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  1. Framed #269 https://framed.wtf
  2. Yeah, they’re playing an inverted front three it seems, with the two wide players ahead of Kane rather than him taking point.
  3. For sure. It’s fantastic that we’re not solely reliant on him, I’m just willing him on to break Rooney’s scoring record. Two to go
  4. If not for a few inches either way (Saka’s ball in the first half and Rashford’s in the second), Kane would have had three goals tonight. Nice to see him finally getting into the bloody box.
  5. France is going to be really tough, but they are missing some really key players like Pogba, Kante and Benzema, so possibly not as tough as they could have been.
  6. Yep, sorry, Wilson ! I told you I was getting old
  7. He’s been going off at about 75 minutes for Chambers most of the tournament.
  8. Glad Kane got a good chance and scored, after great work from Bellingham. His pass to slide Bellingham in for England’s first was nice too.
  9. I think there was a bit of rope-a-dope going on there, playing it around slowly at the back and inviting the Senegalese to knacker themselves out chasing the ball.
  10. It would really help if we stopped passing the ball to them. England are half asleep.
  11. Jammy

    RIP Christine McVie

    Similar to you @spanx, the Mac in all their forms wove their way through my childhood and beyond. Always on the stereo, whether at home or in the car. My parents even called their house ‘Fleetwood’, and before they got divorced they went to see them numerous times from the Peter Green days through their 70s/80s heyday. ‘Songbird’ played at my father’s funeral too. Although not a terrible shock as such, it’s extremely sad.
  12. Not from what I’ve been told @footle. Same culture there still.
  13. Be careful what you wish for Bob - I have a lot of colleagues and ex-colleagues who are less than complimentary (extreme understatement) about the working conditions at McLaren.
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