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  1. Yay, top 6 team on the first day for the sixth season in a row West Ham bottom of the league on the opening day AGAIN.
  2. I am. As is Chris. Probably a few others too
  3. I think we were all a bit too embarrassed to Although Sie did enjoy his 'I told you they were going to do that, I TOLD YOU!*' a bit too much. *One waited in the water and boarded us while we were going gung ho for their ship, then slaughtered us like the dirty American he was. *edit* Hah, you obviously spent your youth in much more productive ways then @Pob
  4. Get them to aggro you and then lead them where you want. Sorry, old MMO parlance coming to the fore.
  5. Well, well, I was part of a three man grown adult crew that was thrice bested by a pair of under 10 Americans (they certainly sounded under 10 when broadcasting over comms). Beat that!
  6. Yeah, or drag them into a lagoon or the shore. They rust and seize up.
  7. Hark at you, Mr La-de-da hoighty toighty with his superior Sea of Thieves skills
  8. Cheese it or spend hours I guess. I know the difficulty is based on your crew size and Sie said he bested it easily on his own by lining his ship up and cannon to the right of them, cannon to the left of them, cannon in front of them, volleyed and thundered. I'd much rather do it with others though as it brings the best out of the game.
  9. I used Game Pass (on PC) to play this when it first came out but got bored quickly. Tried it again this month (along with @Sie and another mate) and was really enjoying what they'd done, and the new Tall Tales quest line. And then we hit the boss on the second story. What the actual fuck were Rare thinking. 3 of us, over 40 mins of zerging, shooting with cannons and lobbing gunpowder barrels and nary a scratch. Really, really put me off. Sie went and did it on his own but if anyone else is on that bit and wants to kill the bony twat in the face, drop me a line: Scruffy75
  10. Have to. Can't compete with the Man U tactic of "buy the players with the biggest ego"
  11. Apparently real this time (unlike the last leak) Strange when Burnley have a more West Ham kit than West Ham.
  12. The Last of Us already has that covered.
  13. *phew* appears the pic I posted is a photoshop so while the kits are supposed to be along those lines, they're not accurate representations of them. That Southampton home is goppin' but I quite like the away.
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