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  1. I love comics, and would rank recent comic book films in this order: 1. X-Men The first non-shit superhero film in years. Expected it to be terrible, turned out to be great. 2. Spider-Man Good, but disappointing. Now the backstory has been established, hopefully the sequel will be better. That said... 3. X-Men 2 Oh dear! It was good, but flawed. Shoots its load with the ace first set-piece in the White House, then goes downhill. Not a bad superhero flick, though. 4. Daredevil A lot better than I was expecting. It's not a good film, but it is enjoyable. 5. The Hulk Another disappointing adaptation. Unsurprisingly, a disappointment to people who only know the Hulk through the 70s TV series, i.e. almost everyone. 6. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Not much like the comic. Watchable enough on its own terms, though. Still haven't seen: American Splendor Also enjoyed: Ghost World Looking forward to: Spider-Man 2, Punisher, Hellboy
  2. The proofreading is *terrible*. They ought to fire their subs. I've only skimmed the new issue on the train home, but already noticed the phrase "baited breath". It's BATED breath. Gah! That said, I'm enjoying the C64 CD immensely as I type this. I'll probably subscribe for twelve issues, as I know I'm going to pick up every issue, and the lure of saving money plus a free (albeit reputedly crappy) Namco stick is quite tempting.
  3. Peter Laird's still plugging away on that, you know. It's up to volume four, issue 14ish. And it's still called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles even though they're all in their thirties in the comics now. I *think* I finished the NES game. I definitely finished the Spectrum conversion - in one day, no less! The first import I ever bought was 'TMNT: Fall of the Foot Clan' on Gameboy. That took one day also. I am good at games based around TMNT, and shit at all others. Bah!
  4. I found my copy the other day after it'd gone missing for 6 months. I've been looking for a cheap copy to replace it, but thankfully I didn't look too hard. It is still lovely. One day, I shall have all the flowers. Looking forward to the muliplayer larks of the Gamecube version - it's the game Mario Party wishes it was. Hopefully.
  5. Doubtful. If a film's got a UK certificate (other than R18) it can be shown uncut on TV, unless it's got an erect penis in it (insert your own joke, or, indeed, penis here), in which case it can only be shown uncut on subscription channels.
  6. A bad episode of The Simpsons is still better than 90% of all other programmes. I still think that there are only (at most) 5 completely awful episodes, and in a series with 300+ episodes that's a damn good innings. Incidentally, Channel 4 acquire the rights in November. They intend to show "repeats" in the 6pm slot with Hollyoaks, and "new" episodes at 9pm on Friday evenings in the soon-to-be vacated Friends slot, meaning they should be uncut. Hurrah! Let's just hope the 6pm versions aren't censored more heavily than Sky or BBC2. BBC2 are more lenient than Sky on The Simpsons, but Channel 4 have been stricter than Sky on Futurama, so I'm not too hopeful.
  7. Oh man, Sleater Kinney are ace. In a slightly more pop vein, I've been listening to Heavenly a lot lately. Girlie indie pop at its absoulte zenith. Also good: All Girl Summer Fun Band.
  8. You'll almost certainly like Brass Eye. It lacks the whimsy and silliness of The Day Today, but is very, very good nonetheless. Perhaps a bit less shocking now than in 1997 (when it was still a bit of a surprise even hearing the word "fuck" on TV), but worth watching. The "special" on paedophilia isn't quite as good as the original series, though.
  9. Weezer bestness order (ratings out of 10): Blue Album (9) Pinkerton (8.5) Maladroit (7) Green Album (6) I'm pleased about the Blue Album's rerelease, as it's an excuse to update my cassette copy. Not too fussed about the B-sides, have most of them already.
  10. Good girlie-pop-punk: The Eyeliners, Riff Randells and Flamingo 50.
  11. Big Fish was "quite good". Looking forward to Eternal Sunshine... more than mere words can say. Question for Kaufman fans: as someone who loved Being John M, Adaptation and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, would I like Human Nature?
  12. Yes. As everyone has said, it's worth it just for Nintendo's first and second party games. I'd say there are more GC-exclusive games that I want than PS2 or Xbox exclusives. Also, there are still more games out for the GC that I want than I can afford. Even though I recently bought an Xbox (only because it was £65 off a mate), there are only a handful of games I want for it, compared to dozens for the Cube. I'll probably get a PS3 as well, mind.
  13. I had no idea that CVG sold so poorly. I'd expect it to have similar figures to GamesMaster. Wasn't Your Sinclair still selling over 20,000 per issue when it closed? I suppose the market's changed in the last 11 years or so though.
  14. GamesTM seems to be aiming for a similar audience to (the superior) Arcade, i.e. an adult audience who are interested in games but not necessarily the industry, which Edge tends to focus on. GamesTM's heart is definitely in the right place, and its enthusiasm is to be applauded, but I just don't think it's particularly well-written. There are far worse offenders on the market, but I just don't enjoy the writing in GamesTM. It's the second-best multiformat mag after Edge, but I don't need both. It reminds me of when I'd pick up something like The Games Machine - nice enough, but I wouldn't get every issue. I considered subscribing because it probably is worth £2 per issue, but I decided that I didn't need both that and Edge. All of the above criticism (and praise) could also be levelled at RetroGamer, but that mag is still worth buying due to the fact that it's devoted to one specific area of gaming. Also, this month's cover CD is fantastic.
  15. They weren't signed to Epitaph, Epitaph licenced the album for UK release. Their first album is class.
  16. The Donnas' first album, recently repressed (again) by Lookout, is fucking class, and an accidental masterpiece. Four teenage girls who sound like The Ramones recorded in a toilet, with 60s girl-group songs written by a bloke they knew. Likeable, fun pop. Then they started to try too hard and turned into "Status Quo with Dolly Parton on vocals" (© Fracture).
  17. Is 16+ the highest PEGI rating? Maybe they would've got a BBFC 18 if they'd left it in. To be honest it's likely that the cut is nothing to do with the UK market, but has been made to allow the game to be released in Germany. You may say that losing the beheadings won't affect the game much, but, frankly, pfffffffffffffft! Everyone knows that beheadings are the best. Remember Barbarian? If I didn't chop my opponent's head off I felt cheated. Encouraging importing from other territories? Well done, Microsoft!
  18. I concur. Hope they fold soon. Surely a 'Heat for lads' is a terrible idea anyway? Who buys this dross? Back to the subject, and ad that didn't make me turn over but rather made me do a whatever-the-audio-equivalent-of-a-double-take-is was the one for some Kinder chocolate product or other, with the unmistakable sound of Derek Griffiths' 'Bod' theme tune playing in the background. I do hope this trend continues, and the other characters' themes are used in later ads. POM POMMMM! I too hate those song rip off ads, particularly the BLISTER in the Sun one, and the one that's made me think of tampons every time I hear 'Warning' by Green Day. Thanks, advertising idiots!
  19. An 18! Fucking hell! I assumed it'd only just missed a 12A! I know the BBFC are strict on drugs, though... The Barbarian Invasions could probably have scraped a 12A if it wasn't for the positive (sort of) portrayal of heroin. As it was, it's an 18. I guess now that nunchucks are acceptable they need another scapegoat...
  20. It depends. From the top of my head: Big Fish was a PG-13 in America, PG here. Agent Cody Banks was a PG in the US, 12A here - with cuts! Starsky and Hutch was a PG-13 in the US, 15 here (due to the non-judgmental implied use of cocaine by Hutch). Terminator 3 and Open Range were R in America, 12A here - uncut! (T3 seems quite "soft" for an R rating though, especially compared to the first 2 - maybe the studio were going for a PG-13 but just missed it? Similarly, Open Range isn't particularly graphic, just a few spills of blood and one headshot). Broadly speaking though, PG-13 = 12A, R = 15/18 (more likely to be 15 these days), NC-17 = 18. Quoting the certificates given to 80s action films is a little misleading, as many that were rated 18 back then would be 15 now - indeed, Alien and Terminator have both been downrated to 15 in the last couple of years, and one film that was originally a video nasty (can't remember which, sorry) has been given a 15 uncut! And while Kerraig is right that it's the PG-13 rating that's really responsibly for diluting action films, with Welcome to the Jungle it is the 12A certificate that is responsible for the badness (probably). In the US, the film is called 'The Rundown' and is rated PG-13. 'Welcome to the Jungle' is actually a 're-edited' version of the film to avoid a 15 certificate. After all, it's clearly aimed at teenage boys, but the BBFC felt it was too violent for a 12A in its original state. So yeah, while the 12A WAS responsible for the sanitisation of Welcome to the Jungle, it's the PG-13 that is really responsible for neutered action movies. The definitive answer to your question? I hope so!
  21. Yes. That is correct. And all 4 seasons are aces, despite what these nay-sayers say.
  22. Four production seasons, five broadcast seasons. Basically, four seasons were made, but Fox jerked it around so much that the four seasons were split into five. I think the last three "broadcast" seasons are actually two "production" seasons. That's why there are only 4 season box sets.
  23. I saw it a couple of years ago. I was uninpressed for the first twenty minutes, but I think it's a bit of a slow burner - it sucks you in without you noticing, I think. It's a great film. It was a little spoiled for me as I'd already seen Adam and Joe's "American Beautoy", which pretty much explained the whole film. Gah.
  24. Didn't enjoy that at all. Seemed like it tried to have "something for the guys" (toilet humour) and "something for the gals" (romantic comedy). It had too little of either. That said, it was much, much better than Maid in Manhattan, which may well be the worst film I've ever seen. Even a female friend of mine who loves pretty much every mawkish, sappy, bland romantic comedy thought it was crap.
  25. The Principal and the Pauper has some funny lines, but the story is complete crap. It's still watchable, but I wish they hadn't done it. (There was a similar incident in the last new episode with Snowball II, which I'm sure the continuity nerds are fuming about.)
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