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  1. MardiganX

    Titans - DC's Teen heroes headed to TV?

    So, it kinda starts off relatively subtle as it introduces characters most people know little about (apart from Robin of course), sets the scene for what is to come, takes a slight detour as it showcases the very interesting Doom Patrol and then just goes fucking bonkers Crash Bang Kaboom by episode 5 with the action and generally awesome moments. I am loving this and did not expect to be saying that so yeah can’t wait to see what else is to come and the biggest surprise... Brendan Thwaites is actually pretty good after being awful in the Gods of Egypt and Salazars Revenge. Brooding, violent crackpot with a heart seems to suit him. Brilliant!!
  2. THIS!!! I agree with everything you have said KD but this is the big point for me at the moment. I went on a bit of a rant in the Ultimate Team thread someone started in Discussion earlier but this point stuck with me at the end. I have Icon Larsson and FB Zlatan up front. I have effectively won at Ultimate Team with that front line and the rest of the team is good enough that any changes would at best be very small incremental improvements. But as you say, the entire system is built to encourage constant change, challenge you get more packs, the next one will have that gem you need or introduce fucking fantasy youngsters where most of them will be lucky to play a handful of games for the top teams. Yet they are all Icon level stats. FUCK OFF! I’m at the same point as you mate in that I am no longer going to pick up packs even with coins. I will keep playing Rivals and WL and accept the rewards then use coins in the market and I appreciate that might be slightly hypocritical but it’s either that or play no football game at all because Pro Evo is a mess for very different reasons.
  3. MardiganX

    FIFA Ultimate Team & gambling

    I have played Ultimate Team ever year since it was first brought in and every year I get more and more frustrated and actually angry with it. This isn’t just UT mode by the way, but the fact that the development focus on that mode means every other aspect of the game gets neglected or in some cases just completely rehashed from the previous year. The tipping point for me considering just not getting 20 though has been this Future Star promo that has just been released. EA can’t physically create any more cards of high value using conventional methods or even real players (albeit a lot fk them enhanced versions of their standard card) so they have released these complete fantasy players for no other reason than to increase the number of top end cards out there that people are encouraged to chase in packs. It’s a toxic, financially motivated monster and while it exists in this form the core mechanics of the gameplay will never be improved. The whole untradeable card / SBC element aswell is a further layer to incentivise the spending of real cash. Strip away all your coins to complete them, leave you with players that, while often high rated, are worth nothing so again you are forced down the spending cash route if you want to chase the next big promo. Fuck me, I could talk about this all day but what difference is it going to make?! Any enjoyment people get from opening packs is because we have been programmed over years to feel that way, not because it is a truly gratifying experience. 95% of the time (and I think EAs own ratios on the packs can confirm that) its ULTIMATELY disappointing.
  4. Another thing... as if these little overpaid wankers need anything else to inflate their ego and sense of entitlement, they have more or less become some of the most powerful players in FIFA, without really having achieved anything whatsoever in their career yet. I suppose that’s another discussion entirely but I can’t get over how this recent ‘promotion’ has made me feel. Up until now I accepted FIFA is what it is and would enjoy the excellent team I had managed to put together but after this pish, it’s the first time I have genuinely considered not getting 20 later this year.
  5. It just fucking stinks! Just another excuse to drop promo packs for maximum cash without really doing any work to support the community or improve the real issues with the overall game.
  6. Yeah, because they have exhausted every possible way to lure people in using conventional methods so they are resorting to pure fantasy now!
  7. If using a sweeper was an effective approach then he would be worth about 1.5m but as a CB he looks like a huge risk. A bit like Messi in that on paper he should be the same value as Ronaldo but his physical attributes mean he just doesn't have the same impact in FIFA.
  8. 5’9” for a CB though? I wondered why the price of his Prime was so low then spotted that he is about the same height as Raheem Sterling.
  9. MardiganX

    John Wick 3: Parabellum - May 2019

    That last shot of the ‘Team’ Now!!!!
  10. So it’s these future stars and making special cards for them that reflect what they will be if the reach their maximum potential. The EA cash lab must have really burnt the midnight oil to come up with that one. No clever new mode to incentivise play, no structured tournament with unique rewards. No. Just more boosted cards in packs to draw money from mugs.
  11. What is that countdown for? See it each time I fire up UT and been meaning to ask but kept forgetting.
  12. I’ve made 15k from selling Prem players so far and about another 30 still to shift.
  13. I only had Rivals rewards this week but best I got was.......... Juan Mata.
  14. I’m on now for a bit so just ping me a message if anyone wants a game.
  15. I still have one game to complete the objective but should be able to play a few more if folk want to get some friendlies done.

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