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  1. One of those records that I forgot I had, so much so it’s like a brand new record to me.
  2. Ste_S

    Vinyl lovers

    I've just had a facepalm moment. I have an Ortofon VMS 20E II cartridge, with a third party stylus. The cartridge was rated at 1g tracking force, which I've been running it at. I've just noticed the third party stylus recommends 2g, I guess I should be running it at that?
  3. The aggro in the Golfers camp during the connecting wall was amusing, reminded me of the bickering of the Chessmen.
  4. Hopefully we'll get a male actor being cast in an undisclosed role soon, that we can all guess at being Ezra.
  5. Ste_S

    Great CD Revival

    The CD version of the SL1200, the SL-P1200. https://youtu.be/Ag2RVk2vx4o
  6. But yet, it’s some of Chibnall’s best work
  7. Was there something about 13 not being able to regenerate? I can’t quite remember, not helped by the dialogue in the Flux episodes being shouted at 100miles an hour.
  8. Still with its £12.99 or 2 for £20 sticker (and it’s a double) from the long closed Disque on Chapel Market in London. I miss those vinyl prices.
  9. Ste_S

    Great CD Revival

    With vinyl prices continuing to climb, and pressings selling out quickly, the media are picking up on CDs again. Rolling Stone article on the CD revival
  10. I quite enjoyed this, fun and the three leads are likeable. Episode 2 was almost a Dr Who episode (and scored more viewers than Eve of the Daleks did). Seems they're aiming at a Jules Verne cinematic universe, given the already announced Journey to the Centre Earth and
  11. After an alien invasion, half of the population winking in/out of existence and , you would of though it might effect some people. I'm overthinking it though, they'll just hand waive it away as they do in Doctor Who.
  12. Depends how much Filoni is involved, as I trust him to pull something like that off. Favreau or Rodriguez, not so much.
  13. Marvel is normally pretty spot with casting, but fuck me, Gemma Chan and Richard Madden are appalling actors. Both my wife and I thought this was terrible, and I feared my wife was going to throw something at the TV when
  14. He got his hair ruffled by Holdo (he’s alright really), just before she went off and committed suicidal, all so later Poe can have a literal light bulb go off above his head In a cave ‘It’s a distraction!’ Its a terrible story line.
  15. Ste_S

    Vinyl lovers

    It's vinyl in 2022 innit? Every release is limited, and because scalpers know the original is valuable, they're adding to stock shortages. I'm think I'm done with vinyl, bar a few series, as it's just getting ridiculous at the moment. I'm enjoying collecting CDs instead.
  16. I do wonder if the Yaz/Doctor relationship is being set up this close to a regeneration so RTD can make a statement on gender in relationships with a male actor as the new Doctor? Anyhoo, I liked it, one of the better (best?) Chibnall-era episodes.
  17. Is it just famous people doing variations on Cunk and Shitpeas again?
  18. Ste_S

    Vinyl lovers

    Are prices going up now for Detroit Techno and Chicago House? Last time I checked there was only a couple of mine going for silly money (a 12" on Ibadan, another on Relief), but most are going for roughly what I payed for in the 90s.
  19. Ste_S

    Vinyl lovers

    Love me a bit of Martian/Red Planet, the Red Planet V double pack is probably my favourite.
  20. There’s probably a whole hour of them singing ‘Two of Us’ in funny voices that could have been deleted. Or, just any footage of ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’.
  21. Or alternatively; how dare they remake Romeo and Juliet into a 1950s stage musical, then into a 1960s film, then into various stage productions for sixty years across the globe, and then into a new film in 2021. Spielberg, you monster!
  22. Ste_S

    The Jazz Thread

    Sometimes it can feel that perhaps there's a bit too much Art Blakey being re-released, however the new 1961 Tokyo live album is great. Nice vinyl package also, with booklet and postcards https://music.apple.com/gb/album/first-flight-to-tokyo-the-lost-1961-recordings/1585996849
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