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  1. I think my post reads more like a personal attack than it was supposed to. Sorry, man! I just meant to defend the game. I do actually understand why your mate wouldn't have been impressed with the boss characters, as the game is certainly an acquired taste. All my mates would probably hate it. However, I don't understand why you were embarrassed by it. If I showed one of my mates something like Hulk Davidson, or the shark, they'd probably think it was crap and childish. I'd disagree with them. No biggie. I do sort of see where you're coming from, but I disagree all the same. Incidentally, the characters are supposed to be from bad B-movies, so if they do seem like Power Rangers rejects then they're doing their job properly, I suppose. I didn't think you were having a pop at anyone, sorry if it seemed like I was having one at you...
  2. scarysheep

    Game Boy

    That's no excuse! There are far too many companies that use nonstandard grammar in their names. It doesn't look cool. Hear'Say, indeed. That Lego (er, sorry, LEGO®) stuff was a great read! They're going to some length to control one little word... the trademark should appear in the same typeface as the surrounding text? Not emphasised or highlighted? WHY?! Good point about the domain name - doubt they'd be able to enforce that, they're probably just trying to scare people off from doing it. I was trying to find a link to a similar case, but I can't remember any off the top of my head - closest I could find was this: http://detritus.net/contact/rumori/200211/0145.html If Mattel lost that case over their trademark, surely Lego (sorry, the LEGO® Group) would lose under similar circumstances - like, if a song called 'I'm Just Lego Made of Blocks' was recorded, it wouldn't be trademark infringement, would it?
  3. True. This is why I'd buy a PS2 if I didn't have access to my brother's. It may be the mass-market choice of the 'c*s**l' gamer, but it also has more offbeat, inventive titles than either of the other two current consoles. Hope Mojibribbon is released over here... I'd also like an Xbox, but just so I can chip it and MAME it up good. Incidentally, I don't regret buying a Gamecube - there are still more good games available than I can afford to buy, or indeed would have time to play if I could afford them. It may have been a slight disappointment, sure, but there's enough loveliness in there to warrant a purchase. However, if I were recommending a console to, say, a colleague or someone buying for their kids, I'd probably say the PS2 over the Gamecube.
  4. I think I disagree with this post more than anything else I've ever read on the internet ever - even godhatesfags.com, the BNP site and Avid Merrion fansites! I think you've missed the point with Viewtiful Joe. What would you prefer it looked like? A more "adult", futuristic, look a la F-Zero? What if it had naked girls - then it'd be adult! Maybe swearing naked girls that you can disembowel and decapitate! Woo! Adult! You're embarrassed about playing a game? I don't get it. Just because a game looks cartoony and has silliness, doesn't make it childish. Viewtiful Joe is the game I've enjoyed most in years - it's inventive, it plays well, the difficulty curve is about right even for shit gamers like me, and, most importantly, it's FUN. See, you seem to have confused "childish" with "fun". 'Young adults' in particular seem concerned about liking "childish" things, thinking they should only like proper grown-up things and that some things are for kids. Bums to that, I say. Things which are ostensibly aimed at kids are often the most creative, intelligent and enjoyable things in the world. I'd rather read Dr Seuss than Dosteovsky, it doesn't make me childish. If you think playing Viewtiful Joe makes you look stupid, then it's not the game that's at fault. What do you care what other people think of the game? As you said, you enjoyed it. Did your mate mock you, or something? When I was about 14, I took The New Zealand Story round to a friend's house, as I (rightly) thought it was ace. They mocked it due to its cutesy graphics and simplistic gameplay. They played 'adult' games like Wing Commander and Epic! I wasn't embarrassed then, as even then I knew I was right and they were cretins. If you're embarrassed by what people think of you for playing Viewtiful Joe, then I think the problem is with you, not the game. Incidentally, I find the bosses funny, because they're so crap. And singing "Daaaaaaaaaavidson is in the hooooooouse!" will never get boring. If you're offended by this post, bear in mind that I'm a 25-year-old who still reads comic books and watches cartoons, so, if you must, dismiss me as 'childish'. However, read this: I am still right.
  5. scarysheep

    Game Boy

    To be fair, a company with a name as ungrammatical and rubbish as 'JoWooD' is asking for a slap.
  6. Splendid! Not selling it, though. I'm surprised I still have it! Think my brother's Donkey Kong may even still be around somewhere, too. I still haven't found Wario Ware, me-losing-things-fans.
  7. I would've disagreed about Viewtiful Joe, as I found the difficulty curve to be "just so". Then I got to the end of level 4... agh!
  8. Crude Buster! Or "2 Crude Dudes", if you must. "What a day!"
  9. I bought a few of these for 99p each three or four years back from a clearance book shop. The memories came flooding back. I note that they have recently been re-released, in all new fancy-pants covers. Pah. If you think that repackaging them in shit new covers is A Good Thing, then you are dead inside. Turn to 311. If you think they should have left them as they are cos they were ace, turn to 400. If you don't really care either way, then turn back to 1.
  10. Excellently, I accidentally found my Donkey Kong II Game & Watch today. Must buy a battery for it! Unexcellently, I was actually looking for my copy of Wario Ware, which is still lost.
  11. I'm rubbish at games, me. But I agree, there's a difference between a game where the difficulty curve is spot-on and the game gets harder in a natural way (Super Monkey Ball), and a game which goes from being easy to being stupid-hard (Super Monkey Ball 2 in Story Mode). I should imagine trying to get the difficulty curve right is one of the hardest parts of games design - all too easy to, as you said, give the enemy better weapons or ten times as much energy rather than making him just a *bit* better than what has gone before.
  12. Eh? If I expect a game to be terrible I, er, don't buy it.
  13. My parents bought a Vic 20 from my Uncle when I was 5 or 6. It had only a few games, including games "inspired by" Galaxians and Donkey Kong. We upgraded to a Spectrum +2 when I was 8, and I amassed quite a collection of games (aaah, who could forget Speccy mags trying to outdo each other with more and more games on the covertapes... The Magnificent 7... The Excellent 8... The Doesn'treallyexist Dozen...). I played games loads back then. Received a Gameboy the Christmas they came out. My friend got a Lynx. His parents thought it was better because it was in colour. The monochromatically-prejudiced fools. Won a NES in my brother's name in some competition at our local cinema that tied in with the release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze. It had TMNT and Super Mario Bros. It was super! Sold the Spectrum (boo!) for an Amiga 500+ "Cartoon Classics" pack, and was gobsmacked by the intro animation on Bart Vs The Space Mutants. I bought another Spectrum a few years later. Sold the NES (boo!) for a SNES. Prior to that, I used to go to my mate's house to play Super Mario World on his SNES. He got a SNES on release - and it wasn't even Christmas! He was the coolest kid in the world! Bought a knackered Megadrive off of someone at school for £12 with Sonic. You needed to stuff card in the side of it to work, which can't have been safe. My mum made me sell it to someone else a few days later, before it blew up or something. Didn't really get involved in the PlayStation/Saturn/N64 generation - I was at college and uni, and had neither the time nor the money for games. My little brother got his first console at this time though (a PS). By the time the GBA came out I had a real job with real money, so I bought one. Ditto Gamecube. And I bought an N64 to fill in the gap in my Nintendo-buying history. And, er, that's that.
  14. They're all fairly mainstream though, either family films, action flicks or "comedy". It's not like there's Spirited Away or Belleville Rendez-vous or Intacto or Respiro or even Thirteen or Intermission. I'm sure film "buffs" would claim your list to be as mainstream as "gamers" would claim the top 20 games of the year to be mainstream. And if people buy, say, Enter The Matrix and enjoy it, does that make them stupid? Sure, it's a terrible game if you play a lot of games and have enough knowledge to compare it to other stuff, but if you only buy a couple of games a year and you think that The Matrix is, like, really awesome, dude, then it's £40 well spent if it's enjoyed. Show the sort of person who buys ETM or T3 something like Ikaruga and Viewtiful Joe and they'd probably dismiss it as shit. Horses for courses. It'll be a shame if PoP isn't released on Gamecube and Xbox over here. But it'd also be understandable. No point releasing something that not enough people want, even if it is fucking ace. Sad, but true.
  15. Is it a-me, Mario? IT SHOULD HAVE HAD GUNSTAR HEROES AND ELITE AND IKARUGA ON THE FRONT - HARDCORE!!!!!!!!!1111 It's a mainstream (and I use that word non-pejoratively) publication, it has a recognisable mainstream gaming icon on the front. What's the problem? It also sounds quite good, too.
  16. Isn't that the point of reviews? Otherwise they're just diluted, and most games will receive 5/6 because at least one person thinks it's alright. You can READ THE WORDS that he wrote, and if you disagree with them, or think they sound like things that wouldn't bother you, then surely the score is irrelevant?
  17. Does this mean that if I bought a Japanese memory card I could save games from Japanese games on my PAL Gamecube? Or have I got the wrong end of the stick entirely?
  18. My third party card lost my saves three times. I finally got the hint and bought a real, actual Nintendo one.
  19. They've had it in my local Dixons for £15 for months. Except! I went in to buy it today, and it had gone. Bastards, eh?
  20. I don't do this to game music, but I have a habit of singing the names of TV shows to their theme tunes. I think I picked it up off a Harry Hill sketch, but now I do it in real life. Fu-tu-rama! Fu-tu-rama! Fu-fu-turama! Fu-fu-turama! and Family Guy! Family Guy! Family family family! Guy guy guy! Family family family family! Guy guy guy guy guy guy guy! Er, to bring the thread back on topic (almost), I had a friend that taped the music from The Secret of Monkey Island to listen to on his walkman. However, I do not know if he sang along his own lyrics.
  21. This is excellent! I can get Eternal Darkness and the Zelda Collectors' Disc for a mere £15! Hurrah for NOE! Do you think they realised that they fucked up, then?
  22. Don’t people buy games only when they score well in magazines? Not necessarily. If I like the look of a game and it only scores a 5, I'd probably buy it anyway. It depends on what's written in the text, surely? I can read a review of a game that scores 5 and decide that it's worth buying because the flaws outlined in the review wouldn't bother me, while, conversely, I can decide not to buy a game that scores 7 because the problems with the game are things that would detract from my enjoyment. I've bought Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and decided not to buy XIII for these very reasons. That said, I probably wouldn't buy a game that scored 3. But THAT said, I wouldn't base any purchasing decision off the opinion of one magazine alone. If I wanted Manhunt, GamesTM's score wouldn't be enough to stop me buying it. I haven't read the review though - THAT might put me off. This is why scores are rubbish.
  23. I like Edge. It's good that a serious, intelligent, quality magazine can survive amongst the rest of the dross that passes for "videogames journalism" these days. That said, I'd love a magazine that was intelligent and laugh-out-loud funny, in the same vein as YS/AP/Games Zone/Arcade. Or maybe I'm just living in the past.
  24. Some of it is interesting. Edge is probably the most influential videogames magazine in the UK, at least as far as "hardcore" (cough! Hack!) "gamers" are concerned, and I'd wager that the majority of people here do still read it. When there are discussions on Edge as a whole, good points have been made. When there are discussions like "Killy Maimy Death Race should have got 10 and not 3!!!!!!11 Edge is TEH SUCK!!!!!!!!111" it can be a little tiresome.
  25. Nor can I - those games are always great.
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