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  1. MCU back on track after the dull Falcon series. Really enjoyed the first episode, the perfect blend of intrigue and mischief.
  2. New direction sounds great, very excited about GB again. Jeff G seems to like games again too.
  3. Watched the trailer for Saint Maud on Amazon and it looked like art-house toss. It is a trailer misrepresenting the program? Seemed to just be a clip rather than a proper trailer...
  4. Just seen the first episode. I'm all in, it's really grabbed me. Started watching episode 2 and it seems to have kept up the quality. Its The Road but rated 12, and that's ok with me. Note that I had to search for the full name before it showed at all.
  5. Spiderman: Far from home I've now seen all of the Marvel films since this appeared on Netflix. Like Homecoming it's an enjoyable film with an entertaining lead and cast and sits above average amongst the marvel films. I found this one quite poor for nearly half of the film however. I can see what they are going for with the teen drama awkwardness but it fell flat here and felt more forced than the previous entry. The way it handled the post-endgame elements was also a bit tame but it would have been difficult to balance that and any new plot. Thankfully the film eventually pi
  6. Kevin Clark, 32, killed by a car this week when riding his bike. I don't believe he did much in the entertainment business, but I remember him as the drummer in School of Rock. I've seen that film countless times from when I was single to now settled down watching with my own kids, and this makes me sad. Way too young. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPWfsUej-VR/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_mid=9A917043-7799-40C2-B658-F834E23A37F4
  7. I'm expecting an awful lot of that 45 minutes to be dedicated to Gamepass = showing trailers of games we already know about Backwards compatibility upgrades EA Sports on gamepass and backwards compatibility I'm also expecting a major surprise in there, which will have leaked along with all of the other content so the whole event feels like a letdown. Just like every year though, I can't wait
  8. Amazon have bought MGM for $8.45billion https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57249849.amp
  9. We watched it on Friday and all enjoyed it despite none of us knowing anything about Pokémon. Ryan Reynolds carries the film though and the funniest bits are in the trailer. Kids loved it (9 and 6) and I found it enjoyable enough.
  10. Well this is true. I don't know why you'd watch them in a random order but then I guess there's no reason to watch them as advertised either! Eh, I don't anybody cares what I write anyway
  11. I also thought it was a proper episode :( I think it will be unbearable backslapping, made even worse with Corden's smug face presenting it. I am curious to see what state Matthew Perry is in though.
  12. I watched it for the first time the night before I flew out to Iceland, knowing I was going to visit several locations from the film on my trip. This trip became a holiday of a lifetime and changed my perspective on life in a few ways, so the film - and it's soundtrack in particular, which I still listen to when going away - have become quite special to me. Shameless plug for my holiday snaps! https://www.petejohns.photography/Gallery/Iceland/
  13. Yes there are two episodes, maybe 3 episodes, that are very impressive, one of which might be the best CGI I've ever seen (episode 4). I genuinely don't know if it was all CGI or a mixture of real footage and CG over the top.
  14. Vol. 2 out and watched in two sittings. Some spoiler free thoughts.... My enjoyment of this series comes down to wondering what the next style is and what sci-fi twist each episode is, even if often the execution isn't anything Earth-shattering. Volume 2 satisfied that itch again but still doesn't have much that makes me wishing for a full film or series based on any one of the concepts. I'd say the concepts are less 'out there' this time around and strangely one concept is repeated twice, though admittedly in a very, very different setting. There's also less gratui
  15. This is out now on Amazon and is uniformly getting outstanding reviews...another thing to watch then!
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