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  1. Reminds me of Exile...except with more physics!
  2. They all do that though, Brad and Vinny do it all the time.
  3. Next on my list once I've finished Zelda (I'm a new switch owner!), absolutely loved the first game so looking forward to getting stuck in.
  4. PeteJ

    Nintendo Switch

    Game are advertising it in store and online as having Improved battery life, so should be safe. When I shopped around I found if there was a deal on with eshop credit it's the original model. I didn't find it clearly as the new model on Amazon when I checked on Friday.
  5. PeteJ

    Nintendo Switch

    Hey I tried Zelda for the first time yesterday - it's pretty good. You should all try it out. At one point very early on I found an axe and thought I'd try hacking down a tree. It worked! I smiled. I also tried MK8. Seems ok. Is it worth doing the 50cc races because they are a bit slow and easy. PS - when I bought from Game tried to sell me a screen protector. Are these good to have? I'll get one so long as it doesn't impacted the touch screen.
  6. PeteJ

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm now the proud owner of the new Nintendo Switch with Zelda Bought it from Game, and you do indeed get a discount if bought with a game (£25 off? Something like that). Quick question, I've got a spare 32gb SD card - is there a way to transfer saves from this one to a bigger one when I pick it up?
  7. PeteJ

    Nintendo Switch

    Nice one, might pop over later
  8. PeteJ

    Nintendo Switch

    Hey, where did you get the updated switch from?
  9. I'm loving my 5d4, hope you do too
  10. Dan's bit this week on the film Vice was great, especially as even after his revelation he still didn't fully get it. I loved Alex's reaction. My brain was breaking every time Dan said Snucker as well. Also to respond to a previous quote about Ben - I don't mind Ben but he just needs to try less hard. He's actually rather knowledgeable and I welcome his experience of genres I don't know, such as fighting games, however he just needs to calm it down.
  11. The 70-200 f/4, is a really good bit of kit, I hope it does you well I have both of the alternative lenses you mention, and I'd say the 24-105 is the one to go for. The 17-40 is excellent and one I use a lot, but at it's widest it is very wide, which is great for big shots but it makes everything in your subject look tiny! The 24-105L is one of the first lenses I bought and it's always in my kit bag, and is good in most situations. I've used it for countless landscape shots plus several weddings. It does of course depend on what you want to use the lenses on. Perhaps don't rush into it though, get a handle on the 70-200 first.
  12. Nice. I was just looking at Bulgaria as a potential photography trip next year
  13. PeteJ

    Nintendo Switch

    A few YouTubers getting their hands on the revised switch now. Summary if you can't be bothered to watch. Note that this guy bought a brand new original switch at the same time to run them side by side: - confirmed battery life is better. Ran Zelda for an hour on both doing the same inputs. New model had 12% more battery at the end of the hour. - screen slightly brighter, better when outside. Was tested against a screen calibrator. - screen has more accurate colour, slightly warmer. Was tested against a screen calibrator - joycons are slightly different inside. New housing for sticks but unsure if it makes any difference. Different battery inside joycons but unsure if improved - zero difference in performance from what he could tell. Loaded up games at same time and results were the same, docked and undocked - runs cooler than old model, docked and undocked. Ran against thermal camera Keeping my eye out to buy one when I can, though haven't heard of anybody picking one up in the UK.
  14. Later on he does a straight minute of Tim Allen grunt noises. It's not good. As an aside I watched the Get on my level feature, and I thought Ben was fine on that.
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