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  1. Done! In the end I limited my attack windows to a couple of very clear openings, baited him into his big swing, swing, slam attack every chance I got and beat his final phase the first time I got to it. I’m glad it’s done, but unlike every other boss fight in the game I will never go back to it. Onto the finale now and ready to switch back to that version of Wolf that remembers he is actually a Shinobi Death Dealer.
  2. Yeah, even without the Sake Express side mission it should be fairly obvious who becomes the fiery wanker! The path to him is a brilliantly challenging and visually stunning redux of previously explored sections, which makes the actual encounter with him all the more ffffffffucking frustrating. What annoys me the most is I have earned every single Shinobi Execution through a lot of practice and I’m not afraid to say it, skill. Only to be met with a battle that requires none of that beautiful die, learn, do that a lot, become amazing, win, mechanic. I’m not doing anything else until he is beaten no matter how slowly and boringly I need to do it as I refuse to let this terribly judged section detract from one of the greatest games of all time.
  3. It’s more than possible to be aggressive, it’s absolutely essential but your incredible armoury of defensive abilities are useless so it becomes an exercise in circle strafing and hoping to get lucky with the draw on its move choices Its a terrible part of what is otherwise a masterpiece, but the fact it’s right at the end emphasises that it’s simply unnecessary. Yes it’s optional but it feels too important as part of the journey and the characters to ignore. The only saving grace is you can immediately go back into frying pan every time you get smashed. Ooooooh what fun!
  4. I’m not even joking when I say DoH really has tainted my overwhelming enjoyment of the game as a whole. It’s just so fucking boring and awful compared to the thrilling and rewarding experience of every single other battle in the game.
  5. Decided to go back and deal with DoH before the end game and I take back everything positive I’ve ever said. It’s like a boss from Dark Souls that they put in their to remind me how awful they can make playing their games feel 😕
  6. If it is that Hirata Estate section @carlospie then that was real hurdle for me too. There were lots of enemies and sections where my flowing, care free progress smashed into a wall and this was an early one. The key for that bit is getting the spear hunter on his own, so as @Talvalinsays get the stealth deathblow by sneaking up the left hand side then quickly try to take out the 'standard' enemy near him. The enemies slightly further ahead should only get involved if you hang around that path so get back to the bridge and use the tree above the bridge to take a breather you can then jump down to deal with the mini-boss at your leisure as he cant hit you then get back to the tree if you need a moment. Of course, having Mikiri counter and just taking the piss out of him is what you should really be doing, but at that stage of the game at the least honour can go fuck itself
  7. There is no doubt there are some bosses that are much easier with the use of certain prosthetics but I've never felt that anything other than a really good knowledge of each enemies attacks and how to defend against them was what I needed. Its that 'defend against them' that is the biggest thing for me. No action game has ever embraced that art of defence like Sekiro and its a masterpiece for it, which sadly wont ever get the attention it deserves. It took me a long time to realise and then even longer to implement it but that defending and being great at it is more important than actually attacking. If you cant learn to live in that little pocket where death is a single missed deflection away then just stay at home
  8. I'm sorry, WHAT?!?!!
  9. @Talvalin on the resurrections, the thinking being I keep one for each phase since you cant access resurrections without a deathblow following your last one (unless I use a Jizu statue)? My wife said to me the other day "There's something wrong with your pad" to which I replied "There's a dead guy holding it" I promise that's me done on the references!
  10. Well, I guess this it it. I've encountered and not only beaten but demolished all manner of ridiculous enemies, tooled myself up to the best of my knowledge and have arrived at what appears to be the final set piece / boss. Its been an absolutely thrilling, empowering and rewarding experience, which is no doubt all about to be undone by the fucking madness that I still have to face But like every other battle that started with me saying out loud "Eh... NOPE!", I will succeed. I've never completed a From game. I dont think I've ever even reached the mid-point in any of them for the reasons I have shared lots of times, but Sekiro is different. Souls games have always felt to me like your combat abilities are constrained to make it more difficult, forcing you to max out a particular character type at the expense of providing a really enjoyable and deep system that rewards practice. Sekiro does exactly that. Its still not for everyone of course, because it does require practice and lots of it, but it gives you everything you need to be absolutely deadly. For me I had to unlearn so many things that have been deeply rooted in my action game habits and when I eventually got my head around it I was in love. I'm not sure if Sekiro 2 is even a thing but if it is then it is one of my most anticipated games of all time alongside the inevitable sequels to Returnal and Death Stranding
  11. Watched this twice at home now following the cinema trip and each time I've appreciated something different about it. It is an absolutely incredible piece of movie making and what they have achieved with it I dont think will ever get the appreciation it deserves. An old mate of mine and I used to always debate the difference between movies and films, because there is a difference. Maverick is a decent film... but it is also one of the greatest movies ever made. There are so many great moments but Coffin Corner has to be one of the most incredibly shot, scored and executed scenes in action movie history. The fact its just a beat in a much bigger and more visually stunning set piece says everything about the movie.
  12. Sunken Valley boss done. Palace of Illusion boss done. Several mini bosses done. Not sure where I am meant to go now as the paths open to me don’t seem very clear but every bit of it has been incredible. it’s crazy how something or someone that has been leathering you for hours is a completely different prospect when you take a little break from it to try something different.
  13. Because they have a service that is designed specifically to give its customers premium access to content within these timescales, but are holding it back so they get the further income of people buying it digital. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 still isn't on the UK platform, so the only reason for this must be to keep milking the digital income. I have P+ through Sky Cinema so get it basically for free, but Maverick feels like the kind of thing that could have really propelled the platform forward if it was handled correctly. Anyway, this is more of a P+ chat so will leave it there. Back on track... Maverick is the movie of the year for so many reasons. It would have been the movie of the year if it was released when it was originally intended and it was even more so being released this year.
  14. Lady fucking bastard spam spam Butterfly done. Amazingly, on 2 occasions I got her to the 2nd deathblow but then got wiped out just as I was trying to execute the deathblow that was a whole new level of 🤬 but, she fell in the end. Working on the Sunken Valley boss now and when I purchase some more spirit emblems (because I've recently used about 300 shurikens) he shouldnt be too much trouble.
  15. Can we talk about why Paramount Plus hold up releasing movies on their platform but Disney have an excellent and consistent approach which makes me feel very valued as a customer? I LOVE Maverick and I would have rented it a few weeks ago to watch again if the way its being managed wasn't so obviously designed to bleed every penny out of consumers.
  16. I couldn’t even explain to you how I got there I remember more or less running through what seemed like a sewer / dungeon type area and then getting to a section that I think led to the start of Mount Kongo. That was all before I even went anywhere near the Sunken Valley.
  17. 3 more mini-bosses down but not able to close the shutters on either GA or LB. Both of their 2nd forms are skelping me but LB has been very close a couple of times. Also ventured up Mount Kongo a bit but after a few painful ambushes by the locals I went another way, haha. I want to complete Hirata Estate before I press on with anything else so when I get back on LB is the focus. Her 2nd form is reminding me of everything I ended up hating in previous From games but I’m hoping it’s just a momentary dip.
  18. Kuro - “How many times have you died and come back for my sake? Two, three times?” Mate!
  19. I currently have 3 skills points banked progressing toward a certain 5 point skill that seems absolutely essential, so will do that farming you mention for a little bit. It’s not a issue or a complaint but Wolf’s ability to deflect everything and be so aggressive at the same time makes so many of the skill and prosthetic options seem redundant.
  20. By the final run on Genechiro I was deflecting or reversing everything. EVERYTHING. I even figured out the tells on the sweep and thrust attacks so could reverse either of them when they appeared. There is a ‘no damage’ run there for me when I go back to him, but today I’m going to press on with some new areas weirdly the final piece of the puzzle was deflecting his full arrow flurry, as for so long I was too slow to react to the slightly different jump back he does before it. I have pretty much the same options as you @Talvalin but I’ve made some progress on the Depths and Hirata Estate so not having to do the full runs of each of them, wherever I go. The most important thing is I’m not afraid anymore. I know I’m not going to get to a point where I get bored of the death cycle and I’m no longer worried about what new enemies I may face. No doubt they are going to be savage and rip me to pieces so many times, but unlike every other From game for me Sekiro gives you the tools to be faster, deadlier and more powerful than every enemy you face. You just have to be willing to do things that every other action game you’ve ever played has trained you NOT to do.
  21. I tried to post the clip of me taking down his first health bar on the run where he fell because it actually made me moist, but (probably for the best) it was too big to share Fucking. Hell!! I remember watching videos of that fight years ago and thinking it looked like it was an AI playing the way things were being deflected and countered, but it turns out that was there for me all along. In the end I had a small bit of health left but the times where I lost health were because I got greedy and lost discipline. At points I was in another state of mind as I could read absolutely everything, even the variations in his perilous attacks. I will go back to that fight so many times, but for now I'm just going to take a moment and enjoy the few hours I've had today.
  22. "Impressive, Shinobi of the Divine Heir"
  23. You know what, you can all go and fuck yourself. All this encouraging discussion, congrats on beating this guy, well done on taking that one, why dont you try this. All lubing me up for NOPE! You know why Sekiro has single handedly absolved From all its wrong doings in previous games, because even coming up against an enemy like this I actually feel powerful. I feel like I am entirely in control of what happens to me and all the things I have dealt with up to this point have been essentially a tutorial for the real game starting. On my second attempt I almost had his first posture bar done after somehow being able to deflect a flurry of consecutive attacks. I didnt know it was coming but I instinctively knew what to do. Maybe I hit deflect a few more times than I needed in a panic, who cares. I looked like a fucking Shinobi Ghost Avenger Until I didnt and I got split in half of course. But I'm straight back in and no matter how many deaths I incur I will just keep rising and playing. Still not gaming perfection but as close as a From game can come to it I think now!
  24. I ventured into the Sunken Valley a bit last night but pulled back before I got to what I think was a mini-boss area. Still picked up a Gourd Seed for my trouble so that was nice.
  25. I'm up to a Dojo tower thing in the castle at the moment and as far as I'm aware the only mini-boss I have ignored (mainly because you need to take out 10 enemies before setting up a 1v1) is the Seven Spears dude. I think there is other stuff I have missed before the Dojo tower mini-boss (who was actually quite easy after a couple of goes) so will venture back for a bit the next time I am on. My overarching point is most of the time I have absolutely no idea where I am meant to be going and I really like that, but potentially missing out on very important upgrade items because you have no idea some sections even exist is a bit shit. Are we meant to consult a guide to ensure we get everything or just hope our wandering hits the majority of what we need to remain competitive?
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