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  1. On 01/05/2023 at 12:58, Jammy said:

    One of the school mums works for DEBRA, the charity that looks after kids with EB (butterfly skin). Souness was profoundly affected by meeting some children with the condition and has become extremely active raising money for the charity, including something really big happening later this year. Suspect he’s going to be concentrating on that.

    Following on from this post a while ago, 



  2. If it’s true they’re talking to Dier about a contract renewal then we’re fucked. Surely they should be letting the new manager/DoF/Head of Sport decide that sort of thing when they arrive ?

  3. 18 hours ago, Yobo Ahoy said:

    Are you guys purposefully going for the 'Europe-less season = title contenders' logic? 

    I don’t know mate, but it’s probably not deliberate. I think we could do without the distraction for a season to be honest, to give the team a chance to learn whatever new system our new mystery coach has in mind.

  4. On 24/03/2023 at 14:37, Floyd said:

    I finally finished series 4 of You last night.  What a rollercoaster!  

    I was enjoying it up to the




    Not seen much mention of it, but just watched the second and final season of Firefly Lane, which was actually great and heartbreaking in equal measure.

  5. Yeah, I’d say one or two very notable games aside, he never really fulfilled his promise as his end product was often poor, similar to Lamela, but he bled for the club, and if we could bottle the passion those two showed when they played we wouldn’t be in the shit we are now.


    Reports today that talks have opened with Slot. That could be a great appointment as long as Levy keeps his nose out, and just gives him and the new DoF a reasonable budget and carte blanche to sell and buy as they want (and lets them keep sales money to add to the budget too).

  6. On 16/05/2023 at 13:07, Gabe said:

    outside of the evil superman bit I don't really recall any real exploration of the Clarke side of things either.

    There’s a lot of Clark in Superman 2, falling in love with Lois, giving up his powers to be with her, before ultimately having to make the decision that Earth’s safety was more important that his personal happiness.

  7. On 20/12/2022 at 18:21, Gotters said:

    Interesting looking 4 parter on Discovery + called The Kings (I get this included with BT Sport now)


    It’s another take on Hagler, Hearns, Duran and Leonard but I can’t get enough of this stuff and era.


    Only starting first ep but a lot of political and societal context being set back to the 70s as Leonard came up thru the amateur game. 

    It seems really well put together.


    Looks like it’s on sky as well via Quest, on demand available.


    Thanks for this @Gotters, just blasted through these in a couple of evenings. Such a great era; still think Hagler won that Leonard fight, but four amazing fighters.

  8. On 03/05/2023 at 08:14, mash said:

    how the hell? Stallone is approaching 80 now. Ok, I know there's a new Indiana Jones film with an Octogenarian Harrison Ford. I don't think they do Stannah stairlifts in any of the famous mountain ranges it could be potentially set in.  

    Could be a reimagining where it’s just him and Rooker on a series of ski lifts reminiscing about when they were young enough to climb those ranges.

  9. On 10/05/2023 at 13:20, Darwock said:

    I’m surprised actually, I remember the first series being pretty naff and that it took a while to get going. Maybe it was just me trying to warm up to Ezra.

    I think I clicked with him about halfway through S1, and although I think S2 was its absolute peak, it was a belter of a show all the way through. 

    It’s a great idea to do all of Clone Wars before Rebels for some amazing emotional payoffs in the latter show.

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