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  1. Good times indeed.
  2. Yeah that was great. Just when people were getting a little impatient they busted that out. Bravo Ghouls! https://youtu.be/oPnulAlbLjc
  3. Wow. They really are just going to keep going with this stuff aren't they? I can't wait until my PS4 is out of storage.
  4. Love this podcast, although as with anything the quality varies depending on the guest. The more James Acaster gets enraged by the guest's choices, the happier I am (Victoria Coren Mitchell's Ploughmans springs to mind). As to my choices: 1. Still - Sparkling water is revolting, as Gotters so eloquently explains 2. Bread - I do not understand Poppadoms before a meal. As a standalone snack, sure. But they are essentially crisps. Why would I want to eat a big bag of crisps before a three course meal? Whereas bread, lovely warm bread, butter melting into it - that's something special in a restaurant, and something I don't often allow myself at home. In particular I'd want the freshly baked mini loaves from a (sadly now closed) restaurant in Whitstable called the East Coast Dining Room 3. Bao Buns. A selection. Sticky Pork Belly. Duck. All the trimmings. Flesh and Buns 4. Cote de Boeuf from Sophie's in Covent Garden (also closed, sadly). Chips. Bearnaise Sauce. Easily the best steak I've ever eaten. 5. Creamed Spinach. Just goes so well with the above. 6. Bottle of Amarone di Valpolicella. My favourite red wine at the moment 7. A dessert of my own invention. Large croissant, warmed in the oven. Split open and spread with Biscoff Crunchy spread. Vanilla Ice Cream Thread needs pix:
  5. Maybe some sort of root vegetable pie, like this one? https://www.deliaonline.com/recipes/collections/perfect-pies/winter-vegetable-pie-with-a-parmesan-crust
  6. Well it'd be a pretty epic side, so that sounds good to me. What about some sort of pie for the main component?
  7. I was at the front for a lot of it, and sometimes about midway onto general admission and the sound was great from there. Amazing show, everything I could have hoped for. And I caught a pick, which made my night!
  8. Also they're the sort of thing that suddenly go out of stock if you buy them last minute. Likewise fresh Sage!
  9. I'm going tonight as well. General Admission though. Can't wait!
  10. You shouldn't eat Cancer straight out of the fridge either.
  11. Despite what you said earlier btw, sausage and bacon together is pretty much only ever a breakfast combo. I don't mind sausage meat in my stuffing. Or even bacon on top of the turkey (although that gets picked off and eaten as a chef's treat), but I really do consider bacon and sausage together to be the main flavours of a Full English Breakfast. And I don't think they have a place on a Roast Dinner!
  12. As with anything though, and especially at Xmas, I’d do a test of it first
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