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  1. I was going to say, one of the sets that were linked to above made me raise an eyebrow and move quickly on...
  2. Those Black Sun Miniatures look amazing! Bigger scale than GW right? Sorry if this is becoming spam, but I’ve finished another model. It was already close to finished but I glazed her face with a fleshy wash to bring the shadows and highlights together, and made my first attempt at adding grass to the base: I really enjoyed this one, and although the details initially seemed quite soft in hand compared to the sharp images on the eBay store, once it was painted the details are all there. This is the guy on eBay. Some fun designs I thin
  3. Those look great! And it begs a question - what other mini "brands" are out there that I might not know about? I really, really like the GW stuff, but I've also enjoyed the resin printed elf character I bought from an eBay seller, and of course the Malifaux stuff. It also begs a second question, since I noticed you'd edged your bases in orange and green - what colour do most people use to edge their bases? I'm finding black to look the sharpest - is that the most common colour, or do people really match the base edge to the rest of the model? The recommended colour for most of the
  4. Yes, it’s a scenery centrepiece statue: I started out just wanting to paint a couple of minis to scratch a nostalgia itch, and now I have so many I may as well play the actual game at some point!
  5. Hammer time! Nothing special here really - just trying to get good photos. All I did was follow the Mortal Realms instructions on this one. Quite relaxing to just knock something big out like this
  6. I will try exactly that, thanks Cocky. Those swords are rather clean.
  7. Thank you! I can see where I could have done better, but towards the end I was just loving having a chilled think about where to put the skulls and not really caring about doing it “right”. I think maybe I’ve been watching too many YouTube videos and not using my artistic instincts to do what I think would look cool. I currently have a vast pile of models at 80% completion, all painted to “regulation” GW colour schemes, but I also have lots of un-painted ones with which I think I might try and be a bit more imaginative.
  8. I also thought I'd "finished" this, but noticed a glaringly obvious stray splash of Leadbelcher as soon as I saw the photo! I tried to paint a green glow on the lowest dagger there, and a bit on the face of the nearest spirit, as it should be lit up by the glowing Skelebob. I quite like it, what do you reckon?
  9. I have not! I will bear it in mind. I think...I might be ready to call this "finished": Main changes apart from the base since I last posted pix are that I've amped up the highlights on the chains and reinstated some on the cape, plus touched up the cage. I really enjoyed putting the Citadel Skulls on the base and even found a half crushed one to put under his dainty foot. I think maybe I could add some chips and scratches to the sword, but for now? I'm pretty happy.
  10. I’m probably coming across more worried than I really am - I think I’m just putting it off because I’ve got most of these models looking pretty sweet and I’m reluctant to make them worse, but you can always repaint. I am having a lot of fun. I tried to freehand a thin blue line on a white cloak the other day and it went hilariously badly. Just...how?! Surely people don’t mask off tiny sections? But how else is this even possible? But I just repainted it white so no big deal.
  11. More likely this! Also I have...duplicates (of shame)
  12. I should have said, this is where I'm up to. It's really where and how brightly to paint the next two steps that I'm not feeling confident about - but only one way to find out I guess! I mean, I did ok with my Malifaux guy, but I got the highlights far too bright initially. Must finish that one too! Thanks for the tips. I do think that some of what you describe would be running before I can walk, but I'll certainly have a go at all of it. I feel like I'm at the "practicing" stage atm
  13. Actually it’s not the armour that concerns me (although now that you’ve described what to me sounds like another very advanced approach, I fear my attempts to dry brush and edge highlight won’t look that good) - it’s more things like the blue cloaks and shoulder pauldrons. It’s like - this already looks ok to me. But it’s just plain Kantor Blue with a dark blue wash. No highlights or brighter layers yet. But as soon as I start trying to lighten anything like this up, it starts to look fake and messy, even though I can see (from the reflections in this pic) exactly w
  14. That's a cool figure. Look forward to seeing that one done. I can't seem to finish anything. I think my issue is that while I'm now quite good at washes and stuff that darkens a model down, I'm a bit scared of doing anything that brightens the model up, i.e. highlights, and in particular edge highlighting, and doing any brighter layering. It always seems like too big a jump, so I feel like immediately I've made the model look messy, and also I'm just very clumsy with it. Not dry-brushing though. I can do that all day. It's magic.
  15. Love those "kit-bashed" Gargants, especially the Nurgle one. Unrelated, but I'm painting bases atm and enjoying myself. I've got some trufts of grass etc from Army Painter to use at some point too. On that note, I thought these were just brilliant:
  16. I was being serious - I think sub-£100 is a lot more palatable although as you say it’s still a lot. And I do agree that the bang for buck in terms of hours spent enjoying it is indeed an inherent part of the value. I don’t want to give the impression that I’m dead set against GW or their pricing as some sort of hill I’d die on - it was just a discussion point really, based on a sort of mental “sucking air through my teeth” I’d found myself doing, quite reflexively. It is, as you say, a luxury - maybe I’m feeling plastic tat acquisition guilt!
  17. I think the quality is great, I really do. I’m totally addicted. But honestly? I think their stuff is overpriced. Especially if you look at the stuff that’s included with a magazine for £7.99 and yet costs £15 or more from GW direct. I personally think £60 or so would be more reasonable for a piece like that Mega Gargant. I don’t really know about army building, as I don’t play the game - it just seems very expensive for what it is compared to say, a Hot Toys 1/6th scale figure. Of course, I still want one.
  18. I don’t disagree with any of those points, and yet something still doesn’t sit well with me. Apart from anything else, does a plastic-sprue based model kit, even that impressive giant, warrant a price tag of £120 in the first place?
  19. Ah yes, he has his own channel now. I've watched a few of those.
  20. Yes, pretty much what I had concluded already - although there is something about the tone of their videos which feels very much like it's aimed at beginners, or even children, don't you think?
  21. I wouldn't call this a rant as such, more of an eyebrow raise, but as a beginner to GW I'm starting to get a little...let's say troubled, at the costs involved in following their recommended painting guides. Take this for example, which appeared in my Youtube feed. It's the forthcoming Sons of Behamat Mega Gargant figure, and the video tells you how to paint just the head of one of the variants, and a bit of rusty fence: As I was watching it, I was slightly taken aback at the long list of paints. And that's not even the main part of the model.
  22. Joy there, bucking nominative determinism
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