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  1. Waaaaahhhh! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO! I want a new Zelda game, and I want it NOW! Come on Miyamoto, stop playing that fucking banjo and gimme that Wind Waker sequel. Edit: I've played all the Zelda games released from LTTP onwards.
  2. Played the opening hour of OoT last night. Of course, it's still as wonderful as ever. Only problem is, I know this game like the back of my hand, so the main element of pleasure from my first play through in 1998, i.e. the thrill of exploration, is missing. I vaguely remember that when I first got to Hyrule field I went to numerous places other than the castle, exploring nooks and crannies, talking to people, finding obstacles and making a note to come back to them. Eventually, I went were I was supposed to, and the game unravelled still further. Last night, I ran straight to the castle, stra
  3. The Atari ones are terrible though, this thing actually looks quite good. As Godtm says, looks like a fairly decent NES emulator.
  4. Thing is, dodgy or not, the games were pretty respectable. Unless they've only got the first 2 levels of each or something...
  5. Yeah, the pad was very flimsy, but I still managed to have a blast on a very playable version of Defender. For £34.99 if it lasts me a month I wouldn't cry.
  6. Went to Bluewater yesterday (tip for you all: don't). Amidst the mayhem I spotted a stall selling what looked a bit like N64 controllers, but which plugged into your telly and played over a hundred 'arcade' games. Thing is, these games seemed to be of reasonably high quality. There was Nemesis, Super Contra, Defender, Arkanoid, 1942 and loads more. Not sure what versions they are ripped from, but they were pretty playable. Whole thing was £34.99. Anyone taken a chance on one of these fellas? I'm pretty tempted...
  7. I loved disk 4. It was kind of the oppsite of a film ending, where you have a big bang, then the credits. Very brave, I thought.
  8. You don't have to, it's just nice to be able to say "Attack. Attack. Heal", then sit back and watch the lovely shiny lightsabres.
  9. It would be like tearing the last page out of a detective novel. The whole thing is pointless without finally getting your hands on Lan Di. That's the driving force in the game - revenge!
  10. You can choose from 3 fighting styles in the options screen. One where they all wade in, one where they hang back and use grenades, and one where they will use force powers first. Well there you go. An option not even IN the fighting part of the game. It's a confusing mess. True. But then, I'm the sort of sad git who reads the manual cover to cover before starting a game. Sometimes on the bog. It is a flawed system, but I still got on ok with it. Once you get your head around pausing the game and queuing the commands it becomes second nature.
  11. You can choose from 3 fighting styles in the options screen. One where they all wade in, one where they hang back and use grenades, and one where they will use force powers first.
  12. Well, I haven't seen your one yet, but ideally both! I like having a review split into different sections so that each can be given appropriate attention. For example, NGC had a whole page devoted to the multiplayer modes, detailing the rules, saying which they preferred, and why. There were specific screen shots for each, and although the layout was boxy and colourful, it didn't look cluttered. That way, when you're reading it you think "Cool, two pages just on the tracks in the game" or "So this is how the new multiplayer modes work" so you can really settle down and get your teeth into that
  13. Call me greedy, but the one thing about GamesTM that frustrated me was that I came away wanting more. To clarify, the only issue I've bought was the one that had the CPC464 feature in it, but I felt short-changed. In fact, I could have filled another 10 pages with stuff on that subject alone. Now I know you're limited by space, but I want more detail, more depth to the coverage. I remember reading the Ocarina of Time review in Arcade and it just went on forever, juicier screenshots and tidbits on each subsequent page. Similarly, I loved the recent NGC MK:DD review, not because they liked it a
  14. Shenmue 1 is brilliant, Shenmue 2 is even brillianter. Good post, eh?
  15. Same here. I bought an Xbox primarily for the Green dashboard - I thought it looked wicked! And... it does! Or to simplify my point further: "Why should I buy a PS2?" "Because it plays videogames"
  16. Godtm, you really do write the strangest stuff occasionally. How can a game 'replace' another game? Ico isn't rendered obsolete by the existence of PoP, even if it is better. If a band releases an album that's better than their last, does it 'replace' the last one? Do you stop listening to it? Should newcomers to the band ignore everything but the best album? Should Ico never be played just because PoP is better? Also, maybe it's a cashflow thing, but I can never understand some people having an aversion to a certain format, or needing to be convinced before they buy it. When a new console co
  17. Have you tried chaining the 1st level of Ikaruga yet? Hard, but ridiculously addictive. I'm crap at Ikaruga...
  18. What don't you like about it? It's all twisty and fast and that, and there are two cool shortcuts! Ghost Valley's dead baby. Ghost Valley's dead...
  19. Everyone absolutely raved about it on here when it came out, the thread went on for pages and pages. This is the inevitable backlash. It's still one of the best games released this year.
  20. Hey! I said that in the old thread! It's true though, innit My old house mate and I used to chip away at each other's times on that track by 10ths of a second at a time. Each time I would push the boosting just that little bit further, or get a smoother line on the track, or a better start, and the time would gradually reduce. Great stuff. Rabasaurus - I think you'll find it's "Fuck of Bowser you big fat cunt!"
  21. Well, that's assuming that people liked your additions. I think increasing the number of play modes would be a hit with everyone though. As for Time Trialling on the current set of tracks - some of these are absolutely classic in that respect. Baby Park, Bowser's Castle, Yoshi's Circuit, Mario's Circuit, Peach Beach. All great in Time Trials. I still can't get under 1.15 on Baby Park though...
  22. To be honest, I'm surprised anyone bothered. It's usually much easier for people to just slate things rather than come up with any ideas of their own. I thought you had some good ideas there, some of which are a matter of taste (like the characters you wanted to get shot of. I think Waluigi is great!), some others which would be easy to implement, and some of which I feel might imbalance the game slightly (multiple routes, switches, drawbridges etc). I would guess that had the game been implemented in the way you describe, there would be plenty of people queuing up to slag of these elements as
  23. I'm...confused, I think is the right word, about Viewtiful Joe. It's obviously a brilliant game, and my initial few hours with it had me grinning from ear to ear, but for some reason I put it down about a week ago, and haven't felt the urge to go back to it. I think I left it at the Shark boss. Still, it's a great game, I probably just need an extensive session with it to rekindle the flame.
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