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  1. Dark red and green. Wonder why they went with those colours?
  2. PP does that. I think the companion AI is well wonky as I've had fights where any tamed animals get right in the thick of it, attacking anything in sight and running across the map to tear a chuck out of something and other times, where they'll sit in the corridor chilling out and having a fag while I'm getting torn a new arsehole. I think your second spoiler is fan service and a nod to previous games. As for your favourite mission, ho-ho- horseshit
  3. I didn't fight Fishlips (had First Aid 8) but I have had one bug that would have completely stopped all progress in the game if I hadn't read about a work around (requiring a specific gun so you're boned if you don't have it). It was the first major bug I've had (on PC) but it's sad to read others having problems because it's such a good game
  4. This is proper boss music. Love what they've done with the boss fight music in this.
  5. Am I being biff, or is there something you have to do to watch the show where subtitles are only on screen when English isn't being spoken? I had to manually put subtitles on and turn them off multiple times and it was a pain in the arse. I was expecting them to work as normal but Black Noir's little Syria jaunt there was nothing, and nothing when Kimiko was talking to XXXXXXX.
  6. Have you got any jars of pickles that give you +10 con when you eat them, but a twisted wrist debuff? I also love the description about the cyborg eyepiece.
  7. It's a 5% chance so it happens very infrequently. I've not seen anything anywhere near that amount again and I sell a lot of shite
  8. Ahh, I've got a couple of the cyborg chickens. Is that a quest or achievement or something larger? I've just gone to (John) Denver, storywise. Really, really enjoying this. I may even go back and buy Polly, for laffs (I got 8k for selling a bit of junk thanks to one of the barter perks so I'm flush atm )
  9. Is anyone finding any use in Animal Whisperer? I find the pets are...'glitchy' at best. Sometimes they don't enter combat, sometimes they simply vanish from your team. I've been trying to spread out points among the team members so I thought I'd give it a go. Got it up to 5 and was starting to regret investing (seeing a rabbit kill a named character with a double drop kick was fun) but then I tamed a wasteland wolf and they're amazing. They (sometimes, it's unsurprisingly glitchy) do a howl at the start of combat which terrifies most human mobs and gives either huge hit debuffs or simply makes
  10. Does McTavish remind anyone else of Boozy? Also I totally nailed Joker in Little Vegas and got a nice buff for my $10 (don't judge me).
  11. Well, I can throw piss snowballs at people or shoot them with a rocket launcher that shoots frozen ferrets and have a cyborg chicken following me around. Love it.
  12. It looks like you're looking at bacteria under a microscope.
  13. Undermine is amazing. I had my best run ever yesterday. Conduction (gold damages enemies when you pick it up) Bombushka (bombs Russian doll) Goldtooth (gold heals you) and the relic that makes gold explode on dropping and the level 3 canary meant I just ran into a room, hacked away at any gold node in the room and it pretty much auto cleared for me I obviously had other relics but they were the main ones (floaty boots are amaze too). *hint for the second boss - you can kill him in under 5 seconds with a well placed Bombushka*
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