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  1. Oh yeah! If you approach from the rafters I seem to recall that all the Beasts are gathered around it, so you can set the lot on fire.
  2. Yeah, the app is great, although it contradicts the painting instructions in these Mortal Realms mags. I guess there’s no definitive scheme though.
  3. I have some for that exact purpose! I’m thinking it might be a nice way to shade the patches of grass on some of the bases too?
  4. Very kind of you to say, thank you! I’m enjoying myself quite a bit, although I have too many minis on the go at once now, a common occurrence I understand. I’m trying to follow the official Games Workshop painting instructions on their minis, just to practice my accuracy and build my confidence. I’m finding the Citadel paints really nice to use, especially the so-called “Technical” paints like Nihilakh Oxide and Hexwraith Flame. But also the “Shade” paints are perfect for washes - being pre-diluted it removes all the worry about how much to thin them, and I find the detail
  5. I decided to knock the highlights back even more on Capra Demon, I mean Brutal Emissary. Going for a sort of blueish black leather look. Finished the guy in the cage too (apart from needing to glue his arms in place) I now also seem to have about 25 GW minis on the go - Chain Rasps, and Glaive Wraiths, and Sequitors and god knows what else. All in various stages of completion, all riddled with mistakes. But I’m getting better, not least because I now have new glasses and can actually see what I’m doing!
  6. Oh cool, thanks. I thought it was the only path open to me, but I guess the critical path lies elsewhere...
  7. I was enjoying this, but I seem to have hit a wall at the Brooding Malek Boss. YouTube videos make it look so easy but I last about two seconds
  8. Thanks! To be honest I’m enjoying all of it, but I think I know what you mean. I especially enjoy shading I think. I added a tiny bit of Nuln oil to the coffin, just around the nails, and it added yet more contrast. I’m struggling a bit with accuracy, especially on these Cursebreakers I got with Mortal Realms, as the details are so close together, but they’re coming together now after a round of “great, now there’s white on the dark blue. Oh fuck, now there’s dark blue on the white” and so ad infinitum. All of this has inspired me to dig out an unfinished project. I’m not sure
  9. I think this is better - did an overall wash of Drakenhof Nightshade which has added a more even shade of blue...
  10. I think you’re right. I’ve been trying to follow the advice to really push the contrast, but this is a much larger model than most standard miniatures so I think I need to be a bit more subtle
  11. Work in progress on the Brutal Emissary: I think I need to blend the various shades of blue a bit more - at the moment if I squint it looks like what I’m going for, but the brush strokes are a bit too obvious on the skirt in particular. Quite pleased with the skull. Haven’t decided on a colour for the legs yet.
  12. Gotcha. I think that might be a tad advanced for my first models, but I’ll bear it in mind for when I can actually get paint in the right places! One of these Malifaux minis has a little oil lamp, so maybe I could try my hand at painting a glow cast onto his clothes...
  13. That’s some next level shit, which I’m not sure I have the stomach for! Where would I even put the colour? And what’s a glaze?
  14. The WIP pile (probably modest compared to most folks!)
  15. Thanks, although a lot of that is down to the sculpted details. Apart from the edges and picking out the nails and chains, I did the whole thing as a series of washes, layering it up very gradually. I think that somehow created a bit of variation in the “wood” colour.
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