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  1. Class progression. Do the class bonuses stack if you max out each class before you progress to a higher one? Also how do the bonuses work, ie. the bonuses are +1 swords, +2 fairh, etc. but the actual skills are all graded with letters so what does +1 mean in the context of the letters? I am maxing each class before I move a character to the next one up but still have no sense of how this benefits me, if at all. Catherine, Shamir and now Ashe continue to be MVPs for me, they are just so powerful. Moving Felix to a Thief class seems to have made him more effective but he is very quickly killed if left exposed so needs careful management, which is making him fall behind level wise as I can’t always manipulate battles to get him into striking distance for decent exp. Virtual first word problems
  2. Cheers @Cheyenne will get a look at them in more detail to make sure I get the best ones equipped. Ive played quite a few missions with Catherine. Ow and have yet to see her take a hit. Her and Shamira feel incredibly overpowered, basically one shotting everything and killing almost every one that attacks with counters. Have I managed to recruit them earlier than I really should or is this just the way of it?
  3. I am house Blue. I have lost some students that were clearly so fucking useless I can’t remember their names. I have recruited Catherine and Shamira. I am officially unstoppable now. Certifications... I get there is no longer a benefit in maxing a class before switching to a higher class from a stats perspective but do the skill bonuses you get by maxing a class carry when you move up? For example, Dmitri has maxed Soldier for me which gives +1 Lances and I have him certified for Cavalier. Does that +1 Lances carry when I move him to Cavalier because I have maxed Soldier first? Im trying to work out if there is any benefit in staying with the lower classes to max these bonuses before switching up and the bonuses carrying is the only benefit I can see, if it does actually work that way? Increble game, just amazing sucking all my free time and at month 10 having played 16 hours I am just scraping the surface. Could not be happier with it!!
  4. Yeah, it’s not a bug. Nobody seems to give the smallest fuck and instead are more concerned about what I’m going to cook them for lunch during my spare time.
  5. All this talk of Sylvain being a fairly top tier Blue Lion is starting to worry me...... because I lost him on pretty much the first mission where you can start losing people But I’m looking at it as a necessary sacrifice that toward the end of the movie will spur the central heroes on to victory, perhaps with a flashback reliving the absolutely moronic move the Professor made that sent him to his premature death.
  6. Is it fair to assume the Legions will handle a bit like Vs familiars in DMC5? The auto attack they seem to do is quite hard to distinguish from the manual and coordinated attacks but it is clear this game is going to be absolutely fantastic. The special moves each of the Legions have are glorious. NOW!!!
  7. I’m playing on Normal / Classic. It doesn’t really give you an idea about the differences between Normal and Hard when you start the game but having to more or less keep all your units alive in Classic mode feels like a tough enough challenge on its own. On Classic mode... I have lost one student from my house so far. Was a moronic move from me against a strong enemy that led to it but thankfully it wasn’t I was too invested and with it being still very early days there seems to be plenty of options to recruit and fill gaps / adjust your roster.
  8. It’s clear that this game and the timing of its release was for me, nobody else. Sure you all may be benefitting from Nintendo looking out for me but let’s be clear, it was made for me. ME! Im moving house next week and will have most of my gaming stuff in storage for a couple months, which was a real issue for me but not now. I need nothing more than this (and the odd Bayo 2 session) for the foreseeable future. It’s absolutely perfect! The animation, the perfectly pitched melodramatic script, the combat, the character building, training, exploring, lore, weapons, all of it. I’ve only played a couple months of story time taking my time and talking to pretty much everyone when I get a chance so I get a feel for all the houses and their students. There is just so much to do and I know it’s only going to get better as I progress. Having only picked up my Switch last month I was already bewildered at how Nintendo and their developers managed to pull Bayonetta 2 off, but this is another level again. Both big screen and handheld I could not ask for more in a game of this type.
  9. REMEMBER THE CANT talk about the books thread!!
  10. Still waiting. Ready to strike. I have a double attack buff stacked as starting work late tomorrow morning. Waiting. Ready.
  11. Digital purchased and sitting staring at the screen waiting for it to unlock. If only I was sitting beside an ally that could boost my perception of time passing.
  12. Assuming all book events are fair game in here but playing it relatively safe for now How good is it going to be getting an expanded setup of the Free Navy, etc. alongside the absolutely fantastic self contained story that is Cibola Burn?! Surely they have to go that way and then Season 5 dials things up to a scale never before seen in a TV show as DJ Inaros drops some bangers!
  13. This is day one purchase for me. Awakening was probably my most played FE game and while I have dipped into lots of other versions nothing drew me in and took over my gaming time like Awakening did. The Academy development looks superb and having never played a Persona game I expect that part is going to feel really fresh. I am glad they have done away with the weapon triangle in favour of a more fluid class based approach as the trianlge made the strategy very limited I felt. No idea what the new system is based on but the combat is always a joy so looking forward to it.
  14. When Maverick says (and he fucking will) “Mustang, this is Maverick requesting flyby” people are going to cheer. Its going to be like Endgame when certain things happen. Ive never been overly precious about remakes or sequels of this nature but if they fuck this up it will break my heart.
  15. ‘Cause I’m shiny!’ is an underrated banger. Fantastic movie although carried heavily by Dwaynes charisma. I will accept no trash talk of any sort about Tangled too. Maximus is one of the best Disney animated supporting characters of all time. His bro-mance with Flynn is first class. I get the comments are more about having to repeatedly watch it and it starting to shave the skin off your soul (I am in the same cycle with Gnomeo and Juliet right now, although I could watch Benny all day long) but as a traditional Disney animation its superb!
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