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  1. NOW, I’m taking a break. The final boss rush bullshit can go fuck itself. Just as things were building back to an epic run and what looked like a thrilling finale the old tiresome and boring forced combat mechanics come back with a vengeance.
  2. From where I ended up last night to this… God bless the god of Two-handed swordplay!
  3. “The mystery of your former triumphs have been vanquished. I can sleep peacefully now” Just the right amount of humour as always.
  4. This. I've just, for the first time in the entire playthrough I must add, switched out my shield, went two-handed with Grafted, buffed my medallions full aggro and that turned into one of the easiest encounters yet. Last nights pain was all to lead me to this point of revelation It sounds like you are similair to me with me leaning more toward strength than balance with endurance. I think my issue is I fight very aggressively but have never actually equipped myself to align with that approach. Fuck me. I do want to take a break still but... shit!
  5. I literally have no words for what just happened. I just took out his Phase 2 within 30 seconds of it appearing. What the actual fuck with this game man!
  6. Hold on a minute and I appreciate asking this at this stage in my adventure is grounds for banishment to the mines of Caelid, but... is it possible for me to make my attack power higher if I double-hand the Grafted Greatsword and if so... please accept my sincere apologies for this next bit..... seriously.... how do I hold a weapon two-handed?
  7. Thanks for this. My mind is a lot clearer this morning but I'm still going to take a short break from it... may be back on tonight Phase 1 is a piece of piss, apart from the opening of the battle being this horrible little bridge where I need to spunk my Mimic and try to recover health before the deadly brown paper bag rushes me I had runs at Phase 2 last night where he got stunned almost instantly and so I was able to rip into his health, but then others where he goes full Goku on me before I've had a chance to figure out where I should be rolling to. Why is it always rolling?!
  8. I think I need to take a break from this. I’m up against Malakeith and each attempt is making me like the game less and less. Once again it’s an exercise in constant fucking rolling until that single window opens up to attack. It’s no fun whatsoever and makes all the brilliant progress and development up to this point feel meaningless as you have almost no options as to how you approach the battle. Sure you can change weapons, ashes, spells, etc. but it all boils down down ‘dodge roll until you can do X attack’. Looking at what I still have to battle through after him and I’m just exhausted putting so much time into gameplay I’m not actually enjoying. When ER embraces the openness and scale of its world it’s incredible, but every time From doubles down on their extremely well worn boss dynamic it loses a lot of its magic. I will come back when I’m less frustrated and see how it shapes up but right now every bad thing about the game is being thrown at me and I’m so bored of it.
  9. Delighted to see the thread alive again and not sure how I didn’t see it earlier. Anyway, as above Sekiro is the greatest action game ever made for me and echo the points about how your treat defence. It turns combat on its head because being really good at defending is the essence of it all. The biggest issue I always had @squirtle was not knowing what to do but what NOT to do. You have to get comfortable being essentially on your back foot deflecting and countering 90% of the time and be ready for those small moments where you can attack and as you build up you create more attack windows for yourself. The Corrupted Monk is a toughie, but there is a very easy way to get a instant death blow on his 2nd phase releasing the pressure a little so hopefully you’ve figured that out or progressed by another means I want Sekiro 2 more than I’ve ever wanted a sequel to any game!
  10. Are you spec’d to take advantage of the swords scaling @joemul I’m alternating between a maxed Longsworn and almost maxed Grafted Greatsword and the only trouble I am having around that area is if I let myself get overwhelmed. Boss type fellows are a different story of course. Watching what are meant to be top tier foot soldiers get endlessly staggered by the Grafted is glorious.
  11. It’s awful. After the initial visual “wow” moment it quickly descends into all the worst aspects of the game. The ‘difficulty’, the camera, the combat repetition really glad it’s over and at this point in the game I find it really disappointing that’s how it left me feeling. Dont get me wrong, in general Elden Ring is a masterpiece but it has its flaws. My current annoyance is the fact my ‘god-slayer’ level Longsworn+25 looks no different to its base version couldn’t even have made it glow or something. Shite!!
  12. Oh sweet Jesus no! I am well over the 100 mark, I just meant its been about 30 hours since the last time I felt the way the Fire Giant is making me feel correction, WAS making me feel. He toppled earlier this afternoon and I'm now back to enjoying the game at its very best.
  13. I have no problem with how the game manages progression, or enemy levels but I will never get past the fact that it regularly leathers you with sections or boss fights that just no fun to play at all. So it swings from incredibly enjoyable and rewarding epic adventure to tedious repetition and frustration. What annoys me the most about that is there is no need for it. Sekiro handled all the same elements but made absolutely every single moment a thrill to play. This Fire Giant Is fucking awful both in terms if gameplay and presentation. Often clipping over you or hit boxes just completely wild. Yes it has a pattern but defeating that pattern is boring as fuck. Then you get twatted by something you thought were about to block or roll through. Its particularly frustrating because the past 30 or so hours up to this point have been absolutely magical. I’m not sure if it’s a widely hated section but if you make a boss enormous, forcing you to fight it with 90% of it off the screen is ridiculous.
  14. Same as above on a monumental scale. I would have given up playing ER weeks ago if I didn’t have the constant motivation of ‘I will be back for you after a few hours / dungeons ya prick’. It’s made every aspect of the game so rewarding. Help needed now lads. I have abused strength upgrades to the point I’m lvl 70 for it now. I have Longsworns Straightsword+23 but want to have a great / collosal weapon option that maximises my strength fetish. What should I use? I have all manner of weapons that I know nothing about because I’ve grown so attached to Longsworn but feel I need a really hefty alternative for whatever is left to beat. For context, I’m at the Fire Giant, have finished Rannis quest and lots of other side stuff so I’m fairly stacked.
  15. It’s for these very reasons that every episode makes me more and more excited about watching Rogue One on Wednesday morning after the finale. I know there is likely going to be at least one more season but that just means I will go through that process all over again when that is ready
  16. I thought I was going to put this on the back burner after Ragnarok landed but I got sucked back in last night and had an almighty session. Took out Rykard, Fortissax and all manner of mini bosses in between. Absolutely incredible journeys and battles all the way through and I’m now close to where I think I need to be for the end game run. Buzzing! Still using Longsworns Longsword +17 but I’ve hit an upgrade wall chasing smithing stones[6]. Night give this Blasphemous Blade a whirl as it looks pretty handy. I do have a bit of a grumble though. Fighting Dragons as a melee build is shite. Unless I’m missing something, or it is specific to Fortissax, you can’t lock onto legs so end up either fighting the camera to get hits or not using lock-on making the battle harder than it needs to be. What am I missing?
  17. I’ve played 4 months of a game with Man Utd and the only bug (albeit monumental) is the fact I’ve won every game apart from a single draw away to Fulham. Ok, so it’s not a bug and there is no way I’m that good but apart from a couple of instances where long balls seem to completely defeat my centre backs I can’t say I’ve seen anything concerning. What is the ME and AI doing that is a problem or a better question, what is it not doing that you would expect it to do? Maybe I’m numb to what are actually issues with the game and I chalk these things down to ‘that’s football’ far too much. The only thing that matters though is nothing is detracting from my enjoyment of the game.
  18. Most of your issues @Dark Soldier I’ve not found at all. There isn’t anything I’ve encountered that feels bugged or broken. It all just feels like Football Manager. Im interested to know what you feel is wrong with the Squad Planner? I view it as a different way of managing the squad depth and identifying weaknesses but most of that I do myself outside of the game as I build my knowledge of what this year leans towards. I delegate certain things sometimes and at other times go right into the detail of those things. FM for hit a peak several years ago and has basically coasted but I’m not sure what they could add or change now that would change the essence and the game. 80% of it in terms of letting you get into the tactics and mechanics of football is flawless. The other 20%, which is where most of the issues appear to be, for me is just noise. The stuff it needs to do well it does really fucking well and that’s always been the case. The fact it’s refrained from developing some kind of Ultimate Team add-on to generate more cash and has instead always focussed on the core of the game gets taken for granted. I have no doubt the full release will improve a lot of the things people might be unhappy with right now, but for me it’s just another year another perfect window into the magic and madness of football
  19. I don’t think I’ve ever bought the new FM thinking ‘I wonder what new stuff there will be, I hope it’s not disappointing’. It’s just one of those games that gets bought every year day one because it gets played almost every day. I’ve been lucky enough to get a code so been playing a lot the last week or so (still Beta of course) and it’s as glorious as ever. The European competition licenses feel great for those games and the only other real big change I can see is the Squad Planning, which if you are anything like me is where you will spend hours, days even assessing options and how to improve even marginally. It also runs smoother on my aging laptop but I’m due a new one next month am looking forward to the bump in quality when have it running there. Another year, another FM, still absolute quality!!
  20. Only a show that is as beautifully crafted, paced and scored as Andor could take the most boring sounding sentence and make it a "Fuck YES!" moment. Next week is going to go bananas just like the 3rd episodes of the previous arcs so really cant wait for it.
  21. If someone had just arrived in the ‘Guilermo Del Toro’s Narnia’ section of the game how much of the main adventure would that signal being complete?
  22. 2 episodes in now and can comfortably say this feels better than season 1. Much more balanced, every scene feels like it carries real significance and I’ve no idea where it’s all going to go with the pieces scattered on the board I mean, I know where I want them to go and have my theories but just really enjoying how strong this has returned.
  23. And they can only reset time back to the 1st July (think is the key date) from the point they are at. If they go all the way through that year and go past 30th June it’s like a checkpoint save.
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