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  1. Funny thing is when you see Gary in real life you realise he tones it down massively for his films !
  2. Once you know, it’s really obvious from his looks alone. He’s Gary Busey’s son Jake (was in that last Predator film too).
  3. Someone said this about Stranger Things the other day, but with TNG and The Orville I have a similar feeling of contentment just spending time with the characters. Discovery is more like that one person at work that annoys you when you see them coming over to your desk, even before they’ve said anything.
  4. I said in the TLJ thread that it’d be quite a good running gag if she was this trilogy’s Kenny. Keeps coming back, keeps getting killed in more elaborate ways.
  5. I like Ed Gamble. I think Baddiel is going to end up being the cerebral who is fucking useless.
  6. It starts off with a fair bit of daft humour, but they tone it right down throughout S1. The stories are great - very intelligent, and the cast are also very likeable. A real love letter to TNG.
  7. I’ve seen at least a couple of parodies of The Matrix in comedy shows where they use that line. How very odd ! It happens with scenes as well as dialogue - I saw Jaws at the cinema on first release and was convinced for years that there was more to the autopsy scene than is shown in the home versions of the movie. Probably doesn’t help that the editing is very choppy towards the end of that bit anyway.
  8. Also fixed mine - thought it had already been spoken about, sorry.
  9. I’m glad it’s not just me who thinks this - I’ve said it a lot in the Indy threads.
  10. I may have been slow on the uptake, but Steve is definitely turning into Jack Burton.
  11. I didn’t see it like that at all - I thought
  12. In researching the post above, I found out that Hammond presented a Men & Motors show called Car File from ‘98-2002, so he did have previous experience of sorts.
  13. Finished this last night - a bit slow starting like so many of the Netflix Marvel series, but really enjoyed the Jess/Trish/Salinger dynamics. Carrie-Anne Moss’s story arc seemed utterly pointless though, unless it was all to push Malcolm back to freelancing for the final payoff. Ritter is still superb; she’s got that weary reluctant cynicism nailed. I’m going to miss the show a lot. There is at least some good news - I had read that she wouldn’t be interested in playing Jones again, but she responded to that question on her Twitter feed.
  14. I remember May joining, but I’ve totally blanked this guy from my memory - for the last twenty-odd years I’ve been convinced Clarkson and Hammond were a duo on S1.
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