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  1. Ste_S

    Doctor Who

    The weakest link of the new series was always going to be Chibnall's writing and so it's proving. He's co-written next weeks, and also written the following weeks too
  2. Ste_S

    The Flash - TV series

    Yeah. The Arrowverse shows need a re-boot* as that formula has got stale, like everyone else I struggled to make it the end of last years series and gave up on Supergirl entirely. Hopefully Arrow will focus on Ollie in prison for a while before inevitably uniting him with his dull sidekicks again. *Apart from Legends, obvs.
  3. Ste_S

    Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    Canon and Nikon are dead men walking really. They made the jump from film to digital, but I don't think they'll survive the transition to photography driven by software. They've been too held back by fears of cannibalising their DSLR sales (and pro video cams in the case of Canon) to truly innovate. Kodak made the first digital camera, but they binned it as they where worried about film sales.
  4. Ste_S

    Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    Really, the difference for me between crop sensors and full frame (or 35mm or medium format film) is depth of field. With m4/3 I mostly shoot on 'P' and to be honest I never really notice what aperture or shutter speed is selected - I know depth of field is going to be good, and ibis takes care of slow shutter speeds. True point and shoot which is kind of refreshing. As you say though, it's harder to get a narrow depth of field if that's your thing. I trialled shooting the 25mm f1.7 wide open, and still most stuff was in focus
  5. Ste_S

    Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    Mostly the camera companies are shit at software and you can do that kind of thing in post. Closest you're probably going to get is that new Zeiss camera which looks as thought it runs Android to run Lightroom on camera
  6. Ste_S

    Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    Pretty much. I use the original Olympus e-m5 and it's a great camera for not much money second hand. More than happy with the lens choices and a body upgrade path should I ever feel the need too. As each iteration of a mobile phone gobbles up more of the ground previously occupied by camera companies they're probably making the shift towards high end only to be able to survive.
  7. Ste_S

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    I also only use Lightroom and the CC version at that which I'll use on my phone as much as on my laptop What do you feel is lacking in your edits ?
  8. Ste_S

    British War

    If you've seen that, you've seen The Life and Death Of Colonel Blimp, right ? Britain never really did war films past the second world war. We kind of step around them - Falklands in The Iron Lady, Middle East in In The Loop for example. Hollywood seems much more keen to mine later conflicts for films.
  9. Ste_S

    Doctor Who

    I'm slightly concerned for the new series - Chibnall as show runner, the move to a Sunday (changes have never been kind to Who viewing figures) and a crowded Tardis
  10. Ste_S

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Nah. Rogue One is great and is on par with the original trilogy. Force Awakens wiped away the stain of prequels and made Star Wars fun again.
  11. I wasn't aware of the director and had a look through his CV. Jeebus he's done some shite Warner execs have no clue do they ?!
  12. Ste_S

    Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    @Bash Rather than a technical manual, I'd just buy photobooks for inspiration. Far more useful than buying a book about settings.
  13. Ste_S

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Top tips 1. Take a lot of photos 2. Experiment 3. Develop a mild photo book addiction for inspiration.
  14. Ste_S

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    @PopeSmokesDope They're really nice, should look great printed
  15. Re Elisa and the Creature's connection

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