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  1. On 03/05/2023 at 16:37, Fry Crayola said:

    The only acceptable celebrity is Michael van Wijk.

    If ever there was an indicator we’re getting old, it’s finding out that Wolf is now 70, and his son applied to be one of the new gladiators.


    As an aside, my older brother’s nickname amongst my friends, some 30 years later, is still ‘Hunter’ because he looked a bit like him back then.

  2. 5 hours ago, Shimmyhill said:


    Indeed, bloody membership renewed this morning - just putting money into Levy’s pockets is annoying 🤬


    Now for the shitshow manager roulette to begin….

    I cancelled mine and my son’s. Not paying any more money until I see who comes in.

  3. 1 hour ago, Stoppy2000 said:

    He is ex Chelsea so fits the brief. It'll be another season where we don't have a manager who lasts the whole campaign. Think the last time was Poch in 2017-18?! Or have I forgotten someone? 

    Levy needs to fuck off but he's going nowhere. 

    Nope, that is the last time a manager lasted an entire season at Spurs.


    I’d go for the Celtic guy over Potter or Rodgers, if he was available.

  4. The opening track on Iron Maiden’s ‘Number Of The Beast’ album, ‘Invaders’. Great opening riff and the verse is an excellent showcase as young upstart Bruce Dickinson’s introduction as Maiden’s new singer, but that fucking chorus makes my ears cry.



  5. 11 minutes ago, feltmonkey said:

    Have you guys seen what happened in the Valencia Vs Real Madrid match? Vinicious Jr was racially abused by large sections of the Valencia fans. He was visibly upset, and confronted some of the fans. He was then later sent off. He and Carlo Ancelotti spoke out about the abuse after the game. Now the chairman of Valencia and some sections of the Spanish media are attacking Vini Jr and Ancelotti. Vinicious Jr is being blamed for the racist abuse he received.

    He was sent off for retaliating against a Valencia player who had him in a choke hold for about twenty seconds during a melée, and VAR called the ref over to look at the incident. They only showed a clip of him shoving the Valencia player, and none of the choke hold footage, which the TV was showing. Disgraceful stuff.

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