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  1. You didn't post the best panels @Chindie where he's in a knife fight with Morris Day in a stolen Prince suit.
  2. Well done Leeds. You wanted it much more than we did. Looked like you had twice the players on the pitch at times. Whole back four of ours were useless and double fucking useless for Diop and only Rice, Bowen (though how did he miss that chance at the death?) and Fornals get any credit from that. Sign some reinforcements Moyes or we'll drop like a stone again.
  3. Leeds are the team I most feel sorry for in all this. They're one step away from having the mascots turn out in white but are still getting on with it and Arsenal are crying because they're lost 4 players to a competition they knew they were going to be leaving for when they signed them. The PL have completely undermined themselves by allowing this to be called off and giving license for other teams to try and game it and why shouldn't they? Absolutely shocking from the 'best league in the world'.
  4. I said I believe it "more now". We all know all professional teams will do anything to get an upper hand so the fact that some may be dabbling with caffeine and salbutamol - just like some use horse placentas to heal injuries or give HGH to underdeveloped Argentines or some just outright buy results - shouldn't surprise anyone. Do I think Liverpool are doing it? No, but their recent covid shenanigans leaves a very bad taste just like Arsenal are doing now with crying off games due to AFCON absences ect.
  5. It probably is but I believe the rumours of it, and the cycling they do more now after this whole 'covid' bollocks.
  6. We (West Ham) haven't requested any games cancelled despite having our entire first team defence out due to covid or injuries. We've had one game cancelled (Norwich which they requested) and as of this coming Sunday we'll have played 3 games in 7 days. All this while other teams have multiple covid hits that then turn out to be false positives (1 in 1000 according to the NHS, strange coincidence it's the same team that is pretty much all asthmatic..) and others get games called off to bed players or managers in or buy some bodies in the window. The whole thing is a complete farce.
  7. Can you imagine the scenes if Liverpool or Man City had that happen, it wasn't given and the press barely said a word about it?
  8. Yeah, fuck religious victories. War is the easiest but I get the most pleasure from playing as Eleanor of Aquitaine and just flipping every neighbouring city one by one.
  9. That's where I'm at. I'll just buy the ME Trilogy but I'm not sure I want to give any money to EA at this point.
  10. I think (but hope) you may have the same problem as me Uzi. Every time I try linking my Microsoft and EA accounts I get errors and asked to reset my password. The problem is, that somehow my Microsoft account is linked to a very old EA account I no longer have access to and if you can't prove to EA that you have all the requisite information they require for the old account, they refuse to do anything and you're basically screwed.
  11. I'll try those thanks. I did change the password on the EA site however and I was still getting the problem so I think I may be stuck.
  12. Great. ME coming but I seem to be bugged and can't link up my Microsoft and EA accounts. Every time I start EA Play and try to log in via Xbox, after I put my account details in (which never save) it tells me the session has timed out and I need to reset my password. Guess I'll have to wait for it to drop a bit more in the sales.
  13. That my Steam Deck order (for my eldest) gets a reasonable release date (I got the order in 6 mins after it went live but I was still in the second tranche). That Total Warhammer 3 releases the Chaos Dwarves as the first DLC ASAP after launch. That Bungie don't completely fuck up The Witch Queen and beyond now they're seemingly on a - monetize the absolute fuck out of everything - heading. We get some concrete info on the next Dragon Age instalment (suck it, DA:I was great). Nintendo announce a mini Gamecube ( I still have two working ones in a box but never enough ect). A wild Birth of the Federation remake/remaster appears.
  14. It's sad to think that one of hte last actions in Sergio Aguero's career was having Tyler hand him his notes from the match where he won the title for City and trying to take some credit for it
  15. And nothing will be done while commentators laugh about it and managers don't punish players that do it.
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