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  1. Always had a soft spot for The Last Starfighter:
  2. Got standing tickets to the London gig. Finally!
  3. Saw this on Saturday and enjoyed it, despite not liking Hereditary much. Personally I thought there was a lot of humour in the film, something that hasn't been commented on as much, at least in this thread. Loads of bits that had people laughing out loud in the cinema I went to.
  4. I'm so in. Don't care which venue. I've missed them three times now (Albert Hall gig, two chances to see in Oslo and Lyons). Not going to miss them this time.
  5. Recently discovered Midlake's 2006 album 'The Trials of Van Occupanther'. The whole album is just wonderful, the sort of thing you can just play on a loop and let seep into you, but I particularly like this one:
  6. Listening to ‘Oranges and Lemons’ on the train home now, and it’s wonderful
  7. Rise from your gwave! So I recently decided to do a deep dive into XTC after seeing the fairly recent doc on Sky Arts, for which there is this excellent trailer: Not for the first time in my life I'm kicking myself for not discovering a band's work sooner. I'd always liked 'Senses Working Overtime', and 'Making Plans for Nigel' as a kid, but I'd never dove in as an adult, despite occasionally hearing them referred to as geniuses. And of course, they were fucking amazing. Andy Partridge talks in the documentary about how they started pretty good and got better, but I do think there was a sweet spot which is basically 'Drums and Wires' and 'Black Sea'. The latter in particular is utterly perfect in my opinion. The opening 5 tracks (Respectable Street/Generals and Majors/Living Through another Cuba/Love at First Sight/Rocket from a Bottle) are just smash after smash, it then takes a pause for breath with 'No Language in Our Lungs' (which is still great, but musically a definite breather), but then you're into another run of belters (Towers of London/Paper and Iron/Burning with Optimism's Flames/Sgt Rock), until Travels in Nihilon turns things all experimental. I also really like 'English Settlement', 'Mummer', and 'The Big Express' , but I feel like there's an urgency to that first pair of albums with Dave Gregory on guitar which perfectly blends the New Wave punk of their first two albums with pure pop hooks, but also an experimental inquisitiveness. What Partridge himself calls "Gently exploratory pop music". I still have a few more albums to try. I haven't quite clicked with 'Skylarking' yet, but I'll probably fall asleep to it on the train at some point and wake up loving it. Excellent clips of 'Helicopter' from 'Drums and Wires' And 'Living Through another Cuba'/'Generals and Majors':
  8. Just make that a part of Creative Mode.
  9. Surprised that anyone was surprised about where Arya had gone to, looking all determined. She'd literally just been told to go kill someone with "Blue Eyes".
  10. She used one of her signature moves, shown in her training scene with Brienne. The NK had her knife arm in one hand, and her throat in the other. What a simpleton he must be not to realise that she was actually the best fighting machine in Westeros, with a signature move whereby she can transfer her weapon between hands! While being choked! I thought it was the perfect culmination of everything we've seen Arya learning throughout her arc.
  11. Thanks to all who replied with their feedback on the game. I’m going to tuck in over the Easter break I think.
  12. I've held off on this because I haven't had any time for gaming lately, and because the setting isn't one I'm naturally drawn to. However - Bloodborne is one of my favourite games ever, and it seems wrong not to be playing this alongside you guys. What's the general consensus for where this sits in the Pantheon? New best one ever? Jury still out?
  13. I'm all over this, but I do worry about my vanilla PS4 coping. Might finally be time to upgrade.
  14. I love this so much. Re-watched the first series, and I would do so a third, or fourth time. I love how it subverts comedy tropes. Any other comedy would have built up the tension over smashing the award, but Fleabag just drops it the second it’s out of the case. Of course she does!
  15. Most beautiful song I've heard in a while: Live version perhaps even better:
  16. Surprised you say that about the pacing. One of the complaints I heard (on The Incomparable podcast) was that they slowed the pace down for the scene between Ryan and his Dad in the cafe. Personally it didn’t feel rushed at all, and I enjoyed the way they actually took time to explore these character moments. There was also plenty of screen time for Dalek Lyn to establish itself as a memorable baddie.
  17. Only just watched the NYD episode, but I thought it was an absolute belter. Loved how scary the Dalek was, especially while possessing Lyn, which really reminded me of classic Dr Who (Planet of the Spiders springs to mind). And I thought the relationships stuff was wonderfully handled, especially the scene with Graham and the boxes of toys kept by Grace for her son. I've also been catching up with the back half of Capaldi's season, which I skipped at the time as I was thoroughly sick of Clara and the show in general just wasn't doing much for me (despite liking Capaldi). I have to say, I couldn't be happier that Chibnall is in charge now. I think anyone unhappy with the current season would do well to re-watch tripe like 'In The Forest of the Night', and the total shit-show that is 'Dark Water/Death in Heaven' before judging the current show too harshly. I hope Chibnall has as decent a crack at the Cybermen as he did the Daleks, as they really have been treated badly as villains by both Moffat and RTD. I mean, the Brigadier as a re-animated corpse Cyberman FFS...
  18. 'Motivations' - Ha! I love that. No, no, there can't possibly be any merit in this, you must have motivations for liking it. I just think it's been fab. Great, succinct story-telling, a welcome lack of the half-arsed story "arcs" which were really no such thing, some very small stakes (always hated it when the entire universe was at stake each week), and most importantly of all some extremely moving and well wrought interactions between the supporting cast, which really does comprise the best Tardis crew ever. It stumbled once, and once only IMO, otherwise I've enjoyed every minute. And enjoyment is actually my only motivation, thank you very much.
  19. Fucking hell. You live on planet wrong. This has been the best series of New Who in some years.
  20. Further improvements: Sentinel behaviour is much more engaging now. You now have Dog Sentinels patrolling outside Secure Installations, just in free roam mode, and Walkers arrive when you destroy depots. Sentinel ships will also warp in and attack pirates now, f you get picked on. That was nice to see. There seem to be much more aggressive predators now. I got attacked by packs of wolf like creatures on a lush blue planet yesterday, and it was actually fairly challenging to survive. Oh, and there were dinosaur bones to dig up on that planet! I found a rare one which netted me about half a million credits. The terrain generation and colours are much nicer now, especially around and under water. I'll have a ton of screenshots to post soon, if anyone still cares!
  21. The latest 2 updates are such an improvement. The underwater topography is so much better - more atmospheric, and less barren. I found all sorts of unusual things in a lake last night, including Living Pearls in an Armoured Clam, a Rock that vented hot steam at me, and a much better variety of fish. There are also some nice little touches which I think are new, such as the way the guys selling the vehicle and ship upgrades at space stations have a garage/hanger behind them. I've completely dropped RDR2 to play this for hours last night, so it's definitely got its hooks back in me.
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