takeaway for me from that was how much better sand is than texture paint.
  21. Some of them are so fiddly to put together it’s a miracle they ever make it off the sprue in one piece. And even though in theory you can melt broken pieces together, in practice the bond is never quite secure enough for the same injuries not to reoccur. Also this one? Wobbles like a jelly when you handle it, so painting it is a constant struggle to keep it still whilst also not crushing it like crisps under bison.
  22. Nice! You’ve got that spidery thin highlight on the weapon shafts perfect. I’m nearly finished with Lady Olynder. Just got the vines, hourglass, chest etc to do, and put some grass and skulls on the base (which I just realised is the wrong size - I used the Celestant Prime base in error) It’s easily the flimsiest model I’ve ever painted. I swear, if her wrist snaps one more time…
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