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  1. Many thanks to Yew Whon and The Jaminator last night for holding my hand for me This game is a lot of fun. Recommend to anyone.
  2. I have the game now. I made a character called shockblast on victory who is an electrical/fire blaster. Will be level 2 when I can find Ms Liberty, which brings me onto a problem. While looking for her, the games has crashed twice. Both times it just froze, then brought up an error report (minus the mouse pointer) and then reset back to windows. Any ideas gents?
  3. My mate was on the gore special. He lost the challange but he still came away with a golden joystick ( which in a shameful act of barbarity mw and a few mates destroyed )
  4. My copy of CoH was sent from dvdbo today (only 4 days wait too ) so as soon as it turns up, I'll be creating a character on victory Sick of SWG at the mo, need a breath of fresh air.
  5. http://pc.ign.com/articles/532/532038p1.html Sorry, have to C+P the address 7/20/04 IGNPC: We often hear the loudest cries from a relative minority. Still, it seems odd that all the comments sent our way have been negative. Haden Blackman: Yeah, all the guys who are happy with everything are playing the game. They aren't spending their time sending you guys letters or posting on the forums. Plus avoiding questions, bare faced lying that they never set a groundwork for the combat balance..err, sorry, combat REVAMP and that 'polls' showed that fans think getting a shiney new add-on is more i
  6. Which I stated the other day. Have you read the interviews with Haden Blackman? Doesn't it make you feel all glowie inside when devs insult the player base in interviews? After reading that, and seeing the obvious contempt in which they see us, both of my accounts are now cancelled. And I would recommend against anyone else purchasing this bug infested piece of shit, until the developers learn who pays their wages and sort the fucking thing out.
  7. Cool. Sounds like fun. And I need a reason to log on again at the moment Let me know a time and place and I'll be there. Just don't hate the TKM when hes solo's the krayt I'd personaly prefer Giant Dune Kimo hunting. Especialy if the scales are still dropping in batchs.
  8. Yeah, I'll believe the combat balance is ready when I'm playing it, not a moment before then. They devs have already lied by stating that there were 2 teams coding; 1 on JTLS and 1 on SWG. As we all knew this was bollocks, and to quote ThunderHeart " after JTLS ship, both teams will be re-united" Dev talk is vaporware atm. Well, buffs can do anything bar the DWB of course But that place is stupidly hard anyway, and the mandalorian seems to be a bit....well, shit really. Worse stats than composite till this mythical rebalance? I'll stick to the comp thanks dev.
  9. Names K'yin in game. Am a reb and in a little exclusive guild (just a few mates really ) I think the biggest problem in the game, other than it being too easy when buffed to decimate everything and the teleporting as you described, is that jedi need frp's to proceed up the ladder. Nothing wrong in that I hear you say. Jedi should be forced to pvp each other if they want to rise to the top of their respective enclaves. Well, the problem arises when jedi get frp's for killing ANY overt. Reb, imp, other jedi, all the same. This is a seroius flaw that means you get gangs of jedi hunting any overt
  10. Get someone with a tumbling macro going. you just stand there and heal them and reap the xp. best done upstairs in a medic center as you'll need to frequently train. It's possible to complete all bar the crafting lines of medic and doc/cm in a day like this. As for the combat rebalance............8 months-1 year off Over 600 people quit when ThunderHeart basicly stated that Jedi and JTLS were taking precedent over the combat rebalance in a thread in the in development section on the official site. I have been playing on Farstar for7 months and I love the game. But at the moment, it's fucked b
  11. aren't they having problems with the new nvidia drivers at the mo? That might explain the experiance you are having
  12. ^^ Well enough till you run into Coronet starport entrance.
  13. Yeah, around a tenner a month for the fee's. I have heard that it IS playable on a 56k, but you would have to stay away from the heavily populated areas, which is kind of against the point. I know the devs said it was 56k playable, but then the devs said you could use 512meg of ram Ifyou know someone with a copy of the game, they are doing something called a 'buddy key' at the mo. The owner of the game gets in touch with soe, via the official site, and they email them a password that lets the owner use their game and key code to open a secound account for , I think, 12 days. That should give
  14. The best way to level up rifleman is doing savage quenker missions on dantooine. 7k reward and each quenker is worth 3k xp. 6 to a lair and a couple of thousand xp for the lair, and you level up in no time. Just take some muon gold, go prone, and spam conceal B) Pushing it you can do 8-10 missions an hour, roughly 20-25k per mission. And then there is the money you get.....
  15. I'm just working my way up the best kept secret profession-rifleman. These guys kick MAJOR arse, and have the best shot in the game for hunting solo-conceal shot. I took down an AT-AS with this on my own, but only got 4k xp !!! Robbin bastards!! If anyone is up for hunting, Im on farstar. Name is K'yin Amoah. And I want a tie bomber
  16. Sorry, didn't see the other thread. CLANG!
  17. Cover is the new Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow on X-box. Retro console is the pc engine. Special christmas retro bit. Feature on importing. The scores. Mario Kart DD. 8 PGR2. 9 1080 Avalanche. 7 Rainbow Six 3. 8 T.H.U.G. 8 MoH Rising Sun. 4 Metal Arms: Glitch in the System. 7 Hidden and Dangerous 2. 8 True Crime. 4 Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon. 5 Call of Duty. 7 Ghosthunter. 4 Max Payne 2. 7 Grabbed by the Ghoulies. 6 Champion Manager 03/04. 9 Legacy of Kain: Defiance. 7 Amped 2. 5 Bombastic. 7 GTA Double Pack (xbox). 9 Links 2004. 6 NFS:Underground. 5 Arx Fatalis. 2 The Sims: Bustin' O
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