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  1. Fuck me Yosh. That was some top tier co-op back in the day when co-op was only just emerging online. The highlight is still and will forever be Burnout Karaoke
  2. I've finally grinded enough to enter the WL but gathering from above that its not to be touched at the moment. Is that right? If it doesnt add points to your rivals score like it has always done before then that is bullshit but I thought that was something they fixed with a recent update, no?
  3. I sold Wijnaldum for 69k yesterday. He is an exceptional player for Liverpool and is so essential to the way they play but I sat on him for over a week not realising he was worth that amount because WHY THE FUCK WOULD HE BE WORTH THAT AMOUNT?!! More than ever its down to pace isn't it, which is why world class players like Kane and Halland are really very cheap compared to lesser players that are quick.
  4. Nice one, cheers. I will bring in the big man's standard card and try out the 4-3-3 I have lined up tonight.
  5. Thanks man. I’ve been looking at his IF too but doesn’t look like enough of a boost to justify the 49k. Has anyone actually scored from a corner yet? I’m close to hitting the 70 UT game mark and have yet to get a header / shot even close to hitting the target. It’s actually the only defensive aspect of the game that feels fairly realistic and tight but no doubt I am missing this years ‘there’s a trick to it’.
  6. Current team How do you find Milinkovic at CDM @Steely? Naingollan is really good but I feel like I need a 2 CDM / 2 CM formation option to go alongside this one and there aren’t many options in Serie A.
  7. Just watched this and absolutely loved it. Great performances portraying what is a sometimes unbelievable but all too real series of events. Its not overly emotional but towards the end there were some bits that really got to me. The jags of humour help to balance the seriousness of what actually happened and its very timely message.
  8. So start match and drop connection 10 times? amazing!!
  9. Can you increase loyalty in friendlies? I have 4 players that need their loyalty badge for my last SBC in the Nation / League hybrid and figure I’m just going to have to play matches with them.
  10. Agreed. How do I mitigate the shit show?
  11. Am I missing something on these OTW SBCs as they all seem to be loan players with 7 games. WTF is the point in a OTW loan player at this stage of the season?
  12. Sitting at 220k with a fairly solid Serie A team but I'm struggling with a few things that are really taking away my enjoyment of things. Firstly, formation... I feel the diamond leaves me too exposed on defence and anything 4-3-3 related just doesn't have the same options on attack, so what is everyone using and getting good results from? I have untradeable Douglas Costa and Skriniar which is holding me to Serie A at the moment but will be changing it up soon. Secondly, how the fuck do you defend in this fucking game? I have no problem conceding goals from being outpla
  13. The cost of certain players is frightening and not in the 'shit look how expensive he is' kind of way. I packed Griezman off the back of the Nations Hybird SBC packs and thought I was laughing my way to over 200k.... 102k he sold for and he is going for less than that now. Its great in some ways because the Serie A team I have put together has cost me probably a third of what it would have for that kind of team this time last year or in 2019 but its still madness. Working my way towards Larsson as usual, which is going to be a lot easier this year with the starting value of his 86
  14. Finished the campaign last night and apart from a single stutter toward the very end it was absolutely tremendous! Its not an easy game to get good at it... but fuck me when you do and start balancing your power switches, drifts, debris dodges, Capital ships runs and dog fighting its blindingly (literally) good. That very minor section aside though, it was everything I hoped it would be! Now onto Fleet Battles for the next 4 years
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