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  1. I wouldn’t object to a Old Republic Trilogy, but I definitely don’t want to be waiting around a decade or so for a post RIse of Skywalker trilogy. in some ways Covid and cinemas been closed has worked out ok for Disney allowing them to regroup and hopefully come back with some coherent film plan
  2. Marcia Lucas seems to hate both the sequels and prequels so would fit in well on this forum! Disney need to be using some of these planned TV series to set up a credible threat for Films set a few years after Rise of Skywalker. I really hope they do, but it’s not even clear if they will even go back to numbered films.
  3. It was referred to as Slave 1 in the 1980 novelisation too, it seems strange that Disney should get squeamish about the name when actual slavery features in the films. Although it may just be for toy packaging that the name change applies, rather than trying to erase it completely.
  4. X_2_0


    Just finished Toradora! On Netflix, it's another high school, comedy romance but i really enjoyed it! plus it does actually have a resolution at the end.
  5. Went to my first boot of the year last Sunday! It was a fair size but very little gaming stuff, hardly any 360 or PS3 stuff even. I did pick up a load of Star Wars Disney Infinity figures for a tenner, and Cod WW2 for £2, so at least I got something.
  6. In the original Macross music was a used to induce massive culture shock into the enemy who were a race of cloned soldiers who knew nothing but warfare. When they heard music for the first time it overwhelmed their senses. it then got expanded on from that for subsequent series, to various degrees, but it isn’t Macross without transforming fighters and idol singers. Anyway be careful or cacophonous will turn up and tell everyone they are wrong.
  7. 3 QLs just got sold on a Spectrum Facebook group I’m on. A Boxed one in prestine condition went for £250, one that was tested and working with a few extra bits went for £150, and an unboxed one with no leads or extras went for £80 I think they were all snapped up right away.
  8. Amazingly it’s 26 years since the Street Fighter the movie so Fennic Shand should look like this.
  9. X_2_0

    Xbox Game Pass

    Still works, I stacked up 3 years of gold, then upgraded to ultimate for the 10.99 yesterday!
  10. Midnight Resistance is the sequel to Heavy Barrel and also by Data East, Vapour Trail, Wolf Fang and Skull Fang are a trilogy set in the same universe.
  11. I recently got the Pandora King of Air 2, which is designed for vertical monitors. I’m impressed with it so far! It’s 516 games about half of which are from the early 80s, which I guess when vertical monitors were standard, the rest are shooters from the mid 80s through to early 90s. The games are in no order at all but you can select 99 favourites which are then listed first. I had no trouble filling this list up. There is an autofire option when a game boots which is really handy and you can save state to keep high scores if you want to. As mines is in a cocktail cab I was really pleased to find a cocktail option, this switches compatible games to cocktail mode. There is a 2p head to head space invaders I’ve not seen before that I look forward to playing. You can add games apparently, but the instructions are very vague so I haven’t tried this yet. Overall this is doing more than expected, so very pleased with it. Definitely worth a look if you have a vertical cab.
  12. At a big boot You might see a few beat up figures, but finding big lots or good condition stuff is getting pretty rare. I will be keeping an eye out for them this year though!
  13. I’ve not been able to get into a single online match so far on this, the one time I was able to connect I fell through the floor and disappeared out of the map. Last night I was constantly getting server disconnects in single player. if I had paid £60 I would be looking for a refund, as it’s on Gamepass I can live with it, but hope it gets better soon.
  14. X_2_0


    Some great news regarding the Harmony Gold / Big west license disputes over Macross! Looks like it has finally been resolved and Macross can officially be released in the West. Hopefully it will make it to streaming services too. https://kotaku.com/after-decades-of-conflict-were-finally-getting-officia-1846647624
  15. Thanks, 17th sounds about right. I was hoping to have had my first jab by then but that seems unlikely now. The few that I went to last year weren’t bad for social distancing but after 4 months of lockdown it does seem like a bit of a risk for a slim chance of a bargain.
  16. Anyone know what is officially the stance on car boots with lockdown? Do they count as market’s, which I guess will reopen when shops do on the April 12th or outdoor events of more than 30 which will be later in the year?
  17. I’d appreciate a link to your eBay too!
  18. Went into this game completely blind last month on gamepass and have just finished it, it’s been an amazing journey! Ive really enjoyed it, and it’s been a great game to play in Lockdown. I liked the survival and base building elements, I probably should have got through it quicker, (it took me ages to get the sea moth) but doing things in your own way was certainly part of the appeal. The only bit that really stumped me was The pop up is issues were also a pain later in the game, and it I missed some important stuff on first explorations of areas simply because it wasn’t popping. The idea of playing in VR though is pretty terrifying, particularly when you are lost in a cave or wreck and low on oxygen! The most satisfying game to finish in a long time for me.
  19. Disney need to be spending the time they have now with all these TV series setting up credible villains for films set 5 or 6 years after TROS. A new series of films wouldn’t necessarily have to have any of the sequel characters in it, but I would be happy to see some of them return. I certainly hope they don’t leave too long before getting back to that era.
  20. I didn't realise an event was scheduled and just happened to be logged in, so it was pretty exciting. My first attempt I didn't spot the grid coordinates for the blueprint pick up in time, but I got it on my second attempt. Not it sure how long the event was available for. Blackops 1 was the last full price COD that I bought, but I will definetly be getting this one. It looks like it will be great!
  21. Agents of Shield Season 6 isn't on there, which is a shame as I wanted to catch up on it. Overall this seems to be something worth having for a month or so a few times a year, I will just have to put the effort in to cancel, then rejoin when new stuff appears.
  22. That's really interesting! I've certainly had things in the attic that seem to have continued yellowing despite not being in the sun for long. Its supposed to be sunny for the next few days so, I've just put out some extremely yellow Lego to test. Might put my dreamcast later too.
  23. This looks good and I will probably be in for day 1 as I haven't bought a new release in ages. But 5 Vs5 sounds very limited, you are not exactly going to be recreating the battle if Endor with that. Perhaps they will add bigger modes in later.
  24. Battlefront is pretty unforgiving for new comers, the star cards do give an advantage, but the weapon unlocks probably more so. i would recommend playing co-op to begin with, the bots are pretty aggressive so it isn't a walk over, but it's great for unlocking weapons, practicing with and levelling up your heroes and familiarising yourself with levels. Also making sure objectives are highlighted on screen should help to navigate maps, the options to turn this on is in the options
  25. Took me about 7 hours to update on Xbox. The new mode is fun but will probably get old quick, feels like the play area should be at least twice as big so you could move around a bit more.
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