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  1. Not sure the point you're trying to make? I'm not trying to make some comparison in severity of tackles, I'm backing up my point that Son "isn't that sort of player" with proof that he likes a late, deliberate stamp with the best of them. I mean, he's not unique in the league for that. Plenty worse than him but he's not the wallflower some paint him as.
  2. My mistake. It wasn't Cresswell, it was Snodgrass. Like I said, shithouse.
  3. Nah. I'm a West Ham fan and he's shithouse. I've seen him take out players all the time. Did it to Cresswell(?) I think last year. Deliberately stamped on his ankle off the ball. *season, not year
  4. You misspelled Adam as Andy.* * my mistake. I skim read and thought you said Andy Kubert would make an awesome Hulk artist.
  5. "What is the value of pi?" "it is delicious!" Proper belly laugh at that
  6. I honestly thought, it was a bit OTT in trying to hammer the race issues of the show, never once thinking it was real history. We don't deserve this planet, we really don't.
  7. I was a bit gobsmacked to learn that the race riot/massacre from the beginning of the show actually happened; planes and everything
  8. Yet West Ham got kicked out* at the QF stage I think, over fielding a player for 15 mins who was ineligible. *hyperbole. We had to replay the match after winning it.
  9. Team up to take down Carnage. Venom put the 'spider' on his chest in recognition of Spidey?
  10. Such a momentous day (and one I wish I could share but my boys both hate football ) but a win would take us third so I'm afraid I hope you get soundly beaten At least he'll get to watch one good team in claret and blue (won't be us as we'll be in white)
  11. Any gear you earned would be viable to be transferred yes. As long as you linked the accounts. You'll have to wait until it launches on Steam (unless you picked it up on PC when it was free on Bnet) link the accounts (making the PS4 the main) enable cross save and then everything would be hunky dorey.
  12. Shadowkeep is £30 for normal, £50 for deluxe which has the next annual pass included. If you want to get fully up to date then the Forsaken bundle on bnet (I assume you're on PC?) is £35 which includes the last expansion (Forsaken) and the prior annual pass. If you don't want either of those then New Light will give you everything up to Forsaken and the annual pass, including all the strikes (regardless of where they're from) crucible, both Gambit and Gambit Prime (not Reckoning) and the patrol zones from all the worlds including Forsaken and Shadowkeep stuff.
  13. Not really a demo but yes, it is trying to hook in new player. There is months upon months of content there for free though. Shadowkeep is the new expansion which is paid for, for everyone.
  14. 1st of Oct Bungie are releasing what they're calling 'New Light' which is F2P, and consists of all the strikes, Gambit, PvP the D2 Red War campaign, Mars and Mercury (which were the first two DLC planets) and maybe some selected other activities. All platforms.
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