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  1. I dipped in and out of Clone Wars and Rebels but went back through them all after the news about Ashoka and Bo Katan was announced. They are fantastic! I sat slack jawed through the entire opening of yesterday’s episode because, well fuck me. That is one of the greatest introductions of a character, whether you know their history or not, that I have ever seen. More of this please and as much of it as you can get filmed guys
  2. Ultimate Team is now unplayable for me. Every match has really sluggish passing and movement on my side and then regular pause / fast forward moments. I’m going to need to leave it for a bit and hope something changes
  3. I always tend to start with a fairly big Prem team and then gradually work my way down to the lower Scottish divisions Spurs have a really excellent scenario to work from with players that have never really performed but so much quality and potential (Ndombele, Lo Celso, etc.) so really looking forward to getting into it. Targets are a CB and CM for now as funds aren't huge. Torn over Delle Ali and if he can fit into my plans but that's all part of the magic isn't it. Anyway, its out, its great and it seems to be running smoother than ever!
  4. Faith restored. Praise all levers. Started 2-1. Got to the first true shortcut where you activate near the start. Thrilling and tense encounters all the way through. The view when I emerged from the darkness just before finding that shortcut was pure visually this game is on another level and when the gamplay works it pure gaming at its finest. I have no doubt I will end up back in a few dark places with this game but I will survive, I will march on and I will prevail.
  5. This really does run incredible doesn't it? Its the first year where I have seen an actual improvement in the game when using the same laptop for playing. Usually this run slower and starting a game its clear its going to be more difficult to run fast with lots of leagues and large database. But even on the high league and player database size I am getting 5 stars. Then in game loading and transition is as good as its ever been. If that was the ONLY improvement this year I would be more than happy. My laptop that runs FM is also for work (dangerous I know) and has the
  6. Will be hitting up a different one tonight and aim to shake this funk as I swear when I finished 1-1 I was as high as an Astronauts eyebrows!
  7. @Thor loved Bloodborne mate. Absolutely loved it. Never finished it though, due to the exact same issues that Demon Souls is in currently presenting me with. Demon Souls is fucking spectacular both in terms of visuals and gameplay but the forced 'loop' mechanic is stabbing at me once again. I have to reinforce the point that I am not against replaying sections in games. Far from it. I've spent hundreds of hours in games like Devil May Cry 3 and 5 replaying sections and bosses to improve my game on the highest difficulty settings. The difference is that almost all of these replays were my choic
  8. This is where the justification for replaying areas doesn't really work for me. In DS non-Boss sections are about getting through them efficiently so there is no reason to replay them. Players are forced to replay these sections so you either learn to love it, focus on farming or end up where I am which is questioning my own motivation for continuing. As I said earlier, my issues completely go away and DS moves into GOTY territory if it structured things the way 1-1 is. It retains all of the tension, dread and excitement while providing a satisfying and suitable reward in that pre
  9. Mate, I'm not underselling this to say that this post on its own may be the reason that I push on and actually finish the game. It would be easy to dismiss my rants as someone just not getting the game but that isn't the case. I totally get it, admire it and fucking love it when it hits the crazy heights it can deliver. Simply knowing that I am not ready for 1-2 is priceless.
  10. Fuck the lot of you! When it works smooth I agree it has been super smooth so must be an issue on my end making it difficult for me to take my Flashback Khedira out for a spin.
  11. No. Its a culmination of my collective experiences on Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne, which are all games where I ended up feeling like this and never finished. I'm just doing it a lot earlier with Demon Souls because the high of completing 1-1 was so exhilarating that its really made the 1-2 structure stand out. I did think if going to 2-1 would maybe serve me better so I will try that but I'm still going to have to run that bridge soooooo many times just to know how TK moves and its that pre-boss 'run back' step that, as has always been the case in the past is really
  12. I didn't actually say it how you have quoted it and it has a very different context how you have phrased it above but I appreciate its a bit aggressive. I'm not describing the 'game' as speed running at all. I almost crawled my way through 1-1, taking my time on every corner, shouting as I attacked while my health was dangerously low, scrabbling for distance to compose myself and marveling at every stunning view, thrilling encounter and mind bending level design decision. Then I was rewarded with a new shortcut ahead of the boss. It was a glorious gaming moment for me and I was all
  13. Do most people use guides for boss fights? These bosses, like most games worth their salt, require a lot of practice and patience to defeat them. So without a guide is everyone continually running back through sections of gameplay to get to to the boss, learning the boss patterns, etc. and then repeating until you defeat the boss? I'm not sure how repeating the same 5-10 minutes of fairly standard combat before a boss is less maddening than being able to go back into the boss straight away. I refuse to read guides for games, especially ones like this where its about learning combat techniques
  14. What is ‘get gud’ about running, rolling and avoiding most enemies? I totally get that mentality for boss encounters, more than happy to ‘get gud’ so I can defeat them. But when ‘get gud’ means avoiding confrontation to get from point A to point B as quick possible then I don’t think I’m ever going to find that enjoyable.
  15. I guess in amongst all my moaning I’m asking for help boys I am not an impatient gamer. I just don’t want to swing from the dizzy heights of ‘this might be one of the best game ever’ to ‘please god don’t tell me I have to replay this it over and over just to get to the boss’.
  16. @Calashnikovreferenced the ‘run back’ sections as being Benny Hill moments, hence the reference to those early sword clashing, tactical, tense encounters being reduced to nothing more than exercises in getting through as quickly as possible. Even when what it takes to achieve that has you playing in a way that you wouldn’t have dreamed of doing during your early runs. I have no issue replaying sections in games. My issue comes from replaying encounters where the actual gameplay that those ‘run backs’ evolve into is essentially busy work to get to the next section or boss. Maybe I a
  17. That is exactly where I was after defeating the first boss. I thought things had clicked and was like ‘right, this is going to be spectacular’... and then after having the most thrilling journey over a certain bridge in 1-2 I got one shorted by TK and it very quickly became apparent that the incredible section I had just played and the brilliant feelings it gave me where going to get chipped away at, replay after replay after fucking replay. I’m not bothered about losing and having to reclaim souls after a death. But the crushing realisation that an absolutely beautiful area and game
  18. The way Souls games swing from being absolutely incredible to the most frustrating, depressing experience of all time never ceases to amaze me. I thought things had clicked this evening when I finally managed to get past the first boss. The boss itself was a piece of piss but I’m not ashamed to admit that the journey to get there had me questioning whether or not this was how I wanted to spend the bulk of my opening days on the PS5. I don’t want to use a guide for games, especially when the environments are as beautiful and rich as this, but when being even the slightest bit ad
  19. How is everyone finding online playing on PS5? Last night I got booted from 3 consecutive Squad battles matches around the 60 minute mark when I was winning comfortably resulting in fuck all points. Tonight I have played 2 rivals matches and the stuttering lag, where it pauses for a second and then runs in fast forward, has made the games unplayable. Like that pause then fast forward happening every 5 seconds. I had nothing but silky smooth connections for over 150 games on the PS4 so just trying to gauge whether or not this is a genuine PS5 issue with whatever it’s doing behind th
  20. It was resolution. All works perfectly now and actually feels more responsive than 2020 when loading and progressing time.
  21. Where the fuck is Black Flag in that assessment? It’s not even up for debate whether or not that is one of, if not the best AC game.
  22. Trying to start a New Game in the Premiership with Spurs and having an almost unbelievable issue simply trying to configure the game. The cursor seems to be registing about half an inch lower than where it points on screen, which is annoying but I can live with it until something fixes it, however... I am also coming across some screens where I simply progress through the set-up because the 'Confirm' button is hidden below the bottom of the screen is this a known issue? I appreciate it may be something to do with resolution, etc. but right now I dont appear to have a way to fix it and so cant
  23. I'm in the exact same place. Demon Souls as it runs is probably the most I have ever been impressed with a console launch title, so I was initially quite underwhelmed with Miles Morales. Sure the RT, etc. setting looks incredible when you are static and can admire how pretty it is, but when I switched to performance mode THAT was when I truly felt like this was a next gen title and more importantly a step up from the PS4 Spiderman. So yeah, there is a limit to how beautiful things need to be when the sacrifice for hitting it is the smoothness of the experience. But these are the fi
  24. Yeah, having RT and whatever the other shinies are turned on when you take time to stop and stare (like photo mode) is absolutely the way to go. But when 90% of the game is breakneck speed and appreciation of the animation then performance 60 FPS is the real next gen feel. I may have missed it on the original but the air tricks while swinging were never this easy or detailed before were they?
  25. I just posted in the MM thread about this. Performance mode felt like the real step up from the original PS4 Spider-Man. Everything moves so fast in the traversal and combat that the graphics glitter usually takes a backseat.
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