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  1. That's Leeds home kit isn't it? On the topic (mmmmm, Topic) of away kits: Not sure about that. Don't mind the red but not a fan of the body being lighter than the arms/shorts.
  2. @Mr. Gerbik that's Adam Kubert art. Andy is a very poor imitation* of his far superior brother IMO! *my posts in here are quite anti Andy. I find his art really flat but he's still no Liefeld.
  3. Scruff

    West Ham United

    LB is the most needed upgrade IMO. Season after season, we've seen opposing teams target Cresswell and it is beyond ridiculous that we've not done anything about it. Not only have Cressies assists fallen off a cliff (the reason he is in the team) but Fornals has had his game seriously impacted by having to babysit Cresswell. Pab gets on with it as that is the sort of character he is but we're impacting two positions in the team and a whole side in exchange for crosses that we're just not seeing. We're also crying out for some pace in defence and a new left footed, left sided CB to partner Zouma is desperately needed. Not a slight on Dawson at all as he has been immense but his lack of pace has meant the whole team have moved backwards to cover that and left a huge gap between midfield and attack. For me, LB - LCB - STR - DCM in that order are the positions and urgency we need, all in my humble of course.
  4. You say that likes it's a bad thing?
  5. I don't actually have any hopes or fears that aren't related to the ownership of West Ham. We've had an amazing season. We're guaranteed Europe next season (not going to turn my nose up at the Conference if that is where we end up; all European football is magical for a club like ours) and we're showing signs of going in the right direction for once. Of course that could all come crashing down if money isn't invested in players ect but going into the last day I wish everyone well (even Spurs) and hope we can all enjoy the last day of league football, in the sun, before 2 months or so of summer with no footy drives us all mad
  6. That's the point. It's supposed to homage the 93 Bukta one, but that seems silly as that kit was a travesty too. Thank god it's our last year with Umbro.
  7. Absolutely awful.
  8. I shouldn't laugh at Arsenal, but fuck it. Legohead and his band of shithousery deserve it all.
  9. Scruff

    West Ham United

    Absolutely. I'm not going to turn my nose up at any European competition so 6th or 7th is still an amazing season, especially taking into consideration out progress in other comps this season. For the love of God though, sign some bloody players!
  10. Not a Liverpool fan by any stretch (ideal result yesterday would have been both teams losing) but fucking love the booing of the anthem and royals. Love the cognitive dissonance of "you must allow fans to boo players who take the knee" and "how dare fans boo the anthem and royals!" Can always rely on the good people of Liverpool to lead the way with the correct political statements
  11. Oof. Newcastle's away for next season. Just happens to be the Saudi colours. Wonder if the player names and numbers will be in blood red. I actually really like those colours and the top looks lovely. A shame about the whole situation.
  12. Looks like it should be made by Pringle rather than New Balance.
  13. Loved it. As good as Imogen Poots is (and I really ended up despising Autumn) Lily Taylor is the MVP. Watching her slowly lose her faith is equal parts heartbreaking and mesmerising. I've also been a fan of Tom Pelphrey since Bansee. I'll riot if there isn't a second season.
  14. To be fair, they also did Spurs. Make of that what you will
  15. It's hideous! It doesn't help I have the original somewhere in a drawer. That shitty 90s fabric which would build up enough static electricity to stop your heart and chaffed your nipples raw. The only 90s kit that should be paid homage to is the 99/00 Fila one and certainly nothing Bukta or Pony!
  16. Harder than healing or running a dps macro IMO! Kel is the best tank I've ever partied with.
  17. All these lovely shirts (Leicester knocking it out of the park again with the away) and this is apparently what West Ham are doing: FFS
  18. You make it look easy Hardest role in an MMO IMO!
  19. Best quest names in an MMO ever. Shame the quests themselves were so poor! The combat was very good but most of the classes were far too complex. They needed an easy class that wasn't a tank.
  20. Scruff

    West Ham United

    Hmm. His volley against Leicester a few years ago, or his volley off the chest of Tevez or listening to him recount the time he squared up to Ogbonna in training and shit himself and ran away because he knew he'd get battered Going to be very, very strange him not being on the pitch or benches next season.
  21. You obviously know more than me being a Villain, but I always associate Villa home kits as being a bit more 'experimental' full bodied claret kits with blue/white detailing. West Ham get the traditional body/sleeves combo. I agree with you about the third. Apparently ours is white/orange for 22/23 so that will be interesting.
  22. Scruff

    West Ham United

    I've read/heard a suggestion that he starts and then gets subbed off to massive applause in the 16th minute. Sentimental but I'd be cringing if we ended up a sub down due to injuries with a result in the balance and had to finish with 10. I think Moyes is far too pragmatic to do something like that but Nobes is a lifer so you never know.
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