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  1. Gram. Or as we call him, Graham. Infuriates me.
  2. (that is applicable for either situation)
  3. What sort of decision is that? Chie. Always Chie. Meat and Chie is the true persona.
  4. Why'd you post a Hull kit? *quickly runs away*
  5. Left his leg out sure, but didn't bring him down. Pulisic fucking got more air than Tony Hawk.
  6. *sigh* Done over with a handball for the first spurs goal the other week, goal chalked off just now and then a dive Kane would have been proud of. I mean, we're shit but fucking hell VAR
  7. RTS. Can't do it, won't do it. 'hardcore' PvP. Nothing against PvP but it attracts a certain crowd and the hardcore part only increases the odds of bumping into the t-bagging, racist or edgy named people. Simulators. I don't have the patience to play car sims or flight sims which is a shame as I'd play Elite a lot more if I did.
  8. It's pretty much happening now, the reason planets are getting zapped. The pyramids are visiting the planets that are going during the season, and either yeeting them off into an unknown dimension (DCV) or straight up giving them the Aldaraan treatment. The focus is Io ATM with probably Titan (due to last weeks quest mentioning doing stuff on Io or Titan) coming next.
  9. The new unique unit from the new Lahore city state is ridiculous. It's basically a faith bought alternative to a melee unit that has no resource requirements and its own skill tree; oh, it goes up in strength to be slightly better that swordsmen/musketmen ect with encampment buildings and retroactively upgrades in tier so it never goes obsolete (doesn't cost to upgrade like normal melee units either) and if that wasn't enough, only costs 300 faith which doesn't increase multiplicativly with units bought. You can absolutely monster the early game with them if you can get a decent faith game going.
  10. Hah! Just did the Great Gubal Library for the first time in a group that had never done it before. Guess what one of our dps was? Actually went well and had a lot of fun working it out. Badly needs shortcuts to the actual bosses though for wipes.
  11. I don't know why but when I played this at launch and got to 50, I found it a struggle when I got there to get into the game. There were other RLLMUK people playing, I was a Scholar so got into DF easy peasy but that run in of quests at 50 killed my enthusiasm and I stopped. This time however, even though I'm still a healer (White Mage now though) so queues aren't a problem, I've been enjoying it so much more. I'm champing at the bit to see where the story is going, I'm randomly levelling other classes (Blue Mage my fav by far so far) I'm dabbling in crafting and eager to help my home boy Vath out *click click*. The only thing missing is the community as it's only me and @Theholyhogg on Lich with everyone else seemingly on the Chaos cluster
  12. Every time I do a DF I think to myself (a WHM) 'please no dragoon. Please no dragoon' as I'm queuing. Have to work twice as hard keeping them alive as I do the tank!
  13. I just hit a point in Heavensward where everyone has turned into an extra from The Wurzels. I expect them to be scrumping apples and driving combine harvesters rather than doing what they're doing. OK
  14. The storyline post ARR is great. The journey to get there however, is not. There is more padding than an 80s women's business suit but it is worth it in the end. You'll do yourself a disservice if you skip Heavensward (I didn't think you could skip ahead to the expansions without having completed the MSQ's?) Off tanking you'll only use in 8+ man content. You're basically in charge of grabbing adds and everything other than the main enemy which the MT (Main Tank) will focus on. I'd just keep doing what you're doing Mr White and if you're enjoying yourself and you're getting appreciated by your team mates, then why change?
  15. I've been levelling up a Blue Mage and it's great fun, if stupidly overpowered; I can see why they're banished from the PF. A heal for half their health, tank stance, 9000 potency suicide move, mana replenishment via a skill, guaranteed 1k hit aoe, 3 different stuns and a 50% potency buff (and loads more) all at level....23
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