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  1. Viewtiful Joe is ace. I got to level four (on Kids mode - I'm shit at games, too) and my BASTARD THIRD PARTY MEMORY CARD died. I now have a proper, real, actual Nintendo memory card... and I have to beat that fucking boss at the end of level three again. AGH!
  2. A friend of mine had this on the PC, but it kept crashing. She bought another copy, same problem. I managed to track down a copy on the PlayStation for her, and she was super-excited... but when she put the disc in, it was fucked. She was gutted. Merry Christmas, all!
  3. They'd have to abbreviate it to PoP, I bet.
  4. I saw this earlier, and was quite excited, until I worked out that using Amazon for the games and Lik Sang for the controller would still work out cheaper than the offer. By the way, I think that DVD Crave's $ to £ conversion is a little out of date - xe.com gives a rate which is a little less favourable to sterling. Good news if you're in Australia, mind.
  5. When most people buy a "consumer electronics" item - be it a TV, VCR, DVD player, whatever - their main concern is almost certainly aesthetic. They don't need to worry about which DVDs their DVD player will play (unless they want multi-regionality, and even then I'd hazard a guess that most people don't care about this), just that it looks nice. The same is probably true about consoles. To the non-gamer, they all seem pretty much the same, so they may as well just get the one that fits in with the rest of the room. This isn't "wrong" or "stupid". It's just not what a "gamer" would do. I have "overused" the inverted "commas" here.
  6. We can but dream. C&VG wasn't actually "all that" though, was it? Even in its "glory" days. Not disputing that old "Jaz" doesn't know his stuff, mind.
  7. Really? Why? Because he does very scary, ear-piercing James Brown impressions. Does this mean he'll be launcing a crappy, half-sized mens' magazine, and buying Viz for five minutes before selling it on? Oh, no! It's that sort of James Brown!
  8. Not even if they gave campbell a job on edge and he accepted? Which is why he's quit here So I guess it's going to remain the 'I hate games, IN YOUR FACE ARSEWIPE ' mag that it's always been. Rightho. When you read Edge, do you imagine that the words in the magazine are different from the ones that are actually printed?
  9. I am truly sorry, man. Delete my post, if you like.
  10. Would a "jap's eye toy" joke here be considered too racist to be funny?
  11. I've only bought four issues of GamesTM, but if there was no retro section I wouldn't have bought any at all. Hope this helps!
  12. scarysheep


    If I order a sub now, will it start with the current issue?
  13. Perhaps these things are cyclical. Perhaps the industry as it is can't sustain - or doesn't need - the number of developers that there currently are, hence many going out of business. Perhaps things will pick up over the course of the next few years, and the number of developers will build until there are too many again and "dead skin" is shed. Incidentally, does anyone else think that the death of the "home computer" and the fact that games are now more complicated than knocking off a bit of assembly code and designing some sprites has "done for" the UK games industry to a certain extent? Or am I, as I suspect, spouting ill-informed claptrap? Still, Magnetic Fields are doing OK... that 69 Love Songs is a work of genius! Shit obscurist indie joke for you, there. Sorry.
  14. Is it Exelon? It might be.... Oooh, I do hope so! I loved that game.
  15. Despite what I just said, I hope this is true, as I haven't played it. Or I could just buy it for the N64, I suppose. It's dirt cheap on ebay. They should convert Super Mario RPG to GBA... would it work? I never played it.
  16. I think it's shocking that there hasn't been a new, proper 2D Mario game for the GBA. Couldn't they have released a conversion of 'Super Mario All-Stars' and maybe a cart with 'Super Mario World' and 'Yoshi's Island', then started on a new title? I know that this would be less lucrative, but... er, oh.
  17. scarysheep


    The original GB Tetris is a perfect game. If Edge had been around at the time, it would've got a 10. Or, at least, it should have done. Did they ever review it in one of their "let's pretend we're living in the past!!!!1" reviews? Did it get 10?
  18. I've only played it a bit, but I've enjoyed it so far. It seems to be a perfectly good game, but it's not as good as the SNES one was when it came out. I miss being able to hop, but that's a minor annoyance. The difficulty curve seems about right, it's fun to play and it's ace in multiplayer... perhaps I'm too easily satisfied, but I think I like it. 7 or 8 out of 10, probably. Perhaps the fact that I hate most racing games - and I'm crap at them - is a key factor, here.
  19. Is it Exelon? Was it even called that? Was it Excelon? Man, I can't remember. You know the one I mean, though. Is it that one? I think I'm going to give GamesTM another go this month. I'll report my opinion here because I know you'll all be desperate to hear it. I'm not using a fucking smiley. Pretend I have, if you must.
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