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  1. Devil Hunter run done. Second last mission is DMC at its finest and then the final mission was a piece of absolute piss compared to that. Straight into SoS mode and it’s a lot easier than the Devil Hunter run was because I can actually do a few things at the right moments. Going back to the first real boss that was in the demo after my full run through was very amusing with the actual fight playing out pretty much like a cut scene as he got smashed about. NG+ Nero is almost too powerful! Things seem to have been left fairly open for DLC and there are still a lot of hours to be put in before I move onto anything else so couldn’t be happier with it. ”Dont you say it...”
  2. MardiganX

    Tombstone - The Western Film Genre

    Did not know that @Thor even more relevant then!
  3. MardiganX

    Tombstone - The Western Film Genre

    Thank god at least a couple of you mentioned 3:10 to Yuma before I got to the end of this thread. I was honestly ready for just getting my coat and walking away. At the moment that is probably my all time favourite for lots of reasons but the finale, the build up to it and the music that plays during it is one of the greatest scenes in any movie, not just westerns. Surprised Logan hasn't been mentioned, although I understand why. All the more relevant though because the Director and Music are done by the same guys in Logan and 3:10 to Yuma
  4. The problem as I see it is that 'difficulty' and 'the full experience' in games is completely subjective but the DS games make it objective. Where games usually have various ways for the player to change the 'difficulty' to meet their subjective preferences DS games more or less ignore this and force players to meet a very specific objective threshold of 'difficulty' otherwise you can't progress. Of course there are ways to grind, summon and simply git gud but they largely avoid the standard levers that games have in favour of demanding players meet their objective requirements on difficulty. I don't believe there is anything wrong with this as it is clearly a design choice but what it does is alienate a lot of players from being able to enjoy everything the game has to offer. As I said earlier, I hit walls in both DS3 and BB partly because of how uncomfortable the games made me feel and partly because it really does become quite a drain getting endlessly molested by bosses and even basic enemies with very few options to mitigate it. So my subjective experience of DS and BB, which has quite rightly made me very wary of Sekiro, is that at some point the lack of options to tweak the 'difficulty' is going to leave me with another unfinished and ultimately disappointing experience. If there are simple ways for this to be prevented so that myself and others can enjoy the full game, albeit with a slightly adjusted set of in-game parameters, I am baffled as to why anyone would argue against it.
  5. That kind of play is like someone mastering the strings of a guitar to hear their favourite song. The timing and purpose of every action to nail those combos Absolutely beautiful!
  6. I didn’t want to draw comparisons with DMC5 and then that to derail the discussion with me being viewed as Dante fanboy but yeah, given my absolute adoration for DMC3, 5 and to a lesser extent 1 and 4 I hope Sekiro is much more in that style, where a mastery of the games system and practice with certain weapons, etc. is what rewards you. Of course DS and BB also have those elements but they are embedded within a game that has a core aim to make you uncomfortable, nervous and treating each step into new territory like an achievement. I don’t want to simply survive in a games environment and that is perhaps why I have hit these walls in DS3 and BB, where just surviving and moving forward is the main objective. I still have lots to clean up on my first run of DMC5 so am not in any rush to jump into Sekiro so when I am ready I will have much clearer view on what to expect. But everything I have seen of it so far looks very promising.
  7. Context. I played about half way through Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne. I absolutely loved the experience of both for a time but the continually haunting, oppressive and nightmarish atmosphere of them really drained me. By the end of my time playing each of them I realised I wasn’t doing it because I really enjoyed them but because it was annoying me having them unfinished. With so many titles available that just isn’t reason enough to keep playing a game. Sekiro looks fucking incredible but I am worried that it’s going to retain DS3 and BBs horribly foreboding style that eventually broke me. That isn’t in anyway a slight on those games by the way, as they are very specifically and beautifully designed, but it does make me nervous about how things are going to feel for me in Sekiro around this milestone half way point. I just can’t see Sekiro changing enough from what From are clearly the masters of and sadly that might prevent me getting as much from it as most people will. I really hope the shift to the ninja style character and setting lightens the mood even just a little and it can get its hooks in (hehe) but for me it’s just not the life changing event that it seems to be labelled as.
  8. Its a bit of bitch as the timing windows all feel slightly different depending on the specific attack but the general rule is that it is immediately after it. I have 3 or 4 single attacks within combos that I have the timing pretty good on so rather than try to Exceed everything I have started only doing it for specific parts of combos or individual moves. Need a LOT more practice to do it consistently as right now I am maybe hitting a 30% success rate but when it works it is fucking beautiful!
  9. That has DLC written all over it. A bit like how Vergil was introduced in DMC4 Special Edition as being playable all the way through even though it had absolutely zero link to the story. Even after a lot of hours play Dante is still like a dark art to me. I understand all his tools and what they do but right now I have no idea if I am changing styles / weapons at the right time and what is the most effective attacks for specific enemies and bosses. This is exactly what I wanted though. Even Nero, who in DMC4 was pretty basic compared to Dante now has a wealth of crazy options on the Devil Breakers so the replay value is incredible. Thinking back to the hours I spent on specific DMC3 bosses I can already see this is going to demand that same attention. I could go on for pages and pages about the system, the styles, the weapons and how the high praise the game has received is still not scratching the surface of what they have actually achieved here. Release all the DLC you want Capcom and I will smear it all over my face!
  10. Yeah I spanked all the continues I had on my first go at the mission, mainly because I just wanted to try different things but even using about 7 continues on my first go I was nowhere near winning... which is exactly as it should be!
  11. So up to Mission 19 and it’s my first time really messing about with Royal Guard but FFFFUUUUUUUU!! Have yet to beat the boss as I am refusing to use power ups / continues so it’s either a single health bar or bust and it’s like DMC3 brought up to date for this generation. Absolutely glorious!!
  12. MardiganX

    Ultimate Team

    Are the CL and Europa Live cards due an update? My King Kondogbia needs to hit 88mph!
  13. MardiganX

    Titans - DC's Teen heroes headed to TV?

  14. Dodging his attaks using Balrogs welter move like you are fucking Flloyd Mayweather Sure, I got still twatted because I either missed the timing on the final attack in a combo or just got too excited with my counters but with practice almost every boss and enemy is going get laughed at using Balrog!
  15. That ntsc-uk DMC3 thread my single greatest gaming achievement is defeating Final Vergil in 52 seconds without taking a hit using Royal Guard on Hard. Will be all over these vids once I get the first run polished off. I've never even considered changing a control layout for a DMC game but it does seem like certain charge moves would be easier to build into combos if they were on a trigger. That seems like it will work with Nero but with Dante and E&I being repeated pressing of the button the trigger would be a difficult. Can you have separate control layouts for different characters? fuck that actually! Bad enough trying to get my head around all the moves, what works together and when best to switch weapons, etc. never mind changing my muscle memory between characters, haha.

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