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  1. Very nice work @Wiper. I’ve got a sprue of those in the To Do pile, and I really want to do a Kastelan Robot after painting the base of my Necron Reanimator which has bits of a destroyed one thereon. For the Skitari I plan, as I often do, to follow Juan Hidalgo’s guide: I really recommend watching this guy’s videos, even if you don’t use or don’t have contrast paints, as there are really good tips on glazing, highlighting etc, and he has a really clean procedural way of working which I find very useful as a way of focussing my approach.
  2. Sad to say I agree. Disappointed with this season. Not as funny as previous. And a bizarrely knuckle-headed take on veganism in the last episode.
  3. Their wraps are especially good for making quesadillas.
  4. Really enjoying the nearly two hour doc on this which was on Sky Documentaries last night.
  5. Same here. I’ve dipped into serial killer stuff occasionally (the David Tennant thing about Nielsen for example) but it’s not an area I camp out in much. But this is mesmerising and disturbing.
  6. Does anyone else find the GW website utterly infuriating to browse? So far as I can see there is simply no way whatsoever to see a complete list of all the miniatures one can buy. Like, you can get it to list all miniatures that are “available to order” but it doesn’t list them all! You have to know the name of say, this character, to search for it, or search “genestealer cults” and it comes up, but otherwise it simply doesn’t appear. It’s really frustrating for someone like me who is just looking for cool things to paint, and doesn’t know, or care what the factions, games, and names are. Am I being thick and missing some obvious “Show me every mini you currently sell” button?
  7. Cool, I’ll use the PS4 controller. Thanks dude!
  8. Ok, so you wouldn’t say M&K is essential? Cos that would rule it out for me
  9. This sounds right up my street. I’m recovering from surgery for the next couple of weeks so I need a new game. On PC is it more of a controller game or mouse and keyboard?
  10. It means another 7 great tunes. I think this might be my favourite so far.
  11. Yay! Also Yonderland is wonderful but you need to give it a couple of episodes.
  12. Loving the Death Korps of Krieg set. Two down, eight to go…
  13. It’s from the Veteran Guardsmen aka Death Korps of Krieg set. Talking of which, work in progress…
  14. That’s very kind, thank you. It’s a bit messy around the face, but it’s kind of a smashed up skull anyway. I just finished this one too, and it’s much easier to paint a more well defined skull: I’ve finished three out of the ten skellies now, plus the captain. Been having some fun posing them and making scenes with filters etc:
  15. I was going to try some freehand on this banner but then I realised life is far, far too short. And this decal was kinda perfect…
  16. Finally finished the mini that made me buy Cursed City in the first place - Jelsen Darrock… And what a pain in the arse he was. Practically gave up on the face in the end. It’s super hard to reach and I should have just done a white base coat and a coat of Gulliman Flesh and moved on with my life! One thing I am really pleased with though. Originally I’d painted the inside of the leather coat a cream colour, and even though I’d deliberately gone for warm browns and golds with this guy, it needed an element that contrasted. This morning I woke up with the thought of painting it a rich red, and I’m glad I did as I really think it needed something to break up all the brown. Before: After:
  17. This was just what I needed after a tough couple of months. So many documentaries disappoint by skating over the details - those are what I’m here for! Funny how the early CGI stuff left me cold, but then the Volume stuff from the Mandalorian (and the practical model shot by John Knoll in particular) drew me right back in. As the perfect blend of CG, in-camera projection, and model work it really put the Cherry on this absolutely delicious cake.
  18. Just listening to Van Occupanther tonight on the way home and wondered what they’d been up to since 2013… Only bloody releasing a new album in March 2022, that’s what! And it’s fucking excellent! What a treat
  19. That seems quite modest. Here’s mine: Random old style Stormcast make up the biggest pile, then a random collection of Nighthaunt, small group of Necrons, half finished Space Marines, half assembled Orks, then Cursed City, Dominion, and then the ridiculous pile of scenery. Oh, and three Malifaux figures! The sprues are Death Korps of Krieg, some Skitarii Rangers, a big Necron Spider thing, and odds and sods like half sprues of Primaris Marines and Ork Boyz . The ones I really want to finish are the Cursed City and Dominion sets, as I really like the models. But then I keep getting distracted painting (yet more) lenses on Necron stuff:
  20. Fortunately that's an easy pass for me - I really don't like the Beaky Marines. It's also fortunate because I laid out my entire pile of shame at the weekend, and it covered an entire kitchen table. It was helpful, as I sifted through it and selected the models I most fancied painting next. It's still pretty bad though. The sub-pile I'm most ashamed of is all the Age of Sigmar scenery I accumulated through buying Mortal Realms magazine. I don't play the games FFS! I think I'm going to just sell it half-painted. If anyone is after anything, let me know - I'd let it go quite cheaply. I'm never going to paint it.
  21. Yeah, I’m done with this. The “tactics” in that battle were just laughable. Wave a white flag, this immediately tricks Crabby Nutter into sending his entire army out for no reason whatsoever after seeing Matt Smith go “Psych!”. At this point he could have just gone inside and drawn the curtains, but no, send out the whole squad. His troops then stand around Matt Smith in a neat circle, hesitating just long enough to get toasted. Absolute dogshit.
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