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  1. Ahh, I've got a couple of the cyborg chickens. Is that a quest or achievement or something larger? I've just gone to (John) Denver, storywise. Really, really enjoying this. I may even go back and buy Polly, for laffs (I got 8k for selling a bit of junk thanks to one of the barter perks so I'm flush atm )
  2. Is anyone finding any use in Animal Whisperer? I find the pets are...'glitchy' at best. Sometimes they don't enter combat, sometimes they simply vanish from your team. I've been trying to spread out points among the team members so I thought I'd give it a go. Got it up to 5 and was starting to regret investing (seeing a rabbit kill a named character with a double drop kick was fun) but then I tamed a wasteland wolf and they're amazing. They (sometimes, it's unsurprisingly glitchy) do a howl at the start of combat which terrifies most human mobs and gives either huge hit debuffs or simply makes
  3. Does McTavish remind anyone else of Boozy? Also I totally nailed Joker in Little Vegas and got a nice buff for my $10 (don't judge me).
  4. Well, I can throw piss snowballs at people or shoot them with a rocket launcher that shoots frozen ferrets and have a cyborg chicken following me around. Love it.
  5. It looks like you're looking at bacteria under a microscope.
  6. Undermine is amazing. I had my best run ever yesterday. Conduction (gold damages enemies when you pick it up) Bombushka (bombs Russian doll) Goldtooth (gold heals you) and the relic that makes gold explode on dropping and the level 3 canary meant I just ran into a room, hacked away at any gold node in the room and it pretty much auto cleared for me I obviously had other relics but they were the main ones (floaty boots are amaze too). *hint for the second boss - you can kill him in under 5 seconds with a well placed Bombushka*
  7. The away (I'm assuming it's the away and not the third as it's white and Palace usually have white as an away) looks like it should be a Rangers strip. All I can see is part of the Union flag.
  8. It's a low bar, to be sure but I'm confident that Voyager and Enterprise comfortably fail it* *some Voyager and Enterprise are actually quite good but they're still the worse Trek** by a good margin. ** The last two 'Trek' series are nothing of the sort
  9. I was using 'you' in the general sense, not aimed at you specifically. As for being to early to rank Orville higher than Voyager or Enterprise, I'd already done that after the first episodes opening credits.
  10. Only if you were in a coma during DS9, the best Trek series made.
  11. It's part of the cycle. Our away kits are always (watch them go and change it now I've made my line in the sand) white--light blue--dark blue--white--ect... But yes, only clashes are red or other teams in c+b. Personally I'm hoping we revive our Argentina inspired away one day
  12. Shameful There was no cheating. The oversight was that something incredibly common in world football but hardly ever seen in British football (third party ownership) was swept under the carpet (except it wasn't when Sheff Utd did it with Steve Kabba and any club that loaned another player to a rival and forbade them playing against their parent club). We had a seriously shifty MD (who is now at Watford) who thought he could play fast and loose and bend a few rules. The whole issue with the third party ownership was that theoretically the owner could pull the player out of games to
  13. I completely agree with you. However, Sheff Utd sullied that argument and got £30 mill out of it and you just know that the lawyers will be rubbing their hands together. I will say I'm glad Villa stayed up. I don't like Bournemoth. They're snidey bastards and how the media portray the 'little club' narrative when they spend loads every season I'll never know. Having Villa and Leeds in the Prem will feel good, even though we'll probably be get pasted by Leeds twice next season. can't say I have any feelings on Watford.
  14. Well they did set a precedent when they threw their toys out the pram. I highly doubt anything will happen, but I'd be shocked if it wasn't being explored internally at both clubs.
  15. I wonder if there will be any legal proceedings over that Hawkeye fuck up? That point has kept them up and I doubt the Bournemouth and Watford lawyers will be sitting on their hands.
  16. I don't think it's just the Switch version that broke. I'm on PC and I've had more crashes than Richard Hammond since the update dropped. Ethiopia seem like a lot of fun. Rock Hewn Church can gives you ridiculous amounts of faith. Coupled with the Voidsingers SS and a Golden Age and you can colonise the whole map in a few turns ( I tried and succeeded until them blasted Mongol hordes did what they do best ).
  17. ^^^ I think my mates old Austin Metro Vanden Plas had seats upholstered in that. Our new home, although it was done better in the final Boleyn season. Away. Bit hard to fuck up a classic design like this but they managed it anyway. The lines are further apart than our defenders The third is supposed to be black and gold but who gives a monkeys about third kits?
  18. Gram. Or as we call him, Graham. Infuriates me.
  19. (that is applicable for either situation)
  20. What sort of decision is that? Chie. Always Chie. Meat and Chie is the true persona.
  21. Why'd you post a Hull kit? *quickly runs away*
  22. Left his leg out sure, but didn't bring him down. Pulisic fucking got more air than Tony Hawk.
  23. *sigh* Done over with a handball for the first spurs goal the other week, goal chalked off just now and then a dive Kane would have been proud of. I mean, we're shit but fucking hell VAR
  24. RTS. Can't do it, won't do it. 'hardcore' PvP. Nothing against PvP but it attracts a certain crowd and the hardcore part only increases the odds of bumping into the t-bagging, racist or edgy named people. Simulators. I don't have the patience to play car sims or flight sims which is a shame as I'd play Elite a lot more if I did.
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