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  1. Jammy

    After Life - Ricky Gervais

    Binged through this - thought it was excellent; found myself laughing through teary eyes a lot of the time, as I found bits genuinely sad. I did feel his turnaround was a bit rushed, and thought maybe one more episode to make that aspect slightly more gradual might have helped with that.
  2. Jammy

    Comedy timing

    I know Cleavon Little cracking up at the end was genuine corpsing that they left in - I can’t remember whether Wilder’s last line was improvised. Love the scene regardless. EDIT - yes, just checked. Wilder’s last little quip was improv
  3. Jammy

    The Spurs Thread

    Good point about the international break - a chance to recharge hopefully. They’ve definitely been running out of steam lately, and I should imagine the Dortmund game took a bit out of them when Saints hadn’t played.
  4. Jammy

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I think they’re knackered. Spurs hit the woodwork twice in the first half, but Saints outplayed them in the second half.
  5. Jammy

    The Spurs Thread

    Bloody hell, what’s going on with our league form ?
  6. Jammy

    Side characters that terrified you

    Yeah, I know you can see the zip up the back of his suit, and his trainers. But back when I was 5 or so, this was terrifying.
  7. Jammy

    Star Trek Discovery

    Which is weird - isn’t this on a streaming service in the States as well ? Presumably they’re hoping a network will pick it up eventually.
  8. Jammy

    FREE SOLO - out 11th December

    Just finished watching it - what an amazing guy. I got the willies just watching that ascent.
  9. Jammy

    FREE SOLO - out 11th December

    Recorded it - will watch it tomorrow
  10. Jammy

    Star Trek Discovery

    I know I’m deaf, but what is up with the audio on this show ? Half of them sound like they’re speaking through a fucking kazoo.
  11. I said similar up there a bit ^^^ Some of the designs look like they were done to fit with the original sillier tone of the show rather than where we are now.
  12. Just saw the first part of this episode on UK timings. Wow ! Love the way the show has evolved. I do wonder whether the ship and character designs were originally intended to look slightly silly because it started in a more lighthearted/jokey fashion, like the Union ships and Isaac, as I find the designs slightly at odds with the tone now. I appreciate the way it’s changed though - mostly serious, but with the characters giving more ‘real world’ responses to situations, like Gordon’s comment after they’d been scanned by the Kaylon.
  13. Jammy

    X-Men - Dark Phoenix

    Rogue with the rest of her powers would be interesting, considering where she got them. Or more accurately, from whom.
  14. Jammy

    3-2-1 is the greatest TV show in history

    It’s not an episode of 3-2-1 unless ‘the beautiful Maggie Moone’ makes a guest musical appearance...
  15. The book is a magnificent car crash. I can’t see them being allowed to put most of that in the film.

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