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  1. It's pretty much happening now, the reason planets are getting zapped. The pyramids are visiting the planets that are going during the season, and either yeeting them off into an unknown dimension (DCV) or straight up giving them the Aldaraan treatment. The focus is Io ATM with probably Titan (due to last weeks quest mentioning doing stuff on Io or Titan) coming next.
  2. The new unique unit from the new Lahore city state is ridiculous. It's basically a faith bought alternative to a melee unit that has no resource requirements and its own skill tree; oh, it goes up in strength to be slightly better that swordsmen/musketmen ect with encampment buildings and retroactively upgrades in tier so it never goes obsolete (doesn't cost to upgrade like normal melee units either) and if that wasn't enough, only costs 300 faith which doesn't increase multiplicativly with units bought. You can absolutely monster the early game with them if you can get a decent fa
  3. Hah! Just did the Great Gubal Library for the first time in a group that had never done it before. Guess what one of our dps was? Actually went well and had a lot of fun working it out. Badly needs shortcuts to the actual bosses though for wipes.
  4. I don't know why but when I played this at launch and got to 50, I found it a struggle when I got there to get into the game. There were other RLLMUK people playing, I was a Scholar so got into DF easy peasy but that run in of quests at 50 killed my enthusiasm and I stopped. This time however, even though I'm still a healer (White Mage now though) so queues aren't a problem, I've been enjoying it so much more. I'm champing at the bit to see where the story is going, I'm randomly levelling other classes (Blue Mage my fav by far so far) I'm dabbling in crafting and eager to help my home boy Vath
  5. Every time I do a DF I think to myself (a WHM) 'please no dragoon. Please no dragoon' as I'm queuing. Have to work twice as hard keeping them alive as I do the tank!
  6. I just hit a point in Heavensward where everyone has turned into an extra from The Wurzels. I expect them to be scrumping apples and driving combine harvesters rather than doing what they're doing. OK
  7. The storyline post ARR is great. The journey to get there however, is not. There is more padding than an 80s women's business suit but it is worth it in the end. You'll do yourself a disservice if you skip Heavensward (I didn't think you could skip ahead to the expansions without having completed the MSQ's?) Off tanking you'll only use in 8+ man content. You're basically in charge of grabbing adds and everything other than the main enemy which the MT (Main Tank) will focus on. I'd just keep doing what you're doing Mr White and if you're enjoying yourself and you're getting appreci
  8. I've been levelling up a Blue Mage and it's great fun, if stupidly overpowered; I can see why they're banished from the PF. A heal for half their health, tank stance, 9000 potency suicide move, mana replenishment via a skill, guaranteed 1k hit aoe, 3 different stuns and a 50% potency buff (and loads more) all at level....23
  9. I'm hoping they do another Yo Kai crossover. My youngest is mad on Yo Kai Watch and went crackers when he saw someone with a Hovanyon minion in Limsa yesterday. Alas I wasn't playing when it happened last.
  10. I get where you're coming from Deef and your argument is exactly why I'll never play tank. I really want to give Gunblade a try but no way am I taking responsibility in a dungeon when I've never played, never mind tanked it, before. I feel that healers have the easiest time of things as even DPS needs to know what is their best rotation, LB responsibility and taking car of adds ect. All I do is spam HOTs cures and medica *e2a* I remember you tanking a dungeon, can't remember the name. It was in the desert and had those stone heads you need to kill on the plates. You did a fine job
  11. The truth is liberating. Embrace and don't get sad. Actually, I jest but that is exactly what happened to me yesterday. Was doing Chrysalis (?) for the MSQ and four of us said we'd never done it before. Got to the second bit with the meteors and we wiped as no one explained what to do. The two tanks and two of the dps just left without saying a word. We did get some replacements who helpfully explained what to do but it does still happen.
  12. Run in, pull the entire zone, leave if the healer lets you get below 50% health while simultaneously telling them they're not pulling their weight with DPS'ing too. I think that's the tank MO right? What TS/Gathering prof is a good one to take up? I'm 55 so I very, very highly doubt making my own gear will be in anyway beneficial to me. Food? Fishing?
  13. Yep. We all know "sporting integrity" is a euphemism. Who'd have thought Ligue Un led by that bastion of integrity and honesty PSG would be showing the correct way to go?
  14. White Mage too. I played a Scholar before up to 50 and enjoyed it and was going to do it again but take Conj to 30 first so I could get the unicorn mount. Ended up liking it so much I stuck with it I've still got my character on Moogle deef, but in the years since I played I've totally forgotten everything so wanted to start again and the XP bonus on the other servers was too tempting to resist.
  15. I think they have to be on the same cluster. The one Lich is on is Light, whereas the others who play on Cerberus and Moogle are on cluster Chaos; which is a shame. Just ended up solo healing Titan (hard) after the other healer fell off right at the start. Got one lousy commendation from it. Ungrateful gits
  16. No, PC. I only asked if you were Mr Hogg from RLLMUK so you didn't miss anything
  17. I didn't realise you were on Lich @Theholyhogg. I just waved to you in Mor Dhona and sent a /tell. We need more people on Lich!
  18. OK, so those 10 silver chocobo feathers that I had sitting in my inventory, not knowing where they'd come from have just bought me some ridiculously nice gear at 50. I probably should have saved them but,oh well.
  19. Ah, not my wizened old brain playing tricks on me then Dinged 50 and have officially got further than I did originally (just beat the first of the final four (I assume?) ARR missions. Only regret now is making a rather unremarkable Au Ra dude and not another Lalafel
  20. I levelled a SCH/SMN to 50 back at launch. Probably my memory but I can't recall it being as dull as WHM. Still, loving the game again so I'll not some dull combat (which isn't any healers forte) dampen my enjoyment. Now to debate whether to carry on levelling or switch jobs to the Astrologian..
  21. I'm getting closer. Just finished Coethas(?) central highlands. Man, some of my favourite zone music in a game ever. All the gothic organs and bells, plus the snowstorms Even though I've not played since around launch, I still have nightmares about the Titan fight and yesterday when I did it again reaffirmed why. Ugh. Good job the FFXIV community is among the nicest out there. Also, levelling as a WHM is soooo boring. Stone and then Stone II with the occasional sleep or Aero. Unless I'm mistaken levelling a SCH isn't anywhere near as boring.
  22. If you want an almost unstoppable culture victory, you can't go wrong with Elenor for either France or England (she works slightly better with France but I prefer playing her with England). The only things you need are cities with drama districts near other civs and art/music/artifacts to put put in them. They'll take massive loyalty hits when they see how great and cultured your cities are and rebel. You end up steamrolling over anyone who shares the same continent as you and you don't need to fire a single bullet/arrow/whatever.
  23. I've just started again fresh on a new server and I baulk at spending 150gil to teleport to another area. You'll get no sympathy from me deef
  24. I have/had a graphic novel from the same era that Byrne did featuring her. It had an intelligent hive mind of radioactive cockroaches that infiltrated a SHIELD helicarrier (going down the throat of the agents and taking them over obvs) and wanted 'Shulkies' body as they wore out normal humans too quickly. This was the premise for experiments by SHIELD on her which resulted in Byrne actually showing her nipple and a back shot of her naked, legs spread and in clamps. Young me was incredibly surprised at the graphic nature of it.
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