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  1. 16 hours ago, davidcotton said:

    Wonder if he’s retiring full stop now?  Gave up on talksport fairly quickly. 

    One of the school mums works for DEBRA, the charity that looks after kids with EB (butterfly skin). Souness was profoundly affected by meeting some children with the condition and has become extremely active raising money for the charity, including something really big happening later this year. Suspect he’s going to be concentrating on that.

  2. 15 minutes ago, Shimmyhill said:

    Well thats a point more than I thought we would get for the rest of the season….


    By all accounts we were awful at the back, didnt take our chances but did at least show some spirit in the second half - sounds like Conte time, I think Man U having a longer game at the weekend and carrying some injuries helped us gloss over what a poor performance it was at the core.

    Nah, I watched the game. Yeah, Man Utd were probably tired in the second half, and possibly should have finished us off in the first half, but for all that we had several chances in the first half - their second goal came from a DeGea save when Perisic should have buried an equaliser. Richarlison bizarrely tried to pass when totally through on goal, and we had a couple of crosses go right across the 6-yard box that had anyone been following in were both tap-ins. Second half was kind of the other way round. We got the goals, and Dier missed an absolute sitter, but United were still very dangerous. We defended well in the second half.


  3. 20 hours ago, Adrock said:


    I'll give you that. Just.

    Just ? They’ve spent £600m and are also on their 3rd manager of the season, and are mathematically still in danger of relegation, however unlikely. Spurs are mathematically still in contention for top 4, however unlikely.

  4. 3 hours ago, Ork1927 said:

    What is everyone’s thoughts on who is going down?


    Southampton are too far adrift, but hard to call the other two. I thought Forest were in big trouble, but not so sure after last night’s result and Bournemouth look less safe after being battered by West Ham.


    Leeds look a mess, West Ham should be okay, If Vardy has come to life then he might keep Leicester up?  

    Can Everton intimidate the opposition at Goodison in their past couple of home games like last year?


    Bournemouths next 4 are Southampton away, Leeds and Chelsea at home and Palace away. Pretty favourable.

    Monday is Leicester vs Everton!


    Obviously nearly impossible for it to happen, but every team up to and including Chelsea is catchable mathematically for everyone in the bottom three at the moment.

    Think it’ll be Leeds, Forest and Southampton.

  5. I guess it all depends on what the plan is going forward with Levy and the new coach. If they want to keep Kane and Son, and also spend big in the summer on some CBs and a GK, the rest of the squad (minus a few I’d still get rid of) isn’t a million miles away.

  6. I’d let Son go too, assuming this is a two or three year rebuild. He’s already over 30.


    As for formation, I think if everyone is fit we do have the players to cope with either 3 at the back (with Udogie and Porro as WBs) or a flat back four (with Reguilon and Royal as FBs), but that in itself shows that we will lack squad depth unless those pairs prove more adaptable than we’ve seen so far. Obviously we need at the very least two vaguely competent CBs to hold Romero’s hand. I think Sarr is going to be a very good player, but the flappy-armed Dane who talks a better game than he plays can fuck off. All these coaches rave about Skipp, but I still don’t see it myself. Bissouma could still come good if they actually play him where he’s supposed to play, so him, Sarr and Bentancur, plus a couple of reinforcements looks good to me. Richarlison as main striker, and then perm the providers out of Kulu, Danjuma and Gil, assuming we don’t get anyone better in the rebuild. It’s fucking annoying that Sabitzer is playing so well at Man Utd, because we were linked with him for several windows when Levy wouldn’t buy anyone.


    One thing Conte’s formation has proved is that two CMs doesn’t work anymore, unless they’re fucking exceptional, so that leaves us with 3-5-2 and 4-3-2-1 or a variation of those.

  7. 1 hour ago, jonny_rat said:

    Friends, I've solved the Shaw issue:


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    They get the mirror universe version and he's exactly the same


    Surely they’ll



    do a Cartman and everyone will prefer the Mirror version.

    I’m not sure how they’ll deal with it now that



    Seven is Captain of the ship formerly known as Titan. A lot of fans were onboard for Legacy with Shaw and Seven, but seem to have happily accepted Seven/Raffi/Picard Jnr as the crew going forward.


  8. Getting quite frustrated with this as the moment. Slid down from lvl 70 to lvl 58 over the weekend because I still can’t pull certain cards that would help a lot, and it seems no matter what type of deck I play, I seem to get drawn against people who have the perfect counter deck, or I get screwed by the locations.

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