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  1. The only fairly 'clever' combination I have at the moment is the use of Lucky Pants legs and high mobility so I more or less never need to reload. Between the precision hits on my AR reloading my holstered Sunshot (Thank you Lucky Pants) and Marksmans Dodge re-charging within something like 14 seconds I rarely need to use a traditional re-load. A game changing technique it is not and both weapons reload that fast anyway I'm probably not saving a lot of time... but it looks cool when it works and reading back a few pages it appears that is all Hunters are good for
  2. Cheers man. Will get a look at the solar focus tonight as right now I still have a few items using Void purely because I haven't a clue what to double down on. Catalyst?
  3. Oh and while I'm here... do I need Upgrade Modules every time I want to infuse stuff or is there a way to do it using only glimmer and legendary shards?
  4. Tell me more @Uncle Mike I have a Warmind cell mod in use at the moment but its based on racking up kills with a Seven Seraph weapon, which my favourite AR is. Should I be switching that out?
  5. I've finished the Forsaken Campaign quest last night that was fantastic. Cant believe years have passed since it was first released and it still feels as good if not better than any FPS experience available today. Moving straight onto Shadowkeep tonight I think once I tidy up my inventory a bit. I'm still all over the place in terms of figuring out what to keep, what to dismantle, what to upgrade and what to do with 80% of the shit I have in Inventory but its not taking anything away from my enjoyment of things. The one thing I am absolutely clear on though and I cant see me ever
  6. I’m up to date. This is weird. The core plot is decent but it feels like it keeps going off on tangents, spending too long with them and then rushing the stuff that actually works really well. Zemo is a really great character and I hope this is just the start of a bigger role for him in the MCU, but he is also one of the problems in that his presence here creates a lot of necessary plot fluff. After 4 episodes its disappointing to say that it only now feels like it knows where it’s going but hopefully like Zemo this is just the start of what feels like it could be a bril
  7. Exactly that @dreamylittledream that first mission of Forsaken and the cut scenes that followed it reminded me why I loved Destiny so much in the first place. I immediately took the plunge on the legendary edition which seemed to be a good price at £41.99. But not I am at the tower, sorting through vendors, gear and quests I’m like
  8. Right, what am I missing... I downloaded Destiny 2 again from my digital library and I now seem to have access to the campaigns in Forsaken (playing it now) and all the other additional campaigns available on the Destinations. I haven’t bought any of the additional content including Forsaken onwards so how can I access it?
  9. How much would the additional season be if I can't wait?
  10. @Gorf King ah right, so by default when I play Forsaken and Shadowkeep I'm going to breeze it? What if I purchase them separately as the cost difference doesn't look to be much at all?
  11. I dont want to jump straight into Beyond Light though. I really enjoyed the story elements so want to play the campaign elements of Forsaken at least before I start looting and stuff. I will download the core game again and see what signposts it has for me
  12. So its £40 for roughly 200 hours worth of content in a game that at the time I was obsessed with? seems more than reasonable! Just how far off the pace in terms of power am I going to be starting Forsaken now?
  13. I'm on PS5 and can see the legendary pass you mention @Timmo so that is basically everything from Forsaken onwards? I have the core game already, but think that is basically free now yeah? How does that version work with the season pass stuff, is it included?
  14. I think its the lack of top level / boss enemy variety that is the main issue. Apart from 2 fairly early 'boss' fights every end of mission scenario or boss is basically the same, until you hit the end of the campaign and it decides to mix things up a little again. As others have mentioned above, when you consider the depth of the source material that is fucking criminal. They only way I can make sense of it is that Square and whoever else thought they would be clever and drip feed the Marvel world in to keep people coming back and obviously paying for more content, but that model is all but d
  15. See I thought that too, that superficial variety would make a difference but after 1 or 2 missions that is meaningless and every enemy boils down to the same set of actions if you want to beat them. Like you have 50 different awesome and amazing things that each character can do, looking amazing as they do it. But you only need 3 of those things to win. The problem with Avengers was never the way gear was displayed or how upgrading worked. The problem is the core gameplay, which is the absolutely critical element if you want a game of this style to succeed, is repetitive, shallow and after a c
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