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  1. Fuckin' n00bs. I remember when you couldn't even tell what sort of planet it was until you landed. never mind what resources you'd find.
  2. I think that approach to the game, can probably still be taken, but you'd have to go out of your way to do that. Turning off the Online stuff etc. The bugs will get (indeed, are getting) ironed out.
  3. It's a bit of a double edged sword that the game now has so, so much to do. When it launched (as you will see from my posts at the time), the game was much more bare bones, and as a result it had much more of a "Make your own fun" vibe to it. And I loved that. But now there is almost literally an infinite To Do list, and I'm never going to get to it all. If you're the sort of person who very much needs to progress in a game, then I can see how this would feel like a slog. But most of my playtime in NMS has been chilling. Just walking about on planets looking for nice views, or exploring underwater caves, or whatever. That's the way I like to play the game, and I slightly resent/regret that the updates have moved the focus away from this, and towards giving the player more tasks to complete. I really just want more creature and biome diversity. Oh, and rain on the cockpit glass please, as per this recent Reddit post:
  4. Ok, tried VR on PS4 and it’s a mixed bag so far: The good: Amazing sense of scale Cockpit interior is wonderful Using the multitool is a joy just pointing with the Move controller The bad: It’s soooo blurry Walking/Turning controls are terrible Flight controls are even worse Maybe I’m missing something, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to turn smoothly with the Move controllers. It just does very jerky movements left or right, even with just the briefest press on the buttons. Also, I have a headache and feel sick, but that’s just VR. I think its a fascinating experiment but it’s not the chilled experience I look for in NMS so I think it’ll be normal view for me.
  5. I haven’t tried VR yet, but even in normal view the improvements to the ship cockpits are awesome! Not just the increased detail, but being able to look around you much more than you could before. I summoned the new Anomaly and was quite blown away by the scale. It’s a dramatically different place.
  6. Didn't get a chance to play yet, as it took all evening to download the update. Bugs are unfortunate, but it's par for the course as @Kevvy Metal says, and it is a free update so I'm prepared to cut them some slack. New purchasers though I agree - it's not great. On the plus side...
  7. Also: A large number of quality of life issues have been addressed, and new recipes and technologies have been added to alleviate grinding. Examples include: large specialist Warp Cells; being able to move installed technology; being able to install technology in stages, similar to repairs; adding additional ramps to the Space Station; adding Mining Beam upgrades that increase resources gained; adding starship technologies that automatically recharge the Launch Thrusters; and restoring Carbon Planters. I mean, VR is great and all, but simply being able to move installed tech about? Game changing!
  8. I like the look of the new Blueprint Upgrade Trees. Very handy!
  9. Oh, it's just that there's a skylight on the left so the wall continues up. It's fine in the dark
  10. Phew! I don't get on with teleportation in VR, and it doesn't fit with the ambulatory/exploratory nature of the experience, at least in my head anyway.
  11. As much as I’m excited to try VR with this, I’m sure most of my time will be spent playing normally. Well, I say normally. I’ve put my projector in the living room specially. 105” screen: Can’t wait!
  12. I'll be starting again, but I kinda hope this is the last big update for a while as I never scratched the surface of most of the stuff from the last update!
  13. Sounds lovely. Just the sort of thing I'm in the mood for at the moment.
  14. I used to want to blast this at my nightmare neighbours, but never had the guts:
  15. Guess who is away next weekend? The animal riding looks fun and all, but it’d be nice if it was part of an overall improvement regarding the fauna generally. It’s probably the only area of the game that still doesn’t match what the original trailers showed (with everything else in those trailers having been hugely exceeded IMO)
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