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  1. PeteJ

    No Man's Sky

    Just watching the Gamespot live stream, seems in multiplayer the creature placement isn't sync'ed across the different players. Looked like creature types were however (so weird creatures appear in a similar area). They said netcode was surprisingly good otherwise.
  2. PeteJ

    No Man's Sky

    In what way??!?
  3. Any experts of Arkham Horror card game here? I've got a couple of questions following our first run through the first scenario. I had a weapon in each hand, a gun and a machete, when doing an attack skill check, should I count both hands as the +1 to attack if I'm firing the gun? The the attack hits, do both weapons cause damage if firing the gun? Logically I'm guessing only one weapon is counted for both skill check and damage but I can't find an answer. Also regarding skill checks I understand that other players can contribute a card to your check if in the same location: -If these cards have a special attribute, does this attribute come into affect if the check is successful? -where is the card discarded? In the player doing the check or the player who gave it? Some cards allow you to search through discard pile.. -is there a limit to how many cards can be played in a skill check, either the player performing the check or helping player? I really enjoyed our first game with this, though I had to constantly check rules along the way so it took quite a while. We found it all quite easy though, admittedly we missed a key rule when fighting an elite enemy but I don't think that would make a massive difference. Love the idea of the chaos bag making it easy to up the difficulty, I might do that for the next game.
  4. Hello! I'm thinking of setting up a simple shop on my site do people can buy my photos but having difficulty with pricing and also what to sell. They are mostly landscape photos. I can sell prints or downloads, I'm tempted to sell just downloads and let people the arrange their own prints, but some people won't like that either. If you were to try and sell downloads or prints, what's a reasonable asking price. Not looking to make a living, just a little bit on the side. Where else could I put images for sale? I am on istock and alamy but never put much effort into them.
  5. PeteJ

    Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    Does anybody have experience of metabones adapters? Thinking of getting the Sony A7Riii but don't want to rebuy all of all my canon L lenses. Wonder if they impact image quality or autofocus?
  6. Recommended Vs games for two? Unfortunately not star wars or games that take an age to play or setup. Pandemic was pretty good. We beat it twice using slightly modified rules to help us learn (don't need to be on the city of the city card to hand that cars over, but do need to be on same space). Also hand picked what I thought would be the easiest roles, so basically super easy pandemic! I've also got the pandemic app on my phone, which is ace! Any other recommended boardgames that have been made into good apps?
  7. Hello! First post in the sub forum after getting somewhat obsessed about researching boardgames for Christmas presents. Brother asked for some games to spark imagination and thinking in his two kids, so I bought them pandemic and forbidden island. Had so much fun playing Forbidden Island (not tired Pandemic yet) I've now watched almost every episode of tabletop and shutup and sit-down to learn more! Bought myself pandemic now and will be playing that tonight hopefully, plus I have Arkham Horror card game to play with a mate or two later in the week (guy in the shop says you can stretch the base game to four players if you bend the card rules slightly....we shall see!). Can't wait! Big test tonight introducing my girlfriend to pandemic. I'm also quite excited about pandemic legacy and Dead of Winter, but one thing at a time
  8. PeteJ

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Just put up a gallery of non-landscape photos on my site. Some brand new (or from bonfire night) some many years old...in fact some may already be in this thread.
  9. PeteJ

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    I'd like to start selling images on my site, thinking of offering just the download of the image rather than prints. What would you say is a reasonable price? I've currently set it at £20 for an image but not sure if that is totally unreasonable. Logic is that then people can go to anywhere they want to get the print done, either cheaply or professionally plus it's a lot simpler than offering various sizes and frames etc.
  10. PeteJ

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Nice one, get in touch if you ever need photos in the peak District and have a place to stay! Of course I'd be interested Thanks for the comments
  11. PeteJ

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Hi! Yes that was my site, unfortunately my brother pulled out so I had to start again a few months the ago on my own. New site is http://PeteJohns.photography or http://petejohns.co.uk The new site is based on the same template but I've not launched the shop yet. I use smugmug for the design and shop, it's all easy to use and free to try out.
  12. PeteJ

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Had quite a nice trip around Northern Wales last week. Bonus shot from the weekend a few minutes from me. Sometimes sunsets are just too much, this image has not been tweaked to increase the red!
  13. PeteJ

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Some shots I took in Norway back in March (or Lofoten to be exact):
  14. PeteJ

    Rugby thread (6 Nations, Heineken Cup etc)

    Best game I've ever seen live, what a fantastic result for Exeter. All the action at the end was right in front of us, I didn't know what to do with myself I was so excited and nervous (and drunk). Got the coach back to Sandy Park and had a couple of pints in the bar there and watched the extra time again from the TVs. The nerves hit me again the second time! Cracking day out, great stadium and what a great match.
  15. PeteJ

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

    Frank's "meh" at the start got me chuckling and I didn't stop until the rather predictable but brilliant end. This season has had some misses but they've still got it. This must now be my most watched show. I'm watching random episodes almost every night!

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