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  1. Joj

    Atoms For Peace

    Yeah I saw that. However, friends of mine who have been in the past have brought back some horror stories about Exit, most of which to do with the security/police there. Also the rest of the line up so far seems to all be that type of middle-of-the-road dubstep and dnb that adolescents were listening to 3 or 4 years back? Fresh, Friction, The Prototypes, Skism and the Brookes Brothers :/
  2. Joj

    Atoms For Peace

    Anyone going to catch them (maybe just him?) tonight at Oval Space? I missed the ticket sale, so I think I'm using Atoms For Peace to justify my decision to go to Melt! Festival, where it was announced today that they would be headlining.
  3. Did a new mix. A blend of vocal electronica, heavy-ish techno and housey cuts. http://soundcloud.com/cminus/coalition-of-cheetahs Tracklist Dillon - Thirteen Thirtyfive (Deniz Kurtel remix) Zoé Zoé - Church Anstam - Hope's Soliloquy Phase - Binary Opposition (Process1) Lianne La Havas - Forget (Shlohmo remix) Breach - Fatherless (T Williams remix) Animal Youth - Keep Up Aquarian - Obsidian Geode - Get Dem (Calski remix) Max Cooper & Braids - Pleasure (Ghosting Season remix) Wraetlic - Hymn To The Departed James Zabiela - The Healing (Hot Chip remix) Dusky - Calling Me Lusine - Another Tomo
  4. Well certainly you are right that there are no shortage of trance followers out there, it is a great big scene. I guess what I meant is that, in my experience, trance as a genre doesn't bleed across stylistically into others so much. I've always thought of a trance event as pretty much purely for trance fans, whereas house, techno, the less definable electronica and even bass-ey artists you're quite likely to often find alongside each other on the same nights and bills. Not to say that they don't all come under the broad 'dance music' umbrella, just surprising that what I thought to be one of
  5. Got meself and the girlfriend tickets to see them in Berlin for our anniversary, woop!
  6. A lot of trance fans in here aren't there? I myself (perhaps wrongly) don't consider trance to be mainstream dance. Not to say that it isn't a legitimate form of dance music, more that it seems to have its own insular and self-contained scene, as is the case with drum and bass, for example.
  7. Joj

    The Drum & Bass Thread

    Enei's Machines is a major contender for me
  8. Might I be so forward as to beg the attention of your collective eardrums? A mix I did today, mostly recent stuff and somewhat (possibly overly) eclectic. Bass music, house, techno and less specific electronica. http://soundcloud.com/cminus/bouyancy Tracklist
  9. Dang. Hold tight, I shall return with a purer contribution!
  10. Hrm, yes definitely didn't get one. That's a bummer. Don't suppose anybody has a spare guest pass knocking about? Cheers
  11. Where is the guest pass supposed to be? I don't think I got one, which sucks, I've got a mate waiting on mine. (I ordered the standard edition from Amazon)
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