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  1. I recently got a uuni 2 - it's brilliant, best pizza I've ever tasted.
  2. 1. The-Pope-Smokes-Dope! 2. Sonicwave 3. Rumblecat Great entries everyone
  3. I've heard good things about these guys http://www.calphoto.co.uk/ - central london pickup and drop off as well.
  4. Elizabeth Castle - Jersey by simonav23, on Flickr
  5. simonav

    One a week 2014

    Also been a bit slack - now the weather is picking up theres no excuse Greenwich by simonav23, on Flickr
  6. Yeah I understand the theory of having a backup but I don't understand why the second slot is cf rather than SD card? Surely CF is almost obsolete now?
  7. I've never understood why higher end cameras have both SD and CF slots? I can understand two slots of the same type I.e. Nikon D7100 but to have one SD one CF seems stupid, surely CF is a legacy product now and you'd be better off with a smaller SD card?
  8. 1st - 1 - Rumblecat 2nd - 3 - Turning Monster 3rd - 2 - Sonicwave Good entries everyone
  9. simonav

    One a week 2014

    Week 7 - Lily by simonav23, on Flickr
  10. simonav

    One a week 2014

    Week 2 - Whisky by simonav23, on Flickr
  11. simonav

    One a week

    I'm up for this - now sure I can manage one a week but something to aim for.
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