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  1. Framed #265 https://framed.wtf Another NSI
  2. I tipped them before the tournament to my son - after the Saudi result he probably thought I was an idiot.
  3. A lot of home nation influence over there - there’s also a Welsh colony, and the domestic club Newells Old Boys was named after an English chap who settled there.
  4. Very sad - grew up listening to them as my parents were big fans. RIP Songbird x
  5. I never realised until I read that article that he was also the pilot Tom Cruise manhandles in the “I will fire when I’m goddam good and ready !” sequence in Top Gun. RIP
  6. Framed #264 https://framed.wtf Not seen it.
  7. I shouldn’t expect they’re relishing going home after the captain was so outspoken before the England game and then the team not singing the national anthem.
  8. A good win - they controlled the game really, and only their own wastefulness prevented them scoring more. Feel like this tournament has come four years too late for the heartbeat of the Welsh team, which is a pity.
  9. I said he’d been careless with the ball when we’d got into good positions, as had others. Second half he’s been better, as have the others.
  10. He’s been really careless when we’ve been in good positions, but he’s far from alone in that.
  11. Just started ME:3 after playing through the first two. I know I started the first one back in the day, but I don’t remember finishing it, and I never played 2 or 3 at all. Got everyone through the suicide mission in ME:2 at least, so a good starting point.
  12. Aside from what everyone else has noted about the size of screen taking you out of the experience, I get bad headaches off the active 3D glasses, so would never have worked for me.
  13. LabraDoodleJump.
  14. I wouldn’t go quite that far, as SoTL is great, but Brian Cox is the superior Lecter by a long way.
  15. Border Terrier Lands
  16. Jammy

    Dredd 3D

    Ah, but did you ever consider that they deliberately cast someone who was chin neutral to avoid Dredd’s jaw jutting out of the screen in magnificent 3D and making the audience duck when he turned his head ?
  17. Oh for sure, by today’s standards it’s slow with nearly zero blood, but I wouldn’t show it to a 9-year old as it’s extremely suspenseful.
  18. Imagine having to fast forward to a particular deleted scene. They’d have to give the timings on the sleeve or something.
  19. Thank you, I thought as much. All I need to confirm now is whether the content the same ? Not having the same splash window for the extras is bugging me that they might be different.
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