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  1. 🕹 High Score Day #44 - https://highscoreday.com Maybe should have got 3 but no chance on 5. Thought I knew everything about the format this game appeared in, but never heard of this one.
  2. Oooh. I left. I did wonder if there was something to do with the diving board (or weird 'thing' that he was with) but I was so loaded with runes I was scared to so anything. Do tell! Edit - there are two Mogh's. I know about the secret on the Mogh in the sewers.
  3. Quoting myself...after a pretty miserable session Monday night I had a great time with it on Tuesday. First of all, although completing the area, I won't be leaving a positive review on Trip Adviser for Mohgwyn Palace. That place stinks. - My main weapon is now maxed out! - My main summon is now maxed out! - Completed the Varre's quest, including killing Mogh - he's a tough one certainly, but my winning strategy was to kill him before reaching his second phase, which was easy when using his shackle that I found earlier in the game. Surprised it worked so effectively but it made the boss a piece of cake. - Gained nearly 10 levels, 5 from killing Mogh. I nearly fainted when I saw how many runes he drops! - Continued potmans quest after managing to miss him following a previous fight. He came in fairly help when.... - defeating the fire giant. Took a few goes trying to learn attack patterns and dipping in and out, in the end I just ran to his ankle and repeatedly swung the sword until he died, somehow I barely got a scratch - also found a legendary weapon in the capital, though I admit I read that one on a guide So I'm now nearly level 120, tooled up and ready to tackle a few catacombs I missed from earlier in the game. I'm not continuing in the area I just found myself in. Nope. No way.
  4. Just done Varre's starting quest and got suitably destroyed in all three invasions almost immediately. No matter, onwards! I also found the illusive ghostwart 8 plant in the underground section. Now my Tiche is level 10! (Sentences you never thought you'd say...). I thought I was being careful exploring the world but everyone I take a step back I find another catacomb. Game feels endless.
  5. *googles who Varre is* Oooh I should probably do that. I never used the items he gave me a month and a half ago so he's been waiting around for quite some time.
  6. I might have already grabbed one in Nokstella if I've put another summon to level 8 already. I'll have to revisit that area but seeing how big it is I might just grab a guide. Not been to mogs place yet, no idea where that is! Makes me feel better that those catacombs are considered difficult! I'll never not hate those little gargoyles. Oh one last thing, as somebody who hates flying enemies in games - not just this one, all games - imagine my delight when I discovered
  7. Ugh snow area is kicking my arse. Admittedly I was very tired last night but I had a pretty unsatisfactory session. Suddenly I don't seem to be doing much damage to anything, having wrecked pretty much everything for the past 20 hours. It's also very clear I don't have enough options in a fight, despite being a caster, two swords, a bow and a shield (not all at the same time). I see messages saying "use poison", or "try fire", and I continue as usual spamming my moonveil special or pebble. That said I do have my off-hand sword I can change the element on... Last night's adventure I really want to upgrade my summon but can't for the life of my find the upgrade to level 8. One of my summons is already there but I prefer this one (Tiche), and now the flower I need is nowhere to be found.
  8. The Bad Guys Dreamworks animation's latest and they've become more creative in their approach. The influence from Sony animation is there, with lots of 2d post effects that look great. It's a kid friendly version of Oceans 11 and they've done a pretty good job. It starts well, sags a lot in the middle and then ends reasonably well. So not great, but it's watchable enough. 3/5 E.T. First time watching for the kids (10 and 7). They enjoyed it but perhaps not as much as I did around that age. For me it's still an all timer and other than effects it hasn't aged at all. 5/5 Back to the Future trilogy Again first time with the kids, it's probably my favourite series of films so we'd be in disowning territory if they didn't like it. 10 year old was so utterly gripped by the first film that he couldn't contain his excitement. I had forgotten just how tense the finale of 1 is. The second and third films were less popular, but still well liked. The additional layers in the second film were too much for them to follow (their minds were suitably blown) but the third is just a nice fun watch. As a trilogy is holds up so well, for me it's just about perfect. 5/5 James Bond No Time to Die I'm not a massive fan of Bond from any era and this one didn't land for me either. I had some great moments of action, sure, but I found it over long and plodding. 2/5 Jungle Cruise Was keen to give this one a go, the Rock is quite entertaining and the premise looked fun. Unfortunately they really managed to suck any fun out of it by dragging the paper thin plot over a stupidly long run time, and cram the film full of 'mild peril' in pretty much every minute of the film. Is long and boring it took us three nights to get through it. 1/5
  9. 🕹 High Score Day #42 - https://highscoreday.com Massive guess on numbers 2 and 4 as haven't played either
  10. That's a great bit of casting. He's the standout in Sex Education (well worth a watch, one of Netflix's best shows), has a great emotional range and an incredibly expressive face.
  11. 🕹 High Score Day #41 - https://highscoreday.com
  12. Decided to poke my nose into the area after the capital....stomped on, multiple times. It's not like any one enemy is that hard but flipping heck they do a lot of damage, and quickly. I've powered on through so far, largely by over levelling, but I might be getting close to the point in most Souls games where it becomes too hard for me to enjoy...we shall see! Visually already found one of the most stunning vistas of the game so far however, so it's pulling me through My god this game is big though, it just keeps going.
  13. I killed the boss by finding him the exploration way, and there's still a quest marker for the assassination mission I was on. I haven't been to that marker yet so there might be nothing there. Think I'm nearing the end of the Dung Eater quest...he seems like a strange fellow. Also found two hero graves but not sure I can be arsed to do either, I didn't enjoy the first one much. Ooooh also....sewers spoiler
  14. 🕹 High Score Day #40 - https://highscoreday.com
  15. 🕹 High Score Day #39 - https://highscoreday.com Hanging my head in shame for #5, should have got that!
  16. 🕹 High Score Day #38 - https://highscoreday.com Sort of knew the forth one but never played it so couldn't quite remember. Should have got the last one, picked the wrong game in the series.
  17. Blimey the sewers under the capital were pretty miserable! I think I explored everywhere but after getting smashed by the imp death squad 50 times I'm glad to see the back of the place. Big boss down there done first time though, which is rather nice. It's definitely highlighted the biggest issue in the games design compare to previous entries though - shortcuts are very often (not always) pointless. There are so many Lost Grace points that shortcuts are often only bypassing little sections, or its easier to just fastravel around. I've now set myself up to the next area and also grabbed the tower, but before moving on I need to take stock of other areas and quests I've not progressed. Time to look for NPC markers on the map and visit each one, because I have no idea what I'm doing on most of them!
  18. I had an interesting time in the Capital last night, probably a unique one playing on the Xbone. Basically the assets didn't completely load in time so I had free reign to move around for about 15 minutes. Being in a new area I thought was a bit quiet! I could tell it was all a bit fucked though as I could see the entire sewer section through the floor i was stood on. Anyway eventually everything spawned in and I got the fright of my life as I wasn't in a great spot! Found the cheapest piece of shit fight yet, with massive unfair clipping issues. One of those big tree spirit things that flies around I've already had to fight multiple times and I've hated each time. I hid in the nearby building to try ranged fight but ended up being picked up through the wall, from the other side of the room, and killed in one. Fuck that! Eventually found my way to the boss and then final boss of the area, and did them both first time. Take that capital. Still lots to explore though. Found the sewer but left that for tonight.
  19. 🕹 High Score Day #37 - https://highscoreday.com Not a clue what 4 was, even after being told!
  20. Freespace 2 was indeed immense, great that it holds up. One of the best senses of scale I've ever seen in a game, the capital ships (or whatever they are) were just incredible.
  21. Exploring the Capital has been great so far. Every time I play I'm ending exploring a whole new section, it's just huge and brilliantly designed. I love how they keep revealing stunning vistas from different viewpoints. Last night I found the area I was teleported to many, many hours ago. Those knights are a bugger though and I have to admit since first bumping into one at the Academy, I've run away from every Abductor Virgin I've faced. Another enemy I don't find particularly challenging, but they tend to do a lot of damage each time I face them, is the ones with the fire crossbow. They are quick and pretty deadly!
  22. Yes! I remember that. Didn't they play it two player with two SNES controllers or something? I remember pointing out the inaccuracies to my family but they didn't seem to appreciate how serious it was. I also seem to remember hearing the magic carpet fireball sound all over the place for the next decade, it appeared on other games, TV and film (possibly adverts?) as well. So weird. Thinking about it....I guess magic carpet may not have been the origin and they used the same sample as elsewhere, but I like to think Bullfrog created the sound effect of the 90s.
  23. Some cool stuff in that link, though much of it is obvious.
  24. 🕹 High Score Day #35 - https://highscoreday.com Second I knew but just couldn't recall the name, last one I've never heard of.
  25. Is that the Westwood one? I thought it was great, they nailed the feeling of Blade runner though I recall it being extremely short. From memory there was an element of randomness to each playthrough however, so different characters would turn out to be replicants. No idea if that actually worked though as I only played it once!
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