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  1. Ste_S

    Vinyl lovers

    I would expect that to come down in price closer to release. But stil, the wildly increasing vinyl prices do seem like the record companies are trying to milk every last drop from the end of the vinyl revival.
  2. Isn't Ezra Miller on the run from law enforcement at the moment?
  3. Ste_S

    The Jazz Thread

    ^^^^ I'll have to check that out. Have been listening to DoomCannon and Binker & Moses a lot recently and picked up the CDs of Moses Boyd's first album, and Theon Cross' latest today, which I didn't have This recent BBC doc on UK Jazz is well worth a watch. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m001770s/jazz-uk-spitting-fire In short, there continues to be some amazing music coming out of the UK Jazz scene.
  4. The Sony deck has turned up. Positives- it sounds great and is fun to use. Negatives- recording only (very) intermittently works, so it's back to the seller. If anyone has a working Sony MDS-JE480 (with remote) they want to part with, let me know...
  5. Sony MDS-JE480, one of the later decks I think? There's some optimistic prices on ebay for them, I got one for a realistic price with a remote (which seems to be a rarity). Not ruling out getting a portable player, but it's hard to move past the conveniance of a phone and bluetooth headphones when out and about. Primarily wanted it for making mix tapes discs, and compilations of 12" vinyl, something I miss doing.
  6. Doh! Have just this afternoon brought a Sony deck on eBay, otherwise I would have had that off you. If anyone has any surplus minidiscs they want rid of, I’d be interested in purchasing. A question for those of you using minidisc at the moment- can you record digitally from a streamer to a minidisc? I have an airport express with an optical out.
  7. Not an end credit thing, but no one has mentioned a celestial sticking out of Earth since Eternals
  8. Ste_S

    Vinyl lovers

    I’ve sold 6-7 records on Discogs and have found the process relatively painless (so far…)
  9. Ste_S

    Vinyl lovers

    I've given up on that premium audiophile vinyl re-issue thing. I'm more or less CDs now, with the odd original vinyl pressing of older stuff (for the right price).
  10. Ste_S

    Vinyl lovers

    Ha, 100% they've done that video as a reaction to the Mobile Fidelity OMG drama that's going on at the moment.
  11. It wouldn't surprise me if independent artists dropped vinyl as the current cost/delay isn't sustainable. Mike of off the In Groove record shop/youtube channel said it took him two years to get vinyl pressed up, and three weeks for the CD. I presume tape is also as quick to get released.
  12. I do have a soft spot for tape, as it's a format I grew up with. The Streetsounds Electro tapes in particular have probably been key in my musical education.Also, the autoreverse sound is one of the coolest things ever. It's probably not a format I would get back into now though, partly due to the reasons @chris on the moon mentioned. Does surprise me, though, when I see new tapes in record shops. Perhaps someone will pick up on the demand and make a better tape mech than the cheap crappy one that everyone uses now?
  13. I'm tempted to pick up a minidisc deck as I miss making mix/compliation discs. Anything I should be wary of, or look out for?
  14. Ste_S

    Great CD Revival

    @erhgiez Love the sound out of my Discman, I use mine with a pair of Grado SR60 and it's all I need for listening to CDs with headphones, really. Like you I've had good fun tinkering with them also, my D121 was skipping a bit on reading CDs, especially at the start. Cleaned and re-greased the laser sled rails, and now works without skipping. Also been kicking the arse out of cheap CDs, I've built up a collection of about 100 Blue Note CDs over the past year, amongst other things. Hate to think what it would of cost me buying them on vinyl.
  15. Love a bit of Kerri Chandler
  16. I've got a soft spot for top loaders where you can see the disc spinning+ MD! Like that Sharp unit a lot.
  17. My favourite (this week) Herbie album
  18. Ste_S

    Cool tracks

    I was quite disappointed when Basic Channel took the 'Round' series down the minimal dub-techno hole. Not that I've got anything against that style of music, just the deep house of Round 1 & 2 made a nice change from their usual output.
  19. I found it hard to move past Gemma Chan and Richard Madden,’whose relationship was like two IKEA flat packs trying to assemble each other.
  20. Ste_S

    Great CD Revival

    HMV isn’t bad for CDs. Prices for current releases are broadly similar to other places, and they often sell back catalogue stuff for cheap. Their vinyl prices are lolsome, however. Edit- I was in Left for Dead records in Shrewsbury yesterday, which advertises vinyl and CDs outside, but no CDs to be found inside. I was the second person in 5mins to ask where the CDs have gone, proof positive the revival is happening. Or something.
  21. It's kinda embarrassing for Marvel that an indie super-hero (kinda) film has done far better with the multiverse concept than they have. The Raimi and Marvel call-backs kinda got me along in MoM, but only in a cheap sugar rush kinda way. I've no need to see this film again, whilst I'll probably be re-watching Everything Everywhere all at Once for a while yet.
  22. Ste_S

    Great CD Revival

    Excellent! Hope you enjoy Jumpin' 2.
  23. Miles’ last studio album, with a rather sniffy 2/5 on Allmusic. However I quite like it, Miles playing over Easy Mo Bee’s beats is kinda nice.
  24. Ste_S

    Great CD Revival

    I’d have to disagree there. The guy who re-mastered Hotter Than July did an amazing job (I also own the original vinyl). Same with the re-master of What’s Going On he did. Super clear soundstage, both in the stereo aspect, and also in the definition from treble to bass. Shame he hasn’t done a re-master of The Temptations- Psychedelic Shack and All Directions, another couple of my Motown faves.
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