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  1. I haven’t watched the latest episode yet, but I think 


    the lack of a ‘big bad’ thus far makes it seem a bit directionless/motiveless at the moment. Mando’s just doing some stuff he needs to do for himself, and they’re not really doing anything that might cause ripples, like even collecting bounties or something. My big fear is that this season is a setup for S4 and is just treading water and providing exposition.


  2. We’re getting through this at the moment. I’ve never played the game so went in completely blind. Just watched the



    Henry/Sam episode. The juxtaposition of bleakness and adrenalin was brilliantly done. My wife cried a lot.


    Between this and Chernobyl, Craig Mazin has put out two fantastic bits of work.

  3. 18 minutes ago, Pob said:

    They've done the big spiky enemy ship design so many times now since the 2000s. Looks naff.

    Yeah, agreed. Although it doesn’t really look like either under scrutiny, I immediately thought it looked too reminiscent of Shinzon’s Scimitar from Nemesis, and Eric Bana’s Kelvin Universe one too.


    But on the other hand we’ve got Riker and Worf back !

  4. 49 minutes ago, redbloodcell said:


    I'd keep Sessegnon as he's still pretty young and I don't think Poch ever got to actually work with him, but I agree everyone else should be shipped out including the big boys. You've left out Bissouma & Sarr from your second list too, need a creative CM or two but apart from that the midfield is pretty well stacked. I want to see whomever does come in dip into the youth team more, there's a whole bunch of talent there ready to break through that needs an opportunity. 

    Yes, you’re right, I totally forgot them. Bissouma is a very good player hampered by his current role, and Sarr looks really bloody good (and that was no way a pen on Saturday). Creatives is what’s missing. And decent CBs and goalie. Parrott and Scarlett must be ready for some involvement by now.


    I should add that Emerson might be worth keeping if the new manager wants to play with four at the back.

  5. 3 hours ago, redbloodcell said:


    Didn't Stellini also allude to that, or am I imagining things? 


    @Gabe, I think a big reason people are pining for Poch is that he was the first manager in a long time to have the determination put his foot down and clear out the toxic overly comfortable core of players at the club, then saw that it needed to be done again but instead got the boot for pointing it out. The situation if anything has got worse in his absence and that makes letting him deal with his unfinished business very appealing. Would it be the right choice? I don't know. It's relying in Poch being entirely ruthless in regards to a lot of players he's personally close with, for one. But as he said before he got axed - the squad requires a painful rebuild. 

    Yes, after they got pumped by Leicester the other week he questioned the players’ mentality.


    If Poch returns, and I’m not sure that’s my favourite option to be honest, the painful rebuild should include getting rid of every player that was here last time he was, including Son and Kane. So bye bye Dier, Sanchez, Davis, Lloris, Lucas (already going), Winks, Sessegnon, Son and Kane. Lo Celso and Ndombele are outliers here, as he never really got the chance to work with them, but they should probably go for good. Same with Hojbjerg - you can’t have someone making noises in the press about how people who don’t play for the badge need to fuck off, and at the same time meekly usher a Sheffield United player past you to score the winner in the FA Cup, without making even the merest hint of a challenge.


    Romero, Richarlison, Bentancur, Porro, Spence, Kulusevski, Skipp, Gil and Danjuma can stay for now. I’d probably have Reguilon back as well, and Destiny Udogie looks awesome. So we need a new No 1, at least two CBs, two CMs, a creative, and a couple more strikers.

  6. Conte was absolutely right, and whether the board are buying players that cost a fortune or not, the simple facts are that the core of this side, Son and Kane included, do not have the nerve required to either dig in and grind out a result, hold on to a lead as soon as they’re put under any pressure, or turn up for an important game. How many semi-finals and finals do we have to watch with this core of players where none of them have it in them to take a game by the scruff of the neck and drag the team over the line ? How many times do we have to sit and watch them lose meekly in what should be a relatively comfortable game when teams around them have dropped points ? When it matters, none of them stand up to be counted. Has anyone seen Son or Kane play well in one of those semi-finals or finals ? Because I haven’t. Pochettino and Mourinho have both stated publicly in the past that the players haven’t followed instructions or tactics.


    So yeah, Conte is right, but at the same time has made his position untenable, so the cycle will continue, with the same players and a new manager.

  7. 3 minutes ago, Waggo said:

    Nah even if it all falls apart in the second half of the season, we'll always have Shaw who is my favourite new Trek character in many many years.


    My take on Jack Crusher for what it's worth is:  

      Hide contents

    Picard will not be his father, but a Changeling who was posing as Picard.


    A good theory - I was wondering whether 


    Picard had passed on some residual nanites from when he was Locutus.


  8. 3 hours ago, Clipper said:


    The first two seasons I heard the complaint, rightly, that it seemed none of the writers had watched TNG.


    You can't say that about season 3. It is a love letter to TNG written by people not as talented as those who made TNG.




    I’m going to check the credits and see if Seth McFarlane’s Orville team are doing some moonlighting.


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