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  1. I've always kept my Pro clean (as much as you can) from dust but haven't even turned it on in months due to the noise it makes (and switching to Destiny on PC). I got some PSN gift cards over Christmas and bought Days Gone when it was on sale so I thought 'what the Hell, let's give it a whirl'. Whirl was probably the wrong word to think of because it did "whirl" when I loaded the game up. It whirled and whirled and whirled so much, I couldn't hear the dialogue on the first game cutscene despite having the volume on the telly louder than I was comfortable with; a constant, rising pitch and whoosh that showed no signs of doing anything other than becoming a fire risk. I've known it's probably the TIM that needs changing (or by the sounds actually adding some) for ages and despite not having any reservations about doing it, I've not because I've seen inconclusive evidence that it actually does anything. I think I may have to swallow and do it anyway but I'm pretty much resigned to waiting for the PS5 to be able to play my PS4 games
  2. Exactly. On point, we were wretched. Noble and Zabaleta are finished at this level, Fornals should have been playing from the start, we desperately need new players in at least three positions and we're playing utterly dreadful *football* under Moyes. Think this could be the year..
  3. Don't Brad, don't get started on that legal action stuff! So many people have no idea what they're talking about when it comes to that. It still gets said to this day that we needed to win at Old Trafford to stay up; we didn't, we needed a point. If they can't get that right what hope is there that they'll get the others bits right?
  4. It's taking a lot for me to not start channelling the good Wolves supporting Dr right now Honestly, what is the point? Get the ball headed onto your hand, point blank range and they'll rule any goal out. Farcical.
  5. I thought it has one (sponsor), just coloured to match the shirt (same as we (West Ham) had with our Thames Ironworks shirt a few seasons back).
  6. You'll have to pony up for more Everver$e baubles if you want them to hire some testers. They're an indi studio now; they're not made of money!
  7. Needless to say, this hasn't gone down well with the fans; at all. Was binned as he wasn't good enough with an amazing 29% win ratio (2nd worse of any West Ham manager) but he's the answer now? 40 years supporting West Ham and we've never been this badly run. Even old uncle Terry and his magic caravan park were better than the complete scum we have at the top three tables now
  8. I've been reading it since I saw you mention it in the watchtower thread Issues are too short!
  9. Yeah, nothing extra needed. While the spin of stuff is considered 'canon' and part of the whole, the central story is in the main series and as I mentioned, the rest is 'flavour'. You missed out Chuckie but I can see why you'd think that. It's merely the start of things and not deus ex at all. The Azath Houses aren't for saving The best thing about the books is the good guys aren't necessarily good guys and the bad guys aren't always bad. Happy endings and few and very far between.
  10. Series, with some additional books for world/character flavour. They're very, very good and while adult in theme they don't have the sadistic darkness of a Abercrombie book or the 'hehehe, tits and pie!' of GRRM.
  11. Don't blame me! I only support the shower, I don't play for them. We must be the most gutless and least composed side in the league (or any other as a matter of fact). Just completely useless.
  12. I'm unfortunately used to seeing shite defending from players in claret and blue. Made a nice change to see it wasn't West Ham for a change.
  13. All down to the two pricks in charge, as usual. Adrian wanted £50k a week, so they cheaped out as usual and got Martin and Roberto for less than Adrain wanted. What could possibly go wrong? Pains me to call for the managers head as the rot goes far, far deeper than him but something needs to change and he's the easiest option.
  14. Scruff

    The Spurs Thread

    Hah! I wish. After our recent performances, I really, really fear for us on Saturday. A fired up Spurs, eager to impress their new manager playing against an insipid, virtually manager-less West Ham sinking faster and faster into crisis. If we're lucky, we'll keep it to 0-3. One goal in the first 10 mins, one just after half time and the final one in the last ten mins. I think it'll more likely be in excess of 5 goals for your lot.
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