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  1. Dorset photos taken last week. Swanage 24-105@ 32mm. f/11 2.5 sec. Taken at 11:35am so had to work with with the light. Used a Lee Little Stopper to slow down the water. With these coastal shots it's always best to let the wave brake and take the shot whilst it retreats if doing a long exposure, otherwise you get a load of white mess. In this situation, each wave was quite close together so it was tough to get a clean shot, but I think the next wave adds to the shot. Seacombe. 16-35@ 20mm f/11 0.25 seconds. Little stopper. Quite a trek down a coastal
  2. A few recent shots following trips to Dartmoor. Shaugh Prior New Bridge Hollwell Tor Hound Tor (Haytor in background) Bowerman's Nose
  3. I paid my way to LA and into E3 to see Halo2 the year it was announced, only when I go there to find it was only playable behind closed doors. At the time I was unemployed so it basically left me skint afterwards. No regrets. Speaking of Halo, I imported a launch day US Xbox just to play it early. It cost me a grand and left me skint. No regrets! I used to play Team Fortress Classic an insane amount. Every night until the sun came up and then go to work the next day. I used to leave all the European players as they went to bed, then jump onto the US servers until
  4. My local beach nice shots. The rocks can be quite tough to shoot in my opinion. I rarely get shots there I'm happy with but perhaps I need to try again!
  5. It's one of the highlights of the whole generation for me, the intro was immense. To be honest all of the Horizon games have been excellent in this regard.
  6. We'll just leave that one right there Xbox update - has now been switched on but Switch still favoured.
  7. So cool watching everybody's reaction to this game, I jumped in on early access day 1 and was amazed at how playable and polished it was even back then. I have to admit I haven't touched it for several months so now it has released I must dip back in. Be sure to watch the NoClip documentaries for the making of too, they are a really good developer to listen to. If you enjoyed the Building a Bastion documentary from GiantBomb all those years ago then this is basically the same thing. Part 1 is here -
  8. I think minecraft dungeon and Hellblade are the only ones at the moment. Apparently Gears5 touch controls are being tested as well. Just tried Hellblade and it doesn't have touch, so seemingly just Minecraft dungeon at the mo!
  9. This is what I was raising yesterday but shot down. I just don't buy that the S will maintain good performance especially when the generation kicks in properly - either that or the X will never get to its full potential as developers always have to consider the baseline console. This would mean the X is more likely to achieve 4K 60, but in reality I wonder how long it'll be before developers would rather drop the resolution and go back to 30fps in order to achieve better graphical effects, essentially do what they can to keep up with the PC side, leaving the S with a much lower framerate and\o
  10. Well just assuming obviously, but it's inevitable isn't it? How long before a Digital Foundry video shows a game running well on X but not on S?
  11. Looks ideal for us but need to see some comparisons, either this is the real next gen (ie the Series X is compromised) or this is going to struggle to run things well. Should be interesting!
  12. Haven't tried it again to be honest, I introduced the household to Breath of the Wild on the Switch and the Xbox hasn't been switched on since!
  13. A couple from Dartmoor at the weekend, handheld jobs whilst on a walk.
  14. If you are in Skye then the Old Man of Storr is a must, the view is breathtaking. The path to the 'classic' viewpoint is pretty easy to follow now but even walking through the sanctuary (the fingers pointing out of the ground) is incredibly atmospheric. Honestly, the walk isn't that much either if you take your time, have water, snacks and appropriate clothing... but get there early as parking can get tight later in the day (pic from 'classic' viewpoint - https://www.petejohns.photography/Gallery/Scotland/i-RmkHsSM/A) The Quiraing is incredible too but the walk is a little more challengin
  15. The whole game is broken for me (XBO) - was fine for the first ten hours or so but we get a hard system lockup when trying to change car. Bit frustrating as my lad quite wants to try the hotwheels DLC but no point in buying it if the game doesn't work!
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