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  1. Oh, man! You don't even like Pee Wee's Big Adventure and Big Top Pee Wee? If you did, then you might like Big Fish after all. If not... er... well, you should, alright? I am probably going to go to see Looney Tunes: Back In Action even though I suspect I'll be very, very, VERY disappointed - and I've already got incredibly low expectations for it.
  2. My local indie (Gamesters. Yes, that's a good name.) is poo. He seemed angry when I asked if they stocked Gamecube controllers, snarling "I've stopped selling any Gamecube stuff." He seemed a bit angry; maybe NOE were too awkward for him to bother dealing with them. That said, he always seems a bit angry, and I guess it's possible that the Gamecube stuff wasn't selling enough to justify stocking it. This post was a bit rubbish.
  3. I'm with you on this, and I too can't explain the appeal. A couple of mates and I once spent an otherwise boring Monday night in town pumping coins into the strip poker arcade machine (don't think it's there anymore, sadly). None of us wanted to see the naked ladies - I think it's more the challenge defeating the game, as with all games. It just happens that the object of the game is to derobe a woman. I mean, none of us would have bothered to buy a magazine with real, actual porn in it, so why we'd spend even more time and money trying to get a glimpse of a ladypart doesn't make sense. It's just a game. It just happened to have naked ladies. Same with old-school games like Sam Fox Strip Poker - surely no-one could have been titilated by a crap Speccy pic of some tits. But people played the game. It just makes video poker more fun than playing for pretend money, I guess. I'm not a pervert!
  4. Thanks for this... been trying to find the best place to order one from. Yesasia looked like it'd be cheapest but wasn't 100% sure about the import tax situation. Can't really afford it, but it's so lovely, and it's about time I replaced my old GBA... Anyway, I'm rambling now. Thanks!
  5. Do you receive a £50 gift certificate for writing the first review of ANY product?
  6. It's out on the GBA as "Super Mario Advance 4". Oh no! It's that sort of SMB 3!
  7. I emailed them a couple of weeks back, and was told that online receipts were valid providing that the company were based in the UK. Annoyingly, I've deleted the email.
  8. I saw that. Reckon that's one of the reasons why the editorial team jumped ship?
  9. scarysheep


    I've only had a quick blast on it so far, but I love it already. It's made me laugh out loud several times. DANGER! UFO ATTACK!
  10. Mine has also been posted. Let's all blame Guru Meditation Error if it's crap!
  11. Still want all of these, then. Edge giving Donkey Konga 6/10 suggests that I'll enjoy it. Is there a RedEye column?
  12. Just "subbed up" - look forward to receiving my first issue.
  13. It was this thread and a couple of others, on here and other forums, that led me to buying this game. Also, I love pinball games. But the only reason I actually bought it - other than the fact that I was drunk last night - is that it was only £10. This is also why I recently bought Metal Slug X, even though I have the ROM for Mame. In summary: games would sell more if they were cheaper. Cripes, eh?
  14. Why not order it from here, like I'm going to do when I have the cash: http://www.dvdboxoffice.com/start.asp?clas...%2D1%2E3000++++ Only about £19 at the current exchange rate, if you're billed in US dollars that is.
  15. I don't own an Xbox, but I want to buy this magazine now. Mainly because that review of Battlestar Galactica written from Dirk Benedict's point of view sounds excellent.
  16. I agree with all of the above. Especially the bit about switches. SMB2 ruined the 'purity' of the first title. I'd say it's worth buying for the improved party games, and maybe for the story mode (the cut scenes are fun, even though some of the levels are annoying), but as a one player game, the original is, ooh, nine million times better. Is a third game in the pipeline? I hope not.
  17. I have pre-ordered this to play on my brother's PS2. It's the first PS2 game I've ever bought. It better be worth it...
  18. This game is splendid. Seems quite hard to find these days, so if you do see it then snap it up. A must for all fans of old-school platform shooters. It was "bigged up" by Digiworld, which is why I bought it.
  19. So, the Christmas rush. Three consoles on sale... but which to buy? I decided to ask some advice so I went into some shops. Here is my report of them. The first shopkeeper advised me against a stetson, and pointed me in the direction of a bowler - I'd gone into a hat shop by mistake! The second shopkeeper looked confused by my question, and no wonder - I'd accidentally walked back into the hat shop! In conclusion, shopkeepers are rubbish - but I do now have a nice hat! Give us a job, Motty!
  20. Because there's less of a need to try to boost sales if the console is actually selling.
  21. Except: Campbell is one of the finest writers who has ever worked in videogames journalism, not to mention one of the most knowledgeable. Even if you feel he is an egocentric bully (which I don't) you must agree with me on that.
  22. I'd start up a new, independent games mag. I'd put Stuart Campbell in charge, and let him do what the fuck he wanted with it. It'd be the best games magazine ever, until the billions ran out due to lack of advertising.
  23. Pardon my ignorance, but where are the inaccuracies in Stuart's Microprose Soccer vs Kick Off vs Sensi account?
  24. Guru Meditation Error should be your queen, as she posts here a lot and I usually agree with what she says, so she's clearly usually right. Don't listen to her opinion on Mario Kart, though.
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