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  1. It’s taken a global pandemic to do it, E4 are finally showing season 14 in the UK.
  2. This is now on UK SyFy. First episode was nicely done but predictable. Jordan Peele doing the Rod Serling narration is great though. Looking forward to seeing more judging by the comments up thread.
  3. Indeed. The way they seed that arc without you realising they're doing it is one of the best things about The Orville.
  4. Let's not forget it took until series 3 for TNG to get consistently good
  5. Bond raping a lesbian straight in Goldfinger is a particular highlight of the series. More recently, The Boat that Rocked (Richard Curtis again !) is odious. The sex comedy tribute scene of fooling a woman to have sex with someone else in the dark was particularly bad
  6. I hope Chibnall knows what he's doing with this.... the potential to fuck things up is high
  7. I think you're being overly critical of the noise at ISO3200. What are they/you doing with the photos ? If web then crank up the ISO and put a bit of smoothing on in post
  8. The F-18 feels right for me: I played a lot of F/A-18 Interceptor on the Amiga , which had a rip off of the Top Gun music on the title screen
  9. Keanu does a Dredd in Trifecta and breaks through from one film into another ?
  10. I liked it. Right from the off it wore it's Seven Samurai influences on it's sleeve and ran with it. Much like the series itself which is essentially doing this
  11. Oh ! I thought that was the finale ! It’s having an Xmas break then ?
  12. Wasn’t really sure where they were going with the finale until
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