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  1. @Talvalin Eh, I’m not playing the main story? I know I stuck a wee bell thing in front of the Buddha back at HQ but had no idea it was a deviation Loving this ‘hold block and release - tap’ for parrying as a method rather than learning an entire library of parry timing sequences, haha. Will adopt that when I get back in.
  2. Calling it a night after a few hours of arse skelping madness. Progressed to a battle against a sumo type guy that spits poison inside a burning estate, which I expect isn’t very far at all, possibly still tutorial type territory but I’m happy with it It feels like the most important thing, like all good combat systems, is not doing more than you need to. Like resisting the urge to dodge all the time or understand that defending and parrying is as powerful as actually attacking enemies. There is a flow and grace about it all that I’ve found entirely absent in all other From games so it’s great to see a lot of what traumatised me in those other games is either gone or fine tuned here. I still have no idea how to use posture effectively but it’s clear the management of that little bar is the key to being really good. I hope I’m in for the long haul on this now and will report back after I’ve made some actual ‘beat a proper boss’ type progress.
  3. See, now this mini-boss type (I appreciate he probably isn’t a mini-boss but it’s what it felt like) has just fallen. Not because I spammed potions or came back with a bigger stick but because I learned his attacks and most importantly what NOT to do. It felt brilliant watching him fall. Better than it felt with any enemy or boss in any previous From game because it felt really rewarding as opposed to a fucking relief. If this pattern continues, albeit a million times more technical and challenging, then I might just fall in love with Sekiro.
  4. So… here I am. Years of debating whether to play it or not. So many times having it sitting in a download basket only to remove it. Haunted by my experiences of Souls games and Bloodborne where the gameplay cycle eventually, in all cases, became crushingly boring and unfulfilling. No matter how much Sekiro looked like a game that was perfect for me, with its intricate and stylish combat, I just couldn’t get past the fear of hitting that wall again. Until today. Ive been really struggling to find games to play recently. If it wasn’t for the masterpiece that is Death Stranding being available on PS Plus I may well have started Sekiro sooner but it feels like I’m playing it exactly when I am meant to. Just like Death Stranding. I want to love it and it’s started well with me hitting what seems like a mini boss type character who is obliterating me but only because I am currently an awful Shinobi. I’m a Shitobi! I can see what I need to be doing and know that when I do these things I will get that buzz that I always get from games that require you to learn like you are playing an instrument. I just hope the beautiful ballet of swordplay is enough to keep me strong when things get evil. I can handle any manner of difficulty in games. I am absolutely here for the challenge that brings. I just hope with Sekiro it’s more about you learning something truly special, rather than simply having the stomach to continue lumbering through an oppressive maze of nightmares
  5. I cant even remember how death was handled in all the versions I played @Kevvy Metal but I certainly don't recall going back to the start of a room at any point. Does that mean I always played it the way it actually wasn't meant to be played? DMC3 original was the point at which I just stopped wasting orbs on health and DT potions, instead focusing everything on increasing the bars and unlocking moves. After the first playthrough it became about doing it on the health you had (apart from mid-battle drops of course) and continually better at not getting hit for every That's been the case for every DMC since, but if I was to go back to DMC1 now with that approach I would get constantly obliterated until I gave up and went back to DMC 3 or 5. While we are on the topic actually, the special edition of 5 is an incredible title especially running on the PS5 (no idea about Xbox) so anyone who hasn't yet tried it, do it!
  6. The problem I found going back to DMC1 was trying to erase default responses to things because DMC1 Dante simply wasn't capable of doing the things that DMC3 and beyond DMC characters were. Unlearning and then being overly disciplined in how you re-learn the gameplay layered onto the game already being one of the toughest of its time. Madness the camera being that locked in Resident Evil style was a big issue but like the point above I cant remember if they tweaked that in the HD release.
  7. Can you stock up on health potions before going back into the fight? I remember them being quite essential on DMC1 but progressively less necessary as the games evolved and Dante and co were given more ways to fight, evade, etc. Nero (I think that's who you are fighting) will have very specific windows where you should attack him otherwise just stay the fuck away, so figure out what these windows / stances are and exploit them.
  8. How many folk managed to rebuild all the roads? I’m so far past the story being completed it feels like a faded memory but getting up to all sorts of ridiculous shit trying to get fucking Ceramics (which seem to be the most valuable commodity in the entire galaxy) to the desired locations
  9. I should have clarified. Kasuga isn’t the problem. I am the problem. I just needed to get things clear before I throw myself fully into the madness
  10. Does Kasuga continue to be a complete moron beyond the start of chapter 2 or is it just the scene setting routine he is still going through? It’s the kind of thing that works if you, as the player, are going through the same journey as him and can understand his reactions to things but at the moment he is behaving like a guy that time travelled 18 years into the future rather than just spent those years in prison.
  11. Eh hello So I know less than nothing about Yakuza games. I do like and have played a lot of RPGs but the Yakuza stuff has never interested me. With Like a Dragon dropping on PS Plus I'm going to finally see what all the fuss is about but note that this one switches the combat to turn-based and was wondering how do established Yakuza game players feel about this?
  12. I’m not sure they could have done this season any better. It not only delivers as a fantastic opening season, but lays the foundations for even better to come. So many pay-off moments and the final set piece was beautifully shot. Not a single angle or scene unclear and everything done with real purpose. There is more than a hint of book material in how they tied up the ending, which I was buzzing to see, so really can’t wait for the next season and just want it now.
  13. I’ve only watched the first 10 minutes of the finale but it’s already better than what most other shows achieve on their best day. “Cortana… I’m going to need you now”
  14. Episode 8 isn’t just one of the best episodes in this season so far, it might be one of the best episodes of Trek I’ve ever watched… and I’m comparing that to DS9, Voyager and even next gen.
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