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  1. PeteJ

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Thanks Camera is a canon 5d3 lenses: 24-105L 17-40L 100-400 ii L Plus a series of Lee filters. panos sticked together using lightroom.
  2. PeteJ

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Took a brief (11 month) break from photography but hit it pretty hard recently - covered 1600 miles last week! No more planned trips this year though, bar some local stuff I might try and get. Glencoe, Scotland Lake District
  3. PeteJ

    Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    I use the cameras histogram extensively, and always 'expose to the right'. This means all of my images look over exposed when I put them on the computer, so they all need tweaking to reduce exposure. Cameras are much better at going from over exposed down, rather than under exposed and up. The latter creates nasty noise and colour banding where as the former gives much more of a colour range. Histograms are essential. Expose as close to the right edge with going over, which means you've blown highlights and cannot recover part (or all) of the image. And as fishyfish says, all images you see are processed in some way.
  4. PeteJ

    Edge #326 | Devil May Cry 5

    Obra Dinn score is deserved from what I've played so far, really hope it isn't overshadowed by the rdr2 release.
  5. Sounds great! I'll be picking this up after I'm done with (the excellent) Obra Dinn. Is it easy to pickup and put down? I don't get much free time at the moment so can't commit to long stretches of gaming.
  6. PeteJ

    Return of the Obra Dinn

    Started this last night, love it so far. The graphical style and way the game is presented is so cool. I don't think I've played a game like it before. Only solved 3 cases so far so really early. Sorry for not really adding much...I just think this game deserves to be on the front page as much as possible!
  7. PeteJ


    Blimey, I had no idea. That's such a Dennis look too!
  8. Decided to give this a go following the xCloud and Google announcements, works rather well in the right conditions! Played a little Forza Horizon 4 in Ultra settings and it played fine - not perfect, but well enough - I'll need to test it some more but it works a lot better than expected... ...so long as I'm near the router! Using a rubbish internet connection supplied by NowTV, with the standard router you get. I'm in the same room as the device then I get some stutter but nothing too bad, if I try and play from upstairs I can barely use the Windows 10 virtual PC to launch a game! Haven't tried with Ethernet yet. Need to test it some more, and I might give it a go with something like Dead Cells to test input lag, but it worked well with the Forza demo and No Man's Sky. Huge potential, but I can see Microsoft xCloud shitting all over this eventually. Quick testing update - with current setup it's unusable if something like Netflix is running in the house. Getting less than 20mbps down and 1mbps up.
  9. PeteJ


    Is that Dennis?!?
  10. PeteJ

    No Man's Sky

    Just watching the Gamespot live stream, seems in multiplayer the creature placement isn't sync'ed across the different players. Looked like creature types were however (so weird creatures appear in a similar area). They said netcode was surprisingly good otherwise.
  11. PeteJ

    No Man's Sky

    In what way??!?
  12. Any experts of Arkham Horror card game here? I've got a couple of questions following our first run through the first scenario. I had a weapon in each hand, a gun and a machete, when doing an attack skill check, should I count both hands as the +1 to attack if I'm firing the gun? The the attack hits, do both weapons cause damage if firing the gun? Logically I'm guessing only one weapon is counted for both skill check and damage but I can't find an answer. Also regarding skill checks I understand that other players can contribute a card to your check if in the same location: -If these cards have a special attribute, does this attribute come into affect if the check is successful? -where is the card discarded? In the player doing the check or the player who gave it? Some cards allow you to search through discard pile.. -is there a limit to how many cards can be played in a skill check, either the player performing the check or helping player? I really enjoyed our first game with this, though I had to constantly check rules along the way so it took quite a while. We found it all quite easy though, admittedly we missed a key rule when fighting an elite enemy but I don't think that would make a massive difference. Love the idea of the chaos bag making it easy to up the difficulty, I might do that for the next game.
  13. Hello! I'm thinking of setting up a simple shop on my site do people can buy my photos but having difficulty with pricing and also what to sell. They are mostly landscape photos. I can sell prints or downloads, I'm tempted to sell just downloads and let people the arrange their own prints, but some people won't like that either. If you were to try and sell downloads or prints, what's a reasonable asking price. Not looking to make a living, just a little bit on the side. Where else could I put images for sale? I am on istock and alamy but never put much effort into them.
  14. PeteJ

    Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    Does anybody have experience of metabones adapters? Thinking of getting the Sony A7Riii but don't want to rebuy all of all my canon L lenses. Wonder if they impact image quality or autofocus?
  15. Recommended Vs games for two? Unfortunately not star wars or games that take an age to play or setup. Pandemic was pretty good. We beat it twice using slightly modified rules to help us learn (don't need to be on the city of the city card to hand that cars over, but do need to be on same space). Also hand picked what I thought would be the easiest roles, so basically super easy pandemic! I've also got the pandemic app on my phone, which is ace! Any other recommended boardgames that have been made into good apps?

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