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  1. Ep 9 I continue to be mesmerised by Elnor's - not really shaved - eyebrows. And then the accent kicks in and I expect him to open a bottle of Castlemaine with his sword.
  2. I'll buy whichever machine doesn't present a fire risk. MS have it all to lose in that arena.
  3. Maybe add Bournemouth, Watford and Brighton to that list too? More than West Ham struggling at the bottom. Mind you, Brady is a colossal twat along with the two knobheads in chief, so it'd be worth us going down just to make her and them look as incompetent as most West Ham fans know they are.
  4. @Mr. Gerbik 's house when he saw the last page of Immortal Hulk #32.
  5. I actually prefer watching Liverpool to City. I mean yeah, City stroke the ball around better and have some exquisite players but I honestly prefer the dynamism of Liverpool over the elegance of City. A side note that although Liverpool have many, many divers in their team (how the fuck Mane didn't get carded for it last night was beyond me (except we all really know why)) they at least don't play the utter shit house mercenary thug life approach Pep has instilled in City. He honestly deserves to have several of his team get broken limbs from karma for the amount of injuries his approach has inflicted; especially that cunt Rodri.
  6. I really, really want to get into this but even after putting new thermal pads, stripping down and cleaning and re-applying fresh (and good quality) thermal paste, this game still makes my Pro ramp up to ridiculous levels. I'm genuinely concerned for the health of the console whenever I try to play it
  7. You're echoing exactly what 99% of West Ham are saying. It was a disgrace and just shows, purely from a football POV (not touching on all their other innumerable misdemeanours) how out of touch GSB are. Really looking forward to the Liverpool game. Apparently some Liverpool fans groups have been in contact with Hammers United (the main protest group) and said they'll unfurl a giant 'GSB OUT' flag in the kop ( all non board approved flags are confiscated in the London Stadium, and any clothing with anti-board messages being worn will cop you a season ban) in exchange for donations to a local foodbank. Getting relegated to the Championship will be a swift mercy killing for the club rather than the death by a thousand cuts (and massive loan repayments to the scum) the board and inflicting. *edit* and I hope someone snaps Rodri in half. Both times we've played them this season he's deliberately injured someone with his shithouse snidey fouling and nary gets a glance from the ref.
  8. If you want to go full on warmonger from the start, Alexander isn't the best choice. Both his UU take a while to become available and you really need to wait for the other civs to have some districts/wonders up and running to get his bonus' from capturing them. Nubia with their ridiculously OP archers, Babylon and the donkey carts of doom or Aztec and the jaguar warriors are better early game conquerors.
  9. Was the second EMH we saw an homage to the TNG 'Space Oirish' episode? That accent was up there with Don Cheadle's Ocean's 11 one.
  10. I assumed there were DLC plans already in motion, due to the big, missing planet sized hole on the navigation screen. Is that not the case?
  11. Oh Brad I politely ask, that you gents stop celebrating the goals after you get your fifth. If I were Moyes I'd give instructions to get three people sent off within the first ten minutes so the game is abandoned and recorded as a 0-3 away win. It's the only way we'll keep the scoreline respectable
  12. Everyone is going to universally love this, be thankful that good Trek is back (long time since DS9) and then Discovery is going to hit in a few months and not just poison the well, but salt the earth and then piss over it using said poisoned well water. I also found Harry Treadaway's front teeth incredibly distracting which is weird, because I've never noted them in anything else I've seen him in.
  13. Lose? We've already lost Still, having three teams in claret and blue in the Prem was a bit much. We'll have less competition in the Championship next season.
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