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  1. My intelligence, faith and arcane are all at rock bottom numbers so I don’t think I could even light a match if I tried. The whole game does seem very heavily weighted toward magic and casting things so my sword and shield focussed warrior has suitcases full of shit he can’t use.
  2. Went to Caelid. Got to Redmane Castle. Met Radahn. Hated every second of it.
  3. An absolutely incredible episode and on par with episode 3 for me.
  4. Must have been you opening with ‘But…’ like none of what I said mattered because of the significant issue you went on to point out. I get you weren’t suggesting it should change my view of the movie, BUT it did feel like I was being told I shouldn’t be saying anything positive about it. Anyway, it’s not aged well at all. But Johnny 5 is a legendary character and that final chase scene is one of these movie moments that imprinted on me.
  5. Does that mean I have to not enjoy watching the movie now? I was a kid when I watched it, fell in love with it and whilst I completely agree that it had horrific racist stereotyping it’s sadly not something anyone (let alone a child) really had any regard for back then.
  6. The first movie is fantastic but the sequel is one of the best movies of my childhood. That ending and the use of ‘I need a hero’ is fucking special. “Suuure…. Kidnapping humans, DESTROY THE MACHINE… OOOOOOOOHHHHH”
  7. Part of the reason I love Andor so much is because it’s the closest thing to Rogue One since Rogue One. It’s a fantastic film! I’m not interested in getting into debates about what ‘good’ Star Wars is but like Rogue One, Andor is a beautifully measured and presented piece of viewing. Ive always been apprehensive about the more detached Star Wars stories and characters that have emerged in recent years, but they’ve been some of the best. If Disney ever grow the balls to produce a force / Jedi centric movie / show that is miles away from the Skywalker timeline and characters then that for me could be the best thing yet. But back to Andor and it’s greatest strength being how it handles everything that has nothing to do with Star Wars. I sat slack jawed for the final 15 minutes of episode 6 not because it was a great Star Wars set piece but because it was a perfect pay off for what had been building up. It’s just great TV.
  8. I have no idea who this Fire Giant is but he sounds like Elden Rings version of Demon of Hatred. Where all the powers and skills you have built and perfected are worthless and any issue the game may have (camera of course) are dragged to the fore for you to enjoy in all their glory.
  9. I imagine going back to a game running at 30FPS is going to feel almost unplayable. There really is no excuse for it this long after 60 being made the unofficial entry point. Is there any merit to this claim it’s been sacrificed due to the demands of the coop open world? Seems like horse shit to me, especially when other games seem to manage it, but I don’t know enough about the technical side of it.
  10. When you realise the Aldhani native chief isn’t actually playing a character and is just himself fucking legend!!
  11. Right, so this is special. 3 episodes in now and it’s so measured and confident in its approach. Luna as Andor was incredible in Rogue One but this is where that character was meant to be seen. That first meeting with carries so much weight and significance given everything that has come before this show but it’s handled beautifully. Subtle but laying the foundation for monumental events that we all know so well. So happy with this!
  12. I’ve just started this after managing to avoid all spoilers so wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But after about 9 minutes it was made very clear what kind of Star Wars this is going to be. Fucking brilliant!
  13. I think I did that fairly early on. It’s boss is a bit of a prick. Like a werewolf or something? I think I missed loads of the actual castle as every time I went round a corner I got twitchy about where my next shrine would be, haha.
  14. Caelid was the first place I ventured to after getting to Stormveil. I couldn’t beat the first boss so went for a wander…. And rode through that place like the ground was falling away behind me. I’m not overly excited about going back but at least now I might be able to face some of the horrendous enemies it has in store.
  15. I think that looks great. Origins always felt like something just wasn’t quite right but was still a great game so I will be all over this day one. Not overly fussed about the multiplayer side of things so my only worry is that it’s too focussed on that at the expense of a solid single player experience. Plus, the Court of Owls is / are a brilliant big bad to centre things on.
  16. Yeah, the red letter of that quest sticking a marker on a place that was almost off the side of my TV made me think I should leave it for now too Caelid then.
  17. I’m lost. I feel like I have wandered and explored 4 different games given the volume, diversity and sheer beauty of the environments. I’ve went down 2 separate wells. Ascended the universes biggest elevator. Climbed Elden Rings version of Mount Doom. Joined Eldens Rings version of the Assassins Guild. Ran away from at least 12 bosses that looked like they could kill me with a gentle sneeze and now feel I need a little direction and purpose to my exploits. I’m currently trying to get into the Capital and whilst I’m not sure if it’s still too early for me to be doing that, have no idea where else I should be going. Someone tell me where to go and who to kill if I shouldn’t be heading into the Capital yet.
  18. So you don’t actually equip it, but it works automatically when you pick up something else? What’s the point of the Rune if it’s useless without the consumable? Surely it should just be a case of these consumables only working at a certain point in the game without the need for the Rune? Feels like a Rune for Runes sake that. Yet more madness
  19. So it doesn’t time out and it’s only limitation really is how many rune arcs you have to fuel it? Nice.
  20. I really miss Sekiro. It has changed the landscape in what can be achieved in action games for me, like Death Stranding before it did for open worlds. For me to still be playing Elden Ring after my feelings toward Souls games is an achievement in itself but I’m absolutely loving every time I play it. Gameplay wise nothing in Elden Ring hits the level of challenge and then satisfaction that Sekiro provided. ER is a colossal and captivating game, but it lacks the perfectly measured and adrenaline inducing excitement that Sekiro has. Playing Sekiro is like learning to play the guitar like a god and then learning several amazing songs to play on it. Elden Ring is like learning how to play every instrument in a band fairly well and knowing loads of songs to play at that level. I’d rather be a god
  21. @robdood inspired me to go back and sort that broken Great Rune I got after beating Godric so I've done that. Get to the Divine Tower of Limgrave, fix the Great Rune, equip it then every time you use a rune arc you will activate the Great Runes ability. I've no idea how long the effect lasts but I'm buffed to fuck right now with nobody to fight You can only equip the Great Rune at a site of grace and I assume change them there too? What I think is lovely is that you get a Great Rune from Ranella but it seems to just sit in the inventory with you not being able to equip it, so that contradicts everything the game has just told me about Great Runes why is it always madness?!
  22. Yeah I remember being told about it, but it was quickly forgotten as something else new was given to me and then I found a different area and then there was another NPC and then and then. The world is absolutely saturated with stuff like that making it very difficult to tell what is very important and what is some mad person rambling about shite that means nothing. I totally get that a huge part of the experience is about discovery, but when its all presented to you in the same way and then contained in a monstrous inventory it’s difficult to know (without help) what to do with things or where to go. It’s the point I made earlier about From hitting the balance between the ambitious scale of Elden Ring and the focused perfection of Sekiro. They get that balance nailed and they will have basically won game development.
  23. I get games having mystery and little secrets to uncover but this kind of thing is just bullshit. I don’t want to be checking a guide every 20 minutes to find out what kinda essential stuff I’ve completely missed. Some of its obtuse but a lot of it is neglect for the gamers experience.
  24. Hesitation is defeat… and I’m still standing whilst Rennala is left cradling her massive unhatched kinder egg toy talking in riddles. I can’t upload the clip but her casting a fucking dragon as I went in for the kill and the lock on switching to the dragons leg was a special moment. Actually summed up the entire boss fight really well, just pure nonsense. Now back to the brilliance. Eh… I have no idea where to go now
  25. Yea I did, just before this Lucaria business and I’ve got a mix that heals half my HP and gives me an attack boost so I’m taking that just before the end of her Phase 1 as I don’t want to be fucking about with it when she is going bananas with her spells. I did that with Sekiro too. Ignored almost all of the items including very rarely using the prosthetic tools, instead becoming absolutely ridiculous with the core combat. But I will definitely take more time and make sure I use everything that can help me in Elden Ring. For example, I have 6 Rune Arc things, have no idea what they do bur imagine they are fairly useful tool?
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