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  1. Yes, I think you’re right. It’s mainly the skin on the rest of the head which I think looks better on the bottom left one. I reckon I could fix that without compromising the eyeball... (Slaps own hand away from brushes, Dr Strangelove style)
  2. I really must learn when to stop. Especially with faces. Top left here is pre-pupil addition. Bottom right is latest. I can’t help but feel that bottom left, the third version I painted, was the best, or at least the cleanest looking. Only the pupil juuuust overlapped the top eyelid so I touched up and re-shaded. It still looks ok (and a lot better at normal viewing distance of course) but the smoothness is gone from the constant re-layering. And I’ll probably try and “fix” it again, even though it’s fine!
  3. Nice and bright, I like it! (I'm also never painting anything in these colours ever again btw)
  4. Meanwhile I'm experimenting with chips/dents on this guy (taken before my stupid phone died):
  5. Haha! Timely, as I've just been painting pupils. Crappy pix as my iPhone is dead and in a bowl of rice currently. These taken on an ancient Sony camcorder! I'm pretty pleased with them, but I always have to overshoot the line I make to paint in the pupil, then go back in with white on the lower eyelid, then re-shade. It seems to work though. Went a bit heavy with the pink "soreness" using pink to make the skin around the metal parts look "Irritated and sore(tm)" on that second one mind.
  6. Well I'm out of time and ideas so I'm calling mine done. Had some fun posing him though.
  7. I think he might have eaten it by now. And if he hasn’t, he probably shouldn’t.
  8. I hear you. Although I'm finding them useful for all sorts of things - storage, priming, creating painting handles. For priming I have a steel ruler covered in tape. I glue a magnet to the base of each figure, and line up about ten of them in a row on the ruler to spray outside with a rattle can. I also have this magnetised head painting stick:
  9. That’s very kind @Floshenbarnicalthank you. I’m winging it rather, but an initial thinned wash of Reikland Flesh Shade over a very bright white base coat seems to get me most of the way there. I’m experimenting with different colour schemes and paints with these 5 marines, and having a blast. I do recommend having a fiddle with magnets if anyone suffers from indecision like I do. It’s fiddly at first but once you get the hang of it you can quickly drill the holes, push the magnets in, and swap heads and arms at will. My aim is to have each guy
  10. Christmas Day must blow your mind.
  11. Ah, cool. I’ve been thinning down both my contrast and shade paints with medium this time, again to try and counteract my tendency to over-darken. This is how it looks with just the Reikland over white. Be very easy to just stop there but I’m trying to push myself. (Head Swap courtesy of magnets!)
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