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  1. Because he and Nintendo believe that it's holding the industry back? Speaking in purely business terms, a focus on games which are overtly violent, or are marketed to children, or are too great a percentage of the overall realeases alienate potential customers. Be they parents or potential gamers who do have a stereotypical view of games in general being violent. His point is I think quite valid overall.

    On the other hand it opens up gaming to people who don't have to answer to parents who think that maybe, rightly or wrongly, games are a bit childish ?

  2. He does have a point about the generation gaps though - if we are looking at just four years for XBox that's way too short IMO.

    Now that I agree with.

    The nagging feeling I have with Xbox is that because its technology is very well known and documented, unlike the proprietary hardware used in PS2 and GC and also in Xbox2 and the other next-gen consoles, that it's being maxxed out a lot earlier in its lifespan than expected.

    Bottom line is that if you don't want to be stuck with a 4 year cycle, don't buy it at launch.

  3. And yet Nintendo are just as guilty with regards to next-gen announcements. It's a

    given that everyone's working on their next console. Whether or not it's better to be first is obviously open to question - it certainly didn't help the Dreamcast - but it's also no better being late. The GC and Xbox sales could be used to show that, if you were really that bothered.

    I don't really get what he's driving at with the GTA jibe - the Playstation and PS2 proved that 'mature' games are what draw quite a large portion of the casual market in. Is this sour grapes that he didn't have the GTA series at his disposal ? It certainly might help the GC sell to a casual crowd who don't care about Mario and have no idea what Zelda and Metroid are all about.

    Maybe he's just got the hump because he's not allowed to release anything 'til about 6 months after everyone else has got it.

  4. Some of the fastest, best riffs evah, two of Metallica's best songs, and a fantastic bass performance.

    On the other hand, some very young lyrics don't compliment the fantastic music in some songs. No life 'til leather indeed....

  5. Anyone else remember this poster outside their cinema? It's certainly not the most recognised/used one AFAIK.

    I remember it too, but I always thought it was a re-release poster rather than the original ones, which were

    this one


    this one.

    You could well be right though...

    EDIT - You are right, it's a 1983 one, as are the two I listed. Wonder why there were so many...

  6. You get more crystals than you know what to do with after awhile and a ridiulous number of lightsabers, I have 4 or 5 regular, 3 short(off hand sabers) and 3 double enders(fnar!).

    I'm currently using a violet short and regular set up with a nice selection of upgrade crystals.

    Good choice Miffed - I thought the normal/short combo was miles better than the double-ender for combat. Did you get any Krait Dragon pearls ? They really up the rating on those sabers !

    Well worth running through again as the opposite to what you're doing now. Not sure what you're playing at the moment, but you won't believe how bad you can be if you're playing darkside.

  7. New pics of the Batmobile from all angles can be found here:


    Nice - I thought that there was a panel missing from the front, but it seems that the original photos were on the money.

    It looks to me (using my considerable engineering skillz) that those front wheels can be lowered and shifted outwards to create a wider wheelbase and change the ride height for different terrains. Third row down, second one along shows some sort of concertina struts coming out of that central pylon, and also shows that the front wheels don't have an axle joining them.

    Although in actuality it means that the car has been built rear-wheel drive, I'm sure the inference will be an independantly all-wheel driven all-terrain vehicle.

  8. I saw all these at the cinema first time round, and loved them all. Over the years I've grown to dislike Jedi. The Ewoks are an obvious reason, but it's with this film that it becomes apparent that Lucas is starting to aim it more for kids than fantasy fans (although that bikini makes up for a lot !).

    Look at the difference between Empire and Jedi even down to little things like the love scenes - passionate snogs between Leia and Solo in Empire, and by the end of Jedi they are reduced to that stiff-lipped kissing you get in all kids movies.

    As for AOTC - I thought it was a quite clever plot ruined by Lucas not letting someone decent write the script. He obviously tried to not be so heavy handed after criticisms that he'd dumbed down the original trilogy with his re-dubbing of various dialogue. Unfortunately he made it so vague hardly anyone realised what the hell was going on. You don't give away the two main plot details with one sideways glance from Yoda and a single line from Jango Fett.

  9. at the end of the day - make them laugh works!

    God I wish I could eat some alpen. You have nO idea...

    It would have worked, except I had no recollection of the product, only the advert itself.

  10. Shouldn't they be kicking 2 people out tonight then - one from the normal evictiona and the other for Kitten's 3rd warning?

    I don't think they usually evict anyone in the first week - the nominations start next week.

    N.B. However, I think they did last year, as a 'surpise'.

  11. Oh!

    No one told me that the British Broadcasting Corporation had their name changed.

    What does the I in ITV stand for again?


    So it's OK to be British rather than Irish when it suits for a whinge then eh ?

    The 'I' stands for Independant. If your local ITV station is too pikey to get their own commentator to voice over the generic ITV feed, that's not the vast majority of the British population's fault.

  12. But yeah, it's a shame that Northern Ireland, Scotland and the Republic didn't qualify with their world class national leagues, isn't it?

    Almost as much of a shock as the two English terrestrial channels mentioning England a lot. :)

  13. But she brings conflict between everyone and makes it exciting.

    I'm actually hoping one of the more hysterical ones will lose it with her and just punch her really hard in the face when the lights are out.

    If they want to liven it up a bit, they could lock the housemates in the bedroom and let a lion in there.

  14. That Kitten really annoys me - typical middle-class rebellion. Pathetic.

    And today she's got her 3rd warning, which means that a random housemate will be evicted this Friday, and she has the gall to say "Sorry guys - I didn't think that would happen." Why not you stupid cow? After all, they did tell you exactly this yesterday, after your 2nd warning.

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