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  1. That's a cool figure. Look forward to seeing that one done. I can't seem to finish anything. I think my issue is that while I'm now quite good at washes and stuff that darkens a model down, I'm a bit scared of doing anything that brightens the model up, i.e. highlights, and in particular edge highlighting, and doing any brighter layering. It always seems like too big a jump, so I feel like immediately I've made the model look messy, and also I'm just very clumsy with it. Not dry-brushing though. I can do that all day. It's magic.
  2. Love those "kit-bashed" Gargants, especially the Nurgle one. Unrelated, but I'm painting bases atm and enjoying myself. I've got some trufts of grass etc from Army Painter to use at some point too. On that note, I thought these were just brilliant:
  3. I was being serious - I think sub-£100 is a lot more palatable although as you say it’s still a lot. And I do agree that the bang for buck in terms of hours spent enjoying it is indeed an inherent part of the value. I don’t want to give the impression that I’m dead set against GW or their pricing as some sort of hill I’d die on - it was just a discussion point really, based on a sort of mental “sucking air through my teeth” I’d found myself doing, quite reflexively. It is, as you say, a luxury - maybe I’m feeling plastic tat acquisition guilt!
  4. I think the quality is great, I really do. I’m totally addicted. But honestly? I think their stuff is overpriced. Especially if you look at the stuff that’s included with a magazine for £7.99 and yet costs £15 or more from GW direct. I personally think £60 or so would be more reasonable for a piece like that Mega Gargant. I don’t really know about army building, as I don’t play the game - it just seems very expensive for what it is compared to say, a Hot Toys 1/6th scale figure. Of course, I still want one.
  5. I don’t disagree with any of those points, and yet something still doesn’t sit well with me. Apart from anything else, does a plastic-sprue based model kit, even that impressive giant, warrant a price tag of £120 in the first place?
  6. Ah yes, he has his own channel now. I've watched a few of those.
  7. Yes, pretty much what I had concluded already - although there is something about the tone of their videos which feels very much like it's aimed at beginners, or even children, don't you think?
  8. I wouldn't call this a rant as such, more of an eyebrow raise, but as a beginner to GW I'm starting to get a little...let's say troubled, at the costs involved in following their recommended painting guides. Take this for example, which appeared in my Youtube feed. It's the forthcoming Sons of Behamat Mega Gargant figure, and the video tells you how to paint just the head of one of the variants, and a bit of rusty fence: As I was watching it, I was slightly taken aback at the long list of paints. And that's not even the main part of the model.
  9. Joy there, bucking nominative determinism
  10. Er, I don't think she was being entirely serious. Can't believe that warrants a click-bait article. Edit: Oh wait - Mail Online. Of course. I thought she was really funny and I almost immediately made her Tuna Cheese Melt. Tabasco! (Slaps forehead). Of course!
  11. He seems like a good egg, with some good advice for beginners. But by Christ he waffles! His videos could actually be about 3 minutes long and still have the same content.
  12. Messing around with trying to get “decent” photos of my WIP: I watched a guy on YouTube showing how to use a sheet of white paper and it seems to work pretty well. He also showed how to adjust the exposure on iphone when taking pix - mind blown!
  13. I've been very busy buying too many miniatures and not finishing any. A common ailment, I understand. I don't care though, it's fun! However, I am going to try and actually finish some of them, so I've put most of the plastic pile away for now (I'll reveal my shame soon), and am focusing on 5 minis now. This was a recent acquisition, a random resin printed model which I found on eBay and took a punt on. It's my first attempt at painting a face, and I was so happy I managed to get the pupils in kinda the right place that I don't really want to touch it (the face) now, ev
  14. This game is so gorgeous at times. Well, all of the time. But I'm in The Hive at the moment, and the foreground graphics and lovely golden glow are just *chef's kiss* It's still kicking my ass, but I make a bit of progress each time. And I'm never quite sure if I'm in the "right" area, which gives that great Souls feeling of "Should I press on?". It doesn't help that funds are an issue at the moment (which reminds me - the game has some great gags too).
  15. I think I’m finally winning the battle of accuracy. I’m 70% there on a handful of Stormcasts, and already I’m looking at the first three I bought and seeing an improvement over them. I want to get a few finished in the “official” colours, whilst I continue my drive to simply practice getting the right colours in the right place, and then I might start going off-piste as I think that might be more fun. Work in progress shot:
  16. Leaving aside my initial impressions when I bounced off it in 2010 or whenever it was, I seem to recall that when I’d just finished the game I enjoyed it, but it was still my least favourite overall. However, that position is now firmly occupied by DS2. I seem to recall being impressed at the atmosphere and how many of the series’ core elements and tropes were in place, while also being infuriated at things like World Tendency, which can make a nonsense of character quest lines simply because you died a lot and turned the world tendency black. That said, it still has some
  17. I'm still at the "Goddam, please can I just get at least one coat in the right place!" stage of this, so for me the tiny little brush in the lid of the Tamiya stuff is enough of a reason to favour that medium. I can be far more accurate with it than with any other wash I've used, and the flow is really quite magical. Preaching to the converted here I know, but you can see here where I’ve used it in the deep recesses around the knee armour in particular. Compare to the crossbow, which currently has just the all over wash of Reikland Flesh shade:
  18. I've been getting braver regarding shading, and have even dabbled in some wet blending (easier than it sounds). In particular, I've started using a medium from my Scale Modelling kit, namely the wonderful stuff that is Tamiya Panel Line Accent Colour. As good as the various Citadel Shade Paints are (Nuln Oil etc) I find they are best applied as an overall wash, as they have the nice side effect of dulling down or blending in the overall colour. But the Tamiya stuff comes with a built in brush, and I find you can apply a "pin wash" incredibly precisely to recessed areas, wherein i
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