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  1. This appears to be a screenshot of you failing to hit a crystal golem because you’re standing too far away. I can’t see the sword going through it, from that angle anyway. But your character looks out of range to me.
  2. Don’t know anything about the new game they’re from but these minis look great!
  3. That looks really good! If you want to push it even more though, investigate adding some dark washes to the recesses and highlighting the raised areas. I was given the advice in this thread when I first picked up the brush again to really push the contrast. I can see lots of areas on your model where you could do this - for example, running a darker brown wash into the folds of his hair, and highlighting the raised locks of hair with a brighter yellow.
  4. Both amazing, but I feel tired just looking at them. I feel like they would take months to paint, maybe longer!
  5. I'm relieved! (Retrieves paint, brushes and minis from the bin)
  6. That looks great! The base colour for Battlecat looks spot on. The easiest way to get a quick Flesh tone is to simply base coat the skin with a warm-ish white like Corax White, and then apply Reikland Fleshshade. That’s what the painting guides in the Mortal Realms mag say to do for the faces of the Stormcast, and I think it works pretty well. However, there are a million ways to paint flesh and there’s so much of it on He-Man that you may prefer to look into a more layered approach. There are lots of videos online, and I imagine some of the more expert painters here will h
  7. That’s got shots from the ‘84 film in it, right? They’re the only bits that are visually interesting!
  8. Love the book. I've been putting off attempting something like that on my Lord Exorcist.
  9. The “Parade Ready” Games Workshop videos follow broadly similar approaches but have an intensely irritating style. They can still be instructive though. From what I’ve seen though, for that style Darren Latham is the best, not least because he actually shows you the paint going on, rather than a blurry shot of the back of his hand (*cough* Squidmar). I’ve bought this model after thinking how easy he makes it look
  10. Thanks! These are fun models to paint, and although I probably shouldn't keep bumping the latest pieces I obtain to the front of the queue, it was nice to just get them done to my satisfaction over three days. I've now "finished" a grand total of 8 minis! (But I have about another 20 which are at about 80% - I really should finish those before I start anything else new)
  11. I probably should have done that. Yours looks very realistic. But I wanted to see how I’ve progressed with the “official” GW style of base, shade, layer, highlight, edge highlight, so I just went for it: I think the back looks better than the front as the front has a big flat section I didn’t really know what to do with. Probably I could experiment with the actual cloth texture, but I’m pleased enough to stop now. Quite happy with this one too, as I managed to neatly execute the bits I wanted to look quite crisp and clean, whilst gett
  12. I’d say so, from the Work in Progress! Talking of WIP, I’m really enjoying painting these Sepulchral Guards. I’m trying to get them done in a really focussed way, using everything I’ve learned so far. Have just highlighted the blue cloak areas so far, using “traditional” layering and edge highlights. No dry-brushing. I’m a bit intimidated by that mass of red cloak, but that’s up next!
  13. Ok, well I was specifically talking about washing plastic before brush painting directly onto it. I wash my sprues out of habit now, whether spraying or brushing, but it’s clearly not necessary with a spray.
  14. Do you always use spray primer? I find washing the plastic does help with adhesion of a brushed on primer.
  15. Just to add my voice to the primer chat, I have had good results with this stuff: But also, there’s no reason whatsoever why you have to use a spray can at all. You can just prime the plastic with any colour you like using a brush. The important thing is to wash the plastic first (either on the sprue or post-construction) in soapy warm water with a splash of vinegar added.
  16. Turkey and ham pie tonight, made with leftover gravy and with sprouts and carrots chopped into the potato topping. Tomorrow is curry time!
  17. Two things that are vital for Christmas which weren’t on that list in the OP: Those are Heston Blumenthal mince pies under the homemade shortbread. They were pretty spectacular and I don’t like mince pies much. Oh, and Bubble and Squeak with a Fried Egg and Ham for Boxing Day brunch should be in the God Tier too.
  18. I got a box of Orc Boyz and a box of Deathrattle Sepulchral Guard. Very nice. I like the Nighthaunt stuff fine, but it’ll be nice to paint some Skeletons that don’t just fizzle out into trailing smoke cloaks. Oh, and my gf loved her Hollow Knight figure. I ended up abandoning the previous version I showed here as it just wasn’t accurate enough, and a couple more prototypes later... When I spray painted the paper template on the box (which used to have a guitar pedal in it) I didn’t stick it down properly and the paint escaped in ce
  19. I agree, I find stock a bit much unless it’s homemade.
  20. True. I sort of mash the veg trivet into the juices and flour, then pass it through a sieve after the flour’s been cooked out and I’ve added my liquids, but ofc some of the veg is incorporated, and that’s no bad thing. I partly questioned the blending of the veg as I watched a recent Jamie Oliver Christmas programme and he had so much veg in his gravy it really did look more like soup
  21. I’m with you all the way @The Hierophant right up until you say you add back the roasted veg and blend? Is that right? Only isn’t that more...soup?
  22. This is exactly what I thought before I tried the Longley Farm stuff. I was wrong then, and you sir, are wrong now. Er...and I put Frazzles in it. And stir it all into a Pot Noodle. Will that do?
  23. Not really in the spirit of this thread, but everyone thinks Cottage Cheese is horrible, watery, tasteless diet food right? Well so did I, until I discovered this: It's legitimately delicious, with an amazing, rich, creamy flavour and texture. I can, and will eat it straight from the pot. Total game changer. The customer reviews do not lie! https://longleyfarm.com/products/natural-cottage-cheese Only ever seen it in Morrisons. Don't get the low fat variety though!
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