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  1. In comparison to the mutant, superhero, fantasy players you’ve been using for the last few months or in comparison to this time last year? I would welcome everything being a lot slower and more considered, but even if it is, it will only be a matter of time before the complaints grow and patches land to bring ping pong run run shoot back.
  2. I'm entirely lost but I think its a good thing. I've made my way to several areas that I have absolutely no right to be in. Like Frodo if he wandered out of the Shire in the morning and found himself at the foot of Mount Doom by tea time. Totally ill equipped and beyond fucked in a fight. Not that Frodo could really handle himself at any point. My plan was to get myself levelled up a bit before going back to the Fell Omen boss but I just kept going and going and ended at the top of The Divine Tower of Caelid where I should not have been allowed to go. I mean it was an amazing journey seeing the landscape change and meet all these wonderfully realised creatures that I was going to run away from, but I need to make some real progress and come back to these places when I have even hint of capability about me. Where are the best early dungeons? I've done Groveside Cave. That was fun, but clearly built for the early wanderer to feel good about themselves Are there other lower level ones that I should be hitting to get a bit of experience in? Oh and smithing stones, I need lots more smithing stones so was hoping there is maybe a Smithing Stone mine or farm I could raid? Yes, I know there is no such thing but I really want lots of them. Its no doubt all been said before, but I could play this game for hour after hour, fight nobody and still have a great time. Its struck some weird chemistry where all the core parts of Souls games exist but in way that removes the tedium and boredom that set in for me. Sekiro did that by focusing entirely on the combat system and asking you to practice LOTS, whereas Elden Ring rips the barriers down and leaves you with more options and places to go than you could ever need. Both approaches seem to have removed the issues I've had with From games and I just hope Elden Ring continues to build on its openness the way Sekiro consistently built on the technicality of its combat.
  3. Thanks for the advice guys. Focus on Vigour, Strength and Dexterity then when I have a weapon that I fall in love with specialise in Strength or Dexterity. Got it. Will keep endurance topped up when I can as I always find myself having zero stamina at times I really need it so a combination of managing it better and having more will surely help. Is there a minimum level I should get the magic / loot based stats too so I can do some basic but essential stuff? I played for a good few hours last night and I was actually blown away by what I ended up seeing and doing. Forgot about the story stuff (partly because the Fell Omen boy seems well beyond my pay grade at the moment), explored the world and the only way to describe it is that it’s giving me the same feelings I had when I started Death Stranding. A world so wonderfully realised and perfectly crafted that every moment and venture over a hill or piece of scenery reveals something spectacular. I ended up in Sofia Rivers I think it is and fuck me that place is incredible. Deadly, but incredible. Like a beautiful nightmare. Is this a dungeon or a full underground part of the world? Im not sure if it’s common but when I am in Limgrave there is quite a bit of scenery pop in at times, which is quite jarring. I thought that was the kind of shit we had left in the past with the next gen consoles (I’m on PS5). I have things set to prioritise frame rate so it’s not like the resolution or anything is being stretched. Is this just something that happens? Anyway, Im completely in love with the experience so far and there are a lot of things suggesting this isn’t going to end the same way Dark / Demon Souls and Bloodborne did, but I’ve been here before so really hope this continues being quite special.
  4. I think I’ve figured out one of the main reasons Sekiro is one of the greatest games ever made and every other From game eventually bored me to tears. I have no fucking idea what I am doing or should be doing with the levelling up so end up building a character that is always going to be boring no matter who I fight. Sekiro takes away that side of things and just focuses on creating a truly inspiring and technical combat system. So, I need help. I favour melee combat. Sword and shield type and happy to spend a lot of time learning how to be very good with both blocking and parrying. But I have no idea what I should be doing to make my character proficient in that style. I also want a lot of endurance and happy to forsake almost every spell known to man to support that. As far as the game itself goes it’s absolutely stunning and has started very promising with the additional counter and special moves available. I think they are called ashes of something but they are Combat Arts to me plus Torrent is an almighty game changer for so many reasons. At the moment I’m in and I really want it to stay that way!
  5. I’m starting Elden Ring today. I have time to play it on and off for the next couple weeks then a huge amount of time to put into it after that… if my will to live hasn’t been crushed by that point of course. Started as what seems like the fairly standard Vagabond after deciding the Samurai just looked completely out of place so expect it’s going to take me a while to adjust to the different combat approach required following Sekiro. Wish me luck
  6. It’s almost like the thought ‘we can’t have block and parry on the same button, fuck no, that’s what Sekiro did’. Yeah they did that for a very good and vital reason! It’s makes both the parry and dodge mechanics unreliable so it’s almost game breaking for me, especially when there will no doubt be enemies and bosses that require you to be very clever and consistent with the use of parry, dodge and block all together.
  7. Yeah, played the demo just there and coming off the back of a good month being devoted to Sekiro this feels quite lethargic and bloated. It looks spectacular but that seems to be trying to make up for the combat not being anywhere near as tight as it should be. I know they will refine things before launch but feels like there it’s trying to do too much. Also having parry on a different button from block is bad enough on its own, but then having the parry button double up as your dodge with it timing based whether you parry or dodge is just madness.
  8. Cheers man. I have already finished Sifu and absolutely loved it. Sekiro nails defence being the vital mechanic in the combat, but Sifu clearly takes a lot of inspiration from that and does it really well.
  9. That was exactly my issue with other Souls games. Some sections got so boring to replay that I was no longer enjoying the game. I was never turned off by the difficulty of bosses or sections, they just became increasingly shit to play through, so it sounds like Elden Ring avoids that Im inclined to wait for a price drop but at £50 I can’t see that happening any time soon so may pick it up in a couple weeks when I have rinsed a bit more sheer joy from Sekiro.
  10. Can you think about any human person playing other Souls games and not liking them? Or is there something unique about Elden Ring that sets it above those games? Quite simply, when I die in it (and I know I will die a lot) will I be forced to play sections of boring combat over and over or have From made something special again in how fun it makes even the most basic encounter? There wasn’t a single time in Sekiro where I felt deflated upon death, because there was never a huge amount of stuff to replay to get where I needed to go, plus once you get a grip on the combat system it’s incredibly fun and rewarding.
  11. Nice one, thanks. I assume I should be mopping things up before going to NG+ to make sure I’m suitably equipped? I have 9 gourd things, 13 attack power and 7 or 8 prayer necklaces but no idea what the cap is for those things.
  12. How do I get access to those battles? Do I need to do them on another play through?
  13. Hello I’ve wandered in here off the back of completing and absolutely loving Sekiro but being traumatised by every other From game. I’ve never went past about half way in other Soulsborne stuff but Sekiro has been a special experience. I love a difficult game that requires skill and lots of practice to get the best out of, but I can’t fucking stand the oppressive slogs that every other From game forces you to endure as part of the gameplay cycle. Sekiro cut through all that nonsense by streamlining the world and more importantly making every single encounter with any enemy fun. How does Elden Ring compare? I appreciate the combat and character building is more like Dark Souls but does the more open world make it less of a life sucking experience whenever you have to restart a cycle? I want to play it and Sekiro has given me hope it could be a great game and really work for me but my past experiences with every other From game still loom large. Help me lowly Tarnished.
  14. Ah right, cheers @dug so does that mean the rest of the game pans out differently after those fights or does it slot back into what happens after the path I took?
  15. I've looked at a few vids now the main story is done and have seen things that make no sense. I mean, have I actually missed huge chunks of the game because of a certain choice or is this NG+ stuff I have to look forward to? Keep in mind my traumatic past with Dark / Demon Souls and Bloodborne when I ask this guys. Should I move onto Elden Ring or is it going to eventually depress me like other From games have?
  16. IMMORTALITY SEVERED I don’t really know how to describe the last few hours I’ve had playing Sekiro. It’s been the most intense and rewarding gaming experience I might have ever had. In the end I finished the final boss without using any resurrections. I don’t really know how I did that, but even a few minutes before beating his final form I knew I was going to do it. It didn’t matter what he used I knew how to deal with it, what was coming next and what to follow up with. I’ve made a big thing about my dislike of From games and part of me hates them more now because it’s clear they can produce a game with insane difficulty but make every part of it fun and exhilarating. No other action game I’ve ever played has made defending the core mechanic of its system, no doubt because it’s a very difficult thing to get right, but even harder to make enjoyable. Sekiro has redefined action games for me and I’m now worried I’m not going to enjoy other games as much as I would have had I not (finally) played Sekiro. I suppose it’s straight into #2 then? Is that NG+ so all your gear, attack / defence upgrades and the difficulty ramped up to ‘FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU!!!’?
  17. They had to force it for the difficulty I think. But instead it detracts from the otherwise incredible gameplay. I didn’t find the final one too tough but the one earlier that requires you to fly inside tentacles or something that were closing as you went in and do it multiple times was a fucking joke. Everything else though makes it one of the best space shooters ever made.
  18. Done! In the end I limited my attack windows to a couple of very clear openings, baited him into his big swing, swing, slam attack every chance I got and beat his final phase the first time I got to it. I’m glad it’s done, but unlike every other boss fight in the game I will never go back to it. Onto the finale now and ready to switch back to that version of Wolf that remembers he is actually a Shinobi Death Dealer.
  19. Yeah, even without the Sake Express side mission it should be fairly obvious who becomes the fiery wanker! The path to him is a brilliantly challenging and visually stunning redux of previously explored sections, which makes the actual encounter with him all the more ffffffffucking frustrating. What annoys me the most is I have earned every single Shinobi Execution through a lot of practice and I’m not afraid to say it, skill. Only to be met with a battle that requires none of that beautiful die, learn, do that a lot, become amazing, win, mechanic. I’m not doing anything else until he is beaten no matter how slowly and boringly I need to do it as I refuse to let this terribly judged section detract from one of the greatest games of all time.
  20. It’s more than possible to be aggressive, it’s absolutely essential but your incredible armoury of defensive abilities are useless so it becomes an exercise in circle strafing and hoping to get lucky with the draw on its move choices Its a terrible part of what is otherwise a masterpiece, but the fact it’s right at the end emphasises that it’s simply unnecessary. Yes it’s optional but it feels too important as part of the journey and the characters to ignore. The only saving grace is you can immediately go back into frying pan every time you get smashed. Ooooooh what fun!
  21. I’m not even joking when I say DoH really has tainted my overwhelming enjoyment of the game as a whole. It’s just so fucking boring and awful compared to the thrilling and rewarding experience of every single other battle in the game.
  22. Decided to go back and deal with DoH before the end game and I take back everything positive I’ve ever said. It’s like a boss from Dark Souls that they put in their to remind me how awful they can make playing their games feel
  23. If it is that Hirata Estate section @carlospie then that was real hurdle for me too. There were lots of enemies and sections where my flowing, care free progress smashed into a wall and this was an early one. The key for that bit is getting the spear hunter on his own, so as @Talvalinsays get the stealth deathblow by sneaking up the left hand side then quickly try to take out the 'standard' enemy near him. The enemies slightly further ahead should only get involved if you hang around that path so get back to the bridge and use the tree above the bridge to take a breather you can then jump down to deal with the mini-boss at your leisure as he cant hit you then get back to the tree if you need a moment. Of course, having Mikiri counter and just taking the piss out of him is what you should really be doing, but at that stage of the game at the least honour can go fuck itself
  24. There is no doubt there are some bosses that are much easier with the use of certain prosthetics but I've never felt that anything other than a really good knowledge of each enemies attacks and how to defend against them was what I needed. Its that 'defend against them' that is the biggest thing for me. No action game has ever embraced that art of defence like Sekiro and its a masterpiece for it, which sadly wont ever get the attention it deserves. It took me a long time to realise and then even longer to implement it but that defending and being great at it is more important than actually attacking. If you cant learn to live in that little pocket where death is a single missed deflection away then just stay at home
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