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  1. I've had the US version for a few weeks, and while it accepts my pronunciation of "blue" almost all the time, it rarely understands me when I say "black". I must pronouce "black" really, really weirdly. Or something.
  2. Yeah, I've just subbed-up and I'd like to know if it'll start with ish 20 or 21. Loved the issue 19/1, by the way. I'd given up on the original Retro Gamer and missed the last two issues, but the issue 19 was just lovely.
  3. It's the best Edge cover for a good while. Up until about twelve months ago they were all this good, but they seem to have gone a bit lacklustre since the relaunch. This one is a return to form. GamesTM usually have better covers than Edge these days. Not as fond of the rest of the mag though, apart from the Retro section. Graham Linehan the least funny? Ted and Ralph! Father Ted! Addtional material on The Day Today! That article with comedy writers is the best thing I've seen in Edge for ages. I would've been more than happy if it were double the length. A regular Linehan column would, indeed be great - he certainly seems to dominate the conversation, and seems to have the most interesting ideas. Fond of his topsoil, too.
  4. I'd buy this. I'd also offer any (non-financial) help I could to make it happen.
  5. Someone should email a link to this thread to Gamestation's head office. Not that they'd probably do anything, mind.
  6. Gamestation in Wigan is pretty good. There's a guy there who really knows his stuff, who seemed genuinely pleased when I bought Ikaruga and Gregory Horror Show, and who insisted on excitedly showing me his imported NES GBA SP. That said, I haven't seen him in there for a while. And, at the same branch, the copy of Wario Ware that I bought on release day had a saved game on it. Tsk. Conversely, there's an indie games shop in Wigan where the owner is a grumpy sod. They don't sell Nintendo stuff either, other than GBA games. Gah.
  7. And it has to say "sausages" while it's doing it. Man, I want Nintendogs, like, sooooo bad! And, er, a DS too. Yes.
  8. scarysheep


    The name's fucking ace. Surely they know it's going to be a flop, though? Don't they have market research and accountants and advisors to tell them these sorts of things? Failing that, couldn't they just have asked anyone with any vague knowledge of the games industry if they thought it was a good idea? Tsch, eh?
  9. On the subjet of GTA:SA, it's clear that this game is being marketed towards under 18s, as are others like it. Not exclusively to under 18s, but it is there. Does anyone over 18 buy Gamesmaster, for example? You'd have to be a child or, er, lacking in cognitive functions to read Gamesmaster, and either way you shouldn't be playing GTA:SA. If there was a film magazine aimed at the same demographic as Gamesmaster, would they cover films like Baise Moi, The Dreamers, Saw, etc? Or if the mag had pics of naked fannies and cocks? The industry can't have it both ways (although it seems to at the moment). If we are to have games at adults, don't market them at kids, or you have no comeback if a child does blame a game for violent behaviour, regardless of whether the game was to blame.
  10. I'm sure Kerraig can correct me if I'm wrong here, but there have been rumours that the long-term plan of the BBFC is for 15 to become '15A', and to be an advisory certificate, much like 15PG in Ireland and R in the US. I condone this. I also believe that 18 should remain "adults only", at least in the cinema - if a film receives an 18 these days, it's usually for a damn good reason. (Ideally, 18 would be 16, though... perhaps replace 15 with 16A and replace 18 with a NC-16 type rating? But I digress.) I agree with you, Pete Brant. It is up to you what your children see. Surely that is why they are unable to purchase adult materials - if you buy them for you kids, and you feel your kids are mature enough to handle it, that's fine. I agree too that some cinema certificates are fairly harsh. Spider-Man was, at the BBFC's admission, towards the harsh end of 12. And I'm surprised that the Matrix didn't just scrape a 12 in its headbutt-removed form. But if you want your kids to see The Matrix, is it too much hassle to rent it, or wait til it's on TV? Ninja Gaiden... again, I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I'd guess that the decapitations were axed (oh, come on, that was nearly a pun!) to satiate the scissor-happy German censors, who abhor such violence. This would allow a PAL version to be released Europe-wide, rather than a specific "nice" German version. But that's just a guess. There's no way the BBFC would have cut that. Wasn't it the publisher's choice?
  11. Wedding Present, Half Man Half Biscuit, J Church, Pavement, Skimmer, Helen Love, Nirvana, The Prodigy, Aphex Twin, Ludicrous Lollipops, Ned's Atomic Dustbin, PJ Harvey, Superchunk, Leatherface... and countless others. RIP, John.
  12. Why are people so concerned with the film being rated 15 or 18? All three films are rated R in America. Terminator 3 was, surprisingly, passed at 12A, despite containing several uses of the word "fuck" and some fairly graphic violence. Incidentally, the original Terminator is now only a 15, and all the cuts made to Terminator 2 to achieve a 15 have been waived. The only previous uncut release of T2 over here was on laserdisc, and was rated 18.
  13. scarysheep

    Punk Rock

    Yeah, I saw them a few months ago in Manchester. They had a cowbell. That was ace.
  14. scarysheep

    Punk Rock

    Bollocksybums. I've been to Out of Spite a couple of times, and was going to go this weekend, but couldn't afford to. Bands I like: Eighty Six, Joe Ninety, Mr T Experience, Broadways, Lawrence Arms, Ghost Mice, Skimmer, Chopper, Pylon, Torino 74, Screeching Weasel, Dillinger Four, Boris The Sprinkler, Get Up Kids, Promise Ring (pre-Wood/Water), Jimmy Eat World, J Church, Descendents, All, Lagwagon, Belvedere, Fifteen, The Unknown, Woolworthy, Annalise, Fifth Hour Hero, Gunmoll, Blocko, Strike Anywhere, Jawbreaker, Jets To Brazil, Discount, Nathaniel Green, Leif Ericsson, Weakerthans... I like punk.
  15. Fair point. I know McFly are crap, but I like crap pop in my old age. Are you in Capt Everything or something, man? If so, I'm probably going to see your band in Liverpool in a few weeks. If not, chances are I won't see your band at all.
  16. I actually don't know if I mean that or not now. They ARE better than Captain Everything were on 'Music For Idiots' though.
  17. To be fair, they're better than Captain Everything.
  18. I only bought an Xbox so that I could get it modded it and run emulators. I have bought several games for my Xbox. I own no pirate Xbox games, and have no intention of downloading any. So there.
  19. It was no Marion & Geoff. The Keith Barret in this show was more one-dimensional, more of a comedy grotesque than the fully-formed character in M&G. It was good, but lightweight. I just hope Brydon isn't going to rest on his laurels and just churn out average stuff like this and Directors Commentary when Marion & Geoff proves that he's capable of so much more. This is Brydon on autopilot.
  20. scarysheep

    John Reis

    I'm always underwhelmed by Rocket From The Crypt on record, but if you get the chance to see them live, do so. They are ace.
  21. scarysheep

    Tripping Daisy

    Me. Specifically, the single 'I Got A Girl'. It's nothing at all like Polyphonic Spree.
  22. Curses! I still think games are a bit different - you could go into a shop and buy a book written in the 1920s, a CD of music recorded in the 1960s or a DVD of a film made in the 1930s, but you can't buy many discs of games made pre-2000. There are exceptions, but as a rule they don't exist, perhaps because videogames are in their infancy compared to cinema, literature (novels) and (pop) music.
  23. That's a bit different, though. You don't need an old machine to watch many old films, as many old films are released on DVD. You don't need old technology to listen to old music, as many old albums are released on CD. You don't need old technology to read old books, as your eyes can still read old books. To play old games, you do need old equipment, unless you play remakes or compilations of old games. Interesting point, though. And maybe a good one. Just thought I'd argue against it anyway. For me, a "retro" game is one that is pre-Playstation, but that may be for personal reasons as I sort of lost touch with gaming around then, so anything that came out while I was still in my first phase of videogame fandom is retro to me, and anything that came out after that isn't. Also, you can still buy new Playstation games. That said, if the definition of retro means "format for which you can no longer buy new games", then arguably the Dreamcast is a retro console, even though it's much newer than the Playstation. Anyway. It's anything pre-PS as far as I'm concerned.
  24. GamesTM is 50% less by sub, too. It's tempting, but I'm still not convinced I like it enough to subscribe.
  25. I recently subscribed to Edge, and today received a letter informing me of the start date of my subscription. But wait! The letter was signed by "J Dininz" (or something that looked like that), Editor. They really ought to update that, unless Mott's got really odd handwriting, of course.
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