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  1. It really is outstanding, it blew me away when I first watched it on release. Be sure to watch City of Men, which is basically the TV series of the film. It isn't as gritty as the film but has some good moments (though it has been a long time since I've seen it!).
  2. Pop-in and flat lighting don't make Halo Infinite a bad game, the gameplay video made it look like a lot of fun. It might be the case of course, but so far there is nothing to suggest the game is going to require six month of fixes to make it "not shit".
  3. I'd be surprised to see Forza before Christmas 2021. I don't think MS have anything for launch specifically for SeriesX, the plan seems to be to purposely blur the lines between generations.
  4. Review of the pre-production Canon R5 from one of the best photographers around, David Noton. https://www.davidnoton.com/despatches/3/Canon+EOS-R5+-+The+Field+Trial Though he is a Canon ambassador he seems to have written a fairly well rounded review and the conclusion is very positive to say the least. Interesting that his auto focus experiences on animals are negative when many others have been raving, but pleasing the noise control is very good even at high ISO.
  5. Game Night (Amazon Prime) Entertaining and with a good cast, with a premise that's basically a comedy version of The Game (Michael Douglas) - friends meet up every week for to play some shit games, one of them escalates it by hiring a company to fake a kidnap and the cast then need to figure out the clues to solve the case. Kidnapping goes wrong so the film keeps you and the characters guessing if the kidnapping was planned or something else. It does a pretty good job with the humour, especially in the first half of the film. Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams are great in it and clearly enjoying themselves, and nice to see Sharon Horgan too after Catastrophe. Some surprisingly creative direction in there , for example the third person camera they use for the vehicles was pretty neat (like driving in a videogame in 3rd person). Unfortunately the film doesn't quite hold it together, and we felt it fell apart the more the plot unfolded. That said, we both found it very entertaining in places so worth a go if you want something that's better than your average comedy. 3/5, reminded me I need to watch The Game again.
  6. Is it normal to have a "Start Demo" splash screen on a preview like this? Seemed like an odd thing to show. Maybe it was running through xCloud and they plan on releasing the demo to everybody and every device soon :p
  7. The thought of a FarCry style open world but with Halo gameplay sounds great to me, it sounds really fun. Graphics hugely below expectations but I'm hoping for massive-scale battles that make comparisons with games such as Horizon a bit pointless. I suspect I'll be disappointed but I can hope Really disappointed in some of the comments in the IGN interview though - 10 years of content (screams 'unfinished' to me), ray tracing added in a patch post-launch...it all sounds like a bad way to launch a key game, but I'm sure MS have done the calculations for the long-term plans. I wonder if they are looking to get everybody hooked via gamepass and then additional content is charged. https://www.ign.com/articles/halo-infinite-2-wont-be-happening-says-343-industries
  8. Thanks a nice sunrise with a little fog in the valley would make for a good photo, just need the right conditions and the energy to get out of bed early!
  9. Doesn't scream next gen in the reveal, but then massive battles with grapple hooks, coop and warthogs and all at 60fps sounds pretty good to me.
  10. PeteJ

    Xbox Series X

    Halo ring not smashed up like it is in the key art released yesterday. edit - actually it might be
  11. Went out yesterday to get some dragonflies but on route noticed the light was getting nice. Never explored this area with my camera before, which is kind of crazy considering I live 15 minutes away and the view is pretty impressive.
  12. PeteJ

    Xbox Series X

    Oh finally, thoughts from content creators!
  13. Oh couldn't agree more, I was speaking more about the single player than multiplayer. I think they raised the bar with halo 1, 2 and 3 for everything outside of the campaign. After that I fell off the series and only played each one once to completion in the campaign.
  14. I think Halo 1 genuinely had an element of incredible luck that resulted in an amazing experience- the making of stories from the time suggested the game was a complete mess between the original Mac world reveal, the Microsoft buyout, the first hands-on preview events and eventual launch. It wouldn't surprise me if the simple narrative came about purely due to lack of time and a huge amount of cut content. They then overreached on Halo2 and pushed the original Xbox to breaking point, so had to again cut a load of content but the end product ended up being a mess. Apart from multiplayer, which was a classic.
  15. I had never considered time travel for Infinite, since announcement I've assumed it'll be a Destiny style service game where it had a load of paid-for content post release preventing the need for a sequel. The cynic in me says the base game will be on gamepass but the additional content will not. Agree they need to do a Breath of the Wild reboot but we'll find out more...tomorrow!
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