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  1. I have the switch version and still very early. As I posted a little up, the control scheme highlights your concern. The game puts circles around every object you can interact with as soon as you enter an area, so there is no pixel hunt. Arguably this was a big failure of the old lucas adventures, but it is quite odd as somebody who grew up with these games. At one point I had to press two buttons to really search for something, it it highlighted an object that wasn't present initially. Potentially then, there is an element of pixel hunting, but presented differently. Hopefully this mix of styles doesn't conflict too much otherwise I can see it getting frustrating as I'll probably forget you can do the mega search option. Ps - I will need to check the game options again. Possible you can change all of this. The game also has two difficulty levels, and I'm on the harder of the two. It seems to be running fine on switch via the Tele though I'm only near the start. I'm not one to get hung up about frame rates though (especially on this type of game) so might not be the best person to comment. Game looks great in my opinion.
  2. Just did the very start, it's got me. That music hit me straight away. Can't get the main theme our of my head, not that I want it to leave! Looks great too! Controls ok on the switch. In a way I miss the old point and click pixel hunt from the olden days, but I suppose this is better it just seems to tell you all of the interactive spots straight away. Love how fast you can move around though, and the way it teaches you the systems at the start is cute. Nice retelling of the previous games too
  3. IGN 9 Return to Monkey Island expectedly comes packed full of smartly crafted puzzles, funny dialogue, and memorable characters. But as series creator Ron Gilbert returns to the series’ director’s chair for the first time since 1991, it unexpectedly offers a lot of heart, too. It is an adventure gamer’s delight.
  4. Is the text added after or part of the produced image? When I've tried text with MJ it's just garbled rubbish! They might have improved it mind, I haven't used it for about a month. Keep the cool pics coming. MJ definitely has a style regardless of your prompt, I hope it can become a little more flexible but Im still loving the results.
  5. Yeah really enjoying that. The previous owner (Hamilton?) came across particularly badly! They didn't shy away from pointing fingers.
  6. I also thought episode 3 was very uneven. I don't think the time skips are doing it any favours, it just about worked with the main King and succession plot but as a result it ruined the crab man story. As others have said, I don't buy that the war had gone on that long. It could have been handled better. The main plot with king and daughter is well done, I think both parts are nicely acted and I am interested in it playing out. So far it's lacked bite however, the plots and scheming that made early Thrones such a joy to watch are missing. The villain in Matt Smith is great fun, but as subtle as a...dragon. Early days though, the pieces of the board are still being put down and it's been good enough to see how it plays out.
  7. Episode 3 was great, ended annoyingly I really want to know what happened. Easy it is to find out but I'll resist looking it up! Ryan Reynolds doesn't seem to have much involvement so far other than adding humour...and money.
  8. Yeah the title card on Disney+ is absolutely dire, it's a terrible Photoshop! I keep thinking Rob McElhenney will hit the big time any year now, he deserves a shot at writing, directing and/or staring in a big film release. I mean he's hardly unknown, look at his house ffs, but he's a long way from a household name. Weird seeing snippets of his wife in real life not being Dee. Enjoyed the first two episodes anyway.
  9. All seems familiar but new. Liking the setup, acting and writing seems great...a very solid return so far.
  10. Annnd finished. Heard of Sandman before but never read it or seen trailers (or this thread) before watching, so going in as fresh as possible. Really enjoyed it from start to finish. It's very uneven with its tone and pacing but it was occasionally brilliant and never less than interesting. Mostly very well made with some average performances mixed in with a couple of great ones. The guy with the gem was excellent, Rose's friend less so. I really liked the imagination and creativity in the story, though would have liked more from gem guy who I thought was being setup as a big bad and whose story was better than anybody else's in the series. Bonus episodes, first I really didn't need but second was good. I hear this is a really expensive show to make, and honestly from what I've seen it doesn't really need to be. The effects could be dialled right back and you'd basically have the same show. I say this not knowing what happens in the story next, of course. Enjoyed. Will watch more if made available.
  11. I really enjoyed Bloodborne and Dark Souls (1 and 3, never tried 2), but had no plans to get Elden Ring. I missed all the trailers, not because I was staying radio silent, but because I just wasn't interested. My life at the moment doesn't really allow for games like Elden Ring. I can snatch the odd 20 minutes here and there on a game if I'm lucky, but generally I don't bother. Elden Ring gets released, I get immediately caught up in the hype and I find myself downloading the game on launch date, swearing at the slow speeds because obviously I needed it immediately. I send a photo to my brother of the title screen with the words "what have I done". An hour later, his response "you git". Suddenly, we both had Elden Ring, both with the expectation of bouncing off it quickly, and both immediately overwhelmed. Fast forward to something like June, I think....I awake from my Elden Ring slumber. Over a hundred hours on the clock, the credits roll. The garden is overgrown. Cobwebs everywhere. Bathroom light has been broken for months. Shed is still falling down. Work tasks building and building, customers getting angry. Partner very patient, but not quite understanding my sudden desire to play that game again. It's like I'd joined into gaming trance like no other. If I wasn't playing Elden Ring I was talking about it, reading about it or watching others do the same. Every evening, desperate to get kids to bed so I could login and maximise my Elden Ring time..., lunch breaks, before work... An explosion of gaming addiction and obsession to which I've never experienced before, and I regret nothing. What a game.
  12. PeteJ

    Apple TV +

    Bad Sisters First two episodes went up tonight on Apple and it's nice and watchable. It's Sharon Horgan's new show (Catastrophy), about a bunch of sisters who may or may not have murdered their prick of a brother in law (wickedly played in flashbacks by the guy that played dracula in the BBC 3 partner a little while ago - he's absolutely hateful in this). It's an ensemble piece for sure and everybody seems well written so far, Sharon Horgan continues to be very watchable playing her usual character type. One of the Gleeson sons/brothers is also in it, who seemingly always provide good value no matter what they are in. Only two episodes so far, not much original here but well made, quite amusing and we're looking forward to the next episode next week.
  13. You can influence an AI image based on a real one by referencing it in the prompt (hyperlink) - with Midjourney you can upload your image to discord and then use the URL that generates. I find it a bit hit and miss whether it's doing anything though, and I've certainly not been able to tweak a real image by for example changing the sky or adding people. I've got DALLE2 now as well so I'll play with that later. So far it's much more realistic than MJ but it seems quite restricted as well. MJ produces much more creative and arguably interesting results, but DALLE certainly can do the wow factor if you get the prompts right.
  14. Thought it was a bit naff to begin with but was totally on board by the end. Action/ fights you can actually make out what's happening! Surprisingly good. Wonder if it would have worked better if they kept the predator a complete secret until late into the film, they are fighting something invisible (and silent) most of the way through. Would have made quite a cool reveal.
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