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  1. I'll give it another go then, no save does sound harsh though!
  2. At the time, although I don't remember too much about 2 now. Heres a 9 hour long play through video that should help. https://youtu.be/sudF_Olc2Dg
  3. I like that Gnashers seem to have been toned down and are no longer dominating the game, but I'm sure the Gnashers players will kick off about that. in terms of gameplay it feels pretty good, faster and smoother for sure, but it's still pretty much the same game as Gears 3 which won't be enough to keep me playing long at all.
  4. Everyone's got it in for Unreal Championship 2! It's backward campatible guys, and besides I like the Unreal series! I generally only buy stuff I'm interested in playing, or things that I've not heard of, like Rolo to the Rescue. Rolo to the Rescue turns out really is dross, stuff like this I usually sell as part of a bundle at the end of the year. These days there is hardly anything worth buying just to sell, it's too much effort for little reward.
  5. Got these today, cartridges were £5 for all 4, the Megadrive game on the left is Contra Hard Corps! (Hurray) I Was pretty excited to find it. But it it's pretty obviously a bootleg (Boo), oddly Japanese version in a Western cart body, still it works so that's ok. xbox games were a pound each, I could have pretty much got a complete Assasins Creed 360 collection from this seller, but can never remember what ones I have.
  6. X_2_0


    Oh god that bloody island in Nadia! it just drags on with nothing happening for about 10 episodes! I do remember the end of Nadia being good though.
  7. X_2_0


    I don't normally watch end credits, but no Fly Me To The Moon is just wrong!
  8. @MikeBeaver How did that big PS1 pick up go from the other week? We're there any hidden gems and how much room do 400 ps1 games take up?
  9. Put Megadrive with MegaCD on the bottom shelf. PS2 and some minis on the narrow middle shelf Saturn and Dreamcast on the 3rd shelf.
  10. Looks like a sequel to the ps1 Contra, but who would want that? Also how does this get to use the Contra name, but Hard Corp: Uprising didn't?
  11. Thanks that's a handy link! It could be a bootleg, it does have a healthy amount of diecast though, so I'm happy either way. 4 out 5 Dinobots is impressive! I have a small Gen 1 car boot collection from the last few years but the only one other Dinobot sludge. If if anyone knows of sites that sell replacement tyres for gen1s that would be useful as I could do with a few of those!
  12. Not many gaming pickups for me on Suunday. I did get my first boot Amiibo though for a quid, not sure who it is but I am impressed with the build quality. Also a Gen 1 Snarl, I think this is a reissue as the condition seems too good, and I can't find any dates or trademarks on it Did get a complete 2010 Scaletrix Rally set for a pound too, which I am quite happy with.
  13. That's odd I would have said it was the other way round with the Arc Trooper being Over powered and the commando droid pants! The new mode is pretty good fun, but only having one map (including the 2 ships) it is likely to get old faster than it should. Anakin is still ridiculous too but another nerf is coming. Weve had nothing but Clone Wars content for 10 months now, so it is certainly time for some new OT content. I don't know why Dice are so slow/reluctant at making more maps but they have at least hinted that more are coming!
  14. X_2_0

    Battlefield V

    Been playing a bit of Firestorm, it's fine as a Battle Royale game I guess. The map is big, and I like how the firestorm starts in different areas of the map, so the whole map isn't available each time. But it is all a bit samey and I don't think it will take long to get tired of it. Managed to get a few kills and finish in the top 5 a few times, but I would rather spend my time on the main game instead. Dice do seem to a have a major problem in getting maps out for their games, I don't know why they think new maps aren't as important as new game modes, they have done exactly the same thing with Battlefront.
  15. My guess for the four unannounced Contra games are: Gameboy Contra DS Contra Contra Hardcorp Contra Rebirth unless they really hate us in which case it will be the PS1 Contra instead of Rebirth.
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