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  1. I've never actually read Blessed magazine, what kind of writing style do you have - are we talking amusing-relaxed Edge or hardened-critical Edge? I'm not that good with writing features, as I've only done two in my life, but I can do game reviews for you if you like how I write. Though ntsc-uk comes first, you understand Recent example 1 Recent example 2
  2. PeteJ

    Ninja Gaiden Xbox

    It can be bad on the second level and parts of the third, but since then it has been fine. The camera certainly isn't the worst ever, that award goes to...Dino Crisis 3!
  3. PeteJ

    Ninja Gaiden Xbox

    Believe it or not... Ninja Gaiden 1 - find all scarabs Ninja Gaiden 2 - Complete game with every level getting Master Ninja rating - Hard or Very hard only Ninja Gaiden 3 - Complete game with every level getting Head Ninja rating - Hard or Very hard only That may not be entirely correct, but it is along the right lines. Basically - it's damn hard.
  4. PeteJ

    Ninja Gaiden Xbox

    Those horses are a real pain. Although it killed me almost every time, it never became tiring watching Ryu get dragged along, picked up and then slammed into the ground Poor guy. The first level is quite a bit easier than the demo version, better balance of enemies (the first room with the White ninja's is greatly toned down, and the trap door is thankfully a lot smaller). The game does quite tough quite quickly, but once you've learnt the mechanics progress isn't usually that difficult. Always a challange, but always possible. I got the game this morning and am currently on level 5, only level two caused me a real headache so far. Level five is prooving to be very difficult too, but that's because I'm a complete spanner. The FMV after level 2 is gob-smackingly amazing, and the cutscene introducing Ryu to level 4 is the coolest thing ever. He da man! Or something. Anyho...back to getting killed by the black ninja guys. They bastards...
  5. Pffft. As if PS, I don't have Xbox Live.
  6. Interesting you should say that, because I'm about to suicide you all the way to next week, you biased freak. When...er, I figure out how to suicide someone.
  7. It's horrible, fanboys are taking over the world. http://ntsc-uk.domino.org/viewtopic.php?t=...der=asc&start=0 Bah.
  8. Ah comon, the boss is a pussy. Remember to use the Heavy attack just as you land from a wall jump - instant powered up heavy attack. Don't hit any other buttons when in the air, just Y upon landing. do this close to him and you'll take off a good bit of damage and be facing his back, a quick combo later and you've done some good damage. Just be sure to jump away again quickly. Repeat and the fight is over. Use the two magic attacks (Y + B) to help things along. What you don't want to do is attack him face to face up close, as he can throw you and do serious damage. Just jump in, attack and jump out. Don't use ranged weapons either as he always deflects them. Incidently, using the shadow move you pull off by holding Y (and also from hitting Y upon landing) when there are loads of orbs in the room pulls off the best special attack you'll ever see. You'll hear a loud bang when you've pulled it off (usually possible in the room before the boss with the white ninjas, or the room with the revolving doors). Better than Prince of Persia's super-special. Well worth finishing the demo as you get to see some of the finest videogame acting of all time. I almost fell down, weaping at the immense power and drama. Incredible stuff, deserves an oscar.
  9. Nope, it is all in Japanese. Tricky to play as some of the objectives are quite obscure, but the actual gameplay is pure gold regardless. US is getting the same screwed up version that we are, with no Japanese track. Ninja Gaiden on the other hand features a similarly dire English voice over, but has an option for the original Japanese options also. See SCEE, that's how to do it!
  10. Yes it is very scary, and well worth getting. Not played the UK version so haven't suffered the voice-over, so cannot say how much the game has be harmed through poor localisation. I tried to capture the atmosphere in my review - http://www.ntsc-uk.com/review.php?platform=ps2&game=Siren Incidently, the game is coming out over here before the US.
  11. Just review the game when you are ready to do so, which may or may not be when the game is completed.
  12. I thought the demo was ripped from a special edition Japanese OXB magazine, that featured only Ninja Gaiden? Maybe not...should have it by monday anyway. I believe the online thing may be coop by the way, which would be super-uber-ace.
  13. PeteJ

    Games TM

    That's because Strider is watching, and he responds nicely to constructive critisim
  14. PeteJ

    Games TM

    That's quite a stupid thing to say, isn't it?
  15. PeteJ

    Games TM

    It's a good game and worth getting it you liked the first. Still an effective horror, just not really as effective as before. It's way too easy, but can still scare easily enough. Siren destroys it though.
  16. One of the best alternate worlds ever created too! Shame it was so buggy, like so buggy it was impossible to finish if some random conversation didn't take place in the first hour
  17. She did the MGS art as well then, I assume? Then I must say, she is incredibly talented.
  18. Capcom and Konami have the best concept artists around I think. Check out www.arcadeperfect.com and look about until you find the Capcom art books - some of the Street Fighter art is wonderful.
  19. Loads of download mirrors are listed over at www.ve.com if anyone cares.
  20. I don't know how true the story is, but I read of someone being blinded after playing a game once... Apparently after playing a game for hours on end sitting on the floor he gave up in frustration punching the floor extremely hard. Somehow a sharp impliment right next to him flicked up just as he was going to headbutt the ground (as you do), going straight into his eye before being rammed even further when making contact with the ground Obviously this sounds incredibly untrue, however I did read it on a forum once...
  21. http://www.ntsc-uk.com/review.php?platform=ps2&game=Flipnic If anyone cares
  22. Indeed, and I believe this is because the magazine staff actually respond to comments without biting anyones head off or being extremely sarcastic. An example to all other magazines I think
  23. Though I'm not interested in working full-time for a magazine, I'd love to do some freelance if the opportunity ever arises. Example 1 Example 2 Example 3...Issue 13 of gamesTM, import feature. Meh, worth a shot
  24. Yep, that's part two of the first feature we did.
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