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  1. For anybody who hasn't played it, Outer Wilds is one of the best games in the last ten years. Quite possibly the most creative and surprising game I've played in a long, long time. So long as the performance holds on Switch, if you have tried it yet then look at this as an essential buy. I recommend not looking at the trailer they put out last night though, it showed a lot. The joy comes from the adventure and the surprises that are hidden away. Mario golf looked fun, wasn't interested in the rest. Edit - there could be something there with Neon White as well.
  2. Thanks, much appreciated. Might take a punt with a pre-order though I'm still unsure if I have the time or space...
  3. ^ that's neat, might look into that. Edit - Q&A on Amazon for Kids against Maturity made me giggle I've been really intrigued by Sleeping Gods - Ryan Laukat's new open world story-based adventure. It sounds incredibly appealing to me in both solo and multi, though I have concerns about the amount of space and time needed to play...two things I lack. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/255984/sleeping-gods Having never done a kickstarter before, how do these things usually play out if I missed the initial opportunity? Is there a chance it'll hit retail
  4. Modern Family is good as well, we're about 5 seasons in and it's holding up. Most of it is on Netflix. Edit - it's not in the same tier of comedy as Schitts Creek or Parks, but it is consistently entertaining.
  5. Last night we did Exit: The Sunken Treasure and we thought it was great. It's a more recent release in than the Abandoned Cabin we started with, and we felt the puzzles were more playful and enjoyable to solve. It was certainly easier than the first one but knowing how these games work certainly helped. Only one puzzle stumped us but frustratingly it turned out we were on the right lines and had solved the hard bit, just missed the easy step. Took just shy of 2 hours (where does the time go!?) with two clues taken. I assume there will be diminishing returns with these
  6. The original is one of my kids favourite films, they'll be all over this. I have to admit I rather enjoyed the original too!
  7. Just checking if anybody was reading my list! The way things are going in lockdown though...
  8. I tried them with Ghibli but they keep protesting, I'll try again though as they are largely wonderful. Our nine year old has major anxiety issues so anything remotely scary he won't do. The thought of watching something new is pretty terrifying for him so this was an attempt to break through that. Every week it's a battle to get something on! Matilda for example scared the shit out of him. But to be fair the scene in the big house could have come straight from a horror film. Our five year olds obsessions range from Princess and the Frog to Spiderman, so shes more will
  9. When the first lockdown started in March 2020 we introduced Friday Film Night in our house, and the only rule we set was the film must be something the kids hadn't seen before. We've ran this every Friday since and now I'm at the point of really struggling to find something good to watch. Help! I've got Disney, Netflix and Amazon Prime, and also happy to rent films if required. Nine and five year old to entertain so can't really do the Marvel films yet. Starwars went over their heads. We've done; All of Aardman All of Ice Age All of Pixar
  10. Season 6 was released in a weird way originally from what I remember due to the writers strike, and was split into two seasons. I don't know if that explains Amazon's weird description though. PS - if you haven't seen it don't even LOOK at the different seasons on Amazon until you are there, their descriptions of the season have big spoilers of the previous season. So glad people are enjoying this
  11. Widows Amazon Prime Much better than your average heist film with an incredible cast and excellent performances. I thought some of the shots were outstanding, pushing some really creative images that manage to be exciting without distracting. I was engaged by the main plot and characters, but it had a little too much happening on the side which was mostly important to the story but not overly interesting. Some events take place near the end of film were also disappointing, like they had to force in an extra story beat when the the basics of the film was already strong enough.
  12. I thought it was great. Season 2 is pretty hard going, but it somehow gets better retrospectively as the seasons go on. The first episode really was something else though, one of the strongest pilots I've ever seen.
  13. Excuse the blatant self-promotion, but I was rather pleased with myself to have four pages of images featured in the latest Digital SLR Photography Magazine. I knew it was coming, they approached me in November, but it's still exciting! First time I've had anything featured in a magazine
  14. Jonny's son is definitely the worst thing about the show, he's been awful since the start. Sam isn't much better. Other than that I think the kids are alright, I rather enjoy Hawk's attempts at being badass and a complete numpty at the same time. Finished season 3 last night, in general it's a drop in quality but it was still hugely silly and entertaining. Bring on season 4.
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