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  1. I always send him bulls##t (just for you Oz) replies like 'the fox sneaks around the chickens at midnight' and you can feel the disdain and annoyance in his responses to them
  2. Highlight of the day has to be Ally McCoist mistakenly calling Burnley's Brownhill, "Brownhole" in the Prime commentary
  3. Only 11 points till we're safe now!
  4. I did it a while ago but you may have accidentally skipped a major clue. Sorry I can't be any clearer than that, I've kind of forgotten exactly what it entails. I do remember I was briefly held up and it remedied itself by
  5. Your face is a colossal pile of shit, Mr la de da wrong colour sky! I jest of course but don't be talking shit about SWG!
  6. I wish I could give you all my rep, every day, forever for that. You should get yourself over to swglegends.com if you're feeling homesick
  7. IA. Every day and twice on Sunday. I'm sure yswr will claim it's one of the glowstick holders, such is his love for anything Force related *edit* not mechanically, but the IA story is the best in the game, without a shadow of a doubt.
  8. Has anyone looked in a mirror while they're having a relic malfunction?
  9. I did one with a monk in Reclamation Park (think that is the place). I assumed it started a quest with more of them popping up but I could be wrong.
  10. Make blue stims. Only requires some green and white bits but deconstructs into blue mats. Then get the recipe from a drug store for the purple stim. Only costs green and white bits but deconstructs into purple bits. Legendary bits I usually get from droids, with the perk.
  11. There was supposed to be a wall running mechanic, but they ditched it part way through unfortunately. I'd be interested to see if any of the cut parts are slowly re-introduced to the game in major patch updates. There are things that would be criminal to no reapply, like being able to mod cars but we shall see I guess. Maybe when the class action lawsuits stop
  12. Kill them all and have Wakako dock half your pay. It worked for me
  13. Regarding your spoiler, I hope that
  14. Well, our second game of the season against your lot when there was a clear handball in your area. VAR didn't help then.
  15. You say there are too many penalties @Gotters (I agree with you) tell that to West Ham, Burnley and I think one other team, who have yet to receive one this season. I read a stat the other week that was crazy. I think in the last 3 season, Jamie Vardy - not Leicester, just Jamie Vardy - has received more penalties than West Ham.
  16. It's nothing to do with being on the losing side. There is no prejudice in what I'm saying. I dislike Man Utd as much as Liverpool and all the other teams in the league. I actually find Neville, despite showing a clear Man Utd bias (you couldn't expect anything less, I don't get offended when Sir Trevor Brooking clearly shows a West Ham bias) one of the better ones. Carragher is far worse than Neville. I understand commentator reaction to cheating doesn't affect the game. What it does is normalise cheating so it is almost accepted, which is wrong. It's why teams like V
  17. As Flosh and Minion said, Pacific all the way.
  18. Of course they'd get a penalty in those situations because even if every Wolves stood still and didn't move their legs, either of those players would go down. It doesn't help that commentators are loath to ever actually call cheating cheating and instead use colloquialisms like 'won' or that the player was 'cute' and so it persists.
  19. Man Utd are well known for gaining pens that other teams wouldn't get, but I have zero sympathy for Villa as they're a bunch of diving pricks themselves and it's hilarious seeing Dean Smith gripe about soft pens.
  20. That West Ham get new owners and Declan Rice isn't sold by the current ones (because the manager won't see a penny of it for new players).
  21. I killed the dad, even after all his pleading. The son breaks down crying and mourning the loss of his father. I felt like a cunt. Then I read some of the data spikes laying around and felt completely vindicated; the old man is an absolute monster. There are many, many instances in the game where it does this to you. It may have many issues (as you and everybody else says) but the work that has gone into NC and its inhabitants (and I don't mean the meat that shuffles along the streets doing nowt) is amazing. Like the ex cop whose life takes a dive when his best friend dies. Your ch
  22. Or, put some points in body to get the +60 capacity perk, get some backpacker (I think that is what it is called) skill mods to fit in your clothes which also increase your carry capacity, and carry even more useless shit around with you
  23. I'm going for a subdued Shoreditch look, mixed with Hastings heroin chic. At least my character isn't wearing Uggs like yours
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