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  1. Scruff

    The Boys - Amazon superhero show

    Female and Frenchie look great. Also so weird to see Hood* as Homelander. I barely recognised him with the blond hair. * I miss you Banshee
  2. Scruff

    The Boys - Amazon Prime

    Wee Hughie is American?
  3. Scruff

    The Division 2

    A mate sent me this today:
  4. Scruff

    The Division 2

    You are indeed. I accepted you this morning Get those grinding pants on!
  5. Scruff

    The Division 2

    Yup, seems to be rocking horse shit rarity now
  6. Scruff

    The Division 2

    There is: RLL (I think, @spork can correct me) and a discord channel here :https://discord.gg/NdWb5du
  7. Scruff

    The Division 2

    Like this down in the sewers.. Also, and I'm sure everyone else has already figured this out but if you go to your commendations, you can claim arm patch and XP rewards for the ones you've completed. I thought it auto-rewarded you but no, you have to do it yourself. Worth doing though!
  8. Scruff

    The Division 2

    Bonus points due to the fact the guy is wearing the Haz-Mat suit. Also, the museum in the background should change the exhibition to Times of Effulence.
  9. Scruff

    The Division 2

    Nice screenshot collection someone took from the game: https://imgur.com/gallery/I66fNVy
  10. Scruff

    The Division 2

    It really is a joy isn't? The beauty is in the emergent world rather then the missions (which are fabulous set pieces). @Strategos and I were hunting the Hunters last night and we had three of them blasting the ever loving fuck out of us, when an elite supply convoy and some random reds tried attacking the green control point right next to the location we were fighting. It was us v them, them v the Hunters, Hunters v everyone and friendlies v all hostiles - all at night in thick fog
  11. Scruff

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I just skim read that as "try to get a pre school in somewhere"
  12. Scruff

    Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2

    Just in case anyone wants to re-experience standing in the nightclub and dancing like they're having a seizure.
  13. Scruff

    The Division 2

  14. Scruff

    The Division 2

    Bet it didn't have any birds in it afterwards though.
  15. Scruff

    The Division 2

    The bullet symbol in the top right of the gun. Three facing vertically is auto. Single bullet is bolt action and two going diagonally is semi (one shot but don't have to reload manually).

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