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  1. It really depends on how greedy the people are! And how much chilli you like, how much garlic etc The amount shown in the pix was easily enough for two people. It was a large courgette, maybe a tablespoon of chilli flakes, 3 crushed garlic cloves, a good three tablespoons of Extra virgin olive oil, tablespoon of finely chopped parsley. No idea how much pasta. I put a 250g pack of tenderstem broccoli in with the pasta. Handful of peas? Maybe a tablespoon of nutritional yeast went in when I combined it all. Salt and black pepper was to taste. Fake feta at the end - maybe 30g? Honestly though, I just did it all by eye and to my taste, so please don’t take the above as gospel. I mean, I always use some of the pasta water to emulsify the sauce, but please don’t ask me how much!
  2. Carnival of Monsters was in that run of repeats too. Might re-watch that soon.
  3. I have a fondness for the cavemen. There’s something weirdly unsettling about the atmosphere of it, partly nostalgia though I suspect - I have a vivid memory of seeing it for the first time on BBC2 during the “Five Faces of Doctor Who” re-runs they showed in the early 80’s. It was shown in November according to Wikia, which fits with my memory of it being dark outside after school, and watching this creepy old black and white version of the show I only knew in colour with Tom Baker.
  4. it does, but I hardly agree with any of it. I guess that’s the beauty of classic Who. But here’s what the recommendations should have been: William Hartnell - An Unearthly Child. This is a must see. It’s the first goddam story and it’s still as intriguing and mysterious as ever. Patrick Troughton - Tomb of the Cybermen. When Cybermen were actually creepy. YOUUUUU....WIIIIILLLL...BEEEE....LIIIIKE...USSSSSSS.... Jon Pertwee - Inferno. Genuinely gripping thriller with a brilliant gear change that puts a different spin on much-loved regulars Tom Baker - Hard to go wrong, but it has to be Robots of Death. I showed this to a Who noob recently and they were gripped throughout. If you also want to see how far they pushed the Horror in the 70’s, try Image of the Fendahl or Horror of Fang Rock Peter Davidson - Yeah, Caves of Androzani is the one. It’s probably the best Who story of all time. But I also love Kinda, a creepy stage play full of unforgettable performances and imagery Colin Baker - None. They are all shite. Sylvester McCoy - Ghost Light. It’s a bit Am dram, but it is the most spooky and interesting story of this era
  5. Blimey, I’ve been cooking that dish since 2005! Still can’t find a video of it though.
  6. Some of them can be useful. For instance, I would never have known to jump down the well in Firelink Shrine without them. I won't spoil the item you get.
  7. Made a variation on one of my favourite pasta recipes at the weekend. Originally I saw this in a segment of Nigel Slater's Real Food, featuring Kiwi chef Peter Gordon. The full recipe includes anchovies, but obviously those are easy to omit. This is just grated courgette, olive oil (lots), garlic, and dried chilli. You cook it down gently until it's a sort of thick sauce. Ordinarily I'd just season it and add to my pasta (using some of the cooking water to emulsify) but this time I added some parsley to the courgettes at the end, and some broccoli and peas to the pasta during cooking, and combined it all together with some Nooch. Crumbled some vegan Feta on top at the end.
  8. Well, he didn't first team up with him for Little Britain. They had been working together as a team for a few years before that, most memorably on Rock Profile: Walliams and Matt Lucas first met at the National Youth Theatre. At their first meeting, Lucas did an impression of Jimmy Savile and Walliams an impression of Frankie Howerd. They would not meet again for another year.[18] In the late 1990s, playing minor roles in sketches such as The Club, Walliams and Lucas played grotesque caricatures of various rock musicians in the series Rock Profile and in the spoof documentary series Sir Bernard's Stately Homes. They were also stars of the Paramount Comedy Channel show Mash and Peas, and it was in this guise that they appeared in the Fat Les video. Walliams and Lucas also had small roles in Plunkett and Maclaine as prisoners.
  9. As I recall, you can back off into the tunnel entrance and cheese the giants from there. Well worth persevering with that area though.
  10. I didn't even realise there were people who didn't like him.
  11. No, although I have done in the past. These were Sainsbury's red pepper and chipotle falafel. https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/gol-ui/product/chilled-vegetarian/sainsburys-love-your-veg!-red-pepper-chipotle-falafels-x8-160g
  12. I was more bugged by why Obviously I realise the Doylian explanation is "Cos then there'd be no story", but the lack of a Watsonian reason bugged me slightly.
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