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  1. Work in progress on my latest commission - Darkoath Warqueen Really hard to get good photos today, it’s so gloomy with thick dark cloud.
  2. It’s not quite that! Lots of new enemies and great bosses. It’s just that the element of exploration is diminished, plus I was OP.
  3. I do like having immediate access to a fast dash. Its still Castlevania, despite some odd choices (rotate the d-pad to spin the whip, seriously?!), and a few rooms and upgrades in I’m hooked by the good old Metroidvania gameplay loop. Even so…my eyes!!!
  4. Yes, I can see why they made it brighter, but that blue glow around the main sprite is hideous and I never liked the weird ghosting on Alucard in SotN either. The animation is pretty poor too, when you run it looks really peculiar, like he’s flat footed. And yes, the originally dark CotM graphics actually look great on a modern screen. I may well knock down the saturation as you suggest. The music is pretty grating and after the super memorable tunes in CotM (which I’ve had in my head occasionally since 2001!) no amount of 8-bit nostalgia is going to cut it I fear. @dumpsterI got lucky with the Black Dog card, as it dropped on one of my 100 + runs through the battle arena.
  5. Once I’d identified which monster to farm they dropped pretty quickly for me.
  6. I got the last one today (Unicorn) using a guide. Never would have gone back into the Battle Arena so more than happy I looked it up. The final form of Dracula went down very fast to the Thunderbird. Harmony of Dissonance next. It’s…not right is it. It just feels really off to me, the tightness in the controls is gone and the garish GFX and sound are horrible.
  7. Nearly finished Circle of the Moon. Great game, and although it was only the second Metroidvania style game in the series it fees very refined. The DSS system is fun, and the ease of movement is a step up from SotN for me. For example, the Roc Wing is a simple Up + R1, as opposed to the Down, Up + Circle (I think) of SotN's equivalent, the gravity jump, and you can double tap to run. No ridiculous back-dashing to get around faster. I also don't remember the Battle Arena from playing it on the GBA, but I'm addicted to trying to perfect my run and complete it (think I reached the final room last night), before I do the last boss. I found an insane video from 12 years ago of a guy doing a no-hit, no sub-weapons run. The minotaur room is ridiculous! Highly recommend the GBA Advance Collection on PS store.
  8. I'm not really sure what that style is, but it is recognisable. And featured in White Dwarf. More to my taste, there's a painter on Insta who does amazing Comic book style orks. https://www.instagram.com/_thunderbrush_/?hl=en Looks simple, but I bet it's not, and its so well executed!
  9. Ok, so it does have a hook then, just one you don't like and think is old hat. Fair enough!
  10. It has an instantly hummable, memorable main riff. Fair enough to not like it, but “no hook” is a weird take. It’s Kill ‘em All era riffs (any time they play in A standard it evokes that vibe) with the modern Metallica sound. Thumbs up from me.
  11. Watched Speak no Evil this evening with some friends. We all found it a very engaging watch, with great performances and lots to talk about, but I feel like the “politics” of the film are a bit dodgy. I might be wrong though, as none of the reviews seem to mention this angle other than nods to the film being “about letting others cross one’s boundaries for the sake of civility”. I’m not doing an especially good job of explaining why I’m uncomfortable about the message behind the film. But normally when you let that happen in real life, nothing bad happens to you. The fact that monstrous people could take advantage of that does not mean that the fault lies with good people trying to be nice, in this, or in any more global sense to which the film might be drawing parallels.
  12. That makes more sense. Same brushes but not a deliberate re-badge. I agree that the R&Co brushes don’t last very long - but they’re also not that expensive. They’re my favourite brushes so far anyway.
  13. I dunno, I personally think that any time you put brush to a model you improve your skills in some way. I’m definitely more accurate with application of contrast paints than I was, partly because constantly re-applying the primer colour and then the contrast again is such a ball ache! Also, there is a knack to applying contrast paints when using them in the “normal” one coat and done application (as opposed to glazing). I promise I’m not affiliated to him, but this video is a great guide. It’s not immediately obvious that you initially need to put a lot more on than you’d think, and using a larger brush: The part with the shoulder pad is especially instructive, IMO.
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