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  1. linkster

    The BTCC Thread

    Will finally make it to our local round this weekend, it’s alwsys clashed with Karting and were supposed to be volunteering tmrw but it’s been cancelled, so two days of Clio Ginetta and BTCC banditry - yes please!
  2. linkster

    A Quiet Place

    Yes. I’d forgotten my initial review on the forum was in the Movie Watcher Blog thread. ill be more careful in future, better still not post anything
  3. linkster

    A Quiet Place

    You said I didn’t use a spoiler tag, which isn’t true i said that was untrue, because the Letterboxd review was literally a cut and paste of the post on this forum, to extent it even included the Hide Contents, and I couldn’t be bothered to remove it the point being, I did hide spoilers in my review on this site, even tho you said I didn’t
  4. linkster

    A Quiet Place

    I can only assume you mean it should have said spoilers even tho the contents of the review were contained within a spoiler tag? I’ve read cookies guidelines, it didn’t explicitly state the requirement, but if that’s what you were expecting then I guess it explains why you’re confused by my response
  5. linkster

    A Quiet Place

    “Hide contents” is the text shown if you c&p spoilers why should I lie about something so easily proven...?
  6. linkster

    A Quiet Place

    That’s simply not true, it was wrapped in spoiler tags from the start, as evidenced by it being copied and pasted to Letterboxd with the spoiler tag intact!
  7. linkster

    A Quiet Place

    “We are not discussing” - who are you to decide what is or is not up for discussion? I wrote a lengthy, honest review of what I thought of the movie in which each weak element adds to an unsatisfactory whole. IMO. Someone turns round and says you can’t talk about that aspect, you need to engage with this, then it’s not the sort of conversation I’m interested in. End of the day I’m giving an opinion, not looking to change minds.
  8. linkster

    A Quiet Place

    Must have been how you put it. I like discussion, I can’t stand Internet personalities.
  9. linkster

    A movie watchers blog

    I saw it when I was very young and loved it. Classic 70s downer.
  10. linkster

    Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    Odds of Empire giving it 4/5?
  11. It was a deeply flawed film sure but in terms of the journey the kids went on given it shared a lot of themes I just found a lot more to enjoy.
  12. I thought A Wrinkle In Time was like a good version of Interstellar
  13. I’d have to admit tho when I rented it on release I never got through it, just too slow. Took a second viewing years later.
  14. I agree Terminator is the one unequivocal masterpiece. I can’t say I rate True Lies, think it’s aged dreadfully, but same with T2, can’t deny both very influential needing a good editor could be said of most people tho. Jaws was made in the editing suite from what I’ve read
  15. I’m not! But it made sense in context, more sense than some dumb ass video game plot collectathon, just because it’s stretched out over other (weak) movies doesn’t make it acceptable the cameron bashing is really bizarre. Avatar was a good movie, I loved it and yet I cannot be bothered to watch it again, I can’t really explain that, maybe even with 3D it doesn’t work small scale but the guy isn’t Scott or Spielberg, in no way has he tarnished an incredible reputation by churning out movies just to keep working, he clearly starts stuff he isn’t happy to finish, he’s like Nintendo to their EA

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