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  1. The fuck is this? 1v1 or Clubs (I fear) initiative?
  2. I liked your comment in that thread @Steely but don't feel that's enough. What do you need? Oh wait, I've just remembered that thanks to you I pumped about 80 players into a repeatable SBC last night and ended up with pure shite in return, so you and your little 'awesome players unpacked' video can go fuck yourself!
  3. That's reassuring because I still don't really understand it myself I can play all of Hitman 2 now, including the NY and Haven Island DLC, through the PS Now version of the game but it took a lot of individual and manual downloading of content to get it working. My question was, is this set-up where you access Hitman 2 through the PS Now version going to allow me to export everything so I can access it all through Hitman 3 when it launches? EDIT - What @Garwoofoo said
  4. As along as it comes with 'click here to erase memories of original game story so you can re-live it' button Whatever we get its clearly going to be a build on existing successful game mechanics, genres, eg. the very well executed Soulsborne-light Fallen Order so where is the gap / opportunity right now? While a story driven RPG in the mould of KOTOR sounds like a dream come true it sadly doesn't feel like the kind of thing that is going to get the 'investors' clapping. I would love to believe that what was done with Squadrons is the kind of approach we could see across
  5. Right, I think I've worked it out now but do have a further question. I have H2 downloaded through PS Now so can access the first mission and the expansion DLC I bought this morning. All the other core missions are red and when I click on them it tells me I need to downloaded the Free Starter Pack. So when I do that I should now have access to the entire H2 campaign using the PS Now 'license' as the foundation for it. My question is, do I need to purchase the full H2 game (Gold edition it shows up as in store for £14.99) if I want to export everything so it can be played in H3 or c
  6. @Vemsie in looking at his watch at the end our boy nailed 10k in the snow in 36 minutes I've deleted all versions of H2 from my console as it looks like there was a PS Now version aswell as the version from the free started pack. Different icons, different storage sizes, separate load options, with one of them holding the PS Now logo beside it. All I really want to do at the moment is play New York and Haven Island for the first time on through H2 so hoping that the re-downloaded PS Now version with the separately purchased expansion DLC will get me that. I will worry about the leg
  7. I'm lost. I have just purchased the expansion pass for 2, which gives you New York and Haven Island but cant access them through the PS NOW version of the game. Can I only play that content if I play it alongside my purchased copy of Hitman 2? I was going to re-buy it digital anyway so when 3 lands I can have everything from 2 running as Legacy but this seems a bit shit that you cant play additional purchased content through the PS NOW version. Is that right or am I missing something?
  8. Every episode this season is achieving something very few shows deliver at this stage in their lifecycle. A pay-off for the slow burn, deep story elements that are starting to come to a head while also nailing the more immediate exciting and emotional moments. That was fantastic!
  9. Eh, that looks fucking incredible. Getting a Doom Patrol / Umbrella Academy in space vibe from it. IN!
  10. That sounds much better talk to me about this. I have the disc version and everything installed, saved, etc. on the HD so I need to export something so Hitman 3 recognises it?
  11. How do I sort this? Not sure I even could if I wanted to but how?!
  12. I picked up an Oculus Quest 2 last week. Pistol Whip sorted obviously. One question I havent been able to figure out... is there an aim assist set by default or is it something you need to adjust yourself? I seen a hint pop up that mentioned 'aim assist' but the hint disappeared before I could read the full detail and now I cant find anything in the menus, modifiers, etc. about it. I dont want an assist on so be good to know if there is something in place. Also, must have been my 5th or 6th session last night before I discovered the additional gun options all that time I thought i
  13. Rather than ask a load of daft, no doubt already answered questions, where is the best place to learn more about the gameplay changes rather than all this shiny shiny comparison? Also, if you bought the disc version of Hitman 2 does that mean you can still access all the levels when you start 3?
  14. I’m finding myself watching the finale of Season 2 every few days. Each time it gets me. I recently purchased an Oculus Quest 2 and playing the Vader Immortal game I was able to Spoiler because you really can’t be too careful with this stuff. When I watch this show I do so with the enthusiasm, joy and smile of a child. Sure if you take a step back you could rip it apart so if that’s what you fancy crack on and leave yourself feeling very satisfied with your straight forward and fairly obvious analysis. The plot devices and secondary character actions are there to serve
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