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  1. They did actually grab hold one of one aspect from The Measure Of Man - Picard’s speculation that Data could eventually become the father of a new race, which came to fruition. Damn, it was just a very inconsistent series and a bit of a damp squib overall. Some great stuff, some genuinely terrible stuff, big inconsistencies in the characters etc etc. I know Picard is old, but seeing his gravitas greatly diminished by his frailty was quite sad. Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis were the best bit of this by a long way.
  2. The main thing I took from the show (which incidentally I didn’t hate, but it’s very hit and miss) is that I’d rather see a Riker show.
  3. How far in are you Sandman. It definitely takes three or four to get going.
  4. Oh OK, I don’t really have any complaints, but I’ve only got my iphone to compare it against unfortunately. My LG telly doesn’t have Web OS 3 so I don’t have the D+ app for it Looks like I’ll have to get a Firestick or something similar.
  5. Watching Empire right now using the app on Sky Q and it looks pretty sharp. Maybe you were getting bandwidth issues or something.
  6. Jammy

    The Spurs Thread

    You’re absolutely right @JPL, although I think the writing was on the wall last season. The CL run was a red herring - apart from the Dortmund games we rode our luck and displayed some actual grit. The lack of urgency the team displayed in the final was a mirror of their league form from January 2019 onwards. Levy gambled on this team having a couple more years left in it, with one or two premium players coming in. Pochettino knew that wasn’t going to be enough, and was ignored and subsequently sacked. Not a huge fan of Mourinho, but if he’s Levy’s dream manager, I sincerely hope this season is a wake-up call that he can’t keep underfunding the squad and expecting them to overachieve. The reason so many of them look physically broken is because in key positions they haven’t really had any genuine competition for places or competent backup for the last few years. He needs to provide funds for the rebuild, and get players in early in the window rather than pissing about with this last minute brinkmanship. I can’t see them getting CL this season, so hopefully the loss of those funds will act as a wake-up call.
  7. Jammy

    The Spurs Thread

    Realistically we need eight or nine players, mostly in defensive roles. No way Levy will finance that without shipping out first, and he tried to sell a few of these in the summer without any interest. Whether Poch had run out of ideas or not, he was dead right about the ‘painful rebuild’.
  8. Netflix manage it with the early seasons of all the Star Trek shows, so no reason they can’t do it properly.
  9. He ended up an Admiral though; he could have given Will the Captain tag and still lorded it over him It doesn’t really matter - I was so happy to see Riker and Troi again.
  10. Oh, one thing perhaps someone can enlighten me on...
  11. Particularly great, because he went on record saying he’d done so little acting in the last ten years that he was terrified on first day of filming. This was probably the first episode I actually wanted to watch a second time too. Lovely reunion
  12. RIP - a huge loss
  13. Jammy

    The Spurs Thread

    Yup, and to be honest, if we finish outside the CL spots, I actually hope we don’t qualify for the Europa league either. A season with a bit more time between games is probably something our players need right now. The players are shot to bits - a 120 minute leg sapper was the last thing they needed as the first of three games in 9 days, especially as the next two are both away against sides that are both physically demanding, albeit in different ways. That high tempo pressing game was exciting to watch, but I think that Poch changed to a more slow tempo possession style last year because he realised the small ageing player pool he had was starting to struggle with the physical demands. It drained some of the players, and broke our best midfield pairing for years - Wanyama and Dembele.
  14. Jammy

    The Spurs Thread

    They’ve been mostly awful for over a year, the CL run excepted, and that was more about fight than playing brilliantly. But this seems like rock bottom, and even that fight has gone from a lot of the players this season. At least José got them to 40 points - a very expensive Allardyce tribute act though ! If Levy and Lewis really want us at the top table, Lewis is going to have to put his hand in his pocket - we need so many players all of a sudden it’s frightening. Levy gambled by not doing that, and I don’t think he ever imagined that so many of this XI would rush past their ‘sell by’ date at the same time. What’s especially sad is that with shrewd investment a couple or three years ago, we could have really kicked on. If Pochettino had been allowed to buy even just a couple of players in each window from that far back, we’d have already refreshed the positions that we really obviously have serious problems in now. Realistically we now need three new full-backs (assuming Sessegnon steps up), two or three new CBs, two DMs, and a backup striker. And a tangible gameplan. They look utterly lost at the moment. My other worry is that even if Enic stump up the cash, I’m not sure I trust José with the money, looking at the state he left Man Utd in after spending half a billion.
  15. I was watching that bit today, thinking there was no way Picard would have fallen for it when he was Captain of the Enterprise. If he is suspicious, no doubt he can check the logs or ask the ship’s computer or EMH and confirm that she switched off the life support systems.
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