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  1. Apart from in the Kevin Smith stuff, he comes off as a bit of a slackjaw in his films. But anyone with a bad opinion of him should just listen to his contributions on the commentaries for the Smith DVDs. Made me realise that he actually has a personality, and a good one at that.
  2. Pah - I hope not. I've got more than enough adult reality in real life without my fun hobby getting all serious as well.
  3. Speaking personally, I do buy a lot of games second-hand at the moment, for two aposite reasons :- 1) Mediocre game with content that I'm a fan of (Jedi Academy as an example). 2) Great game in a genre that I'm not a particular fan of (Soul Calibur II as an example). I'm more likely to chance a CD because if I buy it online and don't like it, I've only lost a tenner. Same for a DVD - I pay £15 tops for it online, which is the same as me and the wife going to the flicks to see a film. I can always trade it in afterwards if I think it's rubbish. As was the argument when Stuart was running the Fairplay campaign, a pricepoint that is more in line with DVDs would entice me into taking more of a chance.
  4. In that case, I think I'd prefer to do a pay as you go for the hardware rather than the software. I don't have an awful lot of time for gaming at the moment, so I doubt I'd finish a game a month for £30 a go. I'd rather hire the console for a reasonable price and buy the games as and when...
  5. Make it a tenner a month and I'm in ! To quantify, I'm quite happy to 'rent' a console for as long as a generation lasts, and then trade up to the next one. But it would have to be a fair price. If we're still buying most of the games, then £10 a month seems fair to me.
  6. It's certainly shaping up to be a return to form. Bale is great casting - I and a mate actually said he'd be a great choice a long time before he was cast - his face is the right shape, he's a good height. Hope he can bulk up a tad though, as Wayne is a huge guy.
  7. It would be lovely to think he's listened to the fans... And to be honest, I'm quite sure that the original theatrical releases will see the light of day in 2 or 3 years, when he realises he can make a shitload of cash from selling them. In the meantime, I'm happy with my hooky laserdisc transfers of the original versions...
  8. Did you explain that half the mag was adverts ? Personally I think it's a great cover.
  9. I really used to like Civ 1, and bought Civ III to recapture that enjoyment. I think my gaming tastes have changed, as I just haven't got the patience anymore. It must be all the console gaming I'm doing these days...
  10. Jammy


    It was in the first episode of this series - Carter got a call from the Congo to say that he'd been killed, and went out there to claim his body. When he got there, he discovered that the body wasn't that of Kovac - he had malaria or summat, and the army who were going to kill him let him off because they saw him praying and thought he was a priest. Phew.
  11. I had a load of these too. Have no idea where they went though...
  12. Jammy


    Aye - Brian Johnson era is nowhere near as good.
  13. Jaime Pressly in Poison Ivy 3, where she seduces her mate's boyfriend. The lezza nightclub dance with Sharon Stone and her mate in Basic Instinct.
  14. Jammy


    Jack Davenport seems to think that shouting your lines in an overly theatric way makes for great sitcom.
  15. I remember Man Bites Dog being sick in a non-gory way. But really good.
  16. My only complaint about the first one is that without a trackball Rampart is really difficult. I can get so far, but it's the rebuilding that always does me in.
  17. I beta'd this, and wouldn't mind seeing what the finished article has turned out like. 2 major problems, both relating to me and the wife having had a baby at Xmas - is the game 'casual friendly' now ? At one point in the beta, it was set up for players with 10-20 hours a week to play, but that was increased significantly near the end. If I can only get on for 5 hours a week, I don't want it to be 5 hours of frustration with no discernable progression. The other problem is, would I be getting my money's worth with such a low gaming hours/gaming cost ratio ?
  18. Sounds like he's talking 'a sack'...
  19. IGN scores it 9.4 Overall too, with an Editor's Choice Award (for what it's worth)...
  20. If it's done properly, Spiderman 2 will be great. Also looking forward to Fable and Halo2.
  21. Pah - if you were really tough you had a BBC with a disk drive, so Elite loaded in less than half an hour. Elite on C64 tape. Less than 10 minutes. In your face! (Kids today are so funny when they complain about load times. "Man, it was so slow, it took two full seconds!") Fortunately I had a Speccy, and Elite was pretty quick to load on that too, although the Lenslok proved a bit tricky sometimes.
  22. Pah - if you were really tough you had a BBC with a disk drive, so Elite loaded in less than half an hour.
  23. Are Mugla, Smith and Burgess (and the other one, who I forget just now) still going to be doing GC ?
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