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  1. Jammy

    Chernobyl (HBO/Sky)

    Watched the first episode of this last night - brilliant. Looking forward to watching the rest.
  2. Jammy


    Now there’s a question ! Bob’s definitely up there as a contestant. I liked Noel Fielding as well, and Nish Kumar was good too, in an inept way. Favourite series is very close between five and seven - some of Rhod Gilbert’s solutions were the work of a madman, and Acaster/Wang were really funny in that series. Acaster never acknowledging Alex Horne always made me laugh.
  3. Jammy


    Just caught up with this series after smashing through the other seven while I was off work incapacitated recently. Can’t believe I never gave it a chance before.
  4. Jammy

    Line of Duty (BBC)

    Steve getting hooked on painkillers for his knackered back is bound to play a part. His addiction will be used to compromise him somehow.
  5. Jammy

    This is the end... Good and bad TV endings

    I just read the explanation - I feel quite good that I actually understood it at the time the way he intended it. Angel was very unsatisfactory, but it was ended in a hurry when they didn’t renew it early enough for Whedon’s liking, iirc. I liked the ending of Spaced. It didn’t need any more episodes and I thought it finished nicely.
  6. Yeah, binged it. As said above by @womblingfree, I’m not entirely sure how they’ve got away with this, but I’m pleased they have.
  7. Jammy

    The Spurs Thread

    Surely our league form since March has provided you with enough of that !
  8. Jammy

    Watchmen coming to HBO

    Exactly what happened with me too. Total assumption on my part, but the Rorschach disciples in the trailer reminds me a bit of the ‘Sons of Batman’ in Dark Knight Returns.
  9. That and Scott Lang turning up at his daughter’s house - that bit was really well done.
  10. Jammy

    How it should have ended

    To be fair the book goes on for fucking ages after that bit.
  11. Jammy

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I hope so. They’ve done it two years running now.

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