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  1. It should say what format the key will be for (usually a little steam icon along with price, region ect on the items page) and they will send you an email with the key on release day. It's a bit of a pain not being able to preload the game but luckily it isn't some 90gb behemoth so most average connections will have it down in a few hours.
  2. He's clearly not Xtreme enough for Marvel now with his blood igniting powers
  3. Been thinking about that one since I told you, haven't you?
  4. Most things will be dropping around your level, maybe a point or two above (your level without the artifact score added to it, when you hover over your power/light level it'll tell you what your overall score is). What you want to level up is the powerful/pinnacle rewards. Crucible, Gambit and Vanguard all award a powerful for completing three of their respective activities. You also get one for completing 8 bounties a week from them in their respective modes. Banshee (the Gunsmith in the tower) gives you a powerful for doing 8 bounties from him too. There is also the Nightfall which awards tw
  5. Do the hunts for Varis (can't for the life of me think what they're called atm). Easy to get kills with in on the bosses in there, plus two of them counts toward a powerful engram from Variks (if you have done the requisite sabotage bits).
  6. That's weird. I had a look at Scan at 14:02 and they had an Asus 6800 for £529.99 and the Sapphire 6800 was £539.99. Both were in stock and I could have put them in my basket too. Guess they had a sniff of the OcUK play and upper their prices.
  7. Stock alert just pinged 3070, 80 and 90 at a German store www.notebooksbilliger.ge Can check if you want but it means Scan ones should be here soon too.
  8. You need to go to the postmaster and to his left is a machine on the wall that is basically a quest vault. If you click on that there is a new light quest that takes you to the Cosmodrone that will be your new introduction to the game.
  9. I am actually a little sad you're going back to console Mikey You can transfer all your progress and cross save Ste. If you get BL you get auto boosted to 1050 anyway (which is what everyone started this expac at).
  10. If you have to do anything that requires jumping puzzles (or even negotiating over a low kerb) then pretend you're not on when Nikeylrocks contacts you @Swallow He'll protest but he knows it is true
  11. Just to echo Spanx, I got mine via a Telegram notification too. 3070s especially seem to stay in stock for considerably longer (enough time for me to procrastinate over getting one while it was in my basket for 10 mins).
  12. And gives Luke some shitty piss-water soup, while keeping all the good stuff for himself.
  13. They don't go anywhere, just won't be infusable above their current threshold.
  14. Still a great team and one that no team would relish playing.
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