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  1. The great thing about the Capra fight is you can tackle it straight, or make it as easy as you want. There's nothing to stop you lobbing stuff over the wall to kill him before you even go through the fog door.
  2. Changed the over scan settings on your TV and on the Pi under Raspiconfig?
  3. No, because I just use sound over HDMI instead.
  4. Blu3Flame

    Burnout Paradise

    It came on the disc if I remember right, but Ultimate Edition was released before the majority of the DLC came out anyway. It only actually comes with one bit of DLC, the 'Party Pack'. The purpose of the Ultimate Edition was mainly to entice people into buying the 'fixed' version of the game, as there had been many major quality of life and content patches. It was also released at a time when some people never took their consoles online, so it was a way for those to access the patches.
  5. Blu3Flame

    Reading Challenge 2018

    Set myself a goal of 20 books for this year and according to Goodreads I'm already 8 in!
  6. Blu3Flame


    Thanks. Having some friends on there to populate it should hopefully make it much more useful
  7. Blu3Flame

    Name this game

    BOB for the Megadrive.
  8. Blu3Flame


    Does anyone use Goodreads, or make use of its Kindle integration? I've started bothering with it since I upgraded my Kindle as a way to automatically track what I'm reading, although it feels like it would be of much more use if I was actually following other users. My profile: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/4421155-chris
  9. Blu3Flame

    RetroArch + Frontend help.

    The easiest one is to use the frontend built into Retroarch. It's pretty nice once it's been set up properly. Otherwise there's: Emulation Station (You'll need the latest version of the RetroPie Windows fork as the one on the Emulation Station website is long abandoned). Phoenix Launchbox
  10. Blu3Flame

    The Humble Thread - Now with Destiny 2

    But they normally take the money later in the month. If you pay earlier you can get the visible game straight away rather than at the end with all the others.
  11. Blu3Flame

    The Humble Thread - Now with Destiny 2

    That's how early unlocks work. You pay your subscription earlier to get the visible game right away. Otherwise you could cancel and walk away with a free game.
  12. The above is basically correct. I'll add that DS games either run perfectly or not at all. The emulator was leaked in beta state and added to Retropie then the developer never updated it. I play a lot of Tetris DS and Space Invaders Extreme 2 on mine.
  13. Blu3Flame

    "Newer" Super Mario Bros. DS (Romhack)

    That's how all romhacks work, as it would be illegal to distribute the file otherwise. Basically you just patch the standard Mario ROM with the romhack and transfer it across.
  14. Blu3Flame

    "Newer" Super Mario Bros. DS (Romhack)

    Nice. Hopefully that will work on Retropie. The DS emulator there is hit and miss, either things work perfectly or not at all.

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