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  1. MardiganX

    Destiny 2 - Solstice of Heroes

    Blue Armour? I have just stuck the full scabby green set on and collecting solar orbs but can see it’s going to take some time to get it all upgraded.
  2. MardiganX

    Destiny 2 - Solstice of Heroes

    Solstices of Heroes armour... do you need to be wearing the specific pieces to complete the challenges attached to them? Feels like a stupid question, but I just finished painting the best stuff I have for my 345 hunter and would really like to actually use it rather than cutting about like the John Mclane of Destiny while I do these flashback missions!
  3. MardiganX

    Destiny 2 - Solstice of Heroes

    How does Forsaken link to Destiny 2 when you have the Season Pass? Is it just glorified DLC but billed as a stand-alone entry? Apologies if I am going over old stuff here but thinking about getting back into Destiny as didn’t even scratch the surface of the Warmind DLC and Forsaken does look really interesting.
  4. MardiganX

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    I'm not saying winning the World Cup is not his priority. I'm saying that beneath the surface last night there must have been a part of him that was raging about not getting at least one sniff at goal.
  5. MardiganX

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Because strikers think (or at least they should) about every single minute on a pitch as a chance to score and given they way he plays I expect that is exactly how Kane is. Sitting on that bench last night there is no way that deep down he wasn't thinking about how a wee goal or 2 against the Belgium 2nd string would have been lovely.
  6. MardiganX

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Maybe I do but any striker worth their salt in that position has got to be thinking about winning the Golden Boot. He is just doing what he does best and being a fantastic professional, leader and example to any young player who believes in themself. I don't support any Premiership team, I don't support England. I am Scottish and I appreciate simply saying that could tarnish any point I have made but let me be clear, I absolutely adore Harry Kane and if he was to lift that Golden Boot, regardless of what England do it would be incredible. At a time when the Premiership was so focused on foreign talent he scratched, ripped and clawed his way into a very strong Spurs team at just 19 years old and since then has gone on to show that he could become the greatest striker England has ever had. The lad is a legend already and an example to any boy growing up who wants to make it. When my son starts playing (he is 1 right now) I will show him Harry Kane as someone to look up to and hopefully tell him about the time he won the Golden Boot even though he played less games than everyone else I just hope last nights game is not something that Harry Kane looks back on and thinks what might have happened if he played.
  7. MardiganX

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    My beef? I don't have a problem with how England approached last nights game, not in the slightest. I simply believe that missing out on that game is something that Kane may end up regretting if things don't work out well going forward. He may well have asked to play and been told otherwise but that doesn't change how that 90 minutes on the bench could have affected him individually. And as far as him not giving a flying fuck about playing one game less in the race for the Golden Boot... he or at least the people around him seemed to give lots of fucks about the race for the Premiership top scorer award when he was claiming goals as he chased Salah so is it too much of a stretch to think that deep down he might personally have had an issue with not being involved?
  8. MardiganX

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    FFS of course not. Maybe had a work with Southgate and let him know he would like to have an involvement at some point so he could cement his position at the top? Even if he did Southgate wouldn't understand because he was a defender and so no matter how Kane articulated how important it may have been and what it would mean to him Southgate just wouldn't get it. Now I'm not saying Southgate doesn't have a solid tactical approach to attacking but understanding the things that a World Class attacker might be thinking and feeling on a personal level in this scenario I would say he has no idea. It might never come out and being the absolutely devoted professional and captain that he is I doubt Kane would ever mention it, but on some level he had to be sitting on that bench last night absolutely screaming to be on the pitch and thinking about the implications for the Golden Boot.
  9. MardiganX

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    The biggest thing for me last night was Kane not being involved at all. Is he genuinely happy with that? I played as a Striker and I hated being rested because I always wanted to be the top scorer and that was for a lowly part-time lower league set-up. Kane has a strong chance to lift the Golden Boot at the FUCKING WORLD CUP and 90 minutes and god knows how many chances against a weakened Belgium side pass him by while he sits on the bench pretending to be ok with it. You think Ronaldo, Messi or Neymar would have accepted being on the bench for 90 minutes if they were in that position?! I don't care what he or anyone around him says, in his heart he must have felt horrible not getting at least a small run out last night and if his time at this tournament ends earlier than he hopes I think he is always going to regret not being involved in that game. I appreciate that is quite a selfish perspective and Harry Kane has done nothing to suggest he would be anything but supportive of his manager, however... it's the World Cup Golden Boot and he will most likely never get an opportunity as good as this to win it ever again.
  10. MardiganX

    The Expanse

    Nemesis Games (Book 5) done and how is it possible that it feels like things have just cranked another couple of levels?! Like everything before the events of Nemesis Games was just the introduction. Like the pieces on the board have somehow shifted again, but now to a place where every single conversation and action is going to carry weight, meaning and consequences. Before I start a new book I always flick through to see the Chapter perspectives and I thought Nemesis Games was the best mix but Babylon's Ashes looks like it could beat it... comfortably. I am dreading reaching the end of currently available books and then not having the next one ready to go, much like I am with the TV show at the moment with Season 3 not yet viewed. For the time being I have everything I ever wanted in a series of books and could not be happier!
  11. MardiganX

    The random discussion thread

    I don’t play Fortnite although I have a rough idea how it works and this is just fucking brilliant Steely!
  12. Do they care? When the dust settles on the World Cup mode and everyone returns to normal UT they will have no coins left and so will be encouraged to spend money rather than grind to get into a decent position again. As sinacle as it sounds I honestly believe that was EAs key objective when they structured the WC mode and it’s coin sucking player acquisition process. Strip us all of our coins stashes while we celebrate getting lots of icons that are worth ZERO! The fact the Portugal Nation SBC has still not been opened is further evidence of this as everyone that doesn’t have CR7 right now is chasing Portugal players from packs so they are ready for it. As soon as it is released and almost everyone gets CR7 EA have very little left to encourage players to spend coins or points. I would love to see the stats on player drops from specific nations and if they have changed following the release of the Nation SBCs. It reminds of the movie Gladiator where the wee Senate guy tells his mate that Commodus “knows what Rome is... He will strip people of their freedom and still they will cheer”, something like that. Commodus is EA, I must be the wee Senate Guy and FIFA players are the mob of Rome. Unfortunately, in this version Maximus doesn’t give a fuck.
  13. MardiganX

    Football Manager 2018 - Lower League Forumite stories abound

    The Squad Dynamics is the biggest difference and it adds a nice visual layer to the player chemistry type stuff that was previously all hidden and largely irrelevant. My current game is with Liverpool and it has been a pleasure seeing Trent Alexander-Arnold, Andrew Robertson and Joe Gomez progress to become hugely important players both on and off the field.
  14. Every team is almost identical with Icons being given out like bronze contract cards! I have Blanc, Deco, Okocha, Maradona and Hernandez but would much rather there were no icons at all and everyone had to build using the current WC players. The icon SBC in World Cup mode is just another method of EA to get everyone blowing their coin stashes. Same as the not releasing the Portugal and Argentina Nation SBCs. Let everyone chase specific players by dumping coins on packs but hold on the Ronaldo, Messi and no doubt Neymar SBCs because after that nobody will need to bring in any new players. The actual game mode is broken and boring as a result.

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