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  1. Finally saw the credits this weekend! Still loads of story to resolve though. Ive managed to escape with all weapons and am now working on all escaping using all the mirror options.
  2. That 20 minute episode was better than the entirety of Picard!
  3. 16 mins! That’s amazing I’m currently around 32.
  4. Had my first serious attempt with the bow and absolutely blasted through it! Got lucky with two hammers though so not sure if it is always this good. went with the rapid fire and the 200% damage for long range
  5. Took me 45 attempts before I finally escaped! I would have done it sooner but for some reason I thought Death Defiance maxed out at one resurrection so had been use the other aspect of once per room. Wasn’t until I reset all my Darkness that I released my mistake.
  6. I wouldn’t object to a Old Republic Trilogy, but I definitely don’t want to be waiting around a decade or so for a post RIse of Skywalker trilogy. in some ways Covid and cinemas been closed has worked out ok for Disney allowing them to regroup and hopefully come back with some coherent film plan
  7. Marcia Lucas seems to hate both the sequels and prequels so would fit in well on this forum! Disney need to be using some of these planned TV series to set up a credible threat for Films set a few years after Rise of Skywalker. I really hope they do, but it’s not even clear if they will even go back to numbered films.
  8. It was referred to as Slave 1 in the 1980 novelisation too, it seems strange that Disney should get squeamish about the name when actual slavery features in the films. Although it may just be for toy packaging that the name change applies, rather than trying to erase it completely.
  9. X_2_0


    Just finished Toradora! On Netflix, it's another high school, comedy romance but i really enjoyed it! plus it does actually have a resolution at the end.
  10. Went to my first boot of the year last Sunday! It was a fair size but very little gaming stuff, hardly any 360 or PS3 stuff even. I did pick up a load of Star Wars Disney Infinity figures for a tenner, and Cod WW2 for £2, so at least I got something.
  11. In the original Macross music was a used to induce massive culture shock into the enemy who were a race of cloned soldiers who knew nothing but warfare. When they heard music for the first time it overwhelmed their senses. it then got expanded on from that for subsequent series, to various degrees, but it isn’t Macross without transforming fighters and idol singers. Anyway be careful or cacophonous will turn up and tell everyone they are wrong.
  12. 3 QLs just got sold on a Spectrum Facebook group I’m on. A Boxed one in prestine condition went for £250, one that was tested and working with a few extra bits went for £150, and an unboxed one with no leads or extras went for £80 I think they were all snapped up right away.
  13. Amazingly it’s 26 years since the Street Fighter the movie so Fennic Shand should look like this.
  14. Still works, I stacked up 3 years of gold, then upgraded to ultimate for the 10.99 yesterday!
  15. Midnight Resistance is the sequel to Heavy Barrel and also by Data East, Vapour Trail, Wolf Fang and Skull Fang are a trilogy set in the same universe.
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