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  1. You missed the best one, Daniel O'Shaughnessy.
  2. Managing to finally take the escalators only to get outside the station and be minced by people hiding in the flowerbeds
  3. Will you do a weekly (enough content to make it daily IMO) column pointing out all the ways @Lyrical Donutis crap at games? You can start at fighting ones, that should give you enough to write about for a good few months.
  4. Hellions is good too. I look forward to that every month. Had a proper belly laugh at Nanny trying to shank Sinister with a cry of "Judgement day, motherfucker!"* *sweary bits censored unfortunately.
  5. If he gets out to sea he may even be attacked by a Sergeant Squid
  6. Scruff


    The wife and I started a couple of months back, mainly due to such good word of mouth about it. She wasn't that enthused to start off with and we'd watch it every few days or so to her putting it on almost every night to watch in bed. We're halfway through Season 5 and I'm going to be very, very sorry to see it go soon.
  7. Two points and 8 goals off being in the Champions League. I'll take that for a basketcase of a club COME ON YOU IRONS
  8. Absolutely. 'Nice guy' Eddie was second only to Pep in the tactical fouling and generally scumbag play and I was glad to see them relegated. C'mon Brentford!
  9. I think that's actually one the kindest things anyone has ever said about them.
  10. Yeah, Gold and Sullivan would dig up the bodies of their family members and desecrate them openly in return for a way to trouser a bit more money so if we'd have been in a position to join they'd have done so in a New York minute; absolute pure unadulterated scum 'human beings' that they are.
  11. Well in there Leicester!
  12. Fuck me, that save was incredible
  13. Yeah, that's not what soggy biscuit is I agree with Chucky that Rich Tea are an abomination (much like playing Femshep with - Jennifer-oh, never heard her voicing a female character before - Hale) but dunking is a game in its own right and dislike of it is exactly what I'd expect from someone who doesn't like blue skies. Is anyone playing this on the S? I would assume that a good spec PC is better but with @JoeKsaying the PC options are lacking it may push me onto console.
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