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  1. On 10/05/2023 at 08:39, bear said:


    Ok, seems like there was substance to the earlier rumours afterall. How long is it since there were six different engine manufacturers in F1?

    I hadn’t realised Mercedes were supplying AM. Even worse for them that their engine is doing better in someone else’s car design.

  2. Yes, it was good to spend time with the characters again, and I’m kind of sad it was their send-off, fitting as it was. We took our son to see it, and he found some of it a bit emotionally heavy. At the same time,



    it really gave me a huge amount of empathy for Rocket, and explained nicely why he pushed people away so much in the first couple of films.


  3. On 07/05/2023 at 18:42, Stoppy2000 said:

    Dier doesn't start and spurs don't concede. Is there a link?

    Maybe its mainly due to Palace being on the beach. Ah well. Villa next so back to losing ways. 

    Nice to think we've potentially seen the back of Lloris as well.

    Romero had a much better game in the centre without Dier feeding hospital passes to everyone. Royal at the back with Porro further up the pitch was also a nice plan from Mason. Dier’s a funny one - last season under Conte we were worse without him; this season he’s been pretty awful. And yes, time for Hugo to go-go.

  4. Was a floating voter this gen, after skipping the last gen completely (and having an antiquated PC), but I was able to buy a Series X on All Access before the PS5 was readily available. Am very happy with it in general as a bit of kit. Would have liked some more exclusive big-hitters to be available, but I do have the Xbox One games to fall back on, so I’ve not had a shortage of things to play, and the multiplatform stuff is fine. Fingers crossed for Starfield.


  5. Iron Maiden’s ‘Total Eclipse’ - recorded when they were doing the ‘Number Of The Beast’ album, and they stuck it on the B-Side of ‘Run To The Hills’. It’s been added to more recent reissues of the album after Steve Harris had said he regretted not putting it on there in the first place instead of one of the other tracks. He chose ‘Gangland’ as the one he would’ve got rid of, but I would have picked ‘Invaders’.



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