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  1. This was described to me by a friend months ago and it sounded hilariously bad. Mental rats, crackpot Clergy, a whiney child and a fucking SLINGSHOT?!! oh how I laughed!! Im 9 chapters in now following the PS Plus release and it’s utterly captivating. I’m not sure if the PS5 version had a visuals boost but it looks and feels spectacular. I’ve issued several apologies to my friend whom I laughed at because this really is a great game. Not an ounce of fat, a very emotional story if it grabs you and some surprisingly exciting and ruthless gameplay. The stealth is not ground breaking but the rules are clear and consistent so that in itself is something a lot of stealth mechanics in games fail to achieve. Cant wait to get back in and really looking forward to seeing what they do with the sequel.
  2. Watching the trailers again and as incredible as Prince Adam’s transformation looks, when he turns to Cringer and points that sword at him I am going to lose my FUCKING mind!
  3. Is it full episode dump tomorrow or just the first? Me at 5 years old watching He-Man Me at 39 watching the new one
  4. The only thing that is annoying me about what is otherwise a brilliant show is the medium to larger scale action scenes. Its like they forgot to edit out the parts where characters hold a position until a specific moment before running, jumping, punching, turning, etc. and we are left with extra footage of Loki and others just standing or delaying an action they really need to do. It strips away most of tension and just leaves these scenes feeling quite flat. Other than that I am loving it, especially the quieter moments between Loki and the other main characters.
  5. Horror movies and games tend not to impact me. But Sci-Fi horror done right (Event Horizon will forever be one of the most terrifying movies ever made for me) turns me into a bit of a mess. DS1 was a landmark in gaming IMO, DS2 took that incredible set-up and improved every aspect. I remember when DS3 came out and it felt like the game Lost Planet and DS had switched development teams, not just because of the snow planet setting but because it seemed so far removed from what made 1 and 2 so good. Lost Planet being a license that similarly when off the rails around the same time is another discussion entirely. A full sequel with all the learnings from what went wrong with 3 would be glorious as would a Resi style remake of DS1. I think it was DS2 that had that specific enemy that simply could not be killed and I always thought that was such a fantastic twist on the combat and general feeling of 'SSSHHHIIIIIIIITTTTT!!!!!' so was really disappointed when DS3 seemed to go in such a different direction. Bring Dead Space back, do it right, take all my money!
  6. I really enjoyed this and apart from the final third just not having anywhere near the tension or spectacle of the earlier stuff it was much better than most of the reviews suggested. So more or less what I was hoping for, has some great moments and exactly the kind of quality Prime Originals need to be delivering and then building on.
  7. Are most people playing this in teams or solo online? I really like the look of it and quite happy to just jump in myself and enjoy the gameplay contributing to objectives, combat or whatever is required, but not if everyone else is coordinated enough to make solo players useless.
  8. This looks absolutely spectacular. It also looks incredibly intricate and rewarding in terms of gameplay. But... I just dont think I can play another Soulsborne type game unless there is some kind of new tweak to the death loop mechanics or even better a completely fresh take on that side of things. I was already exhausted by it with Demons Souls but Returnal has all but destroyed any desire I have to play (and eventually get bored) of yet another Dark Souls type game. Please tell me this isn't just more of the same in terms of the live, die repeat mechanic because it looks stunning.
  9. All this ridiculous noise to the side, I can’t wait to see this. It looks how I imagined the original was in my head a few years ago before watching a couple of those episodes again The best use of I Need A Hero is still from Short Circuit 2 when Johnny-5 is chasing Oscar, but that was a great trailer!
  10. After getting smashed during a re-run of the final boss last night a famous movie scene came into my head. I’ve changed bits of it but this is for everyone that has and still is struggling with any part of the game spoilered for length, it’s safe for all...
  11. Is ray tracing really necessary in a game where the objective is to move so fast that you appear almost invisible to your enemies? I get that its a big next gen headline and is part of the 'package' now but if ever a game didn't need ray tracing its Ghostrunner. The great thing is they dont seem to be compromising on the frame rate and overall visual output to achieve it so its a nice to have. Will definitely be going back in when its updated.
  12. When is that out and what's it gonna have in addition to the PS4 version? Which by the way was visually and technically incredible already.
  13. The credits rolled at 01:14 last night. The final boss fell on the first go. I mean how the fuck is that even possible in a game like this? I'll tell you why... its because by that point of the game you have become so immersed in the gameplay and the razor sharp controls that almost everything Selene does happens without you thinking about it. Its automatic. Admittedly, I had a regen machine stored up so while I did initially die within 10 seconds of getting to the boss that first time (I had about 40% health due to falling damage malfunction ruining me on the descent) when I made my way back with only a full 150% health bar I was victorious. Yes my almost full bonus damage, rapid fire Thermogenic Launcher was slightly OP but I had well earned that OP weapon during a nightmarish but also absolutely beautiful Biome 6. Clearly I'm going straight back in today to figure out what the actual fuck is going on and simply keep playing it but this is easily my most cherished game completion since Devil May Cry 3 on DMD mode GOTY. Give Housemarque all the monies. The White Shadow is still out there!
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