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  1. Fun times await...
  2. It’s hard to talk about without spoilers but the sheer verticality of the map won’t have hit you yet. But it will. Going dowwwwwn...
  3. What gear and weapons are you using btw?
  4. It’s inevitably going to feel like that in a way - it’s a 2011 game I think? But, and it’s a big but - the construction of the world and the way you travel through it, is unparalleled IMO. You have only had a taste so far.. I still think some of the vistas and set pieces (such as the big red Drake on the bridge) look pretty gorgeous though.
  5. Wear light/no armour, and two hand your weapon if you want to play a more dodgy, nimble style
  6. Bit late, but it was worth it for her description of roast chicken as the "Tea of food"
  7. Coming to this with BB experience? You will laugh at your past self and be at the same point in Dark Souls in like 45 minutes.
  8. I wouldn't go that far, but I do agree that DS1 is the essential game. However, it does have much of the feel and sheen of Bloodborne, being a more modern game. But I've played DS1 twice all the way through, have watched 89 Kay Plays videos of it, and am now watching Dood play the remix, and my gf play it for the first time. It somehow never gets old - whereas DS3 was a one-and-done affair.
  9. Looking at the way you play in your vids, and the fact that you're now able to give sound advice to new players, yes!
  10. Personally I think DS1 remastered is where you should go next. Your understanding (and dare I say, near mastery) of Bloodborne will mean you will adapt very quickly, and whereas in the past you might have bounced off it, now you’ll be able to slot right into the groove. My gf is playing it atm, and the world design is just amazing.
  11. Amazing! Was worried about you It's such a good feeling eh? My gf beat Quelaag in Dark Souls yesterday, after an afternoon of trudging through the poison swamp to get to her. She was in such a rage. After a frantic, desperate attempt, she managed to win, turned to me and said "This is the best game ever". I didn't think it was the right time to tell her "No, that's actually Bloodborne".
  12. You found the gauntlets right next to the bell, so I just assumed you need to get them to +5 or something
  13. The boss remixes look great fun @robdood, especially the Capra Demon in your latest ep.
  14. Haha! Amazing. I fucking loved exploring Old Yarnham on my first playthrough. So intimidating when you are under fire whilst dealing with all the hairy beasts. I presume you found the Rifle Spear there @APM ?
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