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  1. No, you're right. But now he's doing The Green Hornet instead.
  2. Friday 13th Part 2 is surprisingly good.
  3. Halloween must be there. And Black Christmas.
  4. I think there was another thread where we agreed that modern action films are nowhere near as gory as these late 80's efforts, and others like Robocop, Commando, etc. The change from 18 to 15 I guess. I still love this film, but the SFX work by today's standards can't really hold up. I remember seeing this in the cinema thinking "How the hell did they do that??" but now it's a bit clunky. The price of progress...
  5. I think you can get in there, but you have to win the nightly competition. As to whether he's like this in 'real life', one of the restauranteurs in 'Kitchen Nightmares' reckoned it was all for the cameras and he was nice as pie when they weren't rolling.
  6. Jammy

    Iron Maiden

    When I was at Brooklands Technical College, Cliff Richard (who lives nearby) attended a function there. They drafted 3 out of every discipline taught at the college to meet him. I happened to be picked for the engineering section. Anyway, he'd been in the press slagging Iron Maiden off for "Bring Your Daughter..." getting to number 1, so I deliberately wore the most offensive Iron Maiden t-shirt I owned to meet him in. As expected he was a wanker. "These are the HND Engineering Students." "Oh, builders, right ?" Wrong, you cock.
  7. Take a bow, Lynda Bellingham, OXO mum !
  8. I'm guessing that it's because there might be doctors and the like in the cinema who might be on-call.
  9. I remember seeing this a few times. I can recall some really bad stunts, like the clearly reversed film to show Van Cleef backwards somersaulting up onto a train. And I can remember him catching arrows between the palms of his hands. But that's about it. The problem with it, as with many 80s shows, is the way-past-it main star trying to do head kicks and barely getting his foot above waist height. Like Gil Gerard in Buck Rogers.
  10. This is what makes it so watchable though. When he's launching into a tirade against one of them, you can see them fighting the "Don't you know who I am???" instinct with every fibre.
  11. I haven't seen it yet. I've got the last 5 stored on my DVD-R to watch at some point... But this is a trait of most drama/sci-fi in the States. I think it's to try and guarantee another series by making the TV execs want to see how the situation is resolved.
  12. "Hey, my little Belgian friend. Put your hand on your sack and find your fucking balls!".
  13. Is this available on DVD ? Don't have Sky, so will be waiting an awful long time for Enterprise s3 to hit Ch4 I'm sure.
  14. I've found new respect for him - he only seems to lose his rag with people he thinks are wasting his time, whether it's customers or staff. If he thinks you're making the effort, whether you cock up or not, he seems very supportive and encouraging. And as John says - that's some environment to work in. Roasting hot and high intensity. I don't think it's repeated as such, but it'll get shown somewhere I'm sure. Vic looked quite chastised, if only because when he got back to the table his wife had a go at him for being deliberately annoying !
  15. Has anyone else been watching this ? Basically, Gordon Ramsay has been training 12 minor celebrities to cook, and use them to staff a restaurant kitchen. Compelling television if only to see how rude Ramsay can be to his staff and the customers. Last night, paying customer Vic Reeves thought he'd be a smartarse and get the Maitre'D to ask Ramsay if he could do him a couple of fried eggs on toast because he didn't fancy anything on the menu. Ramsay made the guy bring Vic Reeves up to the service hatch and proceeded to shower him with a tirade of four letter words.
  16. Jammy

    Iron Maiden

    No Prayer was bad, there's no denying it. You missed out on Fear Of The Dark though, which had some really good stuff on it. That was the last one I bought actually. I'd quite like to get the albums again on CD, from Iron Maiden up to Seventh Son. I have no record deck, and my cassettes are knackered. Somewhere In Time is grossly underrated, but according to Maiden-lore they were getting pretty sick of each other and the music around this time, and therefore none of them like it very much.
  17. That's an excellent point - the one thing that didn't sit quite right. Elfman's stuff is good for a certain type of film, i.e. Tim Burton stuff, but not a Spidey film.
  18. I thought it was great - after growing up with the Nicholas Hammond ones, I thought the effects were bloody amazing. It was exactly as I hoped it would be, and I thought it sat perfectly with the spirit of the comics. MacGuire's Peter Parker/Spideman was very good. As geeky as hell when Parker, and as bolshy as the comicbook Spidey. I agree with the Pickfords on this - great movie. Even the naturally generated webbing was a good idea, lifted from James Cameron's treatment I think. It saves them from a very lazy plot device that the comics used from time to time - the "Oh no - I've run out of web cartridges" one.
  19. Sounds almost as good as Kevin Rowland at Reading Festival. What strange behaviour.
  20. That's a pity - my ones came out OK. As long as they're as good as the VHS copy, I'm happy. But then again, I deliberately cut out the interview so that I could get a less compressed version of the film onto the disc. It's no DVD, but it's at least as good as the VHS, and played through decent scart and surround sound to boot.
  21. Jammy

    Iron Maiden

    That's 'A Real Live/Dead One'. But get Live After Death as well.
  22. Jammy

    Iron Maiden

    Live version of Rhyme Of The Ancient Mariner, Hallowed Be Thy Name, and Aces High are my faves. Although Total Eclipse is nice too. Ah, I've just dug out my 'First 10 Years' 12" Collection Boxset.
  23. She's an interesting shade of mahogany these days. Her chin hasn't got any bigger.
  24. Sarah Lou called Todd 'bent'. Classy. And the best line of the night ? Todd: Don't walk out on me. Sarah: What are you gonna do ? Hit me with your handbag ? Not quite "Norman Bates with a briefcase", but fucking close.
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