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  1. Here's what I have spare: Sprue of 3 x Stormcast Sequitors (minus one base, which I have hacked up for another base) 5 x Nighthaunt Chain rasps, built but not primed or painted Sprue of 4 x Nighthaunt Myrmourn Banshees Sprue of 3 x Stormcast Castigators and 1 x Gryph Hound 4 x Nighthaunt Glaivewraith Stalkers, built, unpainted Two Sprues each of 3 x Stormcast Sequitors and 2 x Castigators Sprue of 1 x Nighthaunt Tomb Banshee 5 x Nighthaunt Dreadscythe Harridans, primed white (I started them, but re
  2. I think that's where I have an "advantage" in that I'm not painting these to play the game (yet), so I don't have any urgency about finishing my models. I say advantage, but it does mean I also lack a bit of focus. I keep putting away all my models save for a small handful, thinking to 100% finish those, but then getting them all out again to try some new technique or other! The base represents the "final" step so I think I quite enjoy it, especially when you finally do that sweet, sweet, base rim. I had a bit of a proposal actually. Due to over-zealous eBay bidding, I have quite a
  3. I quite fancy getting some Green Stuff and one of their rollers as well.
  4. Fair enough! I can see myself getting quite into basing. I've only dabbled with skulls, rocks, and tufts, but it seems like a fairly stress-free way to start getting creative with a bit of kit bashing. I've been really enjoying this guy's videos lately. Very softly spoken, so kind of works on a slight ASMR level for me, and comes from the perspective of a beginner, but he gets pretty cool results which I find quite inspiring:
  5. Looks great. The base seems kind of small for it? It feels like it could have almost a small diorama built around it to give it more of a sense of place?
  6. We've now got to the point where I feel old not because I remember playing Dizzy games, but because I posted about it in 2004...
  7. Thanks! I haven’t done any actually highlights at all yet, and frankly I don’t think I’m going to! At least, not on the ribs - I’ll only make them worse
  8. Hard act to follow, but this is unfinished so it doesn't count. But sometimes this hobby is super rewarding when something goes exactly to plan. In this case I wanted a Hexwraith Flame wash to show through a thinned top coat of Incubi Darkness, and I couldn't be happier with the result: It's not finished at all, but the overall effect is very pleasing. I also liked using Skeleton Horde contrast paint on the bones, not that there is much skill involved. As an aside, I don't really understand why a "hero" character like this comes with such a bor
  9. Trying to improve my edge highlights on the millions of cloaks I have to paint. Well, I say edge highlights - I seem to have “developed” a process whereby I build up the initial colour in very thin coats, then I’ve been doing a dry brush to actually locate the raised areas. I then try and “properly” edge highlight these (with the side or tip of a brush), after which I’ve been sort of reverse highlighting - adding a dark wash in the recess, around the highlights. I find this easier than painting the raised areas, and it has the bonus effect that if I go over the highlights at all, i
  10. Nice one! I look forward to seeing it. I’m trying to take this one real slow and apply everything I’ve learned so far, such as it is, in the neatest way I can, but also being a bit more brave on the rust effects, basing etc.
  11. Yes, it gives a limited amount of poseability. Plus I guess I could put other heads on too. Those magnets are 2mm x 1mm! Very satisfying.
  12. Well that was a piece of cake! I think one would need to pick and choose which model and/or appendage you used this on - but for this particular model it worked great, and was pretty easy. Took 5 minutes with a pin vice and some Superglue
  13. Outrageously good. I especially like the symbols/insignia and the little guy in the hatch:
  14. Oh, I do - but even so I found the Vallejo flowed more nicely. I mainly just wondered if using airbrush paint with a brush was a thing?
  15. I can't decide though, they all look cool! I think I can pull it off - I have a pin vice, and I've ordered some tiny magnets. The connection point on the main guy is a flat circle on another flat circle, with a metal collar surround, so I might even just be able to sand a bit off the neck and still have it sitting at the correct height. The other two are like this, and the head just pops in and stays there under tension, so I doubt I'll even need a magnet. If it doesn't work they can still go in the (ever g
  16. Latest Mortal Realms magazine came with Crawlocke the Jailor, and two Spirit Torments. These come with a choice of heads (three in the case of Crawlocke), so I think I’m gonna try and use some magnets so I can swap them. Have any of you guys done this? I’ve seen people do it in YouTube vids with Space Marines - should be simple enough, right?
  17. Love it. I have it on my list to try some Nurgle guys at some point. I'm getting a bit bored with gold and blue! Is that a custom base, or does it come like that?
  18. That does sound cheaper - but I do have some GW textures for now. Stirland Mud, Astrogranite, and Armageddon Dust. Presumably one could add sand to a shade paint to approximate Typhoid Corrosion?
  19. Looks great! I'm enjoying painting bases btw. I haven't done anything complicated yet, but just some dry-brushed texture, a cork rock or two, a skull, and a couple of tufts, is enough to make a piece come to life. Painting the rim of the base is also very satisfying.
  20. Oh that looks great, like a textured shade paint. (adds to long wish list)
  21. I got some Ryza Rust as well, which is giving much more realism to the swords etc
  22. Thank you! I’ve only tried two Contrast Paints so far - Wyldwood on the wooden handles of the Glaivewraiths’ er...glaives? And some Skeleton Horde on their skulls. Both applied over corax white. In both cases I was like - “Wow. One coat, and it’s done!”. Certainly compared to what I’d been doing before (Dryad Bark then rubbish attempts at edge highlighting on the handles, Rakarth Flesh plus Reikland Fleshshade on the skulls), it felt a lot easier and gave instant results. But I’m sure this won’t apply to every scenario. Still, they seem like a good thing to have availabl
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