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  1. I introduce my 9 year old to various games, sometimes he loves them (Tony Hawk 1 & 2) and other times he bounces off (need for speed hot pursuit remake). That's cool with me, and he usually reverts back to his staples of Minecraft, Forza Horizon 4 and FIFA. He's also got a android tablet full of games and a subscription to the Amazon kids thing (gamepass for Amazon). I think they almost entirely shit and I can see his stress levels rise when playing them as they are often so broken and full of adverts, hence encouraging 'proper' games on the Xbox or Switch. These are a lot less stressful as they generally just work. I keep him away from online titles such as Fortnite and Roblox, but only because I'm shielding him from the toxic world of online gaming and the addictive nature of them.
  2. I got it on PC but my aging laptop really struggled, can just about run it on lowest settings and 720p. I was finding some enjoyment playing but the experience was so compromised I've had to stop.
  3. And the final episode is to drive the president to the airport (?) whilst an unlimited number of indestructible black limos fly at you from all directions. Most viewers will want to snap a DVD in half, but a few will reach the end and wondered why they bothered.
  4. I thought season 3 was weak at the time even though some of the characters were good, 4 was definitely a return to form but as soon as Tom Hank's normal son arrives for 5 the quality goes south and never picks up. I don't think I ever finished the final series it was so bad. New trailer looks alright to me. The character is still interesting and Michael C Hall is just outstanding in almost everything he does. The premise for it is also sound, the mask slowly slipping off of Dexter's well-engineered fake life was the highlight of the whole run. Retreading this this could be a winner if handled well. The elements are there, if predictable. New partner is the cop that will form the cat and mouse, son returning that will begin the look into his past, a bunch of voices in his head that may or may not include Deb that drives him to kill again (starting with a child killer\kidnapper, which I seem to remember is how S1 started). Probably be shit, but it might not be.
  5. What this department needs is a kick up the arse so hard, my foot'll go right up your digestive tract and wiggle out your mouth like a little leather tongue. As expected, this show has become sillier and sillier. It's still watchable but the interesting premise setup in the first episode has become flattened by too many layers of conspiracy. They should have cut away most of the story and kept it to 2-3 tightly edited episodes.
  6. I was quite young when LBA came out but loved them both to bits. With no internet and few gaming friends, I always imagined it to be some small, unknown fringe title. It's rather nice to think of it as being so fondly remembered by lots of others as well.
  7. No Tesla either, which is strange. They appeared in FH3 but not since, my lad will be gutted!
  8. Call of the Wild Harrison Ford takes the staring role in this adaptation, but he's playing against the real star - Buck. It's a curious thing. This is a film about a dog finding its place in the world, and we watch his journey over the span of several years while Ford provides some humanity and a gravelly voiceover. The film hangs everything on Buck. Pretty much every scene in fact, so it was a bold move to make Buck 100% CGI. There is no stunt dog here with extra cg, this is pure mo-capped CGI against live backgrounds. The mo-cap was done not by a dog, but a human pretending to be a dog. The results...vary. At its worst Buck looks awful, sticking out against the real background so badly it's amazing the film didn't get another pass (apparently budget would have gone well over). Uncanny Valley For Dogs, basically. At its best however, Buck is quite a lovely character, almost convincing as a particularly clever, expressive dog. Critical and fan reception will convince you this is an outright failure, and I believe one of the worst performing films in Ford's career, but I think they very nearly pulled it off. I've not read the book but the film plays it's story beat very safely, a very predictable tale that is nice to see but never challenges and never succeeds in exploring the emotional range or depth that I suspect the book did. A nearly good, but not quite. 2/5 The Suicide Squad John Cena and Margot Robbie light up another successful superhero film by James Gunn. Both roles stick out amongst the other ho-hum characters, including Idris Elbas generic soldier and the films quirky character I can barely remember. Compared to the original S Squad this is a masterpiece. It's an improvement on every level. It's also an improvement over almost every other DC film, but i think the MCU have spoilt me with superhero films. It's not that all Marvel films are better, far, far from that, but unless the film is outright excellent I feel I'm wasting my time watching something that isn't connected to a bigger ark. I only get this feeling with superhero films, and I definitely felt it here. Still, it's quite funny and kept me entertained throughout. John Cena 3/5 The Green Knight I had a night to myself and really wanted to give this a go following the fascinating trailer. My thoughts are confused. I didn't enjoy it much, despite loving the setting, the looks, and the ambiguity. Honestly, I found it dull. There were some moments of brilliance that I appreciated but it felt like a film for film students and critics to pour over. Ten years ago I would have been all over this, but these days I'm apparently after something a bit more engaging. It probably needs a rewatch to appreciate but at the moment I don't feel compelled to do so. 2/5
  9. The Road The book by Cormac McCarthy is bleak and unrelenting. His writing style really shines and the simple tale is wonderfully played out. It's all about the relationship between the father and son in a unexplained post-apocalyptic Earth where most of society has collapsed. Its a very well regarded book, featuring on many top 100 books of all time lists BBC, guardian etc) The book isn't an original story, but it's incredibly powerful and stayed with me a very long time. The film...isn't bad, but it lacks punch and fails to find a way to stand out in any way. The critical relationship between man and boy in the book that was so central to everything feels flat in the film. I don't think the casting of the boy was good enough, and he didn't show the range needed - tough role to cast though, trying to find a child who has show a huge range of emotions without coming across as annoying. Unfortunately he slips into annoying category too often. Direction is good and set pieces are well handled, and Viggo Mortensen was well cast, but it just cannot reach that emotional depth that McCarthy so brilliantly achieved.
  10. Big cast in this, quite fun trying to remember who I've seen people in. Very compelling TV, but you can see it's going to get dafter and dafter as it goes on. It's all well made though (CGI not included) so glad to be on for the ride.
  11. I too thought it was the weakest. The first ten minutes were great, I thought the montage was well done. The general concept and scope of the story was also good. It did pickup towards the end and had a few nice touches, but the performance was really poor and the script was lacking. Honestly, I found it quite boring, which is mad considering what was happening. Maybe it's because the scope was so much grander than the three prior episodes, but I felt it missed its potential by some way.
  12. I watched and enjoyed it, definitely worth a go and I was pleased it managed to distance itself from the similarly themed Good Place. Looking forward to S2, though it's been so long I can't remember what happened in the first one.
  13. Just had it working perfectly on my Pixel 5 but only on 4g. WiFi was hopeless for it. Very strange and not sure what's causing it. Have full strength, connecting via 5GHz and over same connection my laptop works fine using Chrome. Maybe something about phone priority on the router, or maybe the pixels just aren't very good over WiFi.
  14. Just finished season 2. Although it took a handful of episodes to warm to it, Mythic Quest eventually grow to be one of the biggest surprises in TV. With the cast involved it shouldn't be too much of a surprise though, and if anything it proves just how good they are after loving the equally brilliant Always Sunny. Particularly Rob McElhenney, who I can see going on to do some tremendous films and TV later on. From the episode of Always Sunny when he ends the series with a rather brilliant and touching dance routine, he's shown a depth to writing and performance you don't often see in comedy. If anything, Mythic Quest was his chance to test this emotional range further, his curious blend of silly comedy and cutting social commentary becoming more apparent the further it goes on. The one off episodes in each series were both outstanding, but also the relationship between Poppy and Ian that develops throughout was extremely well done. Often negotiating tricky issues that it knows could cross the line, but had an uncanny ability to pull back to reality just at the right moment, and often with a small emotional payoff that usually sticks the landing. Of course, all surrounded in a cast of tragic characters that are all likeable by the end. This isn't the greatest comedy or dramedy or whatever, I don't want to give that impression, but it's well worth your time. It also cements my thoughts that we'll be seeing Rob McElhenney clutching a series of major awards in the coming years.
  15. I was previously having a great time with it, but recently it has been unusable via Android. Android: Firing it up now and the whole picture is a distorted mess, and button prompts don't respond properly. Pixel 5 via WiFi. PC via Chrome Loaded perfectly, video crisp and audio coming through well. Same WiFi sat at the same desk. Hurumph.
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