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  1. Hmm not sure I agree. I used to play doom in a similar way I played 2016 Doom. Run in and run around like a loon until everything was dead. Original Doom had jump scares but in my mind it wasn't a horror. It's Doom 3 that sticks out in the franchise, which is the only one that did chase the atmospheric vibe.
  2. PeteJ

    Outer Wilds

    I also love how the time loop empowers you to try some completely nuts manoeuvres without fear of ever losing progress. Last night I came out of the southern observatory will just a little time to go. I wanted to do some more exploring in the Hanging City (the map is very handy in letting you know if there is more to explore), so made the craziest leap you could imagine to successfully make it across. I've also had many insane flights where I've been darting around to see how far I can push the controls....which usually ends poorly but still fun. I laughed out loud when my ship crashed off white station so hard that all the controls went dead. A few seconds later I realised I had ripped the front off the ship so was drifting separately. With no way home it was quite a weird feeling watching and waiting for the loop to end. From feeling empowered to powerless all in the space of a few runs. The game is immense. It has totally and utterly grabbed me. Masterful!
  3. PeteJ

    Outer Wilds

    I don't play many games these days but this is becoming one of my favourites in years. The sense of discovery is so compelling and the world(s) design is outstanding. Sure it could have done with more polish - I've lost a few runs due to getting stuck and I had a hard system lock at one point - but they have rarely detracted from the experience. I must have put about 7 hours into it yesterday, I haven't done that since Skyrim was first released!
  4. PeteJ

    Outer Wilds

    I've just started the game and so far I love it! I've heard people talk about it so some of the surprise may be lost however I've seen very little actual footage previously. Loving the flight controls too, on my second trip I managed to land perfectly on the little astroid and then onto a to y space station. I didn't really know what I was doing at these locations and I'll need to return but it was very satisfying I'm finding the suit controls tougher but it's fun flying around the planets and taking loads of risks. PS - I thought the game signposted that you should visit the moon (attlerock) first.
  5. Thanks I'll take a look - how do you set it at the Home console? Edit - got it, thanks seems to do the trick. Minecraft worked at least
  6. Can anybody give a little assistance with parental controls and game pass? We gave our lad a Xbox one for Christmas, he's 8 so I've setup the parental controls on the box. I've set it so my account is the parent and he is the child. The Xbox auto signs in as him and my account needs a password. I have setup game pass on my account and downloaded Minecraft. When he tries to play it on his account it says it will only work under my account. I removed Minecraft and reinstalled it under his profile (which it let me do), but when I try and launch it the error says I need to buy the game from the store. Question - can I share games downloaded on gamepass to other accounts on the same Xbox? Question 2 - can I remove the adverts and store from his account? It's a bit mean showing him games he can't have, and now I'm bring pestered to get other games even though he's just got the thing. Question 3 - I really fancy getting Control and Outer Wilds, is there a way I can prevent his account from even seeing they are there? Many thanks
  7. Dodgeball always works for me, the bonus material of Justin Long getting repeatedly smashed in the face is great too.
  8. Agree with all of this. The Lucy character didn't ring true at all. Regards to your last statement, they accidently woke him up and then retreated whilst the count later made his way to land. They don't mention that the box was resealed but it isn't beyond possibility. Was the purpose behind the experiement or who was funding it ever explained? They explain the funding aspect quite early but then hint at some bigger faction at play.
  9. I wasn't against the idea of the episode 3 shift (as revealed at the end of episode 2), but they totally messed that up. We found it boring and unsatisfying, and filled with unlikeable characters.
  10. Saw it coming! Though admittedly only as I think it's pretty neat, looking forward to the next one to see if they pull it off. Enjoyable episode again.
  11. Same problem I had with my drone (Mavic Pro), ended up selling it as flying the thing became too stressful! Tempted by the Mavic 2 now though :p Some B&W shots:
  12. Good luck with the photo tour, I think that's a great idea and I like the website.
  13. Hey thanks And I like your shots on your link, I haven't heard of that place before. Looks like signing up is free - do they just make money from each sale or do you pay a sub as well?
  14. Rom nearly made me give up on the game, my least favourite Souls boss. I remember watching videos of people doing it stupidly quickly without taking a hit, but I'd fight for ages and fail every time. So unfair! The time I killed it the fight was really easy, but ain't that always the way!
  15. Lots of weird edits in this, like the build up to the best fight just seemed to jump from him entering the building, a small chat and then suddenly in the throne room. The pacing is too fast. Still enjoying it though.
  16. I sell landscape photos on my website! Well, I say 'sell', I've never actually sold anything from it! https://www.petejohns.photography/
  17. I hadn't followed the trailers so pleasantly surprised by this. If anything its shifting along too quickly, almost game of thrones final seasons pacing, but this is still a good watch. Casting is great and general production values are really strong. Agree the early reveal was a shame so there's much less of a mystery, but there's still a lot to like. My girlfriend has never read the books and is enjoying it too.
  18. Neither! The horizon isn't in the picture, that's all sea
  19. Two more, this time from nearer to where I live. This is on Dartmoor, and it was a sod to shoot! A good hours drive, followed by a forty minute walk, a very steep muddy slope and then when I get there a bloody branch had fallen down obstructing part of the view (the one at the base of the falls, the higher one fell down a while ago)! I was grateful for the wellies I had with me as I was stood in the middle to take this, balancing on a couple of rocks. Not at all scary when carrying lots of expensive gear! This is from my home town in Exmouth, and it was one of the easiest shots I've ever taken. Five minute drive and a one minute walk! My other half doesn't really like the shot but I'm personally really drawn to this one.
  20. We finished it last night, I think the season got better as it went through, but it wasn't as engaging as the first. More generic and a lot sillier in places too. I like the two main character though and the bloke from House of Cards was a good fit. Would watch season 3, but I suspect they'll go further down the action route.
  21. A couple more from me. All taken on Canon 5d4, with various Lee ND filters (Little Stopper, Medium & Hard grads .6 and .9), Benro tripod with gear head. Lenses are almost exclusively the 24-105L, but I also use the 17-40L and 100-400L for telephoto.. One of the most photographed locations in Scotland, which is located around Glencoe. It's a lovely viewpoint but the whole area is more or less ruined by people trampling it. Quite surprising and sadhow churned up the ground had become.... Of course I added to the problem by being there. 3 shot pano showing a mountain range in Skye (apologies not sure which one) and one small cottage in the valley. I liked the scale of this one though the lighting was pretty flat. Always enjoy shooting a nice sunset with a lighthouse in the background It's details in the background that make the 100-400 such a nice lens to have in my bag. Makes carrying the weight worthwhile! Reflective Loch...somewhere on Skye. You don't get landscapes like this every day. This is the Quiraing on the Isle of Skye. It's well worth a visit. Well, when you are in the Isle of Skye you do get landscapes like this every day! This is the Old Man of Storr. It's one of the most photographed and iconic viewpoints in the UK, but it's probably my favourite viewpoint I've ever been to.
  22. Just come back from Scotland for another photography trip. I come from the south of Devon so it's a long trip but I find it such a beautiful part of the world. If I could move the family up there I would, but it's a bit of an ask to uproot everybody just to feed my photography habit I've got loads more but that will do for now!
  23. PeteJ

    Nintendo Switch

    I never knew I wanted that grip until you posted it. But will it then fit in the case...? Hmmm.
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