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  1. The Simpsons has always "pushed the envelope" as far as taste goes. If you listen to the commentaries on the season 1 DVD, it's quite amazing what they weren't supposed to show on TV at the time, and how those tame early episodes were actually considered quite edgy in 1990. As more adult material is accepted onto American TV, so too is it used on The Simpsons. It's still a family show - they'd never go as far as Family Guy - but it's never, ever been a children's show.
  2. While this episode has its fair share of funny moments, I do understand why Groening took his name off it. They were using The Simpsons to promote The Critic (which Fox had just picked up after ABC dropped it), and he didn't want his show to be abused in that way. Quite right, too. A good episode joke-wise, but cynical in intent. The episode didn't have a "completely different production team" at all - in fact, The Critic's creators Al Jean and Mike Reiss had been involved in The Simpsons from season one, so to suggest that they didn't have any respect for or knowledge of the characters is bollocks of the highest order. Their interpretation of Barney's film is very "sixth form" too. Pretentious, vacuous cretins. The Simpsons is long past its best, but it's still one of the funniest shows on TV. There have probably been less than 10 awful episodes, and for a show with over 300 episodes that has been on air for 15 years, that's a pretty good hit rate.
  3. It was Tarantino/Bender's decision to have the western release in black and white. It wasn't censored by the MPAA or the BBFC.
  4. That was Tarantino's decision though, not the film classifiers. That said, maybe he was trying to avoid an NC-17 in the US. I reckon that it still would've passed as 18 uncut over here even if it was in colour. The BBFC are fairly lax about violence these days.
  5. And, indeed, Terminator itself has been rerated 15 now.
  6. Late 90s indie fans! You think you look like an industrial goth Well, fuck off Fuck off back to the slimelight With your ugly, lanky, usless streak-of-piss boyfriend You poxy little cunt Xerox Girls. Can't remember the name of the song. Was on the splendid "And The Rest Is History" comp.
  7. That would be splend-ex. It would be like Dunc McDonald's timeless classic Advanced Lawnmower Simulator... but with ninjas! Someone who is better than me: prog-this-up on a Speccy now. Please! And include beheadings - like on Barbarian. We'll show PEGI! I think Edge should give all games 5/10 - communism rules, man!
  8. Exactly. I'm amazed that anyone who has internet access bothers to buy from Game when online retailers are much cheaper, as a rule. Plus you're almost guaranteed a sealed copy, not someone's scummy 10 day return. I only buy sale items and the occasional second-hand game from Game. And, to be fair to Game in Wigan, I'm usually given a sealed copy, or one that is clearly brand new. The only time I was given a second-hand game as new was when I bought Eternal Darkness from Gamestation in Wigan. Took it back the next day, they exchanged it happily. However, I bought Wario Ware from the same branch of Gamestation on release day, and there was a save on the cart. Although one of the staff commented on my excellent taste when I bought Gregory Horror Show from here, so I'll forgive them. In summary: Chris.
  9. Bang was shit though, wasn't it? It wasn't really offering anything that couldn't be found in other magazines. It was like a monthly NME, and that's already been and gone (Vox). I'm surprised X-Ray is still around. Maybe the CD helps.
  10. Miller isn't even writing it - it's being adapted from his screenplay by Stephen Grant. He's drawn the covers for the series though, and it's called 'Frank Miller - Robocop' to 'shift units', probably. Miller's covers are probably the best thing about the book, to be honest. Art by Juan Jose Ryp. The original art probably looks smashing, but it's too busy and confusing to work as comic art. I saw some of Jansen's work on The Punisher in the 80s. I hated it at first, but think he's OK when you get used to him. Definitely very, er, individual style, though.
  11. Like everyone said, the first is the best by a thousand country miles, though the second is watchable crap-fun. Miller's script for Robocop 2 was fucked about with a lot - if they'd been closer to how he wanted it, Robocop 2 would've been better. A faithful adaptation of Miller's script for Robocop 2 is currently being released in comic form, but the art is so confusing that it's barely worth bothering with, though it does give an insight into what Robocop 2 should - and could - have been.
  12. Half Man Half Biscuit last Thursday (brilliant stuff), and half of a punk/emo all-dayer on Sunday (Dauntless Elite, The Warlord and The Mercy Suite were all good).
  13. I was actually pleasantly surprised with what I heard of Zwan. Not enough to actually buy their record, mind.
  14. Her single is OK. Courtney Love's single is OK. I expect the albums will sell mainly to people in their mid-20s to mid-30s who used to love Hole/SP and who are still trying to keep in touch with the "rock" scene.
  15. scarysheep


    If you're into the bland "indie" peddled by Coldplay and Travis, then I can see why you'd like Keane. They're one of those bands who are alright, not good, not bad, just there.
  16. Move Your Feet was an ace song, but not representative of the album. I love Junior Senior... sort of see where you're coming from with the PWEI comparison (loved them too), but they're more fun/"pop"/accessible/party-ish than that band. Fun!
  17. It was poo. Bill Nighy wasn't even good in it.
  18. Exactly. It's tantamount to shitting in my face. It's the first time a trailer has actually upset me. This film has as much to do with The Cat in the Hat as Jordan has to do with neuroscience. Fuckingcuntingfucks.
  19. I have Robocop, though I wish I had waited for the R2 release. I only wanted it for the director's cut. Any crazy Criterion fools who may want the Criterion Robocop PM me and we can do a swap for a GCN game or another DVD or something.
  20. The Young Ones is still ace, man. The Young Ones hasn't changed. It's YOU. Bottom's first series is actually very, very good. The second and third aren't anywhere near as great, but I still like them despite their faults. Filthy Rich and Catflap is due out on DVD in March! Hurrah!
  21. It definitely is. It's a BBC2/3 co-production, I believe. The BBC have confirmed that it'll be on BBC2 anyway. Don't know when, though - maybe they'll do what they did with Grass and wait until the series has finished before broadcasting it on terrestrial.
  22. You might be right, actually. Batman was alright, too. Planet of the Apes may well be the worst film I've ever paid to see (except American Pie 2).
  23. http://dialspace.dial.pipex.com/town/estat...wos/abc-rip.htm
  24. Big Fish - ace. Lost in Translation - ace. Tooth - shit.
  25. This is going to be ace. I hope. Obligatory Big Night Out quote: "Spin, spin, spin the wheel of justice! See how fast the bastard turns!"
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