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  1. Amazed at how many BBC pundits and commentators, many of whom are former athletes, can’t tell the difference between a left and right leg. They were even talking about her left achilles having gone again while she was hopping toward the finish line on her left leg.
  2. Yup, just get it done, and give the club a chance to find a decent replacement.
  3. On Spurs Instagram post about Coco leaving…
  4. Watched some judo earlier - elite judo is so weird because it can be very defensive. All I could hear while watching the two guys pull each other round by their jackets was “Leave him alone Wayne, it’s not worth it”.
  5. If it’s happening just get it done quickly. I don’t want another Berbatov situation on deadline day where we end up with Fraser Campbell and Gzregorz Rasiak. We need some time to find someone decent.
  6. In a lot of ways I appreciate those adult nods more in shows that aren’t renowned for them. Gumball, Adventure Time, Regular Show and all those are brilliant, but that extra layer of humour is well known and fully expected. I used to love the bleary eyed early mornings where you’d have to put something like The Hoobs on at 5:30am having seen 15 or 20 unremarkable episodes, and something happens that shocks you out of that early morning fuzziness because it’s so out of place. I think that’s why the Peppa phone hang-up is so funny, because it was rare for that level of humour to be on the show.
  7. I was going to guess Mel Blanc, but another one in that voice artist mould would be Casey Kasem. He’s done some really long-running shows/characters so although he has less individual credits, some of the shows lasted years and years.
  8. The Youtube version is notably worse than the ones on dedicated music streaming services, but it can't save the song. Mind you, I don’t think I’ve particularly liked a Maiden lead-off single since Wickerman, so it’s not really an indicator for the album for me
  9. I guess with our home kit being extremely plain this season, they wanted something louder for the away kit. It’s definitely not boring ! I dunno, this is a bit like having an extremely pointy guitar in an obnoxious colour - you have to be a bloody good player to not look like a total idiot.
  10. I think he came on at 3-1 up against the Swiss to ‘help see the game out’
  11. My friend Paul and his dog Scuzz were in that show
  12. Hopefully will take Sissoko with him.
  13. If Skipp continues to play like he did in the first half, Winks has no chance of getting game time.
  14. If anyone’s interested and doesn’t know already, the game tonight against Colchester is free on Spurs TV. https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/colchesterspurs210721/?fbclid=IwAR1oTcIMXFKdK9G9UZwu0vlbsKODM4jpGSwAM7Ud4LpnKz5RKlRu9cfhiwE
  15. Yep, that’s the bit A disadvantage of having two kids 11 years apart - we thought we’d left Peppa long behind and then had to do it all again years later. Fortunately the older one got into Adventure Time. The younger one just wants to watch youtube now, and never really got into any TV shows after giving up on Peppa and Ben & Holly.
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