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  1. @FishyFish Been to Barcelona then ? Such a photogenic city
  2. Thought that sounded like a Record intro, and then there it was when I flicked through 41
  3. Froome out of the TdeF after crashing on a recon of today's Dauphine TT stage
  4. What I got from it was that it was a film about selfishness and self destruction, Neil was practically self harming at points in the film. Where I thought the film was lacking was it never really conveyed why his wife stayed with him (during this period), despite Claire Foy's excellent performance. I don't think Gosling's robot act helped with that.
  5. Well this is great. Human bits are silly, but the monsters, visual and sound design are incredible.
  6. *shrugs* I think Skull Island is great, much better than Jackson's Kong.
  7. It's probably been featured in 'explore'
  8. I use Lightroom CC on iPhone, Mac and web browser in combo with their cloud storage. It works a treat, allows me to do the edits on single photos I need and have them sync in the cloud. However, it falls apart when you start having to deal with volume. Was a mare trying to deal with 300 photos I shot at hen do, and certainly wouldn't put that volume through it again. CC certainly isn't something you could use professionally. Also, there's no print module in CC, which is a pain. I'm not actively looking for an alternative at the moment, but will certainly look if Adobe put their prices up. I'm paying for the 1TB plan at the moment and that's about the limit of what I'd pay.
  9. Stuff like this makes me wonder why Indiegogo etc aren't inundated with more scammers. There's no come back from the platform, and legally the backers don't appear to have a leg to stand on. In fact, like the above, some backers don't seem to care that they've lost their money. I can only assume most scammers aren't aware of easy it is.
  10. I think they referenced a few other things in there, at least musically. If they don't get a third series I think it was a really nice finale.
  11. If this was the late 70s/early 80s Kerraig would driving around with the Eagles on his 8 track with a giant 'Disco Sux' sticker on his back window.
  12. Have you tried talking to Mr Cad about your scans and negs ? I'd say don't use them again, but I always like to give someone a chance to correct their cock ups.
  13. Even disregarding the crap on the scan, they're pretty rubbish. There's haloing in areas of hard contrast, where dark meets sky - normally the sign of a bad scan. Can see it mostly around the post
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