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  1. 30 minutes ago, stir fry said:

    It's nice to do in certain situations tho, at close range it interrupts the enemy's bullshit. Which is awesome


    I struggled with how stagger works on both sides of this early on but I'm well into it now and its absolutely fucking brilliant. The way it maintains the immediacy of the combat, giving you so many great options whilst there is a visual carnival going on is so impressive. The first game did this so well, but its really perfected in the sequel. Things that almost every other game can only handle in cut scenes is your bread and butter here. I keep finding myself finishing a new battle and only then realising I have a huge smile on my face :)


    The Dauntless Shield paired with Realm Shift armour is starting to feel a little over powered, even with them still on level 1 but I'm having too much fun to care. That's not to say its making things easy as I still get slaughtered if my concentration lapses or I get greedy on the offensive, but the feeling of real power is fantastic.



  2. 1 hour ago, Timmo said:


    My God, the combat sounds beyond awful. This is 100% an avoid.


    I'd advise anyone here to watch that section before buying. 14:55


    That is incredible. The original Dead Space and survival horror games in general often ended up fairly rigid in terms of combat mechanics but given where we are in game development it is staggering that this has made it not only into the final game, but essentially the core of it. Fuck me!


    It looks like The Surge games but with 10% of the gameplay mechanics and none of the threat or excitement.

  3. 9 minutes ago, Down by Law said:


    That's a shame because the dodge animation and camerawork looks pretty good, I envisioned it would be kind of like a parry i.e perfect timing > safe dodge. I wonder if that can be toggled in the options? 



    Yeah absolutely this and can’t understand how anyone would think this is a good idea. Surely that’s an accessibility option and can be changed?!

    That’s like when my son kicks my arse at Marvel v Capcom because I’ve turned auto combos on for him. Wee prick thinks he is a gaming god!

  4. We've been here so many times before. Traumatised by yet another pile of nonsense delivered where a great Transformers movie should be but somehow still feeling hopeful that this time, this one could get it right. The excellent Bumblebee did earn a lot of goodwill with its small, character focussed story but switching back up to the world ending threat is giving me that fear again.


    Please let it be the forest scene from Revenge of the Fallen level good!

  5. This was lovely. There are moments where the exposition


    especially in the flashbacks

    goes on just a little bit too long but overall a solid start.


    It feels like it could have done with at least one more episode as part of the launch given the amount of foundation building going on in episodes 1 and 2, but really looking forward next week.

  6. On 27/05/2022 at 10:56, MardiganX said:

    My Gamertag and online avatar has been based on the legendary Matmardigan since I first set up my Xbox profile all those years ago. As a kid and then growing up watching the movie over and and over and over I thought his name was Mad Mardigan because, well he is :) hence the shorter name I used. So yeah I’m kinda invested in this and think it looks fantastic.


    They will never recreate the magic and chemistry that Kilmer and Davis had but I am confident this will be a worthy follow up to what is one of the greatest fantasy movies of all time!


    Its time. 


    Locktwarr danelora, Luatha danu, tuatha tuatha, chnox danu

  7. 22 hours ago, FiveFootNinja said:

    So after a lengthy delay I have just jumped into this yesterday.


    Spent the first 2 hours wandering around dying a lot and not really knowing what to do. But have just done Beastman, the troll thing in the Stormgate and made it up to the hills. Need to get my From mojo back as my combat is sloppy still and having done Bloodborne and Demon Souls before I don't really have any excuses to hide behind. Just need to get good again.


    Glorious suffering.


    This is great, as you have referenced a specific point where I had my first big 'nope' moment. I ran from it of course. Ran away so fast and so high I put that Giant behind me and never looked back. Then about a month later I returned to that area and more or less ended him by flicking some lint from my pocket in his general direction :)


    You've got much more From pedigree than me with BB and DS under your belt (Sekiro is the only other one I've completed) so this should be as good if not better than those for you once you get properly settled in.

  8. This is just glorious to play. The core of the Father Son story is hitting me hard with every beat and there isn't a moment or line wasted as things progress. I feel like I'm still quite early on


    hunting Angrboda's Granny right now


    but a lot of the combat mechanics are now nicely dialled in so I can be aggressive but take care of defensive business when necessary. That did take a lot longer than it should have given action games are my favourite genre, but after fuck knows how many hours of Elden Ring maneuvers ingrained in my muscle memory I'm back to where I should be. The funniest 'issue' to deal with is the fact you can take damage without your attack animations being broken a lot of the time. Either give me invincibility frames or stagger me FFS, haha. At the very least the shield bash attack after I've applied the skills and faced the risk to earn the parry should protect me.


    Minor grumbles about things most folk wont give a single fuck about of course :) overall its just the perfect evolution of the fantastic world, characters and gameplay established by the first game. Oh and as has been mentioned many times before, the dual sense was created specifically for the implementation of the Leviathan Axe. A couple of times when recalling her after finishing a strong enemy I've held the pad above my head and looked down at the ground as the hilt lands in my hand :lol: what? Is that that not what we are meant to do?

  9. On 25/11/2022 at 16:27, squirtle said:

    I'm up to the final boss and I cannot be bothered. Four fights to get through. One lapse of concentration and half your health is gone on either Genichiro or Ishin The Sword Saint. It's so unbalanced in these fights. I really like the moment to moment play in this but the bosses are just boring. This has been the tipping point for me in From believing their own Git Gud hype train. It's gone beyond enjoyable and tense into monotony and boredom. I'm glad I saw all the way to the end and maybe I will come back to it, but it's about 15 minutes an attempt and that's just too long to sustain that elevated level of play for me. This really is their weakest game since Demon Souls for me.

    SeKiro is different from every From game because it demands the player to become strong with the core mechanics rather than having an ever increasing stat requirement for you to hit. If the focus on pure technical gameplay feels boring, especially by the time you get to the final boss, then that’s never going to change.


    How would you compare the final boss run on Sekiro to Elden Ring? I assume you’ve played that other wise ignore the ask :) for me that finale was everything you describe Sekiros to be, with ER having none of the technical beauty to it and instead is just another dodge roll / sprint to enemy hit point obstacle course. 

    Where every other From game lets you away with murder provided you have high enough stats and buffs, Sekiro has none of that, instead asking you to apply everything you are assumed to have learned by each point. I must have tried close to 100 times on the final Sekiro boss but every encounter was a buzz because I could feel myself improving each time. By the final run I wasn’t even using the counter mechanic @HarryBizzle refers to and like every single enemy and boss encounter before it was approaching it in a way that allowed me to stay in control.


    The best way to do it is not be trying to beat the entire thing each time, instead focussing on a particular phase until you are comfortable with everything you need to do in it. Once you get a handle on a phase only then look beyond it. You will of course still get punished and taken out on phases you have got well dialled in but that’s why I love the game so much. This is the only From game that I would genuinely say has a ‘git gud’ aspect to it. There are no shortcuts to beating it and if you’ve got this far you are clearly capable and just need the time and focus to break it down. 

  10. Death Stranding!


    I played that for the first time this year and was blown away by it. Also a lovely change of pace, gameplay and visuals from ER.


    I will assume Sekiro isn’t in your list because you’ve already finished it, otherwise 🤨

  11. Rogue One is already a great movie and after Andor it’s even better, but when they finish the full Andor story I expect that TV show with Rogue One as the big movie finale could well become the best and most beautifully handled story in the entire Star Wars universe.


    Just finished watching Rogue One after Wednesdays episode and forgot just how funny and exciting it all is. K2 is of course the MVP but Chirrut and the other characters are just amazing. Fucking Andor man, who knew!!


    ”Are you kidding me…. IM BLIND!!”

  12. Spoiler

    At first I took it that Mon had refused to basically sell her daughter and the gambling chat was her way of dealing with the money. But after the courtship reveal, it felt like the gambling thing was the technical front for whatever funds are going to move about now. There is and will still be more dodgy transactions to sort out the money troubles. The arranged marriage on its own hasn't made them go away. So the gambling is going to be part of the alibi for whatever Gangster Father-in-law is going to do.


    The scene in the car adds depth to what Mon is having to do to sort things out, shows just how little she cares about her husband at this point and even makes the marriage reveal more of a surprise moment than it should be due to the subtle misdirection from the car scene.


    Just yet another example of even the smallest details being handled beautifully.


  13. That was fantastic. As good as they could have ended it and the way they brought all the threads and key characters together was measured beautifully.



    Mon clearly setting things up to burn her husband was a nice touch, then tempered with the realisation of what she is having to genuinely sacrifice with her daughter. Just another perfect beat in a expertly crafted story. Andor's point blank chest shot to the guard at the hotel was another great moment. Absolutely ruthless when he needs to be and as Martha's message to him said, growing into the unstoppable force he is destined to be.


    Lovely touch with the post-credits too. Even if it wasn't Star Wars this would be incredible TV, which is a measure of how well every part of the show has been done. Season 2 now please and Rogue One ready for viewing tonight :)

  14. On 21/11/2022 at 16:02, FishyFish said:

    The Guardian calling it as one of the best shows of the year...





    The article contains spoilers, so don't read if you've not watched it yet.

    I love Andor. It’s an angle on Star Wars we’ve only seen mildly done before in Rogue One and now perfected in this show. But it hasn’t made any of the other good TV stuff poor by comparison for me, which seems to the suggestion here. 

    The point about stuff feeling like it was made by fans for example, what’s wrong with that? As sad as it might be, the finale of Mandalorian Season 2 was a magical moment for me and it only worked so well because it was done by people who love the source material and handled it with care. Both perspectives on Star Wars can coexist and be equally brilliant.


    Cant wait for the finale tomorrow and will be rewatching last week to prepare :)


  15. This looks absolutely incredible. The trailer is pitch perfect with the action beats over the music and the hints of how the combat may well play out. With this and Ragnarok we really are seeing the quality that single player games can hit when they have the backing they deserve.


    2022 has been one of, if not the, best year for gaming for me with Elden Ring and two legendary games (Death Stranding and Sekiro) being played for the first time, but this looks like it could slot into that company and really hold its own. Just need to get Ragnarok finished now so I can devote all my time to Callisto. 

  16. 20 minutes ago, PikaStu said:

    I think it was mentioned earlier in the thread, that holding LB to block, then releasing and pressing LB when attacked was a good technique? 

    Yeah, that should be the default technique at least to start and then you can loosen it a little so you become quicker at moving as things progress, since blocking almost brings your movement to a halt.


    The big thing for me in the final third was letting go of using evade as much as I was and just getting comfortable sitting in front of attacks and deflecting them. It’s not easy and it necessitates a lot of deaths but when you get used to that style of play then the game becomes something completely different.



  17. I wouldn’t worry about it. I finished it having done one of the huge side quests that apparently gives you a different ending and if anything it only confused me more.


    Looked lovely mind, but plot wise it was absolutely off it’s nut!

  18. But defending and defending really good is actually a better way to keep the posture damage increasing. The rhythm I adopted was to work out how to defend all of any enemies attack as that was my best way to increase posture and once I had that, figure out where I could be aggressive to deal health damage off the back of some solid defending. Then repeat that flow. The best way to defeat any enemy, and this is my favourite thing about the game because it completely flips the action game genre on its head, is for defending to be your best weapon :)


    Most of the time if you defend well, the only actual attack you need is the deathblow that the solid defending opens up for you. Of course its not as simple as that with stronger enemies and bosses, but the flow or the process is the same, just repeated or expanded depending on the enemy / boss.



  19. 11 hours ago, squirtle said:

    My main beef with the game is the damage taken is disproportionate to the damage given. Even lesser enemies do so much to you. I just feel like I'm hitting them with a butter knife compared to a ruddy great sword.


    That's fairly standard for every action game though, especially where the combat is based on you learning certain techniques to make you more powerful. Plus with Sekiro its actually more understandable because most of the time you are working to reduce posture and so the majority of your attacks get blocked in some way.

  20. Just now, squirtle said:

    It's that lightning jump. I still have no idea how to do it properly. That dragon God boss just sort of did it automatically.

    I never used it apart from that boss. Even later on where a particular fight allows you a healthy damage / posture bonus if you can use it, I ignored it. The windows and signposting for pulling it off are much kinder in that boss fight too.

  21. I don’t think the game really encourages you to be aggressive @squirtle it’s only something you can do when you learn how to defend / evade first. Being aggressive from the first time you encounter a new enemy or boss will get you very quickly smashed.


    Same with the boss you are up against. It’s not an overly difficult encounter but assumes you have learned a very specific technique by that point. Even going so far as to labour that point on the approach to the boss.


    There is only one boss in the entire game that wasn’t perfectly in line with everything Sekiro is trying to do. Luckily it’s optional. I still have nightmares about it.



  22. GOD SLAIN!


    It took me grinding a little to max level my Mimic Tear and then going back in but that definitely made the difference. To be honest the final bosses were pretty poor compared to some of the incredible encounters earlier in the game but delighted to say it’s done.


    Sekiro 2 now please guys :)


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