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  1. It’s clearly there antidote to the slightly better weekly rewards from rivals. Take our coins and then we are left with nothing but that wee monkey inside whispering “Just a couple thousand FIFA points... that’s all you will need!”.
  2. I’m in London with work so won’t be able to play otherwise I would have been in
  3. This Ultimate Team ‘economy’ is getting out of hand. The numbers these cunts must make from players chasing the SBCs alone must be more than the retail sales of most other games. That Hazard SBC is fucking insane. It can’t possibly be worth giving up pretty much everything you have in players and coins to get him, can it?! To get one player that is only a few ratings higher than loads of other players that are a fraction of the coins?
  4. What wrong with the gameplay @gooner4life? So far I have found it to be a decent improvement, especially with the defending. On the FUT points you accumulate in Rivals, does that just keep stacking up until you hit 2000 then you can enter a weekend league? I have about 500 just now so miles away but I thought it would be reset after each weekend league with it being this years Daily Knockout Equivalent.
  5. MardiganX

    The Expanse - officially saved by Amazon

    Being from Glasgow and spending most of my time working in London I have joked about being a Wilding to the Southern Westerosi. Nobody is going to understand if I now change that to... see me here, Belta now Bossmang!
  6. MardiganX

    The Expanse - officially saved by Amazon

    I loved how Naomi switches her accent depending on where she was. It was very subtle but a nice little twang to some of her lines. Every bit of dialogue between Drummer and Ashford though
  7. And that was there plan B?!!
  8. I am very forgiving when it comes to movies, especially action and sci-fi so I really enjoyed this... until the final 3 minutes. There are gaping plot holes, huge leaps in character motivations and overall a very loose take on The Predator legend but I could stomach all that. What I absolutely could not take was the way things ended...
  9. So, if 12,000 points cost £80... you’ve spent roughly £320?! The FUCK?!?!!!!
  10. Hardly surprising but nothing higher than obscure 79s for me in my weekly packs. How much have you spent on FIFA points @Jerec? I have about 30k in coins and at least 140k tied up in team so not doing too bad, but still missing a real quality drop from any packs.
  11. So anyone played much with Lacazette? Other than perhaps a CB upgrade he is the only other player I could consider to improve this setup, although Benzema is surprisingly handy. Assists in every game so far!
  12. MardiganX

    The Expanse - officially saved by Amazon

    I appreciate the thread is turning into a log of my journey through Season 3 but I don’t fucking care. Just finished episode 8 and that last 15 minutes has got to be one of best bits of any TV show I have ever watched. Im sure part of it is down to my love of the books but the way the different perspectives all converge alongside the little Holden / Amos moments blew my head off. I was standing watching the last few bits. Standing. Watching the TV in my living room. The fact this show was so close to being cancelled is terrifying. It is easily as good as if not better than any TV show I have ever watched, never mind purely Sci-Fi shows, and that is because the core of the show is the Roci crew, that family. It never relies on the setting or the action (even though they are both superb) because it trusts these characters so much. At this point every single moment between them carries so much weight and purpose making that 15 minutes nerve shredding, even though I know exactly what was going to fucking happen. Season 4 is secured and that is great but churn out as many seasons of this as possible and let the full story be told because when something is made as good as this it deserves to be recognised and not fearing for its existence!!! REMEMBER THE CANT!
  13. Took coins. Sitting just shy of 70k now. Will maybe take the gamble on tradable rewards next week but we’ll chuffed with the coins as it only required a few wins last night.
  14. MardiganX

    The Expanse - officially saved by Amazon

    It’s just a sequence of awesome moments hung together with smaller incredible character interactions. The changes from the book are very clever but the show may actually be improving some of the key moments with the different angle things take...

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